Saturday, May 18, 2013

Their headlines...

Anwar's public rallies against GE13 results, Haris Ibrahim's call for street demonstrations to topple the government and the court action against Pakatan's lawmaker Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad are fast getting international attention.

The kind of headlines by foreign media also incline more toward the opposition, a platform now fully-utilised by Pakatan Rakyat to gain world sympathy and support for their only legitimate mission - to 'crown' Anwar as prime minister.

No matter what Malaysian laws say about the illegal public rallies and regardless of whether it will lead to nationwide chaos, its not their main concern. As long as Najib is up there, they will continue breaking the law.

To them, no law binds them at the moment. The only law is in Anwar's hand, and that explains why they couldnt be bothered to give a 10-day notice to the police before organising such rallies.

Nik Nazmi case is well expected. In fact, it was well-planned, and they wouldn't mind if more are prosecuted because the whole world is with them. Its the attention that Anwar wants, and he is getting it.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
A fresh row began to brew between Malaysia’s government and its critics after an opposition lawmaker was charged with failing to provide police sufficient warning for a rally that drew tens of thousands of people.
Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, communications director in opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s People Justice Party blamed the government for selective prosecution, and said the charge undermines Prime Minister Najib Razak's call for national reconciliation after his ruling National Front won the May 5 elections by the thinnest margin ever.
“I don’t think this is a good sign of the new regime that we see here in Malaysia,” Mr. Nik Nazmi said.
The Business Standard:
A Malaysian opposition leader has been charged under the Peaceful Assembly Act for failing to give police the required 10-day notice for holding a post general election rally near here to protest against vote rigging.
Nik Nazmi, 31, the PKR lawmaker for Seri Setia state, was charged in the Petaling Jaya Sessions court.
Authorities had declared the May 8 opposition rally, attended by more than 50,000 supporters, illegal. The rally was called by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to protest against the poll results.
The Oye! Times of Canada:
PKR communication director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad has been accused of breaking the law by organizing a post-poll rally at Kelana Jaya Stadium on May 8. The 31-year-old was charged at the Sessions Court on Friday.
Nik Nazmi, who is also Seri Setia assemblyman, is charged with failing to notify Petaling Jaya police about the venue of the rally 10 days before the event. Nik Nizami is charged under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012. If proven guilty, he might have to pay a fine of up to RM10,000.
There are more of these.

However, no foreign media published anything about the calls made by several senior politicians and Anwar's ex-aides for such rallies to be put to a halt. Only local newspapers carry it, hence giving a perception that there are foreign powers behind the opposition's thrust to overthrow Najib's Barisan Nasional government.

A New Straits Times story about Pakatan Rakyat's 'Malaysian spring' was not picked up by any foreign news agency.

Former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim yesterday revealed that the opposition had long intended to initiate a 'Malaysian spring' to overthrow the government through street rallies. They had planned to create chaos since last year’s Bersih rally and was now building up to nationwide protests.

The former senator said he had evidence to back his claim in the form of an email which was sent out by DAP’s chief of staff Foo Yueh Chuan to all central executive council members on April 26, 2012. In the email, Foo informed the recipients that  she was coordinating the party members and leaders to participate in Bersih's sit-in rally at Stadium Merdeka on April 28 last year.

Such threats to the national security failed to gain world attention. If Malaysia succumbs to political chaos, they will have more opportunity to intervene in the country's domestic affairs and decide on its economy and social agenda, and of course its resources.

I hope Malaysians, especially those joining Pakatan realise this...


next time said...

its normal lar for foreign news agencies to side the opposition, not only in malaysia but also other countries.

they will try to provide assistance to any opposition to topple the government.

we have seen may instances over the past 20 years.

so, its not strange if malaysia also falls into their agenda

Anonymous said...

murdoch and others.

anwar's friends. if not, they were told to support the opposition.

so, what's our duty to fend off such negative reports?

penangan said...

salam tn,

apa yang dirancang oleh pembangkang ini rasa2nya ada anjakan daripada luar. masakan mereka berani melanggar peraturan dan undang2 tanpa sokongan kuat dari pihak luar.

saya sendiri pasti dengan hal ini. wujudnya tangan2 asing yang cuba mencampuri urusan hal-ehwal dalam negeri malaysia.

mereka juga punya agenda yang tersendiri.

sepertimana di negara yang sudah di'jajahi' mereka, begitulah bakal berlaku di malaysia jika rakyat tidak sedar dengan muslihat pembangkang ni.

janganlah kerana politik, seluruh negara tergadai!

red army at night said...

normal headlines, bro. its part of their foreigners to tarnish our image. they seldom give us credit for what we have done for the country and the rakyat but its always given to the opposition movement. anything that can sell their news, is their focus. so, be it.... fuck them!

Anonymous said...

this is what anwar actually planned - get foreign intervention in malaysia, overthrow najib and instal himself as a new prime minister.

pro-Pakatan said...

mana ada pakatan buat hubungan dengan orang asing?

laporan media asing tu memangnya betul pun.

bn memang celaka!

one way street said...

lets be fair about it.

our newspapers too are fond of reporting what is 'bad' about other countries, their opposition and their domestic problems.

this is normal, right?

so, be wise!

Anonymous said...

The government should just ignore the foreigners, just like what Tun Mahathir did. Show that we are truly independent. Don't ever kowtow to their leaders. If you can fuck them off , do so. I reminding these things to our leaders in the government.

Anonymous said...

Salah siapa? Paklah lah yg celaka laknat, dia beri kebabasan kepada semua. Dia nak glamour..populis..nuar ambil,peluangbkeemasan itu..Bebas kan dia aawal dan di ke US dan lobi barat sokong dia..di belakang tentu yahudi yg tak mau lihat neegra islam ini aman..

Anonymous said...

Agreed that foreign press loves opposition. It makes good story.

Who wants to read good stuff of other countries? It will only aggravate your own sorry country state.

The only funny thing was the Europeans were quite silent re the recent Lahad Datu terrorist attack. That was pretty surprising. You would have thought that they will have a field day reporting it.


Mmmmmm..raso den macam ado yang tak kono nie Jai...

Macam orang main bola lak between the line....

Anonymous said...

Illuminati, yahudi, kristian konspirasi, apa lagi?

Dah biasa dengar pun.

Sekarang suratkhabar Barat pun termasuk pulak.

Tak de lain konspirasi lagi ke?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about them, worry about us. UMNO has to reform.

Kalau PAS reform dulu then, maybe melayu kena sokong PAS. Chinese votes are no longer relevant as proven in GE14.

Distraction tactics je ni. One distract, another team somewhere is strategising macam mana nak pecahkan lagi undi melayu / bumiputera terutama di Sarawak.

Kalau UMNO tidur lagi tak tahulah. Gunting dalam liputan dalam bentuk penasihat Najib still in charge - Worm Tongue advising King of Rohan scenario .........

Anonymous said...

Go to hell with the foreign news agencies.If their countries believed in what their papers wrote since these bad mouthed done by these goons,our FDIs should drop drasticly,but we can see ourselves,statistics and facts cannot be manipulated.It is true that FDIs dropped but where,try to guess,it is none other states governed by PR.Pse do not get the impression that the govt is not doing anything about 505 Demos series,they are gathering evidences quitely and to their assessment these demos does disturb civil disorder cos the participants were mostly young Chingies who do not know really what are real cause of demos.The other reason is that the non participation of the hard core PAS and PKRs Malays made thing easier for them.With the new Minister at KDN and new IGP around I think the likes of Tian Chua,Sivarasa and even Rear Admiral himself should be careful with their actions and statesments.The first salvo was thrown out by the new Minister,it was not a warning blantantly he said those who cannot agree with the law and constitutions of Malaysia can migrate to the countries.The action had began with the charging of Nik Nazmi in court.We Malaysians always take things for granted and easily forgotten history.To those young Chingies,my advice is that turn your memory back to the Sulus at Lahad Datu.What were their aim of landing in Sabah,to capture Sabah,right,now what were your bosses istigated you to stage the demos,to capture Putrajaya.I dreaded to imagine the end story.You think this time around the Police will smile at you like Bersih series demos,I bet you this time they will regard it is pay back time,instead of the normal FRUs ,they will even deploy the UTKs and VATs 69.5 years is still long way to go,so think hard before you indulged yourselves into doing stupid actions which are no benificial to you on the long run.The Politicians will not rush to your aids when you needed them cos the first they do will to safe their necks first.Use your greymatter and dont follow blindly ..mah.Cheers.

Anonymous said...

It is natural for Foreign Journalists not to pay too much attention to local news media that has been stigmatised as being government controlled and totally one sided.

In order to gsin international media attention, the government should overhaul the current mainstream media to allow more freedom of the press by allowing other parties to gain licensing rights to publish mainstream news in the same capacity as the government owned newspapers.

Only then will the international news take Malaysian Mainstream media seriously.

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

I think the foreign media envy us. Also, I think they must have rapport with with the opposition because the headlines make it sounds like it.

But anyway, this is nothing new I guess. Even an international textbook in their case study example criticizes our choice of solution for the economic crises in 97/98 when actually it was a major success (although with risk) and received commendments from other countries.

So I say to hell with them because we know our country best. Malaysia boleh and orang2 Malaysia mesti boleh!