Thursday, March 27, 2014

The hopeless OIC

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali yesterday questioned the 'absence' of OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) countries from MH370 as none of them 'neither said nor do anything' to help Malaysia which is also a member.

To me, it was a statement 'well-noted'. There have been others who questioned the sincerity of the Arabs in attending to friends in distress.

I remember the devastating Acheh tsunami about nine years ago when the OIC (oh, I see) did 'almost nothing' in providing assistance to Indonesia and others. They preferred to stay away.
Malay rights pressure group Perkasa claimed that there appears to be a lack of solidarity from OIC countries in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.
In a press release yesterday, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali said Malaysians are thankful for the help shown by 26 countries in locating MH370 but questioned OIC's commitment towards member states.
"Where are our brethens from OIC countries? Don't they feel obliged (to help) and sympathise (with us) over this tragedy? Does the (Muslim) brotherhood only exist when they suffer from calamities?" asked Ibrahim.
Currently, the 26 countries that have extended help in the search for MH370 includes Australia, Cambodia, China, France, India, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.
Among the 26 countries are eight OIC member states: Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.
Russia, which has an observer status in the OIC, provided satellite data. Although Norway is not officially credited with joining the search, a commercial ship owned by a Norwegian company was also part of search efforts.
Typical of the Arab Muslims. They can't even solve the problems in the Palestine, let alone their domestic woes. The OIC too is diplomatically 'loosened' over Qatar and other domestic issues.

And they 'only talk' about the plight of the Rohingya people in Myanmar; nothing more was done to assist them.

In the MH370 case, yes, it is disheartening when the rich OIC nations did nothing - not even a single word of condolence.

But does it matter? The Arabs themselves, including OIC are disunited over so many issues, with each and every single country protecting its own interest rather than considering the importance of standing as a team.

So, don't hope anything from them, bro!


Anonymous said...

Depa jauh kot Jai dari segi geografi. Kalau depa nak tolong pun nak tolong kot mana? hantaq pesawat? negara lain dah banyak dah hantaq. Lagi canggih dari depa e.g. pesawat Orion yang ekor mencangkuk macam ekor scorpion.
Kalau nak tolong pun mungkin boleh supply petrol untuk pesawat-pesawat ni terbang di lautan hindi. Depa ni kan kaya dengan minyak..

kantung kosong said...

muslim brotherhood?

hahahaah!!!! already banned in egypt!

tauke lim said...

what have we achieved as being a member of the OIC?

i think better let the arabs be members and not other islamic nations.

they dont contribute unless it brings them big money instead!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

if their plane goes down, i think nobody will help, not even members from the same organisation!

penangan said...

salam tn,

OIC ni lebih banyak berkisar pada kerjasama industri minyak, lebih kurang seperti Opec.

anggota OIC jarang mendapat manfaat daripada pertubuhan ini walaupun banyak kali mengadakan perbincangan dan sidang kemuncak.

ia dimonopoli oleh negara arab yang kaya manakala yg miskin seolah-olah tiada hak berbuat demikian.

kerjasama ekonomi amat kecil dan hanya berkisar di kalangan beberapa anggota.

jadi, janganlah kita harapkan apa2 daripadanya kecuali hubungan diplomatik.

Anonymous said...

the arabs are embroiled in their own domestic problems.

egypt, syria, jordan, yemen and others are faced with serious internal dissention while members of the OIC are divided over some teething issues.

but even if they are okay, we do not expect any kind of assistance from them.

they are so proud!

Anonymous said...

sebab tu Allah turunkan rasul dan nabi2 di kalangan orang arab.

mereka ni sombong, angkuh dan mengaku pandai tetapi pandang rendah terhadap orang lain walaupun yang seagama.


Anonymous said...

we are not arabs. even arabs dont help other arabs. see what happens to the palestinians, iraqis, libyans and others? they only care for their own respective countries. they see non-arabs as low class but they drink singha beer in bangkok and visit the brothels!

Anonymous said...

how much did they contribute to the tsunami victims in indonesia, a muslim country?

USD1 trillion?

dark night said...

we had never hoped for the arabs, sir.

the non-muslim countries are better when it comes to 'brotherhood'. they responded quickly without being asked.

uncle pooh said...

Dont expect anything from them. Better rely on those who are already with us. Do not beg...

undercover said...

to anon 11.59,

a good point there. fuel supply.

however, they couldnt be bothered with our predicament, bro!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why no reporters have asked Hishammudin during the daily PC, whether Malaysia has received help, directly or indirectly for OIC countries of Arab origin.

I only heard UAE 'wanting' to help Msia, but no further development is heard after that.

Anonymous said...

arab ni sama je perangainya macam negara kecil tu.... angkuh!