Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MACC nonsence!

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is applying the PEACE-ful approach in gathering evidence and conducting investigation, the method used by many countries in combating graft.

PEACE-ful stands for Planning and preparation, Engage and explain, Account, Closure, Evaluation.

Implemented by MACC in 2011, the PEACE-ful model is aimed at stopping suspects or witnesses from being bullied or coerced while encouraging them to open up and provide information voluntarily.
PETALING JAYA: The “PEACE-ful” approach adopted by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in gathering evidence bodes well for the organisation, said Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.
“MACC’s acceptance of international best practices bodes well for the commission. We should aim to learn from advanced countries the best ways of carrying out investigation in corruption cases.
“Gone are the days of the rough and rugged approach in questioning suspects. It is no longer relevant and we should move with the times,” Lee said here yesterday.

I don't find that 'peace' essence in MACC. They are still bullying suspects and witnesses. They will harass and humiliate you at your home and workplace.

I was sh ocked that in some cases, MACC would summon suspects and witnesses to its office to give statement. However, while you are doing so, they already sent out 'letter of your arrest' to your employer.

This is meant to embarrass you and your family, and also to spread the message at your workplace that you are already 'guilty' of bribery. Any short-minded employer would either sack of suspend you from work pending the court's decision.

This is not fair but I was told by a senior MACC official that it is their standard operation procedure (SOP) - like it or not!

So, what PEACE are they applying? Pressure, Embarrass, Aggravate, Catch and Expose?
PEACE is practised by law enforcement agencies in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with MACC claiming a 100% rate of acceptance of evidence in court.
The new process is in line with the implementation of Video Interview Rooms (VIR) in all MACC offices and branches nationwide.
The investigating officers, said Lee, should be trained so that their means and methods in acquiring information were in line with the PEACE technique.
In welcoming the MACC’s initiative, Suhakam chairman Tan Sri Hasmy Agam described the standard operating procedures as “a method that reflected greater transparency and accountability in its interviewing or evidence gathering process”.
“Suhakam stresses the importance for all enforcement officers to conduct themselves ethically and professionally at all times and to respect and protect human dignity and the fundamental human rights of all people in the discharge of their duties,” said Hasmy in a statement.
I guess Lee and Hasmy are blindfolded by this 'PEACE-ful' approach. Suhakam, especially, should find out how MACC officers attend to suspects and witnesses.

There is no good jurisdiction, no smile, no friendly environment. Their objective is to nab anybody involved in corruption - from RM1 to RM1,000,00 and more. They love their job because of the special power in their hands.

And there are cases where those who took RM5 from a traffic offender were sentenced to at least 2 years in jail while those who took RM1,000,000 will spend only 6 months in jail. While in jail, they are placed in the same cell with murderers, rapists, 'kepala samseng' and drug pushers.

Do you know that the MACC is treating vote buying in Umno general assembly next month as very serious but 'allowed' it to happen during the 13th general election?


BotakAlorGajah said...


teruskan dengan tindakan dan tugasan yang di amanah kepada anda MACC..untuk Agama, bangsa dan Negara.

kalau boleh SOP tu diperbaikikanlah..

Anonymous said...

Vote Buying and kopi money is a right

mangsa SPRM said...


what a shit!

they like to declare war. look at the way they conduct inevstigation. more like Mossad!

kalong said...

mereka amat kurang gunakan budibicara dan budi bahasa dalam menyiasat orang yang disyaki dan saksi.

malah, saksi pun turut ditekan dan dipaksa.

inikah keadilan SPRM?

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya tidak nampak SPRM menggunakan PEACE-ful ni dalam siasatan mereka. mereka lebih kepada menekan sesiapa saja yang disiasat.

jika beginilah caranya, saya rasa saksi pun akan enggan beri kerjasama kepada SPRM!

mereka perlu ubah cara ini

Anonymous said...

they work like robots.

no smile.

no jurisdiction.

no mercy!

que sera said...

the macc staff always think they are perfect, and their set of law is above all other laws in the country.

i wonder whether their self-regulated law is gazetted!

Anonymous said...

piii rraaahh mabuk!

diorang ingat sprm ni hebat sangat ke?

keje dia asyik menakutkan ornag, ugut orang, malukan orang,

memang macam pukimak!

amir, kapar said...

sprm memang suka buli orang walapun orang itu hanya disyaki. bahkan saksi pun dilayan seperti pesalah. aku dah dua kali dipanggil sebagai saksi tapi tetap ditengking dan diugut oleh 3 pegawai sprm shah alam kira-kira 3 tahun lalu. inikah cara mereka? bukan saja sombong, malah kadang2 tu biadap jugak!

small balls said...

i challenge macc to go deep into the customs dept.

do they know that the govt loses billions of ringgit every year for sophisticated graft at the customs dept, especially at port klang.

why dont the macc investigate how they operate rather than going after the small fish.

i guess they dont have balls!

Anonymous said...

sampai mati pun aku takkan percaya dan hormat orang2 sprm ni.

mereka ni rasa dah cukup tinggi, boleh hina dan malukan orang di depan orang ramai dan jiran tetangga.

aku pernah kena walaupun disyaki je!

anak haram!


Anonymous said...

lee lam thye doesnt know what is actually going on at macc, and how macc officers act like a group of hooligans!

Anonymous said...

lam thye ni rabun ke apa, tak tau langsung cara sprm buli orang!

Anonymous said...

who says macc is not corrupt?

in some aspects, they are more corrupt than the most corrupt!

as long as their salary comes from the govt, they will not perform without bias!

yes, they are very, very bias now!

look at TBH case...

Anonymous said...

MACC - yes, they are above all other laws. the created and introduced their own set of law which did not get consent of the AG!

Anonymous said...

Only the guilty and those involve in corrupt acts will be concerned and worried in whatever protocols/procedures adopted by SPRM. For those innocent parties are never worried. Of course, those out to disrepute the enforcement agencies will say anything out of this world to create the perception. Remember the 40,000 foreigners voting in PRU 13, blackout at voting counting centers? Well, the silent majorities have no qualm with how the authorities do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

sprm ni patut jadi badan bebas, bukan duduk bawak ketiak kerajaan!