Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pakatan manifesto: Dodging the people

Let's apply some logic and arguments to the 10-point general election manifesto announced by Pakatan Rakyat yesterday. My argument in red.

1. Shutting down the Lynas plant - as part of the coalition's environmental sustainability policy, Pakatan pledges to stop the Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Pahang.
(Once they form a government, they will have to compensate Lynas Australia for such an action, and it will not going to be cheap. 'Environmentalist, they are, PR should also shut down all coal-based power station i.e the one in Kapar and invest a few billion ringgit for hydro-based turbines. All plans for a nuclear-based power generation will be jettisoned, leaving Malaysia lagging behind other developing nations in that area).

2. Abolishing the AES - Pakatan argues that the automated enforcement system (AES) for traffic offences has endangered lives and enriched cronies, and thus will be immediately stopped.
(What nonsense! If we dont come down hard on traffic offenders by not issuing any summon and producing them to court, our roads will be like race tracks. Educating the users take a lot of time and money. May as well PR takes off the speed limit on all roads and see whether the number of accident and casualty take a dive or multiply).

3. Putting the brakes on healthcare tax - Pakatan promises to provide free basic healthcare and thus will stop longstanding plans to introduce a healthcare tax.
(Crap! There is no such thing as free basic healthcare in most countries, unless each and every Malaysian subscribes to medical insurance, which still requires you to pay for the premium. This idea would see all healthcare product manufacturers leaving the country. BN government has been subsidizing much on healthcare for the rakyat. However, a free basic treatment will also lead to the private hospitals and clinics close shop. Who will bear the cost as the subsidy is already eating almost 15 per cent of the government's pocket. Stupid idea!)

4. Promoting media freedom - The coalition says it will abolish all legislation that restrict media freedom, including the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA).
(OMG! Then Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal, Nik Aziz and the rest must bear all consequences should racial and religious divide take to the media by extreme. Any backlash will augur well in bringing the whole country down. If The Star comes up with a page-1 headline that reads, "Anwar the motherfucker" or Utusan's "Pelir Nik Aziz lemah", it will also bring about 'positive' result in educating our present and future generations about our new culture).

5. Freeing all ISA detainees.
(Brilliant! Forgive them and repeal all laws that had helped kept the nation stable and peace since Independence. Close down most of the existing prisons and replace them with special housing project for the detainees, give them good jobs and other perks. As we cannot tell the public to accept rapists, subversive agents, drug dealers, armed robbers, black money dwellers and murderers, PR government will engage them. Should someone is proven to pose danger to our stability, apply reverse-psychology by giving them a top post somewhere in the government).

6. Affordable housing - Pakatan says it will build 150,000 affordable homes in the low-cost category (below RM75,000) and medium-cost category (below RM250,000) within its first term.
(As BN has already proven its word in this area, perhaps PR can offer a house at RM25,000 and below, including in the urban areas. As part of their 'Negara Kebajikan', its better to give it free to those in need of houses. No need to pay for the contractors as they can submit to PAS' amal jariah concept, whether they are Malays, Chinese or Indians. PR government will have to spend billions of ringgit to open up new downstream industries for the housing sector i.e cement, tiles, roofing etc. They may also train the ex-ISA detainees and school dropouts for the job, at RM100 per hour).

7. Policing - To deal with rising crime, Pakatan says it will reallocate human resources to increase the size of the Criminal Investigation Department by reducing the General Operations Force and other non-core task personnel.
(Why not task them with general works, as rubber tappers or palm oil plucker. Since PR is so convinced that crime rate will stand at almost NIL during its administration, better reclassify those in the police and armed forces. They can help our fishermen and those in the plantation sector. No need to patrol the streets as nobody would want to indulge in any form of major crimes, especially under PAS hudud.)

8. Free education, abolishing PTPTN - Describing education as the people's right and the government's responsibility, Pakatan says its administration will bear tertiary education fees and subsidise fees in private institutions.
(Fine enough! All will get free education, scholarship for overseas study and other benefits. We don't have to encourage our kids to study hard as each and everyone of them will get a good job even though they flop in their final exam. We will notice what kind of undergraduates and graduates we produce when we feed them with everything free. Pakatan must have plenty of money for all these dream. Wonder if Anwar's friends in the US, Britain, Australia, Singapore and Israel were given free education and full scholarship. So, our students will not have to compete against each other as a grade 3 university graduate can easily become a surgeon or architect or engineer. Just wait for their job result! I don't think Anwar or Karpal dare to engage such a surgeon or engineer!)

9. Lowering fuel, electricity and water charges - Pakatan's manifesto argues that the country's oil revenue should be shared with the people in the form of cheaper fuel prices.
(I second the notion! Pakatan will have to down-structure the salary of those working in the sectors, ensuring that all households and industries get to pay minimum bill every month. But why not for free under its 'Negara Kebajikan' concept? The National Grid must be revised as not to trip frequently due to lack of supervision (over low pay) and regular check. TNB will eventually has to close shop over multiple losses and industrial action by its workers. Petronas, on the other hand will have to rely on its overseas investment for profit. Water? If Selangor and Kelantan are not able to solve the water issue, how are they going to manage the national supply?)

10. Reducing foreign workers by 1 million - Pakatan said it will introduce a 'comprehensive package' to ensure the removal of one million foreign workers within five years to allow locals to take up the jobs.
(Hahahahaha! Not even foreign workers would leave the 'Welfare State', most locals too will opt for jobs overseas. When the inflow of FDIs comes to a halt due to the impracticality of PR policy, the country will have to go back to where it once belonged - a fully agricultural-based economy. But still, its okay as it will make us self-sufficient in many aspects. However, instead of 'sending off' the foreigners, its wise for PR to utilise them. Give them PR or citizenship, just like what Anwar did in the 1992 IC Project in Sabah. Hope he remembers!)

What else? The manifesto was based on 'moral value' and 'universal principle'.

Whose moral was it based-on? Anwar? Nik Aziz or Lim Kit Siang?


jembalang tanah said...

it tickles me to my balls when their manifesto was based on MORAL!

if you go by anwar's moral, hahahaahah.... no need to finish my sentence as the whole world already knows about it.

what a farce!

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

a truly Negara Kebajikan!

they should provide:

free housing

free meals

free water and electricity

abolish road tax and personal tax

shut down KLIA, cyberjaya and putrajaya and plant the areas with padi instead

- free school uniform

- free medical all the way up

- free fuel for motorbikes

- free assholes!

pro-Pakatan said...

inilah yang kita semua mahu. sebuah kerajaan yang prihatin dengan kehendak rakyat berbilang kaum, bangsa dan agama!


Anonymous said...

looks like a communist set-up administration!

Anonymous said...

apa yg kau spin ni, oiii!!!

walaupun aku tak suka pakatan, diorang nampaknya bersungguh-sungguh menawarkan yang terbaik untuk rakyat.

janganlah perlekehkan mereka. bn pun apa kurangnya, bukannya semua handal pun. banyak juga kelemahan dan kekurangan bn ni.

aku rakyat biasa yg inginkan keadilan. jadi pakatan ni nampaknya serious dalam hal ni.

Anonymous said...

Aye, I like media freedom. Good, very, very good.

Anwar kote bengkok. Kakai sundal. Kaki Jubur. Nak hisap pelir aku?

Kote Nik Aziz tak keras dah. Kote Hadi masih kuat lagi.

Kepala butoh Anwar.
Anwar haramjadah. Pi hisap kote Guang Eng dan Kit Siang.

Kit siang kencing tiang bendera rumah Data Harun pada 12 may,1969.


Anonymous said...

banyak nampaknya duit pakatan ni nak buat tu semua.

boleh bankrap negara!

Anonymous said...

I think it is worth to give Pakatan a chance even though they may not fulfill their pledge. Even they can fulfill 1% of their pledge, it is good enough as compare to continue to vote for BN. To vote for BN means status quo, means rakyat will continue to suffer bad quality of life, means continue to addict handout or bribe from BN and most importantly means to support cronyism and corruption by robbing the rakyat. Some may think Pakatan pledge may not be implemented as promise but the fact is by just reduce the corruption and wastage by the BN gov to the cronies, the money saved is more than enough to implement all these changes.

sprong said...

imagine malaysia under pakatan:

- high crime rate
- high accident and fatality
- high HIV due to freedom of LGBT
- low GNP and GDP
- high inflation
- spiraling prices
- reduced exports, high imports
- political instability
- chaos everywhere
- higher unemployment rate
- some politicians killed
- many more... u just add to the list

penangan said...

salam tn,

nampaknya seluruh negara akan bankrap dengan rancangan manifesto pakatan rakyat ni.

dari mana mereka akan dapat duit untuk laksanakan semua itu jika pelabur akan melihat malaysia sebagai negara yang makin kuat memanjakan rakyatnya?

anwar sebagai bekas menteri kewangan pun tak dapat memikirkan semua ini dan kesannya kepada ekonomi negara...

apa nak jadi ni?

Anonymous said...

the best manifesto ever, the best in the world by the 'main jubo' team!


Anonymous said...

they didnt mention anything about hudud, women, children, LGBT, etc

scared it will backfire, i guess!

next door said...

they have yet to implement all that was promised in their 2008 manifesto, and now coming up with a new craps!

if they want votes, keep low la, not by creating the impossible.

the rakyat are more informed now to jot the different between logic and dream.

a penny said...

free press?

veli veli good!

newspapers, tv station and other media will be too busy going to court over sues and claims.

people of different race and religions will take to the street to settle their differences.

aiyoooo... jelly good lar!

ex-mat gian said...

tak masuk akal langsung, terutama perumahan rakyat, kebebasan media dan latihan untuk pengguna jalan raya.

di mana pr akan dapat duit untuk bina rumah murah sebanyak itu dan dengan harga sedemikian?

siapa nak buat kalau upahnya pun murah? semua kontraktor akan cabut!

nak latih pengguna jalan raya supaya bersopan? hahahahaahahaah.... ni lawak tahun bila ni?

Anonymous said...

we shouldn't have repeal the ISA in the first place.

too many people still want such a 'treatment'!

Anonymous said...

Really these pakatoon supporters must have jelly for their brains.

This manifesto's agenda is to cripple Malaysia for foreigners to buy on the cheap.

Then the rakyat will PERMANENTLY be modern slaves as they WILL end up as lifelong workers paying off housing education insurance car ..... loans!!