Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Are you anti-MCA?"

My previous posting 'Pro-Umno but not pro-BN' met mixed reaction from fellow bloggers. About 30 of them called me on my mobile, expressing different views regarding the matter, including some who were dejected with my 'accusation'.

However, those 'fellow bloggers' who criticised me for writing the post were not able to answer my simple question - "are you anti-MCA?"

I also received text messages from unknown numbers, avowing their disagreement with me and questioned my integrity as a 'pro-Umno' journo-blogger. What? Integrity? What integrity? Sorry pals, it got nothing to do with integrity. It is all about where we stand!

My downright standpoint is, we are all working for Barisan Nasional, irrespective of whether we are in Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan or other component parties. As these parties will contest under the 'dacing' logo, we should work more for BN and not on any selected party.

Yes, there were choppy incidents involving Umno, MCA and others but the spirit of cooperation within BN had manage to settle it. BN is our body and as such, we must take care of every inch of it, and not by badmouthing each other openly to the delight of the opposition.

When small row is thrown out of proportion, and when domestic unfounded allegation finds its way to our blog and other media, some of us are so fond of jumping on the bandwagon to whack our buddies in the BN.

To my simple mind, there is only Barisan Nasional we should take care of, and anything about BN that matters most, we must feel the obligation to defend whoever are at the top, rationally and factually.

Doesn't matter if Najib, Soi Lek or Palanivel produces bloopers within their speeches or comments, we must be ready to correct it with our balancing act. As such, nobody (especially on the opposition bench) would notice the blunder.

For instance, when one or two ex-Star staff spread lies about the English daily being pro-opposition, some of us are so happy to take the cue from them and add more substance to the lies and propaganda to condemn it further.

Those ex-staff are sourgrapes, holding grudges against their former bosses for getting the boot and not getting what they wanted. These people knew very well that The Star is always with BN and will never sway towards the opposition.

But some bloggers enjoy the trump in hitting out at The Star, MCA, Soi Lek and other non-Umno leaders in BN, let alone trying to defend their statements.

When Soi Lek lambasted PAS-led Kelantan government over hudud and the syariah law, some pro-Umno bloggers battered him without analysing what he actually meant. Instead, they hammered him bluntly, calling him names and describing him as anti-Islam.

And each time The Star gives a small space to opposition news, the newspaper and its whole editorial team are labelled as anti-government. In fact, a senior minister used to accused editor-in-chief Wong Chun Wai of being a 'communist' before summoning him for an hour 'friendly talk' earlier this year.

So, that's how the opposition gets their source of news - from us, pro-Umno bloggers. We provide them with a good news platform to shoot back at us and our ruling party. Is this a wise way of helping BN wins the 13th national poll?

I better not comment further on this matter but I do hope my fellow bloggers - whether they are pro-Umno, pro-MCA, pro-MIC or pro-Gerakan - must look at this issue from a very special perspective.

Our common enemy is Pakatan Rakyat, isn't it right?

As general election draws near, we still got time to re-strategise our approach in dealing with the opposition. The ball is at your feet, and whichever direction you want to kick it, please look at who the 'goalkeeper' is!


careless whisper said...

pro-umno bloggers have to be wise. they are not championing politics for umno but also for barisan nasional, unless umno is not part of bn.

as writers, we should also apply some logic to our writings, and not just producing it based on personal sentiment.

bn needs bloggers like you people but being only pro-umno or pro-mca will not augur well in helping the party in the next pru.

stardust said...

those who say star is pro-opposition must be blind!

they should read the paper everyday to distinguish its direction before accusing it of being pro-pakatan!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

memang semangat setiawakan di kalangan bloger pro-umno dan kalangan bn amat perlu, terutama di saat2 kita menghadapi pilihanraya umum ini.

menggembar-gemburkan perkara kecil yang tercetus dalam gelanggang bn bukanlah cara terbaik menyelesaikannya, malah ia dijadikan modal oleh pihak pembangkang.

penulis laman blog umno perlu mengambil kira kesan penulisan mereka, terutama yang mengkritik komponen bn, terhadap pengaruh undi yang ada di tangan rakyat, terutama mereka yang membaca blog mereka.

memang ada blog yang sedemikian tetapi alangkah elok jika semuanya bermuafakat menyerang pakatan rakyat saja daripada menyerang sesama sendiri!

Anonymous said...

even if they are pro-bn but anti-mca, it will not help.

think about it!

Anonymous said...

some people are just too stupid to determine what is best for barisan nasional as a whole.

they fail to recognise the importance of good cooperation within bn, not only between leaders and members but also among the media.

pembaca banyak blog said...

jai, u are too sharp.

plse slow down a bit or u will lose friends in the blogosphere.


palatdin said...

taik la!

ingat bn menang atau kalah sebab bloger haprak macam korang semua ni ke!

tolong sikit la... bn sendiri pun tak boleh harapkan korang sebab korang takda pendirian!

boleh blah laaaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

A well fed urchin, you are.

Garrett said...

Well-said, brother! Let's hope that cool heads and wise minds will prevail.
Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Helen Ang u mean?

Anonymous said...

Whichever way you look at it, it is so hard for UMNO Bloggers and Cyber bullies to support other BN parties Presidents.

One is an admitted porno king, another an ular/pariah, so how?

Support them and hilang akidah. Power or religion more impt? Who started to play these feelings?

The rooster has finally come back to roost.

tebing tinggi said...

Should we, should we not ?,I think we have to realistic and practical.

If your friends is all the time sleeping ,in their sleep they call a press ,they call for more seat allocation but they bad mouth you .
What good it's does?.

UMNO should had a hint's by now.

Anonymous said...

We (UMNO members) are not anti-MCA lah!

We're only tired with all the bullshits from the MCAss,especially their president (BTW, caught in a sex action with his doll)!

The coming GE will definitely be the mother of all GE, but did you noticed that the other BN components especially the MCAss are not taking it seriously!

UMNO members are working like coolies to garner support and confident back from the people but the MCAss are only busy finger pointing at us, putting all their mistakes, shits and problems on our shoulders!

Actually if you look in the last GE statistics, UMNO is still strong! The one that are responsible for the lose of two-third majority in the parliment are the MCAss!Their candidates lose devastatingly and are slaughtered by their own race in the last GE!

Anonymous said...

careless whisper,

agree with you. we all have to be cakap serupa bikin. jangan jadi pr, cakap tak serupa bikin.

mca must also always remember that they have to get back the seats lost in 2008.

i don't know how much they go to the grass roots and the kampong folks, the suburban areas to gain support.

they are loaded with money, can easily hire full-time "cadres" to canvass support in the target areas even 3-4 years ago. If they have not done so, it's not too late to start doing it now.

Anonymous said...

If the Star is so bad how come it is the Best Selling Newspaper in Malaysia?!

Cakap you tak Logic Kan?

In anycase there is Press Freedom Kan?

CSL can say what he likes being the head of MCA

MCA Member

Undi Melayu Tulin Saja said...

Too little too late. Sekarang bukan lagi soal Melayu anti MCA tapi anti MIC dan anti UMNO leadership.

Bagaimana untuk mengundi?

Jika Melayu undi UMNO in toto, ini hanya memberi lesen kepada Perompak Ekonomi dalam barisan kepimpinanan UMNO untuk merompak orang Melayu dan Tanah Melayu. Mengundi BN akan membolehkan perompak ekonomi menyorok di sebalik imej Melayu UMNO untuk kembali dengan projek-projek mega mereka untuk memperkayakan diri saudara dan bangsa Tamil mereka.

Jika mengundi Cina MCA, menteri mereka juga akan membuat projek untuk kroni mereka yang tak menguntungkan Melayu amnya. Begitu juga mengundi MIC mengkayakan Hindu yang anti Islam di India selain merosakkan akidah.

Jadi keismpulannya Melayu perlu undi Melayu. Jangan undi Tamil seperti Mahathir, Azee,Anwar Ibrahim, Nor Yakop, Subahan Kamal etc.

Mereka ini nasionalis Tamil yang memperjuangkan Tamil hatta dalam bolasepak Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The next General Elections will be the ultimate battle between the Malaysian Nationalists of the runaway success of Malaysia and Lee Kuan Yew of the runaway failure of Singapore.