Friday, August 31, 2012

We are 55

At 55, many would opt to retire but Malaysia is not ready for that. As the country inches toward attaining a fully-developed status eight years from now, its political and social complexity continue to dominate its development agenda.

However, its up to us, the rakyat to evaluate and chart what is best for the future, especially for our next generation.

I hope we will not owe them a big apology for mistakes we had and might commit.


Note: Read Don't politicise the Merdeka celebrations

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cow brain

I seldom came across good comments posted by MalaysiaKini readers, and I sometimes wonder if most of the skunk ones were written by the portal's staff.

However, in countdown to our 55th Merdeka celebration tomorrow, I notice a positive and inspiring jotting about an issue - PM's offer to DAP Lim Kit Siang to sit next to him at Bukit Jalil on August 31st nite.

While most of the comments were either sarcastically written to reflect the 'hate Malaysia', 'hate BN' or 'hate the Malays' mentality of Mkini supporters, one or two really are just too wise to ignore.

"I think if DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang believes that he is a true Malaysian and rejoices in the spirit of Merdeka, he will not miss the opportunity to stand with the government leaders on this auspicious occasion and show his supporters that he is also a patriot.

Or maybe Lim Kit Siang and the other opposition leaders are afraid to be seen sitting with the prime minster, afraid of being labelled as traitors by their supporters like what happened to former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa.

How to progress if you have members and supporters who are such shallow thinkers?"
Yeah, why not? Its our Independence Day that we would celebrate. Why must one politicise it?

Malaysians - the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and others - were one when the country fought for Independence from the British. They didn't take politics to that extreme back then but worked hand in hand against colonialism.

Politics aside, we share the country. Either we are with the ruling party of not, we shoulder equal responsibility in protecting the interest of the nation. Unless we are ready to surrender it to the foreign forces again!

And also read this comment:

"The Merdeka celebration has already been hijacked by Umno through the adoption of Umno's election slogan as the National Day theme.

What a blatant use of public money for BN's disgraceful re-election effort. Better send a cow to sit between Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Information Minister Rais Yatim.

This will keep everyone reminded of how relevant cows are to the Merdeka celebration this year."
This is the reader's personal opinion but it shows how he/she and people of similar mind don't understand what Merdeka is all about. And these are the type of people who would sell their soul and country to the devils.

The cows probably got better brain than them...!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trusting Zeti...

PM Najib has every reason to congratulate Zeti Akhtar Aziz for steering Bank Negara Malaysia as among the world's best-managed central banks.

And we should be proud of her too. Only a few women possess such a credible talent and knowledge for that job.

It means our banking system is well-recognised as vibrant, the economy moves in the right direction while our foreign debts, if any, is manageable.

However, there are still unpleasant remarks to undermine the fact and figure, such as "our experts are not telling us the whole truth about the actual situation of the economy..." or "of course we have to blanket some negative elements about the economy or we would see massive capital outflows..."

Be wise, please. Our growth and economic indexes are monitored by the World Bank, IMF and other internationally-recognised bodies, and they never lied with their findings and analysis.


KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia’s governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz maintains her position among the heads of the central banks named by Global Finance magazine as the World’s Best Central Bankers over the past year. Zeti was one of the six heads of central bank scoring an “A” in the Central Banker Report Card published by Global Finance. She scored an “A” last year and also in 2010. The other heads of the central banks who maintained the “A” score include Amando Tetangco Jr of the Philippines, Taiwan’s Fai-Nan Perng, Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens, and Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer. A newcomer was Mark Carney of Canada, who last year received a “B+”.

Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke improved his score to “B” from “C” last year. The “Central Banker Report Card” feature, published annually by Global Finance since 1994, grades Central Bank Governors of 50 key countries (and the European Central Bank) on an “A” to “F” scale for success in areas such as inflation control, economic growth goals, currency stability and interest rate management.

“A” represents an excellent performance down through “F” for outright failure. Subjective criteria also apply.Said Global Finance publisher Joseph Giarraputo: “During one of the toughest years on record, the World’s Central Bankers were tested as never before. “Every year, we assess the determination of Central Bankers to stand up to political interference, and their efforts at influencing their governments on such issues as spending and economic openness to foreign investment and financial services.” - Bernama

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tug-of-war within Pakatan

PKR, PAS and DAP are now in a tussle over who should contest more seats and where. While Kelantan will for sure see PAS dominating the state seats, DAP will want more say for Penang and PKR will want to keep Selangor and Kedah.

Pakatan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is under tremendous pressure. In his effort to get enough support from his two partners to enable him become the next prime minister, PAS dan DAP - now at odds over the hudud law - are adding to his headache.

PAS' Hadi Awang recently said his party would field more candidates in other states, particularly for the Parliament seats. For a simple argument, should PKR and DAP fail to shine in the next general election, PAS will rule.

It is wrong to undermine PAS and its political strategy. Those who say PAS has no vision to form a Federal government are actually wrong.

PAS has long set that target. DAP and PKR and the whole nation are aware of it. And DAP is petrified by that idea because if PAS rules, hudud is unavoidable.

Having Kelantan and Kedah in its grip, PAS will pursue that desire and nothing can stop it. Not even Anwar who has to submit to PAS entry into Pakatan as he himself recognises how strong the 'Islamic party' is.

DAP too has to agree with the 3-corner political pact although deep inside, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and others hated the party so much. But as an avenue to avoid PAS getting much stronger than them, DAP and PKR were left to no choice but to admit PAS into the pact.

They realised then that PAS could stand on its own. Had PAS did so, it could have won more state and Parliament seats in 2008 national poll. And so, the distribution of seats was the only way to put PAS 'under control'.

And now, the allocation issue rises again.

PKR, which wanted to contest heavily in Sabah, has yet to find a formula to counter PAS for also wanting to try out more candidates in the state. DAP remains quiet, at least for the time being.

Penang is definitely out of PKR and PAS reach. In efforts to retain its power in the island state, DAP would want to contest in more state seats. Lim Guan Eng could compromise on Parliament seat with PKR but will not on state seats allocation.

Kedah's PAS embattled Azizan who saw no significant progress made to the state over the last four years, will also get full endorsement and support from PAS to have more candidates in the next poll. This is the only way to keep PAS dominance in the state, and DAP and PKR will have difficulty in dealing with hardliners like Hadi and Nik Aziz.

So, PKR will only have Selangor to defend. Even that, it has to sweet talk DAP. Khalid Ibrahim is having problems in controlling DAP's state assemblymen who 'bypass' his decision in many occasions.

It looks like Pakatan Rakyat needs more than just a compromise this time around. As PAS already got two states, DAP and PKR too would like to have more under their stable. While DAP is eyeing Perak and Johor, PKR is looking at Sabah, Pahang and Negri Sembilan.

Interesting, indeed!

Armstrong (by Lobo)

I was only nine when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. I believe the whole world stopped to watch him on that July afternoon.

Three years later in 1972, singer Lobo composed a song about 'Armstrong', and I have lived with it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finas needs a balancing act

Finas MD Naguib Razak made an encouraging statement to Bernama today that the Authority would introduce new ways to help local film makers and producers become financially stronger, and it will also help them seek new markets.

I wish to commend him and his team for having such a great idea and I hope to see local film producers get more support - financially and 'politically' - in providing us with products of high quality and worth viewing.

However, Naguib's (has his tenure been extended?) statement fell short of revealing the problems faced by Finas in attending to the needs of the industry.

His plan to call for a roundtable seminar involving local and foreign players on Sept 20 is good but will not meet the objectives of addressing the woes of new and small industry players if they fail to deliberate on the subject.

Finas has too much politics within. With a few grants in hand to help boost the local film industry, some big shots play dominant role by deciding to whom should the financial assistance be channeled. And of course, in many cases, we have noticed the same group of producers getting the grants.

Some people may get more than a single grant in two or three years. For instance, a RM3 million was given to a producer or company to produce a lousy-RM400,000 film which failed to attract enough audience at cinemas.

When the same producer applied for another RM3 million grant for his RM500,000 film a few months later, he got the approval.

To Naguib, I know how 'Nasi Lemak' got such a grant from Finas. I also know how this few producers who have strong connection with Finas 'top insiders' got their grant after grant on the back of their low-quality production.

I also know how a few new players with a brilliant and high-quality films were denied any chance of getting such grants although they applied. In fact, to get Finas' pitching' on their product will take a long time or not at all.

Another thing. Who controls local cinemas? Answer me!

Finas itself finds it so difficult to get a cinema slot for local films as they (the cinema owners) are more keen in foreign movies, especially from Hollywood and Chinese movies that are able to draw more audience.

But do not blame them as business is business. A business without profits will lead to nowhere. And so are our local films. If the same group of producers who received Finas grants could not notch a good return from their product, you better stop giving them the financial assistance.

There are new players who know how to improve and uplift the local film industry to a level compatible with others but Finas has never invited them for a talk or dialogue. Its always the same pool of 'established and rich' players who often rub shoulder with them.

Be a true professional, Finas! While some people need only a simple application for your grant, others were forced to get strong recommendation from ministers and also the palace. What actually is your problem in helping them?

I do hope to see changes in Finas approach in dealing with local film industry and its players, irrespective of whether they are new or already seasoned. Sometimes we have to admit the fact that a boy speaks better than a man!

Friday, August 24, 2012

To trust or not to trust the MACC

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is internationally recognised for its reputation in fighting graft in Malaysia. Its bosses too are highly-ranked for their credibility in leading the much-afraid commission.

I have developed a good contact and rapport with some of its senior officials, especially after my blog post in February 2011 exposed a scandal at the MCMC.

Apart from that, the relation goes too mutual.

However, 17 months after giving my statements and proof to the MCMC and MACC, the case seems to lead to nowhere although a superintendent with the MACC confirmed that the commission had tangible evidence to file a case against the 'special officer' to the minister.

Even few officers at the MCMC confirmed that the special officer - who months later was conferred a datukship (for making quick bucks out of the laptop contract?) - got a good hand from the top people at a ministry and the commission.

I was delighted with the outcome of the initial investigation.

The MACC superintendent did his job quite well in collecting evidence and related documents which would implicate the guy in court.

Then, towards the year end, there was a lull.

When I called up the superintendent a few times, he said he was in Sabah, all the time in Sabah. And each time I asked about the case, he refused to feed me with details. Instead, he gave me the name of another officer whom I should liaise with in Putrajaya.

But that officer too refused comments. The only thing he said was 'dont worry, we have enough proof and we will prosecute him soon'.

After that, nothing happened. In fact, the officer refused to see me while the superintendent said he was still in Sabah. Was he transferred to Sabah for his investigative role in the case? He has also deleted my name and phone number from his list because when I SMSed him last nite, he replied 'I am in Sabah, and who is this?'

Nope! I don't blame him but I am taking the MACC to task for neglecting the case. I believe some big guns have applied pressure on the MACC to put the case to 'rest'.

Or was there a cover-up?

So, how am I suppose to trust the integrity of the MACC if the top people cannot touch politicians and the 'big fish'? O-oh, maybe they are too busy nabbing the small fish for the sake of fulfilling their responsibility in fighting corruption!

Until the MACC explains what actually happened to the case, I will continue my pursuit for an answer...a logic one, of course!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Opposition's plagiarism


The 'warlord' drops another bombshell on the Opposition. Over the past few months, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been consistent and very sharp in steamrolling Pakatan Rakyat.

Bersih, PAS, DAP and other key local issues.

And this time, he says the Opposition slogan was just a plagiarism of US President Barack Obama's campaign propaganda.


"Now the opposition in Malaysia have copied Obama and is promising change. Give them a chance they say. The BN has ruled this country for 55 years. It is time to change. They will change this into a welfare state. Everything will be free. No fees for education. No tolls. Large subsidy for petrol. 20% royalty to oil producing states etc.etc. The Socialist and Communist have tried this welfare state idea. They failed. Malaysia has no ideology. But the reality is that the Government needs money in order to develop the country and to subsidise living cost for the people. But when Government foregoes taxes, tolls and fees, it will have less money. But it will have to spend more on running an maintaining utilities, expressways, schools, operational and development cost, pension etc"
I believe its normal to copy a great and outstanding idea but when it comes to logic and sense, some of it will not apply... not in Malaysia!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Keeping an eye on the MCMC

The MCMC recently called for a new tender for supply and distribution of the 1Malaysia notebook. If I am not wrong, that was the fourth time such a tender was opened to potential contractors.

Its a good move by the Commission and Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture in feeding the public, especially those in the rural areas with state-of-the-art IT facility.

However, it depends solely on the access either set up by Telekom Malaysia or providers like Celcom, Maxis or DiGi.

I dont want to discuss the connectivity issue here. My concern is how bidders for the Phase 4 contract be selected via a transparent procedure that will hinder those with 'internal connection' with MCMC bosses and the ministry from securing the biggest chunk of it.

More than a year ago, I posted a series of stories about how a Special Officer secured almost one third of the number of notebook for distribution under six different companies.

The MACC conducted an investigation and confirmed his part in the deal, which made him a millionaire overnight.

However, despite strong evidence, the investigation stopped abruptly and the officer in charge was transfered to another task. I believe there was a cover up and that Special Officer who got a Datukship last year, is now 'inside' the MCMC.

Cronyism is at its worst, it seems, not only at MCMC but everywhere. Nevertheless, I am glad that the contract of the few senior officials will end soon, hoping for a more honest people to take over from them.

Yes, with some contacts within, I will dig into the Commission to find out any irregularity to the contract award, and if I get the proof, I swear that those people involved will shit in their pant!

To the MACC, you better execute them this time or I will take you to task for walking around with your big mouth but small balls!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aidilfitri and Muslims divide...

In 1985, I celebrated Aidilfitri in Iraq's Shiite city of Karbala. For the spirit of Syawal, the Muslims - Shiite and Sunni - were united although Saddam Hussein did force the Shiite men to help him fought the war with Shiite Iran.

The Iraqi Shiite soldiers were pushed up as the frontliners, forming barricades for the Sunni comrades. The Shiite hated him for that, and so were the Iranians.

After the Eid prayer, the Shiites and the Sunnis would embrace and hug each other, before sectarian war started all over again a few days later.

It saddened me, really.

Back home, I observe a big split among the Muslims. However, its a political split.

I wonder who will profit and take advantage of their ideological divide if it goes on and on...

Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all Malaysians.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I agree with Anwar... BUT (not butt)...

... THAT Malaysia must protest the genocide in Myanmar, that Asean and the world should demand Myanmar takes immediate action to stop the mass murder of the Muslim Rohingya and allow the international community to provide direct assistance to the victims.

Being an instrumental force behind Myanmar's inception into Asean in 1997, Malaysia must also demand China and the US (which has begun removing economic sanctions because of the political reforms in Myanmar) to intervene and actively advice Myanmar to protect all minorities and stop the genocide.

These are among few issues put forward to PM Najib who is attending the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Mecca. (See Pakatan Rakyat's media statement)

I love diplomatic and foreign relation subjects. In this aspect, I concur with the Opposition Leader for his strong attention over the issue.

However, the media statement fell short of mentioning the most important element of the Rohingya case - Noble Peace laureate and Myanmar Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi whom Pakatan Rakyat equates Anwar with.

Suu Kyi has come under fire for her silence on the massacre of Rohingya Muslims. She refused to speak out against abuses committed by Myanmar’s military on Rohingyas, described by the United Nations as one of the world's most persecuted people in the world.
Ironically, just days after she received a peace prize, Suu Kyi told reporters she did not know if Rohingyas were Burmese. That was a rotten stand point!
Activists, who used to support the world famous symbol of human rights through her years of imprisonment and isolation, now accuse her of ignoring the most pressing human rights issue in her country today.
And Anwar, together with Pakatan Rakyat, are ignoring the fact!

Suu Kyi is under fire as she also refused to criticise President Thein Sein, a former military general whom she met yesterday, for endorsing policies of ethnic cleansing against the Muslim minority.
Thin Sein said the 800,000 Rohingya population should be put in camps and sent across the border to Bangladesh.
Some analysts say her inaction is politically motivated. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy looks ahead to elections in 2015. They say Suu Kyi fears that expressing support for the Muslim minority could jeopardise her campaign, and some quarters are already labeling her as being anti-Muslim.
The government of Myanmar refuses to recognise Rohingyas, who it claims are not natives and classifies as illegal migrants, although the Rohingya are said to be Muslim descendants of Persian, Turkish, Bengali, and Pathan origin, who migrated to Myanmar as early as the 8th century.
The UN says decades of discrimination have left the Rohingyas stateless, with Myanmar implementing restrictions on their movement and withholding land rights, education and public services.
Reports say 650 Rohingya Muslims were killed as of June 28 alone during clashes in the western region of Rakhine but unofficial figures put it at 5,000. More than 2,000 are still missing and 100,000 more have been displaced.
So, what is Suu Kyi 'The Freedom Fighter'?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The man who destroys democracy in Sabah...

“I hope Sabahans will still remember how he (Anwar) destroyed democracy in Sabah after the 1994 state election when he had successfully orchestrated the party hopping which included Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin... and as a reward, Lajim was given a ministerial portfolio in lieu of his former appointment as an assistant minister under Pairin’s government..." - Dtk Herbert T Lagadan
The Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) vice president also reminded Sabahans about Anwar’s promise of developing Sabah in 100 days which he had formulated as the Deputy Prime Minister cum Sabah Election Operation Director in 1994.

That attempt, he said, had failed to derail PBS.

“This time around he has successfully enticed Lajim and Tuaran member of parliament Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing to jump to his side on the fringe of the 13th general election.

“I am perplexed as to why Anwar had the gut to accuse the BN government of not heeding previous request to form the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) in Sabah when in fact he was the first to reject PBS’ proposal in 1994?

"The team combination of a ‘master promise maker (PKR) and a ‘fact twister’ is a recipe for grand disaster for Sabah,” he said.

Actually, the opposition was not interested in finding solutions to the perennial problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah through the RCI. Pakatan Rakyat was instead trying to capitalise on the issue merely for political gain.

Even before the commission embarked on its duty, Pakatan was shooting at it, saying it would fail. And as espected, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir's government became their main target by accusing him of granting too many citizenship and PR status to the foreigners.

Why can't the opposition lend a hand in solving the issue, instead of mocking at it? Should they are able to form the next government, how would they tackle such a big problem?

(Also read Tan Sri Bernard Dompok's statement that the RCI is not meant to find and punish those involved in issuing the immigrants with Mykad and PR).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Anwar rejected RCI for Sabah in 1994

Again, its about RCI for Sabah. PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and his team were fast to point fingers at former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, accusing him as the culprit behind the issuance of 'citizenship-for-votes'.

They even mocked PM Najib's announcement on Saturday for the commission to look deeply into the immigrant problems in the state, lambasting it as his political gimmick to win Sabah in the next general election.

However, age is fast catching up on Anwar. He has forgotten one true fact about the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the influx of foreigners in Sabah.

So, let's remind him.

In 1994, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - as the deputy prime minister - strongly rejected the formation of a RCI to investigate issues arising from the influx of illegal immigrants to Sabah.

It was proposed by Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS). Party president Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan was first to campaign about its set up, brought it to the Cabinet but was shot down by Anwar who said it was not yet necessary.

And today, Anwar sings a different tune to Najib's RCI just because he was sacked by Mahathir's Cabinet and is now budding with DAP and PAS.

However, there is a strong reason for his rejection in 1994. Many didn't know about it but some do.

He was (and still) very close to the Philippines government. After a few visits to Manila, the self-proclaimed 'Jose Rizal of Malaysia' managed to con and convince them that the Pinoys in Sabah would be protected and given proper assistance.

Those from Mindanao were the ones who gained Anwar's utmost attention. At that time, he had a close relationship with Nur Misuari, the leader of Moro Liberation Front. Misuari himself was given the assurance that his people in Sabah were safe and would not be flushed out of the country.

Anwar is actually worried with Najib's announcement. Why? His relation with Philippines former President Estrada and Ms Aquino would be at stake should the commission decides on sending home all unregistered Filipinos.

That is why he preferred a call of to the effort and put the full blame on Dr Mahathir. Wasn't he part of TDM Cabinet then, the one who opposed the setting up of the RCI?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

RCI: Why for Sabah only?

Six months for the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to complete its fact-finding mission on immigrants in Sabah, as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

I personally support the move. However, it is too short a duration when the size of Sabah, its complexity, the big number of immigrants and 'the hidden hands' are taken into account!

Yup! I doubt 6 months will suffice. We need at least a year or slightly more if we want to see results. Most importantly, we should learn from the failure of Home Ministry's 6P program in tabulating the right formula to address the issue of foreign workers in the country.

Furthermore, the RCI is a national issue and not confined to Sabah alone. The overflow of immigrants in Sabah to Sarawak and the Peninsula has gone unchecked for many years. For some reasons, our immigration law is partly to be blamed for its failure to detect and monitor their 'arrival'.

The law needs some amendments, notably to the bias provision which only imposes those from West Malaysia to the East be scrutinised while those traveling from Sabah and Sarawak to the Peninsula are allowed a free passage, just like going from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and Kota Bharu. Do we still need that 55 years after Merdeka?

That's why the immigrant issue must be taken into a larger perspective. It is a national issue unless the RCI is set up during the early 1990s before those in Sabah began flying to the Peninsula.

And in carrying out its duty, the RCI should also include a representative each from the Home Ministry, the MACC, the Indonesian and Philippines embassies and the media.

The names announced by Najib as members of the commission are heavyweights but not good enough as we need more help on the ground. Just like Umno, its grass root members know more about the problems downstairs than those at the top - and they can easily identify reasons why their branch and division heads are reluctant to feed the bosses with the true picture of the problems.

Why? This is where the MACC role is needed to twist the 'hidden hands' behind the immigrant issue.

Immigrant, whether they are legalised or not, is a big business. Over the years, those dealing with them made quick bucks by bringing them in and arranging for their visa, permit, etc. Human trading has become an industry to some. Hence, it is not wrong for other governments to label Malaysia as the transit for human trafficking.

The outsourcing license given to hundreds of agents during the late 1990s started it all. Our rapid economic growth and massive development had attributed to the problem too. As locals were not keen anymore to work in the plantation and manufacturing sectors, it left us to no choice but to import foreign workers.

This opened up the doors to job seekers from more than a dozen countries to move in to Malaysia. Those who entered the country legally with valid travel documents were then exploited by these agents who promised them jobs and awesome salary. At one time, the number of foreigners in the country surpassed the number of jobs.

It led to other 'opportunities'. Those who were supposed to uphold the law also saw the big bucks coming in to their purse by providing assistance to the agents, regardless of whether they submitted genuine or fake documents to legalise the foreigners. They punchline was always money - you scrub my back, I scrub yours!

And so, it went out of control. Not in Sabah alone but the whole nation is affected and infected by the trend. Some personnel at the Home Ministry, Human Resource Ministry, the Immigration Dept, the police, the National Registration Dept and other related agencies who didn't want to miss the boat, also jump onto the bandwagon.

The so-called foreign workers' business became so dirty that one could offer money to high-ranking politicians for letter of support and to influence the authorities approve any application to bring in more foreign workers. Money changed hands but more and more foreigners found themselves stranded without any job.

We also 'allowed' many foreigners to overstay and work longer than what was stipulated in the agreement. Some had stayed more than 10 years now and in some cases, more than 15 years which saw many of them grabbed the opportunity to become 'Malaysians'.

Many of their Malaysian-born kids are already reaching their teen age while some are over 30 years old. Those who came to Malaysia about 20 or 30 years ago are already retired, and together with their children, grandchildren and friends, they don't have proper document.

We can't call them Malaysians because they don't possess Malaysian ID. Neither are their kids nationals of any country. They are categorised as 'persona non grata', people without any citizenship status and are not wanted anywhere in the world.

However, they managed to get Malaysian identification card - as full citizen or PR - with the help of our corrupt NRD officers. Its so rampant in Sabah where more than one person hold similar ID number.

Whatever it is, we are human. We should treat them accordingly and give them proper assistance should they qualify. Those who 'pass' citizenship test should be considered ID cards or PR status. Flushing them out will not only expose them to a more difficult situation but will also make us inhumane.

I don't want to detail out the 6P problems but Najib and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is Cabinet Committee chairman on Foreign Workers are aware of it.

We need a new logical formula in finding an amicable solution to the immigrant problems. No need to point finger at anybody as we need a concerted effort to solve it. As the RCI has yet to start its official duty, there is still time to look into positive recommendations and inputs.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nutgraph, Merdeka Review 'bungkus'

No surprise at all when Nutgraph and Merdeka Review announced to close shop. Not many people listen to rumors and read untrue story nowadays except for a few who think their fabricated lies could help Pakatan Rakyat win the next general eelction.

Merdeka Review, especially is a good example of a good 'temberang' for producing too much lies and distorted facts and figures to its readers' poll. In a simple terminology, they sell lies!

Read Stopthelies:

"Two pro-Pakatan Rakyat news portals have announced they are winding up. Tutup kedai, as they said, due to dwindling readership and financial difficulties. Perhaps no one told them they could get a hefty grant from George Soros or maybe Malaysiakini and Suaram have used up the Malaysian allocation. Merdeka Review announced it was shutting down its Bahasa Malaysia edition on August 2 and the fact no one seems to have missed it speaks volumes of its insignificance. The Chinese edition will close shop on August 31. Was there any hue and cry about the closure? None!They even put up two pitiful articles blaming their own readers for their failure. They claim that the readers were not willing to pay. Wasn’t it all the time that such websites preach that the people were behind them and would listen to anything they say or do? Obviously their readers didn’t care two hoots. It is important to note that Merdeka Review is a partner of Malaysiakini. The axis of Pakatan Rakyat, if one chose to call it. An older news portal, the Nut Graph, is also struggling, the pseudo intellectual news portal has never been able to attract eyeballs simply because it lacks content value....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Accusing us again!

Time and time again, they accused us of being the bad people, that some Malaysian companies investing in Kalimantan are so cruel for killing the animals, especially orang utan.

The last time I came across reports like this was few months back. Our authority did give an explanation and make rebuttals but it didn't take long for them to hit out at us again.
"Orangutans chased by dogs, orangutans beaten to death with poles and others shot to death. All this was paid for by a Malaysian owned palm oil company. Despite our pleas to the prime minister, the Malaysian government showed neither compassion nor interest.

"Malaysian owned palm oil companies operate throughout Kalimantan. They tear down primary forests and slaughter every living animal in sight.

"They leave nothing. No one should trust them or anything they say. Better to judge them by what they do.

"The forests are replaced with palm oil plantations and local people are paid poverty-level wages for work few Malaysians care to do even in their own country.

All profits from the palm oil grown in our country are then channeled back to Malaysia."
Did our companies really commit those 'mass murder'? I doubt it but an investigation should be carried out.

From what I heard, the workers are not Malaysians but Indonesians...

What absolute freedom, DSAI?

PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim didn't actually understand what he said. He has gone bananas. His ambition to become the next prime minister is making him unstable, hallucinating!

In one of his blog postings, he said ‘the absence of absolute freedom was the main cause of calamity in some Muslim countries’. He was referring to the political turmoil in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

He has forgotten how his good friend Uncle Sam played a pivotal role in bringing down these governments by sponsoring the opposition, supplied them with guns and ammunition, money and anything needed to install their pro-Washington leaders.

Anwar is forgetting Iraq and the Palestine and has yet to make any stand on the mass murder of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

He manipulates Islam and the Middle East issue for his politics but within Pakatan Rakyat, he is so scared of PAS’ hudud. His party, PKR is now against hudud, just like DAP.

He is worried, pretty worried. If he becomes PM after the next general election, PAS will for sure apply mounting pressure for hudud to be implemented. Although Karpal Singh (he is a the only DAP leader who rapped PAS over hudud... pity him!) will be there, hopefully, to shoot it down, Anwar needs a few more Karpal for the job.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are silence. Guan Eng, especially, has been ‘soft-toned’ when it comes to hudud because he does not want to lose his grip on PAS, his donkey in Penang.

So, Anwar is almost alone. Realising how fragile PR is now, he keeps himself busy searching for new idea to hit out at the ruling party. He is pretty worried!

He likes the subject ‘Islam’ so much that he attributes the liberalisation of the Islamic countries to ‘absolute freedom’. Likewise, his support for the safety and existence of Israel (not even mentioning the rights of the Palestinians for an independence state) reflects how much a freedom fighter he is!

In Malaysia, whether we are Muslims, Christians, Buddhist or Hindus, we believe in our common justice, in co-existence and mutual respect. We believe in self-rule and the spirit of ‘musyawarah’ or consensus to address our domestic problems, without having to invite foreign government and troops to our shores.

And how is Anwar going to manage the country with people like Ambiga and Marina Mahathir around? Will he award them with the absolute freedom and total human rights in a multi-racial and multi-religion country like Malaysia that has thrived on good cooperation and understanding since we achieved Independence about 55 years ago?

To whom will Anwar sell his soul to help him administer a ‘free for all’ country? Will he allow such a freedom take a heavy toll on national security? O-ohh... maybe with the help of the Americans and the Israelis, Malaysia will be more peaceful and fully consolidated!

Anwar does not have self-confident and that explains why he is garnering all those foreign support. He will become another Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, just a yes-man to the US and its Nato ally.

The collapse of the few Arab countries had got nothing to do with freedom. They fell because the opposition sold their sold to the devil’s advocate of the West. They were easily-led and cheated that when their regimes are changed, it will open up a better life. Sadly, it turned out to be the otherwise.

So, what freedom plan does Anwar has for us, Malaysians? Legalising LGBT, same sex marriage, freedom of speech and Press freedom? He should look at how Lim Guan Eng treats the media in Penang. So much of a freedom!

By the way, Happy Birthday...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't vote DAP, its 'haram'!

What's your comment, readers?

Also read Bernama reports...

LGE's 'shut up' fund

Good news from Penang!

Journalists, bloggers, Twitters and FB surfers who want to make 'fast money', can try this out.

Jot or post anything bad about the state government, about chief minister Lim Guan Eng or about Pakatan Rakyat, you can be assured of something in return, at least a few thousand ringgit if you are asked to put a stop to it.

It will be more rewarding if you reverse your jotting and posting into something 'positive'.

However, you must be someone recognised as a member of the media, 'orang surat khabar', TV journos, pixmen with the mainstream newspapers and bloggers with good number of followers. It applies for Twitters and FB too.

The DAP-led Penang State Government is very smart in its news control. Apart from banning Utusan Malaysia and the New Straits Times, they also monitor Guang Ming Daily.

I believe they have a big fund to 'buy' these people, especially bloggers and Twitters. From where the money comes, is fully classified but with all the development projects on the island now - including the hill slope - it comes from many sources.

Lim had in July tried to invite The Star media boss Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai for a 'special meeting' about the hill slope projects in Penang but the latter was smart enough to detect and smell the big fish on the CM's desk.

Ooppsss.... someone may ask about the money spent by BN government for its new media. Yes, there is but the government had never dictated them, let alone banned any publication like Rocket, Harakah, Mkini, Malaysia Chronicle and others.

But Lim Guan Eng is no pro. On top his 'freedom the the Press' slogan, he and his PR comrades are flexing their muscles on the media players, imposing the 'dos and donts' on them, dictating the kind of news and demanding this and that.

Call it the 'shut up fund' if you may but its really working well for him and the state government. Just wonder how much was paid and how many recipients had enjoyed it!

'Memang hebat!'

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Legalising gay marriage...

Same sex marriage is legalised in the US and I wonder if Barack Obama himself has desires for men!

In Malaysia, same sex marriage and LGBT are symbiotic to the labels of 'human rights' and 'freedom'. Lawyer Ambiga, Marina Mahathir and the Opposition are gaining popularity for promoting it.

In that aspect too, sodomy is deemed to be part of it. Wonder if same sex marriage will be legalised should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election as someone had already set the precedent.

Read the story below (and note how they spelled Kuala Lumpur):

KUALA LAMPUR: A gay Malaysian pastor said Monday he had held a wedding banquet with his American partner despite earlier outrage by conservatives in the Muslim-majority country opposed to their union.

Ngeo Boon Lin, who has authored a number of books on gay and other issues under the name Ouyang Wen Feng, said he held the private, traditional Chinese wedding celebration at a restaurant in the capital Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

“I wanted to inspire others to speak the truth and to stand up for our rights,” he told AFP.

Ngeo married his partner, African-American Broadway musical producer Phineas Newborn III, last year in New York, where they live. That came shortly after same-sex marriages were legalised there.


Monday, August 6, 2012

We are not humane!

Almost 55 years after Merdeka and our march to attain a fully-developed nation status is on the right track, it is sad to note that we are still very much inhumane.

Sorry to say, sometimes our rhetoric does not carry much weight. Our slogans failed to stand while some of our policies are good for backfiring.

Yes, we are not very humane in treating our own people. While we shout around about the basic rights for our own people - education, housing, legal, etc - we are actually still depriving a few hundred thousands of their citizenship.

According to records, the National Registration Dept (NRD) under the Home Ministry had rejected (as July 2010) about 300,000 applications for MyKad and Permanent Residence (PR) status for various reasons.

Of course the government imposes stringent provisions for applicants but there are still rooms to regulate a better law on PR and citizenship.

I think not many or us are aware that there are 'Malaysians' without any ID although there were born and brought up in the country, most of whom are already aged 20 to 50! They found it difficult to enroll in any government schools because they don't possess any identification card, let alone getting a job.

Not to mention Sabah and Sarawak where the case is rampant, there are many such cases in the Peninsular that demand special attention from the government.

These people have to citizenship. They don't belong to any country and by our law, they are labelled as persona non grata, people not wanted by anybody, by any country.

For example, their parents migrated from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries before and soon after Independence and stayed and worked here. They also died here without proper documents.

Their children were born in Malaysia, also without proper documentation. When they grew up, they speak our language and know everything about they country of their birth. But they found it difficult to get education at government schools. And so, they were left out.

Since birth, they never left the country. Some of them are over 30 years old now, doing odd jobs and are illiterate. Until the day they die, I believe we will still refuse to recognise them as Malaysians.

So, what do we call them? Illegal immigrants? And what crime have they commit for us to deny them their rights as citizens and to enjoy their basic rights?

Some of them are being detained for almost or more than two years now at the detention centers nationwide, notably in Pekan Nenas and Semenyih. The reason being, we got no place to send them as they don't belong to any other countries.

And we keep on 'keeping' them at the detention centers, frustrate them and hoping they will rot inside.

How benevolent are we?

The Home Ministry should look further into this case. While we impose strict procedures on PR applicants, we can still offer PR to foreigners, including artistes and those with money.

We brought in the Palestinians, Rohingyas, Iraqis and others, gave them PR, education and other facilities that are much better than most ordinary Malaysians. We even sponsor their higher education and provided them with good shelter.

But what about these Malaysian-born persona non grata? By rights, they deserve what we enjoy, including the rights to vote. However, nobody in the government is seriously reviewing the matter as we are so busy fighting for politics and power.

We are proud of our achievement and boast aloud of our thrust for education and other basic rights but we at the same time also decline to dirty our hands with things like this. We know about their existence but we did nothing thus far to settle the problems of about these 400,000 persona non grata.

Are we humane?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Merdeka theme song: A coincidence lar!

Rais Yatim said the Cabinet has approved 'Janji Ditepati' (Promises Fulfilled) as the theme for this year's 55th Merdeka celebration.

Good enough. The Opposition protested and accused the government, especially the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture as having a political agenda by putting forward such a 'puncy' theme.

Whether it was politically strategised or not, I don't see anything is wrong with such a strong theme. At least it makes Pakatan Rakyat restless.

However, I believe there is no need to set up a special committee to study the 'originality' of the Merdeka theme song which some quarters said is a carbon-copy of the Indonesians' Christian song 'Serukan NamaNya'.

I have listened to the song more than a dozen times and made comparison to 'Serukan NamaNya'. Yes, there are some similarities to the cords and tempo but I believe there are thousands other songs that share such similarities.

I have listened to Lobo's 'Whisper In the Wind' which is almost 100 per cent resembles P Ramlee's 'Getaran Jiwa',  folk music 'Ulit Mayang' that fits a Papua New Guinea traditional beat and a local song by a female artiste which also carries the musical composition and tempo of Japanese You Hayami.

A friend from Zagreb also let me listened to a Croatian song that sounded more like one of my favorites, 'Cinta Di Bawah Sedar' by Rahim Maarof.

Call it a coincidence. There are many coincidences if you look around and that Merdeka theme song could also share the tempo and cords of many songs in the world.

So, why do we need to verify its originality?

Many years ago our national anthem 'NegaraKu' was also said to be a copied product. Some Indonesian still claim that 'NegaraKu' was composed after one of their songs 'Terang Bulan' while The Seychelles said the anthem originated from the island nation.

And what about our national flag 'Jalur Gemilang' and its stripes resemblence to that of Uncle Sam?

We should be open here. Some similarities are just coincidence.

We must admit there are many copycats around but I don't think this Merdeka theme song was deliberately composed and produced on others' copyrights. Politicians think alike, and so are composers and lyricists.

By the way, is there any similarity between DAP and PAP's party logo?

Friday, August 3, 2012

When politics take to the gallow...

This is 34-year old Melbourne nurse Emma Louise L'Aiguille who is facing a possible death sentence for alleged drug trafficking in Malaysia.

According to the police, they found one kilogram of methamphetamine in a car driven by the Victorian recently. Also arrested with her is Nigerian man Anthony Esikalam Ndidi, who was a passenger in the vehicle.

She is now detained in a women's prison until October 1, charged with drug trafficking, and the only sentence is the death penalty.

Emma says she did not know the drugs were in the vehicle she was driving. Her mother, Amanda Innes, told Australian ABC local radio she fears for her daughter's life and pleaded for her not to be executed.

Okay. That's the story. She is innocent until proven guilty. But the related story goes like this:

An opposition pressure group and its NGOs are already in contact with the Australian opposition party, offering help to get her out of the country.

Some quarters Down Under too had contacted a few people in Malaysia for her dismissal from any charges and trial. They believe that the Malaysian authority is holding her wrongly and that the Nigerian is the right person to prosecute as Africans are 'master of the drug trades'.

Diplomatically, its good but not politically. Malaysia had never asked any favor from Canberra to give special treatment to any Malaysian caught peddling illicit drugs in the country and as far as I can recall, Australia too had never done the same.

But Malaysia is very close to holding its general election. A few people in the opposition camp are trying to garner foreign support for its plan to take over Putrajaya. Whether it is possible or not, the Home Ministry, Bukit Aman and the Atorney-General Chamber will feel the heat soon when the pressure groups politicise the case.

After all, some Aussie politicians, especially from within the opposition have been throwing their support for Pakatan Rakyat, as had been showcased in some incidents, and this time they are banking a high hope for Emma's release.

We will soon hear from PR spokeperson. Later on from Suaram and NGOs of the same pool.

Emma will have to face charges and stand trial. We will let the law takes its own course. If she is clean, she will be acquitted.

Nobody should intervene unless he or she produces the best lawyer to represent her. Manipulating the issue will bear no fruit. And about the Nigerian?

I also hope she is not guilty...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This is serious, man!

Police 'brutality' during Bersih rally on April 28... it could be true.

At the initial stage of the inquiry, unnamed 'witnesses' were made to stand for statements and testimonies before Suhakam. Many doubt their credibility as most of them were pointing at the police for starting the fracas at Dataran Merdeka.

However, when a photo-journalist from The Star, a pro-BN mainstream English paper told the panel about his 'bad encounter with a group of police personnel', we have a lot to ponder now.

“I saw them (the police) beat up protesters, I was scared they might harm me,” said photographer P Puspanathan to the Suhakam inquiry on alleged human rights abuses at the Bersih 3.0 pro-electoral reform rally yesterday.

He related how when on duty in the Masjid Jamek area during the July 28 rally, he saw some officers beating up protesters.

Puspanathan said he feared for his safety when a group of police surrounded him and forced him to delete pictures of officers beating Bersih protesters stored on his memory card.

“When a few of them surrounded me, bad things might happen. I was scared... They asked for my camera, I did not give it to them. They asked for my memory card, I did not give it to them..."

As a journalist, I don't think he lied. He was assigned for the task on that particular day.

However, we still need to dig more into his statements because we must find out what forced the police to act in such a manner. Were the police provoked and threatened?

To Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussin, we are also waiting for the video footage of the 'ugly' rally...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A lesson from Myanmar

Not supposed to be published but it carries one of the strongest message for us, Malaysians.

Never politicise religion, race and color issues.

What happened in Myanmar could have been avoided if mutual respect is observed.

Let's pray...