Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anwar doesn't believe it!

While international search and rescue (SAR) team from 26 countries agreed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crashed in the middle of India Ocean or about 2,500km west of Perth, Australia, some people have cast doubt about it.

Its all for personal politics.
Among them is Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who expressed it in his blog posting:
I offer my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the 239 passengers and crew of flight MH370 which has been announced by the Prime Minister to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

There are no words to describe their pain, anguish and sorrow in the face of this tragedy and all concerned must give them full support and assistance in the days and months ahead no matter what it takes. Not only should the media give them space and privacy but the authorities, in their investigation, should show the greatest consideration to the grieving families of the crew members.

Efforts to find the wreckage must be continued. That must remain the priority even as many questions remain unanswered. The people, in particular, the families and loved ones have a right to know all the
information and evidence concerning the crash particularly as to why the government is certain, beyond reasonable doubt, that flight MH370 has crashed in the Indian Ocean.
Another is Tian Chua, who tweeted: "PM made a statement on MH370 at 10pm while parliament was still in session. Wonder why can't he follow Aust PM reporting dvpt in parliament"

I wonder if Anwar trusts another foreign nation to conduct the SAR and confirms that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean.

And Tian Chua, as usual, didn't show his sympathy for families of the victims but enjoyed riding on the issue. Is he a Malaysian?


Anonymous said...


Just imagine if anwar is the PM, what will he do, as the Finance minister then , he only listen to his jewish buddy, as for MH 370, he will surely listen to Shamsidar Taharin since Shamsidar has always been the pilot...he..he....

Anonymous said...


Anwar will always says that Najib is a lousy PM since Najib based on consistency whilst Anwar tested both angles (holes)so definitely Anwar can perform better, well i must asked my former colleague, Shamsidar as to whether Anwar perform that well...he..he.

Anonymous said...


It's typical of DSAI and Tian Chua to be dissenting with PM's conclusion.

Anwar will always think that he will be a better PM than Najib whilst Tian Chua is heartless vis a vis the case in Lahad Datu-sendiwara UMNO.

Well, Tian Chua hails from Malacca, your hometown....percaya lah.

Anonymous said...

hello Bro,

Anwar will definitely trust any conclusion derived by the Isrealist since he is a strong supporter of Jews.

Well, the government has based the finding on empirical proof, what else he want to be sceptical, Anwar expertise is spinning and deceiving the people and he has been proof to be " orang dua alam". biak pilah.....

tauke lim said...

anwar only believes in what he had done but not supposed to do it.

got that?

that also u dont believe aaar!!!

masambula said...

we all know who tian chua is. a court case is pending on his seditious remark.

he was adding to it.

let him be fried in hell!

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang pelik anwar dan tian chua ni. dalam satu dunia bersedih dengan tragedi yang menimpa MH370, mereka masih cuba meraih keuntungan politik daripadanya.

Anonymous said...

he only believe in assholes!

Anonymous said...

anwar cuba hasut keluarga mangsa agar jangan percaya bahawa pesawat tu jatuh di lautan hindi tetapi di tempat lain, mungkin israel!

Anonymous said...


If Imarsat satellite can trace Anwar's omega watch, anwar won't believe it.

Anwar and Tian Chua will definitely think, they are the smartest and the best leaders in Malysia.

Orang Penang kata, hang kata baik manapun, dua orang nie mati hidup balik pun tak nak percaya,...binawe punya manusia, kena haramjadah macam kat Kajang pun dia orang happy sakkan....

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.58,

Will Shamsidar knew as to whether Anwar perform well? You should asked Azmin Ali or Saiful...., three heads is better than one...

Conclusion, Anwar can't make up his mind, sexually he likes both holes, well just imagine if he become PM, right and wrong does not matter a slong as get what he want, last resort he will use Wan Azizah....

Anonymous said...


give him chance lor.

he will go to jail very soon!

Anonymous said...

Tian Chua ada akal yang berfungsi ke tidak? Dia tak boleh bezakan peranan Australia dan Malaysia dalam operasi SAR ini, ke? Aussie PM has to justify to the people because of his government's decision to help out with the SAR. PM Najib doesn't have to justify to the Malaysian people but he certainly has a bigger responsibility to the families of all aboard MH370.


samuel tan said...

tian chua has been barred from entering sarawak. he feels lost, so he created a scene, hoping for another suit against him in court. one is pending. i also believe he wants to join anwar in jail... he is beautifying his ass!

Anonymous said...

maybe anwar was waiting for netanyahu to offer help in locating the plane, and maybe he was hoping israel will find the plane first!

Anonymous said...

We are peace loving and good citizen of Malaysia. Do we need the likes of Anwar and Tian Chua ? Ask yourself what good they have done for the country ?

kolokol said...

memang dia tak percaya. dia betul2 nak yakin bahawa pesawat tu dah betul2 jatuh.... happy!

budak sekolah said...

abis tu, dia percaya Tuhan tak? kalau dia percaya Tuhan, dia takkan buat benda2 karut!

Anonymous said...

For all you know Anwar may have something up his seeve! He might know what actually has happened. He might also know the whereabout of the plane has been landed. So, when the authorities are convinced of the crash, he would ask for further investigation ad search. When finally 'his truth' emerges, he's the hero... maybe, at the same time proving he is better than Najib. How's that?

IT.Scheiss said...


Anwar said.

"...as to why the government is certain, beyond reasonable doubt, that flight MH370 has crashed in the Indian Ocean."

This is a reasonable request, since the analysis of the Doppler Effect patterns in signals received by Inmarsat's satellite from different aircraft over time led its scientists to conclude that MH370 took an unusual route towards the southern part of the Indian Ocean, roughly where the SAR efforts were already being conducted before Inmarsat's findings were released.

The Doppler Effect is the name given to an explanation given by Austrian Physicist, Christian Doppler for his observation that the frequency of a train's whistle has a higher frequency as its' approaching an observer and a lower frequency when it's moving away, and the same observation is now also used for radio waves to estimate the velocity of a fast-moving object in relation to an observer - in this case, the satellite.

This is something we learned in Form Five physics,


The Washington Post gives an explanation of how Inmarsat used analysis of the Doppler Effect in communications with MH370 to determine the course it took from calculations of its distance from the satellite based upon the Doppler Effect observed in satellite signals with MH370.


Thus, given that aircraft debris was found no where on land or on the sea after 16 days and its track from Inmarsat's calculations, the only logical conclusion was that it had crashed into the Indian Ocean and sank to the bottom intactm along with the passengers.

However, despite all that, SAR efforts must go on to try to locate the remains of the aircraft and retrieve them if possible for investigation as to the actual cause of its disappearance.

That said, there already are conspiracy theories emerging which deny the above report.

For example:-


Now Anwar and Tian Chua certainly won't like this one in the final section of a longer list of speculations.


See the full article here.

IT.Scheiss said...


Continuing from my earlier part, last night, a friend who had served in a foreign air force said he believes, based upon information he received from sources around the world, that an US AWACS aircraft took remote control of MH370 and flew it like a guided missile and crashed it into a deep ravine in a uninhabited part of the Himalayas, as part of the geostrategic contest between the U.S. and China.

He also believes that those 20 Freescale engineers on the plane were high-level scientists who had been working on a highly sophisticated, secret device of military importance, the secrets of which the scientists were about to pass to China, so the U.S. decided to bring the plane down, along with all passengers to eliminate these scientists who could have been carrying a sample of this device with them.

To me, this sounds implausible, since as far as I know, Freescale's facility in Petaling Jaya, its only one Malaysia, is just a manufacturing and assembly plant for its many semiconductor products, including specialised ones. The Petaling Jaya plant is not known to be an R&D centre where such high-level research is conducted.

I also understand had undergone training in Petaling Jaya and were enroute to set up similar facilities at its plant in China. Freescale has many facilities around the world and its Petaling Jaya and China facilities are just a few amongst many.

My friend countered that the high-level R&D scientists amongstthe 20 could have been carrying a complete sample of this super secret product on the plane, which is possible.

He's no fan of Anwar but believes that this incident is part of a global-level "new Cold War" conflict of much bigger global proportions, way bigger than Anwar, and that only a government could have perpetrated such a heinous act of such proportions, way beyond the capabilities of Anwar loyalists.

However, he admits that it's only a theory, which he can't prove.

Once again, I hope SAR efforts will continue to find the plane and get to the bottom of this most unfortunate incident.

Only then, will justice to those on board and their relatives be served.

Anonymous said...

Tiang Cuai ni mmg ati perut kominis. Knp lak PM Najib nk kena announce dlm parlimen? biarla buat masa press-con kt pwtc, for the all those who've been waiting anxiously for the news. nnt klau ckp dlm parlimen, sure pencacai2 fuckatan bleh pusing citer ckp gomen tk prihatin la, itu la, ini la. i rase, the passengers' families in beijing have been fed wrong ideas by local papers (you know who) and these fuckatans loud mouths.

ckp dlm parlimen la bagai. so how come anwar juburi never want to say something about SAR effort to recover missing omega watch in parliament? bodo piang siot.

Tiang Cuai= DAP dlm PKR.

Anonymous said...

I'm on your side all these while Jai but I think Tian Chua have a point. If our PM wanted to make an announcement on what's going on without taking question from the floor, then Parliament will be the right venue to do it. He cant just walk in like he did and walk away. If he's not ready to be bombarded by the press then ask Hisham or Ahmad Jauhari to make the announcement. Look at Tony Abbot of Australia. He's willing to be bombarded with questions in PC outside parliament though sometimes he too didn't knew all the answers.
PC is two way traffic. It acts both ways. You're not only reading or making statements there but you must also be willing to face the bricks from them. Like Hisham does all this time. He did a terrific job at it. The fact that he hasn't lost his composure after 17 days on the job is commendable act. After receiving bad press from the way he handled Bersih rallies and the Lahad Datu intrusion, he has now atone them with the good job he does right now. He now has become a poster boy for Malaysian crisis management. He has become the leader for Malysia during bad days. The kind of leader you need to instill confidence and hope during these difficult times.
Step aside everyone. Hisham has come the fore. He's now PM material!

Anonymous said...

How do you expect Anwar to believe anything? He didn't even believe it was him with the Chinadoll in that infamous video!

Anonymous said...

tian chua dan anwar patut duduk satu sel di penjara, kita tengok siapa bantai buntut siapa!