Monday, January 21, 2013

PAS will bring down DAP

If the dejected Chinese in DAP are allowed to join another opposition party, I think they will opt for PAS. However, since PAS is an 'Islamic' party, they got no other choice but to choose PKR or stay on the fence.

PAS is actually a pain in the ass for DAP. Its 'hudud' and other Islamic rulings - notably in Kelantan and Kedah - are throwing DAP leaders off their seat for trying to seek the balance between agreeing with Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz or fine-tuning its position in the Pakatan Rakyat.

With general election is just around the corner (some say it could be end of March), Pakatan Rakyat is in jitters. The cracks are hard to mend, let alone the disagreement among them over issues that could dampen their common hope of wresting Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional.

While DAP itself is faced with domestic problems stemming from its recent election, it is also involved in a tug-of-war with PAS over the 'Allah' and 'hudud rulings' in Kelantan and Kedah.

The Chinese in general are against huduh and such rulings, especially the ban on adult women performers on stage during the upcoming Chinese New Year but those in DAP are quite annoyed at the manner in which leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh addressed the matters.

To them, the supreme leaders of DAP are losing balls when it comes to attending to 'nonsense' created by PAS.

Karpal's call for Majlis Syura PAS to reverse its decision on 'Allah is only for the Muslims' will definitely put DAP as a loser. PAS will never submit to such a pressure, and with mounting calls by various Malay/Muslim NGOs and association for Majlis Syura to stick to its decision, Karpal may eventually find his effort rather frustrating.

In Penang, the Chinese are beginning to show sign of disgusted at DAP for failing to level PAS over the issue by asking Guan Eng to make a stand or take DAP out of the political pact and stand on its own in the next national poll.

As usual, Guan Eng remains adamant. He chose to remain silent than being whacked by the party members and others over something he himself is not certain of.

Kit Siang, on the other hand, refused to say much about it. He left everything to Karpal. Kit Siang could feel the earth moving under his feet each time DAP and PAS are embroiled in any polemic. Each time it happens, DAP will end up as a loser!

Anwar Ibrahim, on the other hand, is smarter. He couldn't care less about hudud or anything. He is also couldn't be bothered if DAP and PAS take to the ring to settle their differences. To him, PKR is strong enough and much formidable than DAP and PAS combined together in the next general election.

He has support from many parties, including overseas. He gets the walking stick from foreigner leaders such as BJ Habibie of Indonesia, Estrada from the Philippines and some friends in the West, some of whom are willing to finance his election campaign.

While PKR appears to be steady, DAP and PAS need to sit down and really talk terms. But what are there to discuss when both have clearly made their stand over the issues?

DAP is the one feeling nausea about it. With internal bickering and back-stabbing are far from over, its failure to 'control' PAS could trigger a walkout by some members, particularly those who are against the election of its Central Committee members last month.

So, it looks like PAS could bring DAP down, in Penang and elsewhere. Karpal realises this and for that reason, he has been quite vocal in calling for PAS to reverse such decisions although deep inside, he knows all his effort will go down the drain...


sakuntala said...

eh. why cant the chinese join pas? all that we need is for pas to amend its constitution. instead of being an islamic party, they could change to 'parti islam caca merba'.

hows that, mr bujai?

Anonymous said...

pas is always a pain in the ass for dap. if not for the ambitious project to takeover putrajaya, i think dap and pas would have gone separate ways.

they are never one since day one pakatan rakyat was established. they argued over so many issues, including who should become the next prime minister is pr wins. pas wants to push hadi awang while pkr and dap chose anwar.

what will happen if pr really wins and dap and pas choose separate leaders as their no.1?

penangan said...

salam tn,

sebenarnya di pulau pinang, lim guan eng perkudakan pas agar dapat mengukuhkan kedudukannya walhal dia sendiri maklum bahawa pas memang menyusahkan dap dari dahulu lagi.

bagaimanapun, lim guan eng terpaksa akur dengan kehendak pucuk pimpinan tertinggi pas kerana tidak mahu menjejaskan peluang pakatan rakyat pada pru akan datang.

guan eng sebenarnya lebih bimbangkan keduduukannya sebagai ketua menteri pulau pinang daripada anwar menjadi perdana menteri.

bila dia dapat kuasai pulau pinang, anwar sendiri pun takkan mampu memberi sebarang arahan kepadanya. dialah raja penang!

pro-Pakatan said...


dont spin things u are not sure of lor!

dap will stay in penang... forever!

chua, gelugor said...


pas seems stronger than dap now. pkr aside, pas will win more seats in the next general election.

however, dap needs pas in pakatan rakyat. without pas, the chance for pr to achieve its dream will diminish.

even anwar needs pas badly now.

so, u can see why pas leaders and followers are getting more stuck-up of late!

anak wayang said...


aku ragu2 dengan pakatan setan ni. nampaknya berbalah sesama sendiri tapi diorang sebenarnya bersatu dalam banyak hal. tengok je bersih dan HKR baru2 ni yang disertai oleh ketiga-tiga pihak. isu allah dan hudud ni sebenarnya mainan mereka je untuk elakkan ahli masing2 daripada menyoal terlalu banyak masalah dalaman yang dihadapi pkr, pas dan dap. jangan mudah tertipu dengan sandiwara diorang ni. semuanya setan gondol!

Anonymous said...

DAP and PAS both are being a pest to everybody else while squabbling with each other.

nadesmani said...

It's DAP will bring down Pakatan Rakyat, Thew racist party will not work and cooperate wikth any othser paty who is not from their race. Just keep my words.

Anonymous said...

Adohaiiii Dulu Lu Cakap DAP will bring down PAS! ! Sekarang Lu Cakap PAS akan Bring down DAP!!


Penyokong bukan UMNO

Anonymous said...

The next General Elections is the ultimate battle between the Malaysian Nationalists of BN of Malaysia's runaway success in human terms and Lee Kuan Yew's runaway failure of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Sori lah bujai, losing interest in submitting comments. Too long to see them come out. Especially comments that disagree with the blog post.

By the time they come out, a new post appears. And comments in the previous post don't get read.

C u around.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Punggol East Singapore rejected the PAP by a winning margin of 55%All Malaysians unite and vote for the BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties against the Singapore reject DAP !

Anonymous said...

It is time for the DAP to go home.
It is time for the DAP which was deliberately in opposition for 44 years to go home. It is time for the DAP to stop slogans, speeches and writings to create suspicion in the Malays and Bumiputras against the innocent Malaysian Chinese who only want peace, stability and prosperity, to make matters difficult for them in our joint progress for normalcy and reforms. It is time for the DAP to go home to Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew whom even the poor 99% Singaporeans found to have feet of clay because of his failed policies.
Please go home to Singapore, DAP !

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is fantastic. Please continue with your good works !

Anonymous said...

To the consternation of the world community and the Interpol, the world's biggest football match fixing and rigging base was found to have been operating from Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore the squeaky clean place for many years and maybe with the tacit knowledge of the authorities. DAP where are you ?

Anonymous said...

Of all the Malaysian political parties, the DAP is most undeserving to rule over us. The DAP was in Opposition for 44 years and contributed nothing to the socio-economy and very closely linked with Lee Kuan Yew the ruler of the failed state of Singapore for 55 years. It is time all Malaysians including the PKR and the PAS reject the DAP as foreign - Daddy's Action Party. Go home to Daddy, DAP !