Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome back, MCA!

I don't know about others and I don't really care but I am glad that MCA is coming back to the Cabinet. In fact, the Cabinet needs MCA just like it needs MIC and other component parties.

So, what's wrong? The chauvinistic perception will strongly maintain that Umno is capable of a 'one man show'. Then why did DAP, PKR and PAS form a political allign?

The poor showing during the last general election is not to be forgotten. MCA will not be able to put it behind but all mistakes and weaknesses are not incorrigible. MIC and Gerakan also 'lost' the 13th GE but they were determined to march on.

BN must be further strengthened to face the mounting opposition onslaught. A new or improved strategy must be formulated as preparation for the next general election in three or four years from now.

The nation is plagued with some teething problems that demand BN government to cohesively energize its defense and attack capability to overcome it. Racial and religious sentiment keep flaring while other issues such as the spiraling cost of living, crime watch, corruption, etc must be concertedly attended to.

Its time to stop blaming the Chinese although 15 per cent of them voted for BN in the last GE. The percentage can always grow if MCA has a major role in the administration and given the opportunity and the right 'political tools' to amend it.
PETALING JAYA, Feb 25 (Sin Chew Daily) – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is expected to conduct a cabinet reshuffle the earliest in April and latest in June, and the MCA is expected to get at least two ministerial and two deputy ministerial posts, as ascertained by the Sin Chew Daily.
Sources said that the MCA wished to get three ministerial and three deputy ministerial posts but the chances are not high. Instead, it is very likely to get the Second Education Minister post so that the party can make a new start in fighting for Chinese votes.
It was said that a few ministers would willingly withdraw or be removed from the Cabinet list, including Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala and Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, as well as Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Hasan Malek.
Although some people said that Idris leaves due to the expiration of term but some also claimed that it is because he is not satisfied with the way the "Allah" issue is handled.
Idris, who manages the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), will have his term as the Senator expired in September next year. Idris was sworn in as Senator on September 1, 2010 and his term was expired in September 2012. However, he was re-appointed and according to the Federal Constitution, the term of office of a Senator shall be three years and one shall not hold office for more than two terms.
As for Jamil Khir and Hasan Malek, it was said that they lack competitiveness and performance. In particular, Hasan Malek has so far failed to effectively pacify public resentment and properly handle the price hike issue.
"However, since he is a senior Umno member and a voted Supreme Council member, he might be transferred to other departments if not replaced.
"Jamir Khir was also accused of poor performance as he has failed to effectively address the 'Allah' issue, requiring the Prime Minister to personally ease public discontent in many cases," a source said.
As for the MCA, the Prime Minister has kept only the Transport Minister post for it after the party suffered a severe setback in the general election last year. If the party can get another weighty ministerial post this time, it would help to boost its morale and fight for Chinese votes. The incumbent Second Education Minister is Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.
However, another source said that the MCA would not get the Second Education Minister post but a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. As for the two deputy ministerial posts, they could be from the Finance Ministry, Tourism Ministry or the Prime Minister's Department.
"If the party is able to get three ministerial posts, it is expected to get back the Health Minister post," the source added.
It was said that the reason the party is asking for three ministerial and three deputy ministerial posts is, the party has seven Members of Parliament and therefore, it should not get less posts than the MIC with only four MPs, and having two ministers and two deputy ministers in the Cabinet.
The source also said that the Prime Minister might make different arrangement if the MCA performs well in the Kajang by-election or there are signs showing the return of Chinese votes.
Not only MCA; Umno too needs more support to steer BN. Staying out of the Cabinet will not harm MCA but it will erode the Chinese confidence level towards the ruling party and Malaysia as a whole.

The Malays in Umno must realise that the 'few seats' won by MCA and MIC in the last general election was BN's saviour.

Of course we have options - to retain the kind of politics we have today or to join hands and chart a better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

If MCA does get back into the cabinet, they must show they really earn it. Please don't screw it this time. Adios Amigos

Anonymous said...


lets close rank and forget the bitter part.

BN must be ini full form to take up the opp's challenge in next general election

kain buruk said...

ok la. demi kesinambungan kuasa BN, aku setuju agar MCA kembali ke dalam kabinet.

kalau nak ikutkan sakit ati, memang sakit...

pro-Pakatan said...

umno dah mula takut hilang putrajaya 4 tahun lagi. tanpa MCA, barisan nasional dah gerenti kecundang tahun lepas walapun kerusi MCA dan MIC tak banyak.

lagi 4 tahun, BN akan hanya tinggal nama...


Anonymous said...

as long as MCA understands the sensitivity of the malays, we can work together.

however, their relation with dong zhong raised a lot of doubts!

mindono said...

orang cina dalam MCA harus sedar bahawa tanpa umno, negara ni takkan makmur.

tanpa umno, mereka takkan dapat menimba kekayaan seperti hari ini.

pertimbangkanlah semua ini jika ingin lebih sejahtera pada masa depan.

cina dalam DAP tak boleh diikut - semuanya anti-Melayu!

Anonymous said...

PM Najib should give a token cabinet post and MCA must earn the trust ... first by turning around the spiraling anti-Government tirades being drummed within the Chinese community. And please be reasonable and jangan diberi betis nak peha.

Next MCA must tell the Chinese citizens that they must also take responsibility of building the Country, do not think that only the Chinese must get all their Rights to make money legal or illigally. The Chinese must repesent a decent percentage in Police, BOMBA, teachers etc. And one more thing the Government must stop giving contracts to Chinese companies or any companies that are not able to prove that they employ all races and treat them without discrimination.

MCA jangan berlakun tak tahu yang ramai orang kuat MCA pun telah mengharapkan BN kalah GE13 dulu. Belum dapat dimaafkan MCA sehingga mereka membuktikan kejujuran mereka dalam BN....

penangan said...

salam tn,

MCA membuat keputusan yang wajar. meninggalkan kabinet sedangkan ada kerusi diperuntukkan untuknya tidak akan membantu barisan nasional mengekalkan penguasaannya pada PRU akan datang.

perlu diingat bahawa umno juga pernah kehilangan banyak kerusi, terutama pada PRU11 tetapi perjuangan mestilah diteruskan.

kekecewaan lalu perlu dijadikan teladan agar kita sama2 dapat berganding bahu menyusun strategi yang lebih kukuh demi menjamin kesinambungan pemerintahan.

bukan semua orang cina menyokong pembangkang dan mereka ini perlu dihargai...

cheah, senai said...

now is also the time to rejuvenate the party.

with new and young leadership, i believe the chinese in MCA and probably some outside will return to BN in the next general election.

Anonymous said...

nak bagi jawatan kabinet, kena tggu keputusan PRK kajang dulu....

Anonymous said...

Dalam nak meraih undi kaum Cina, MCA jangan berlagak macam DAP pula sehingga menyakitkan hati orang Melayu yang pro-BN dan membuat mereka menolak calon MCA.

ipohmarley said...


Anonymous said...

All these talks about merit, went down the drain. So good at harping the merit this merit that, in the end, MCA have to 'beg' for seat(s) in the cabinet. Prove your party's performance in the coming GE than we talk about seat allocations in the cabinet. MIC who worked hard during the last GE deserved their cabinet posts more than the 1 million-members-backed MCA who deserted the BN Coalition. Tarak malulah!