Monday, July 22, 2013

Suing Hadi Awang...

The divide between PKR and PAS gets wider, and deepening.

Amid assurance by Pakatan Rakyat leaders that there was no rift within the three-pact political party, nothing can stop its mouldy stench from getting into the air.

This time, three PKR politicians plan to sue Hadi Awang for defamation.
Former Bukit Besi PKR candidate Mohd Shamsul Mat Amin says he and two other former PKR candidates from Terengganu - Mohamed Abdul Ghani Ibrahim (Kota Putera) and Ahmad Nazri Mohd Yusof (Seberang Takir) - will sue PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for defamation.
This is over Hadi's comments in April as to why PAS was fielding its own candidates against its ally PKR in seven seats for the May 5 general election, including against the trio.
Hadi had said PKR's candidates were feared to be selling methamphetamine, or displaying portraits of communist leaders in their headquarters.
"As a result of his speech, I am constantly ostracised and ridiculed by my fellow villagers.
"It has damaged my reputation. My family and my party are tainted, and my business is indirectly affected," Shamsul ( left ) said, reading out from his police report between sobs.
He was speaking to reporters at a press conference held at a hotel lobby in Kuala Besut today.
Although Hadi did not name any person, Yehye Zakaria, who served as PKR's Terengganu election director at the time, said the statement was often understood to refer to Shamsul because it was made in Terengganu.
Of the three PKR Terengganu candidates facing-off, the 28-year-old Shamsul is the youngest, leading many to believe he was the one peddling methamphetamine, Yehye said.
Asked how he intends to proceed with the defamation suit since Hadi ( right ) did not specifically refer to any of the three candidates, Shamsul said he would only answer the matter in court.
To another question about his choice of timing and his reason for holding the press conference in Kuala Besut, Shamsul said that until recently, he thought he could handle the ridicule.
He also said he wanted to take advantage of the large media presence in Kuala Besut, but denied that he was under the influence of any third party.
So, 'saman laaa!'

I think nothing as such had ever happened to Barisan Nasional.


masih di BH said...

dalam kempen prk kuasa besut pun, dah berlaku pergeseran di antara pas dan pkr.

masing2 tak mau mengalah. pkr pun dah mula busukkan calon pas yang sepatutnya pkr sendiri perlu sokong dan bantu.

tak heran perkara macam ni, dah biasa berlaku dalam pakatan rakyat.

setakat saman hadi tu, tak heran sangat. tak lama lagi ada orang pas sendiri akan saman hadi dan orang pkr sendiri saman anwar.

Anonymous said...

fuckatan rakyat is full of shit.

no way they can sit together in a political forum when issues like hudud and islam stood as the barrier.

dont rely on anwar, he wont be able to help because he himself is fucked up!

penangan said...

salam tn,

retak menanti belah nampaknya. setiap parti terus rebut kawasan dan cuba memperkecil-kecilkan parti lain.

peliknya, ia hanya berlaku di antara pkr dan pas sedangkan dap tidak disentuh langsung.

dap hanya memerhatikan gelagat dua parti dalam pakatan rakyat ini dengan penuh minat, tanpa berbuat apa2 kerana ia sebenarnya ingin melihat pas keluar dari pakatan.

takkan ada kesudahannya sengketa sesama mereka ni.

Anonymous said...

i dont believe in pkr, dap or pas. they are sons of satans!

tauke lim said...

let them bicker but never believe it. its just their drama!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

eloklah gaduh.

dah lama tak tengok orang bertumbuk, lebih2 lagi orang politik

Anonymous said...

buat hapa nak saman ulama macam dia?

hehehehehe.... buang masa je!

Anonymous said...

Aahhh..kerajaan pun tidak betul, apa lagi yg belum jd kerajaan. Yg penting skrg, cuma berusaha teruskan hidup, biar pun sana sini Nampak ada bayangan penipuan kpd rakyat oleh kerajaan..huuhuhu