Thursday, March 27, 2014

Printing permit - one too many!

I believe the Home Ministry must come up with a strong guideline for printing permit. No point issuing new ones, especially to those who want to use the newspaper as a platform to bash up the government, incite racial hatred and provoking inter-religious sentiment.

We have too many dailies already, both for pro and anti-government and we need to avoid more confusion among the rakyat should more of them are allowed to operate without observing the stipulated law and provision.

Most important is to regulate stiffer penalties on those who breach the terms and conditions of the permit.
KUALA LUMPUR: The publication permits for two online dailies were rejected to prevent confusion among the public, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Thursday. 
"It may be seen that the news published may have the tendency to be sensationalised and controversial to attract the readers," he said in a written reply to Datuk Johari Abdul (PKR-Sungai Petani) who asked why the publication permits for FZ Daily, Malaysiakini and Suara Keadilan were rejected. 
According to the Home Ministry, the publication permit for Suara Keadilan was rejected as its contents were against the Printing Presses and Publication (Amendment) Act 2012. 
It said the publisher did not reply to a show cause letter, thus contributing to the delay in the decision of the publication's application. 
Last year, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Home Ministry and the Government's appeal against a High Court judgment that Malaysiakini portal operator, Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd, be issued a publication permit. 
This meant that Malaysiakini could resubmit an application to the Home Ministry for a publication permit. 
It was reported that Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran said the company would pursue the matter with the Home Minister. 
FZ Daily's newspaper permit application by Edge Communications Sdn Bhd's was approved in August last year but the Home Ministry deferred the permission a week later. 
It was reported that the ministry did not respond to a letter by the company seeking reasons why the application was deferred. 
The Edge then filed a judicial review against the deferment of the licence approval and on Feb 5, it was granted leave by the High Court to challenge the decision. 
However, hours later, the Home Ministry in a letter dated Jan 21 rejected the application. 
In 2010, Suara Keadilan was given a show cause letter over a controversial article it had written on Felda in one of its publication. The same year, the Home Ministry had also issued three show cause letters to the newsletter.
I think the number of dailies in the country is sufficient to disseminate news. Some are even running out of steam due to stiff competition, shrinking readership and advertisement, unless the paper is fully-sponsored and distributed for free.

Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can also start investigating some tabloid newspapers that operate without permit; there are quite a number of them.

Newspaper industry is feeling the pinch ever since Internet was introduced. Worldwide and censored news are easily available for free at a faster rate, while advertisers too are getting the 'kick' from putting up their ads on the social media.

We also need to protect the industry by limiting the number of players, don't you agree... while those who applied for the printing permit are neither pro-government!


warga tua said...


kebimbangan kita bukan mengenai berlambaknya akhbar di pasaran tetapi kandungan dan motif yang disebarkan.

saya dapati makin banyak penerbitan yang membawa maksud hasutan, terutama di kalangan generasi muda, agar bangkit menentang kerajaan.

semua berita mengenai kerajaan adalah buruk belaka, seolah-olah mereka lahir dan dibesarkan di sebuah negaa diktator dan komunis.

inilah yang akan membawa masalah kepada kita.

kawalan perlu dibuat ke atas akhbar yang menyiarkan berita hasutan, palsu, dakyah dan sebagainya kerana ia tidak membantu usaha mewujudkan sebuah negara yang maju, pragmatik dan bersatu padu.

KDN perlu menerajui usaha ini bersama agensi lain.

jika dibiarkan terlalu banyak permit penerbitan diberikan, nescaya akan memakan diri sendiri (kerajaan) suatu hari nanti.

steven, labis said...

to zahid, no means NO. dont tolerate with mkini and others.

i agree with the blogger that the demand for printing permit comes from the opposition while the pro-govt ones are satisfied with their numbers.

why must we allow them to hit back at us once we issue them with the permit?

Anonymous said...

for once, pls be stern datuk zahid.

better go to court than granting them with the permit!

tauke lim said...

we let them apply, we let everybody apply..

finally, the come biting our fingers!

that also u dont know aaar!!

indiana said...

ada lagi ke orang baca suratkhabar ni? dah makin kurang dah.

boring... terlalu banyak berita politik!

penangan said...

salam tn,

kita tak perlu terlalu banyak akhbar kerana di zaman internet ni, ramai beralih kepada sumber yang percuma, murah dan cepat.

banyak akhbar, terutama tabloid yang gulung tikar kerana tidak ada pelanggan, khususnya pengiklan. tanpa iklan, mereka sukar hidup.

jadi, tak perlu keluarkan lagi permit penerbitan ni kepada sesiapa saja.

yang sudah diberikan permit pun perlu dipantau rapi agar tidak menyalahgunakannya....

Anonymous said...

isnt zahid has declared truce with malaysiakini?

just give them the permit laaaar!

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

dah banyak tahun saya tak baca akhbar, semuanya mengarut.

elok langgan wifi atau unifi, berita satu dunia boleh dibaca.

akhbar tempatan pun terlalu banyak politik... naik meluat dibuatnya!

Anonymous said...

KDN boleh tutup je mana2 akhbar yang langgar syarat permit.

apa tunggu lagi... dah ada dah nampaknya!

ex-mat gian said...

no need to many newspaper. after reading, they throw it away.... our rubbish dump areas are already full with it!

yazid, gombak said...

kepada tok zahid, tak payah layan la permintaan pembangkang untuk dapatkan permit penerbitan.

hari ni kita beri, esok diorang bantai kita.

mereka ni ibarat anjing... buat apa kita bagi dia makan dan lepas tu menyalak kat pangkal telinga kita?

buat sakit ati je!

tak sekolah said...

bila tak bagi, dia kata BN zalim.

bila dah bagi, dia pulak jadi zalim dengan hentam kerajaan.

elok tak bagi je!

IT.Scheiss said...

This may be a little off topic but it seems rather ironic that despite all the claims by new media advocates and consultants that "the future of media is online", yet such established online publications are so desperate to have print editions, supposedly to reach out to the "unconnected masses" who tend to vote Barisan Nasional, or more so to earn more from print circulation sales and print ad revenue.

Studies by bodies such as the PEW Research Center, the Newspaper Association of America and the Poynter Institute all show that for every dollar gained in online ad revenue, there's a $10 drop in print ad revenue and that Google's ad revenue has surpassed the ad revenue of all US print newspapers combined.

As it stands, I understand some of the more recently established business & financial papers in Malaysia are not yet profitable and are reliant on sugar daddy investor or foreign imperialist NGO financing to keep them in business.

In a rather perverse way, I think Zahid should allow as many applications for printing permits as possible and let the whole published media industry, both print and online, sink into the pit of scheiss due to insufficient ad revenue to sustain themselves.

Then, like Jai, Rocky, Big Dog, Helen Ang, Annie, Big Cat, Syed Akbar Ali, Seademon, etc., journalists will be left to blog for free, whilst earning money elsewhere.

Anyway, some major newspapers in Malaysia are asking veteran journalists to agree to take a mutual separation scheme package and are hiring fresh graduates and paying them a pittance like RM1,600 a month or about half what the writers they replaced earned.

It was interesting to learn that a car park supervisor at a mall in Petaling Jaya earns the same, without all the stress of running around, chasing after stories, with editors breathing down their necks to meet the story deadline.

watanabe said...

impose a moratorium on new printing permit.

are u listening?

alif ba ta said...

salam bos,

saya cadangkan agar KDN bekukan sementara permit akhbar ni, abis cerita.

takda siapa boleh aju kes ni ke mahkamah.

orang KDN ada akal ke tak?