Friday, January 25, 2013

Of The Australian lies and Mahmoud Abbas' stupidity

In spinning and undermining PM Datuk Seri Najib's visit to Gaza a few days ago, The Australian simply fabricated a lie by jotting that Malaysia and Israel two-way trade has expanded to about US$ 1 billion annually over the past few years.
"Mr Najib entered Gaza from Egypt, at Rafah. He was accompanied by his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor; Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman; and the junior minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom.
About 62 per cent of Malaysia's 29 million population are Muslims. Malaysia does not recognise Israel diplomatically, but trade has grown rapidly in recent years, to almost $1 billion a year."
Which source had The Australian got the figure from? The Australian Trade and Industry Ministry? Or from Tel Aviv?

As far as Malaysia's relation with the Jewish nation is concerned, no official bilateral trade of whatsoever had been established. Even Tel Aviv, who is diplomatically represented in Singapore, does not allow any of its goods to reach Malaysia, and vice versa.

I am not if Singaporeans who trade with Israel are extending their service to Malaysia but according to Bukit Aman and Custom Dept, such goods in any form are not allowed entry into the country. If there is any, it comes in small items which are smuggled out of the Republic.

So, there is no basis at all for the Australian media to speculate on Malaysia-Israel trade although there were efforts by some quarters to establish a link with them.

Malaysia has recently relaxed a stringent rule for its Christian citizens to go on pilgrimage in Tel Aviv, a decision lauded by many (including Christian organisations abroad) as proper, wise and fair by the Barisan Nasional government.

As for Najib's visit to Hamas-ruled Gaza, it was done in a true spirit of brotherhood with the Palestinians as a whole and not to support any form of Hamas' 'aggression' towards its neighbor Israel. Furthermore, it constituted a solidarity Muslim-to-Muslim personal link between Malaysia and the Palestinians.

Irrespective of what Mahmoud Abbas opined about the visit, he should be advised to safeguard the interest of each and every Palestinian - Hamas or not, Fatah or not - in the context of a Palestine statehood and not segregate them by their politics.

Malaysia has been most vocal among the non-Arab bloc in championing the rights of the Palestinians, and had never on a single occasion separate them in groupings such as Fatah or Hamas since the only objective is to get international recognition for an independence Palestine state.

Mahmoud, in this context, is deemed not fit to lead the Palestinians if he refuses to accept that simple fact. Even the leaders of Hamas had offered to cooperate with Mahmoud but the latter turned it down, afraid of losing his grip on the rest of the Palestine.

It was Fatah who all this while rejected all reconciliation effort initiated by third parties or by Hamas itself. During Israeli air raids on Gaza last year, Fatah and Mahmoud did not issue any statement to denounce it, let alone offered any assistance to them.

So, all parties should stop politicising Najib's visit to the Hamas-ruled areas. I believe the PM's office had tried to contact Mahmoud Abbas office prior to the visit but was taken out of context by Mahmoud's aides.

Whether its the US, Australia, Canada, France of any other countries, their concern for the Middle East conflict is on the well-being of the well-armored Israel and not the handicapped Palestinians. Is that the way to work out a peace plan?


a Palestinian in KL said...


mahmoud abbas is among the main obstacle in uniting the palestinians. he has been rejecting all offers by hamas to reconcile, making hamas his personal number one enemy.

the us and the west are fond of negotiating with fatah because they are easily conned and led.

that is why the solution for a peaceful palestine is still far, far away!

thank you, sir

gondola said...

i thought we have been dealing with the israelis since some of our opposition leaders and members are supporting them.

wonder its true or not - that some opposition leaders have their money kept in the bank of israel in singapore.

i think this is what the australian meant by quoting the figure at US1 billion since recent years.

now we understand how cunning the opposition are!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya sokong lawatan datuk seri najib ke wilayah hamas kerana beliau juga mungkin sudah berusaha melawat wilayah fatah, cuma mungkin faktor masa dan lampu hijau yang tidak diperolehi daripada pihak mahmoud abbas.

pm palestin ni bukanlah orang yang layak dalam ertikata sebenarnya untuk memimpin palestin.

beliau suka merendahkan-rendahkan pihak hamas dan menganggap mereka sebagai musuhnya walaupun mereka juga ada orang palestin dan yang beragama islam.

kenapa mahmoud berpendirian begitu?

semuanya kerana faktor kuasa dan pengaruh. dia bimbang kalau bekerjasama dengan hamas, hamas akan merampas kuasa yang ada padanya. mungkin juga dia merasakan sudah cukup gah diiktiraf oleh amerika, israel dan negara barat.

jika beginilah sikap mahmoud abbas dan cara dia menguruskan palestin, tidak ada gunanya lagi kita menyokong semua usahanya.


saya rasa ribuan lagi orang palestin akan mati di tangan bangsanya sendiri dalam perang saudara yang boleh meletus jika mahmoud masih memusuhi hamas!

Anonymous said...

australia was among few nations abstained from voting for the upgrading of the palestine status at the united nations last year.

this clearly signifies their anti-palestine and anti-peace in the region.

so, when they opposed najib's visit to gaza, they were actually surprised that a malaysian leader has the gut to do so.

they are envious of us!

fed up! said...

abbas is not only stupid but afraid of losing his grip on the palestinians. he will forever declare war with hamas. what an idiotic leader he is! he himself can ruin palestine, not the israelis!

Anonymous said...

abbas is an arrogant leader, bro.

ask any palestinian here in malaysia, they will tell you how he rules fatah in his aristocratic way.

he is different from the late yasser arafat who took care of the palestinians as a whole and not by their sects.

if abbas keeps on with his way and style, managing palestine to his whim and fancy, there wont be peace at all, not only with israel but among the palestinians.

there will be sectarian war!

valderrama said...

abbas is the person who could bring absolute peace to palestine... or a total disaster!

think about it!

Anonymous said...

Who you want to fool.Najib visit to Gaza because he want attention at home where he is facing crucial GE.
Why must he visit Hamas but not Fatah or why sont he visit both and tr to reconcile the two Palestie group.
Najib is not smart.He doest do his home work before the visit.

Anonymous said...

Abbas is an israeli plant

Anonymous said...

mahmoud abbas has no right to condemn najib's humanitarian visit to gaza. fatah did nothing to earn confidence from the palestinians. hamas has done nothing else but palestians' pride in facing the kingdom from the HELL, the zionist !!!

kareem said...

the australian is owned by a group of local jews who are 'fond' of mahmoud abbas but despise hamas. remember when israel raided gaza on two occasions? the australia was among the most loud in supporting the atrocities.

isn't that clear enough?

osman puyu, serkam said...

saya setuju dengan PENANGAN bahawa mahmoud abbas bukanlah jenis pemimpin yang diperlukan oleh seluruh warga palestin dalam mencari keamanan sesama sendiri dan perdamaian dengan israel.

abbas di'mahkotakan' dengan persetujuan amerika, masih ingatkah kita beberapa tahun lalu?

saya pun fikir memang tak wajar datuk najib bertemu fatah dan abbas sendiri.


Anonymous said...

anon 10.57.

you are a typical sakit otak for saying that.

what had anwar done for the palestinians, tell me?

bodo macam lembu... lembu pakatan rakyat!

Anonymous said...

to anon 1.11,

you are right, very right,

it was hamas who got the balls to face the israeli killing machines while fatah and abbas go into hiding each time they listen to the sound of israeli jet fighter!


Anonymous said...

sdr osman puyu,

fatah hari ni jauh bezanya dengan fatah di bawah pimpinan allahyarham yasser arafat.

di zaman arafat, mereka lebih tegas dan berani memperjuangkan hak palestin, arafat pula bukan jenis yang mudah dikongkong dan dikuasai amerika serta sekutunya.

berbeza dengan mahmouod abbas yang ternyata pengecut dan hanya membiarkan pihak hamas berjuang menentang israel.

pemimpin jenis apa abbas ni agaknya?

masih di BH said...


mahmoud abbas has hired israel agents to come to malaysia and shoot you by your balls!


nice posting... protecting pm!

masyuk ka?

Anonymous said...

Hah Najib Nak Gaduh dengan Israel, America dan Australia!?

Dengan Apa?

Dengan Sebigi Kapal Selam yang Tak bolih Tenggelam?! Heh Heh

Look after UMNO Pun tak bolih nak gaduh dengan Israel.

Anonymous said...

Semua Cakap Omong Kosong!

Kalau America datang Sini Semua lari masuk hutan!!

Nak gaduh dengan Orang Konon!!

sitamparam said...


kepada pembangkang, apa sumbangan anwar kepada palestin?

jawab ler... jawab!

dia pernah ke sampai sana dan lihat sendiri penderitaan orang palestin?

agaknya kalau dia jadi pm, sure dia lawat israel dulu!

Anonymous said...

Ano. 7.53,
You are a fool to underestimate our AF capabilities.War is not won just by Military might.Combat power consisted of the tangibles and the intangibles.In the events of war,people like you will be first person the security forces will wallop and you will never see the light of the day or be able to see who will win the war.Yes true enough the AF will drag the GIs in Guerilla Warfare and teach them like they are now attending CIW courses at our SSG Warfare Centre.Our soldiers will die fighting as proven in Somalia where we rescue of all the person on earth were the American Special Forces personnels.Pse do not downgrade our soldiers as some of you did to the late Kanang.Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.

Anonymous said...

Najib is an embarrassment to Malaysia. As prime minister he must do his homework and be sensitive with political scene of palestinian. It does not matter if Abbas is a good leader or not. That is not the point. Najib should not piss off either Hamas or Fatah because it's a humanitarian visit. But because of his stupidity, Abbas slammed his visit and we Malaysia appears foolish in front of middle east eyes. He really don't fit to be a prime minister.

Anonymous said...

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