Monday, January 28, 2013

LGE and Karpal sicken PAS

PAS members are accusing Lim Guan Eng 'a traitor'. They also hurled abusive words at Karpal Singh, whom despite celebrating Nik Aziz birthday yesterday is still gripping to his hard stand on the use of 'Allah' for non-Muslims.

More PAS members came out against DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim on Sunday, calling him a traitor to the opposition coalition for stating his support for the same matter.

Some even shouted slogans for PAS to leave the opposition pact and stand on its own in the upcoming general election. I think it was a wise call, taking into account the long-standing separating factor - hudud and 'Allah' - which could dampen PR prospect of wresting Putrajaya.

PAS grassroots too are getting disillusioned with Pakatan Rakyat over the opposition bloc’s inability to resolve the issue although its Syura Council had ruled last week that the word 'Allah' is only for Muslims, and not non-Muslims.

On January 22, some Muslim youths held a 30-minute demonstration outside Karpal Singh’s office in Georgetown, criticising the DAP national chairman for acting like a political bully undermining PAS, Islam and Malays.

At the end of demonstration, they stepped on a DAP flag to vent their anger and questioned whether the party wanted to create religious chaos in the country.

Among the protesters were PAS Tanjung division’s permanent chairman Zaidi Abu Bakar and ex-Youth chief Ariff Ibrahim, and former state PAS Youth chief Mohd Hafiz Mohd Nordin, who now heads a NGO, Penang Human Rights Defender.

They were apparently upset with Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor MP, for urging the Syura Council to review its decision.

Meanwhile, PR de factor leader Anwar Ibrahim seemed to take side for inclining more towards DAP's stand. He said Pakatan Rakyat is holding to what PAS president Hadi Awang said before the Syura Council ruling - that non-Muslims too can use the word Allah.

Another PAS leader, Mohamad Sabu also shared the same view before making a 180 degree turn to support the Council's decision. Since the ruling, Hadi remains tight lips.

Judging from the tug-of-war between DAP and PAS, it can be clearly understood that DAP would like to see PAS leaves Pakatan Rakyat, if possible. Karpal and Lim could sense the jitters if PAS remains in the pact.

But PAS too would like to see DAP quits on PR and leave the pact to PAS and PKR only. Nik Aziz is facing increasing pressure from the grassroots who like to see the Council sticks to the ruling and never provide a chance for DAP to undermine it.

However, a traitor or not, Lim and buddy Karpal will not inch out of their stand, let alone compromising with PAS on the issue.

So, Anwar looks a winner here. Realising the future conflict between PAS and DAP could prolong and adversely impact his 'administration' should he becomes a prime minister, he stands beside Karpal and Lim.

To Anwar, PKR and DAP partnership is good enough. Any bickering among them could jeopardise his dream. For that reason, he will not accept any deadlock that could jettison his plan.


Anonymous said...

Send the DAP and Patrick Teoh back to Singapore where they belong. Even Punggol East Singapore rejects the PAP. How can third rate DAP performs better ? We do not want PAP and DAP rubbish in Malaysia, trouble-makers !

Anonymous said...

PAS is so Sickened that they and Karpal are having a party to Celebrate Nik Aziz Birthday!!

Don't be So Upset Lah Just Cause you are not Invited!! Heh Heh

Joe Black

eilen chia said...


hard for pkr and dap to work with pas.

not only on allah and hudud issues but also on other things such as lgbt which anwar supports.

pas will insist on the implementation of hudud if pakatan forms a govt, as mentioned by hadi awang late last year.

so, there is no logical basis for pkr and dap to work with pas in a federal govt.

they can bring anwar down!

Anonymous said...

macam mana nak bekerjasama dengan pas kalau dap bantah hudud dan segala-galanya mengenai islam.

dah nampak sangat yang dap ni anti islam, dan pas sudah nampak belang karpal dan guan eng.

karipuley said...

i think its better for pas and dap go separate ways...

easier for anwar!

Anonymous said...

If dap and pas go separate ways, pkr will collapse. Anwar will gamble on anything to keep them together. But i guess the ship is sinking quite rapidly by the day. If we go on the ground, the real scenario is quite diferrent than what we are reading in anti-establishment blogs. I think Anwar realises that. He is even contemplating moving out of Permatang Pauh. Pas supporters are deserting him there.

Anonymous said...

Sejak dulu lagi DAP dah anti melayu dan anti islam, apasal PAS terkejut?Ingat Patrick Teoh sorang ka yang otak cam tu dalam DAP?
Bodoh sangat ke PAS?
Apa guna PAS pakat dengan DAP?Apa guna nama Parti Islam kalau pakat dengan Anwar sekali?Apa guna nama Parti Islam kalau Karpal sorang herdik terus ulamak PAS semua takut?

Takde guna langsung.

Dr. RBAONG said...

PAS to replace UMNO = Yes

PR to replace BN = No, No

I will vote BN if PAS stay with PR, but will vote PAS if they decide to separate from PR

Anonymous said...

Pas go to hell

Anonymous said...

Hypothetically plausible scenarios that most Malaysians suprisingly refuse to contemplate would be etched along these lines. Surprising, given events on the global stage and the cryptically ironic allusions hidden in terms like 'ABU' (ash in English) and "Arab Spring" currently being bandied about by the opposition. The remotely possible scenarios are as follows:

1.Pakatan Rakyat wins the elections by the narrowest possible margins (give or take 10 seats). They form the coalition government as their supporters expect. Then PAS start jangling nerves by calling for Syariah imposition on Muslims which Anwar acquiesces to (thus revealing his real Wahhabist inclinations). To go with the PAS Syariah, PAS begin moral policing on the non-Muslims with the tacit approval of the fundamentalist evangelist wing of the DAP which raises the heckles of the non-Muslims completely blindsided by a sudden twist of fate.

2. A slight variation of this hypothesis would be the DAP giving tacit approval for Syariah imposition on Muslims on the promise that the non-Muslim polity would remain largely unaffected which would raise the heckles of the liberal wing anyway (both Muslims and Non-Muslims)and which will only momentarily delay the inevitable wholesale imposition of PAS Syariah in any case.

3. A subtle variation of this scenario would be the buying time scenario in which a 'creeping' PAS Syariah' narrative dominates. Under this scenario, the domain of PAS Syariah is gradually extended over the Non-Muslim polity via a series of measures that nullify the Non-Muslim way of life which would pave the way for wholesale imposition of PAS Syariah on all Malaysians in the near future.(I am given to understand by informants that this is the agreed scenario amongst the PR parties given that it would be palatable for the non-Muslims and Muslim liberals alike eager to exit Malaysia with their wealth intact in a planned exodus)

4. Yet another permutation, would see PAS holding both DAP and PKR to ransom given the wafer thin post GE situation and attempt a quid pro quo deal to have PAS Syariah imposed wholly or partially in return for their political support.

Whichever of the above permutations materialize (remember these are remotely hypothetical scenarios dependent on a statistically impossible PR win), Malaysia would descend into an Egypt like abyss wherein secular and religious groups, once united by their opposition to the detested Mubarak are now engaged in an all for nothing gargantuan struggle for Egypt's democratic future.

That is why some investors spooked by the likelihood of such upheaval are hedging their bets (even though at $689million, Malaysia to date is the second largest of recipient of foreign investment inflow into ASEAN after the Philippines). And that is why, some of the educated elite are battening down and preparing for the exits in anticipation of chaos and a possible military coup.


For right thinking and sane Malaysians, this would probably make for some sober contemplation:

“I have spoken to many members of Egypt's middle class recently, who told me that they felt pity for Mubarak's situation now. His mistakes were overstated before, and from their point of view, they had better lives in the Mubarak era than they do now. They are extremely confused as to why their country is in such a tight spot at the moment.Economic difficulties were the main factor prompting Egyptian people to take to the streets and overthrow the regime. However, after two years' turmoil, Egypt's economy is now on the brink of collapse.
The Egyptian pound's devaluation has accelerated, devaluing nearly 8 percent in only two weeks. The GDP's growth rate in 2011 was only 1.8 percent, compared to 5 percent in previous years.”

Warrior 231