Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Undermining our own police force...

Another crap!

The government-appointed independent advisory panel into the Bersih 3.0 rally is hoping to learn from foreign experts how to handle peaceful demonstrations, protests and assemblies.

The panel, chaired by former IGP Tun Hanif Omar, yesterday made requests to diplomatic representatives from four countries for their experts to share advice and experience in handling situations of unrest.

The countries chosen  - the US, UK, Canada and Pakistan.


Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) is old enough, over 200 years now since its small set up in 1807. Throughout that long years, are we still looking down at our own force, once lauded as among the best in the world?

Hanif himself, who was the longest-serving IGP for 20 years (1974-1994) seemed 'lost' and not having strong confidence in the force he used to lead. Or was he whipping at the PDRM current administration?

Having confronted with some serious situations during his tenure, including the Memali (Baling) case and Ops Lalang, I am flabbergasted that Hanif is still undermining PDRM's capability. I don't want to ask him what he did when he was IGP, let alone questioning the credibility of the panel.

I strongly believe PDRM has its own strength. There is no need to learn from others as we have our own standard operation procedure (SOP) which is in compliance with the United Nations protocol on the use of force, handling of peaceful demonstrations and the protection of media.

And of all the countries, we still want to learn from the US, Britain, Canada and Pakistan. Pakistan? What a farce!

Aren't we aware that the US police is among the most racist and brutal? Read here and here and here. Even the Canadian and British police are not having a good record at all. If you talk about Pakistan, you better find the precise words as I won't comment.

I still think we need to pool experts from within the PDRM, the government and some NGOs into a special discussion. The Opposition needs to be there as well as we have to be fair to every sector of the community. And I am confident such a concerted effort would bring about positive consensus as to how the issue could be dissolved.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ustaz LGE likes 'hudud'

A-ahhhh.... another silly statement by 'Ustaz' Lim Guan Eng. Again, its about 'hudud' and this time he questioned why MCA and Gerakan (what about MIC?) are still hanging around with Umno in BN if Umno supports the Islamic law.

I am not calling him stupid for such a remark but he should have known that what the BN government is doing now is also 'Islamic' in many ways.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said that the present cause of the Federal Government is based on the requirements of Islam under the concept of 'Maqasid Al-Shariah'.

Among the policies of the Maqasid Al-Shariah practiced by the government was to preserve and empower Islam but at the same time, it also protected and respected the human rights of both the Muslims and non-Muslims.

In respecting the human rights of the Malaysian people, he said the government had abolished the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Barisan Nasional is certainly not isolating or ignoring Islam but its cause is the struggle that is required by Islam. Islam is moderate and Muslims must be moderate. Any forms of fanaticism and extremism are deplorable.

And Islam does not separate the mosques from churches. That's why the government had acted to quash out Al-Maunnah from Sauk and Ibrahim Libya in Memali, Baling. In many other cases, deviated cults were also banned, including Al-Arqam, if Guan Eng can recall.

I hope the Penang Chief Minister understands what is hudud in the true context before politicising it, hoping to get some mileage from PAS and to see the government takes a rupture.

MCA, Gerakan and MIC had long understood the moderate Islamic administration within Barisan Nasional and such an approach had augured well in keeping up with the rights of the non-Muslims to practice their faith and doing what they want as long as it is doesn't break any law.

So, don't try to turn the tables on your political foes MCA and Gerakan because they are the moderate parties and their leaders and members are also the moderate ones, unlike you people in DAP and your partners in Pakatan Rakyat.

And who is telling you that Umno supports PAS' hudud?

You should instead give more attention to PAS for its refusal to compromise on its plan to implement hudud law should Pakatan wins the next general election. What have you done to stop them when your dad Kit Siang and Karpal Singh were so sharp in hammering Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang?

Got no balls to join them? Or you simply dont want to interfere because you enjoy the free ride on PAS in Penang! I think you yourself like hudud!

Its good that you also defended PAS by saying that while the Islamist party only wanted to implement hudud to Muslims in the country, Umno had wanted to implement Islamic laws on all Malaysians. From where did you get such a story?

Guan Eng, bro! The national transformation policy, through the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme, was centred on the Maqasid Al-Shariah

Maintaining accounts, protecting respect and origins and preserving the assets through a strong economy, these are principles of the Maqasid Al-Shariah. In addition, the 1Malaysia People's Textile Shop represents another element of the Maqasid Al-Shariah.

So, stop talking nonsense. If your intention is just to see MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other non-Muslim parties to leave the political pact, you should try again and again because as far as MCA is concerned, they are comfortable with BN and the Islam of Umno.

Besides religious observance, Islam also placed importance on good morals among the people. The concept of merging the intellect with religion was also important in the development of Islamic leadership and civilisation.

Muslims were also facing a challenge when Islam was not perceived as a goal that should be championed and instead made as a tool to achieve a political objective.

That's why there is chaos among the Muslims. Starting from an uncertain direction...one minute championing an Islamic nation, the next minute changing to a welfare state, then there is hudud right up to the problem that we read in the newspapers about husband and wife separating due to politics.

So, YAB Ustaz Lim Guan Eng, please stop saying what you are not certain of. It does not reflect the level of your maturity. Even your politics really suck!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The devils' war plan

The 'devils' are at it again. Long after the demolition of Iraq and Afghanistan by George Bush and Tony Blair, Barack Obama and his Nato allies had played a significant role in bringing down Hosni Mubarak and killing Muammar Gaddafi, and terrorising a few more Arab states.

In his pipeline is to get rid of Assad from Syria and possibly a plan to assassinate him as well. Yemen too is on the list.

However, the largest and main target is still Iran, the only country with the capability of posing the biggest threat to Israel, US strongest ally in the Middle East.

According to Haaretz daily, the Obama administration's top security official has briefed Israel's Prime Minister on US plans for a possible attack on Iran.

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon sought to reassure Israel that Washington is prepared to act militarily should diplomacy and sanctions fail to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear enrichment program.

Haaretz said today that Donilon detailed the plans to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a visit to Israel earlier this month.

continue reading...

Almost certain, PAS to leave Pakatan

"Some of our leaders are considering a move to pull the party out of Pakatan Rakyat if DAP and PKR do not approve its plan to introduce hudud law should PR wins the next general election. On my part, I think PAS should opt out."

A PAS central committee member from Terengganu told me over the phone last nite after receiving my text message.

"Even many of PAS members like the idea. We believe PAS can stand on its own as had been in the past (in Kelantan).

"Without DAP and PKR, we are confidence PAS can win more seats in the coming general election, God willing.

"We can understand DAP's rejection for hudud but not PKR Muslim leaders who actually know so much about the law. Our leaders had reiterated many times that hudud is meant for Muslims and will not affect the non-Muslims.

"Maybe some Muslim figures in PKR had to agree with DAP in order to keep Pakatan Rakyat's smooth running. I personally think PKR and DAP and team up well but only in certain aspects," he said without giving details.

He, however believes most Muslims in the country, including those with Umno are supporting PAS idea of a 'true' Islamic country in Malaysia.

"Why not? Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and other Muslim countries have introduced hudud a long time ago and they never encountered with serious problems. Even expatriates and non-Muslim are comfortable with the system... and they never complained!

"Like it or not, PAS will lead the charge for hudud if PR wins... with or without the support from DAP and PKR. We will not compromise."

To a question about the possibility of PAS leaving Pakatan before the national poll, he said: "Almost certain... if they (DAP and PKR) reject hudud!"

No further comment.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tun Faisal's UMB is most efficient

I must commend Tun Faisal for being most effective in his 'war' against Pakatan Rakyat. The Special Officer to Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and also a Pemuda Umno Youth Exco is perhaps better than what JASA and Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan are doing.

As a journalist for more than 30 years, I must admit that the manner in which Faisal organises his few hundreds 'cybertoopers' throughout the country is making impact to the extent that anything that comes from his team will immediately attract 'counter-attacks' from the Pakatan Rakyat's bloggers and twitters.

Ironically, most of his team bloggers are not paid - they are volunteers who pool around him for the sake of supporting the BN, the legitimate government.

Nope. I am not writing this for anything. I've known him for three years now but we seldom meet, only three or four times the most. We hardly know each other but do acknowledge each other's presence in the blogosphere and our respective duty. No special relationship. We are never close.

Some people, including those claiming to be the most popular bloggers (in their own category) may not like him but I am personally impressed with his new media unit (but not the few who serves Hisham at KDN who claimed to be knowing everybody in the media business and always lie to the minister and cheat him) that really works hard for the government.

(I don't trust bloggers' ranking as bloggers come in many categories - those with strict writing, strictly clean-cut political, profanity and non-profanity, personal attacks, etc. Just like journalism, there are sports, entertainment, politics, foreign relations, art, etc. For instance, we cannot simple put Datuk A Kadir Jasin, Tun Dr Mahathir and Rockybru in the same pool as others). 

And frankly, Tun Faisal's team is definitely far better off than that of any other ministers, including those who lead the Prime Minister's UMB (Unit Media Baru). Sorry to say, Datuk Seri Najib should replace them with a better team!

As a journo-blogger myself, I have noticed how Faisal's team works in Malacca, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor. They never asked for any financial support. They just enjoy their duty, not like some bloggers who got their own paymaster. I don't too. So, those who have been questioning my 'perks' as a blogger, sorry to say that you are wrong!

Umno needs a strong and effective media team for the next general elections. Its going to be tough for BN. Many agree that we cannot undermine the Opposition's strength as their cybertroopers are also of first class.

But Umno, especially BN must engage suitable bloggers, twitters and Facebook comrades who really know as to how and when to strike at the Opposition. They must have their facts right or might lose their credibility.

Tun Faisal's UMB got what it takes to help boost BN chance of retaining its power in the next national poll. Defamation, libel, sedition and profanity have left the team. They are focusing more on factual instead.

Najib and BN for sure can rely on people like these...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hudud: Either PAS drops it or leave PR!

How come, man?

Nik Aziz remained adamant about his hudud. He said there is no doubt PAS will implement the Islamic Law should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election.

MCA is worried and so is DAP. Unexpectedly, PKR is also against such a law in Malaysia.

So, how would the three PR components face each other over the issue? I believe there won't be any consensus because looking at the current scenario, DAP and PKR will be all out to fail Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang on their plan.

Weirdos at work!

Anwar Ibrahim himself, as PR de facto leader is now sucked into the problem. If no compromise is reached among the three, Pakatan will fall apart. Bickering over hudud will soon tear the political pact apart.

How to find an amicable solution to this burning topic?

Let me suggest - either PAS or DAP breaks the pact. Leave Pakatan and be on their own. As for PKR, they will find comfort working with DAP than with PAS. PAS to the PKR leaders is bringing more trouble of late, especially when some of its office bearers question Anwar's and Lim Kit Siang's credibility as the probable PM and DPM.

“I don’t think I should mention this the second time, as it (the proposal) had been made a long time ago and everybody knows about it,” Nik Aziz told reporters after chairing a state executive council meeting in Kota Bharu yesterday.

And in Kuala Lumpur, PKR's Youth wing has chosen to side with DAP chairman Karpal Singh in opposing  Pas' hudud aspirations. Its chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin yesterday warned his PAS counterpart Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, that he had opened a Pandora's box over his recent comment on the implementation of hudud, which had raised the ire of Karpal and other DAP members.

He said it was improper for Nasrudin to dredge up the longstanding issue as he claimed that the stance of the alliance between PKR, DAP and Pas on the Islamic criminal law was clear.

"I would like to advise Nasrudin to refer to our agreement late last year that hudud is not part of Pakatan Rakyat's joint policy until all member parties agree to it."

Shamsul Iskandar added that close to 30 top opposition party leaders had met for over three hours on Sept 29 last year to resolve the deep-rooted hudud issue, which has seen DAP and Pas repeatedly at loggerheads.

"DAP's objection has to be respected and PR will continue to allow its members to air different views," he said.

On Friday, Karpal had expressed displeasure upon learning that Nasrudin had, during a political debate, suggested that he was willing to consider hudud for the country.

Perhaps there is another solution to the issue - either PAS drops hudud or being dropped from Pakatan Rakyat!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Over protecting the GLCs...

Last Thursday saw Syarikat Jalur Lebar Nasional (Jalenas) signed a memorandum of understanding with its Swedish counterpart Metroverse Sdn Bhd, a move that will see it investing RM850mil over the next five years on high-speed broadband (HSBB) infrastructure.

Metroverse, the local partner and sole distributor for Swedish broadband management systems provider PacketFront AB is to develop the core component used by Jalenas in its networks.

For a company like Jalenas, it has to fork out its own money to stay in competition, without any assistance from the government, which from time to time shouts about 'helping the Bumiputra entrepreneurs' and introducing new business insentives and more grants to help develop them.

But for Jalenas, it was a sad story.

The MCMC refused to issue them with an operating license about five years ago, forcing Jalenas to buy the government's RM20,000 license for RM1.5 million from a non-Bumi company. And up till today, the MCMC threats the company as an alien and a 'pain in the ass'.

When Datuk Seri Najib launched Jalenas project in Kuantan (in his capacity as the Deputy Prime Minister) in early April 2008, he said the government should give more space to the new and upcoming companies, especially Bumiputra who venture into such a project.

As to whether Najib, as the PM now realise how much pain Jalenas has taken to sustain its business, the issue here is the government (as I see it) has been over-protecting some of its GLCs by not allowing any competition in similar business.

Telekom Malaysia, for instance, was given a development grant worth RM2.4 billion despite its subsidiary TMI incurred losses in its overseas operation, particularly in India and Sri Lanka.

Companies such as Jalenas and at least two more broadband solution entities which pose no competition to giant TM are neglected in terms of a fair deal, both by the government and its agencies like MCMC and TM itself.

With no grant to support and expand its operation, Jalenas which has spent about RM40 million from its own purse to complement TM services nationwide, was left choking. Worst was when a local bank linked to Najib's brother chose to back off from financing the business due to some pressure, both politically and from a royal family.

I don't care who runs Jalenas but I do care about the kind of business offered - to wire the whole nation by means of broadband application.

Sometimes its really beyond comprehension to note that while we work hard to attain a fully-developed status by the year 2020, we are not paying much attention to such a business. Compared to Singapore which is among the world's top 5 for full broadband penetration, Malaysia is still proud with its above-50 rank.

Politics aside, I believe Jalenas deserves recognition both from the Cabinet and Telekom Malaysia for taking such a drive.

The government should relax a bit the protection for its GLCs and give some rooms for companies like Jalenas to share a small piece of the business cake. Unless if the government wants to see the company and others go tumbling down just because there is no business to execute.

The MCMC should also review its stand in this matter. While it has issued many licenses to non-Bumi companies - for ISP, NSP or others - those at the helm of it must subscribe to a more positive attitude in dealing with businessmen.

If I am the minister in charge, I will try get at least RM200 million in the form of development grant for Jalenas, which is the only company offering an open access fibre-to-the-home technology broadband connectivity.

Taking into account the 61 per cent Internet access for the whole country as at today, Jalenas should be given more opportunity to work together with TM and other providers. Why must there be worries that they would eventually gulp up TM business?

That's absurd!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Astro sucks, let's sue them!

I think its time for Astro subscribers to come together, form an association and sue those who run the service. Its time for consumers to practice their rights, once and for all.

Astro is getting complacent, its service is getting from bad to worse and soon the worst as compared to other providers in the region. Even in Cambodia where satellite TV is still new, its more than 120 channels are for all subscribers for less than RM20 per month without extra charges for extra features.

But look at Astro now. They are sucking our money (the subscribers) every month, making tonnes of profit on the back of highly imposed rates and lousy services.

A minute late in paying up your bill, they will cut you off. The worst part is, you wont be able to watch free TV stations like RTM, TV3, NTV7 and others. Wonder how stupid are these stations to fall into Astro's trap!

I pay more than RM160 per month for some good channels (plus the supposed-to-be-free ones) but I always lose some of it. On the days I can tune in to 551, I cant get 553 or 554. Even there are times when 411 and 413 went 'blank'. Other channels?

So, what are we paying for? Its just like paying high tolls to experience massive traffic jams!

Talk about bad weather. Its time when you lose everything. If it rains for an hour, nothing could come to the screen.

In Cambodia, the Philippines and other economies, their satellite TV provider have a back-up system should the program is interrupted by bad weather condition. However in Malaysia, even dark clouds will dampen Astro's broadcast.

Consumers' awareness in Malaysia is perhaps among the lowest in the world. Their 'tidak apa' attitude is giving plenty of rooms for Astro to cheat and toy them around. Those operators must be sued or they will continue providing us with all that shits!

I hope the government will review this 'monopoly' license awarded to Astro. Its time to make them use their brain by having a good competitor.

When that monopoly expires in 2016 (am I right), push for a new set of strict compliance to them. Otherwise, we as consumers better drag them to court and make them pay for such a lousy service!

We need a true provider by the year 2020. No point becoming a fully-developed nation with a Grade 3 service!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Respect Ramadan or face expulsion!

Saudi authorities warned non-Muslim expatriates on Friday, the first day of Ramadan, not to eat, drink, or smoke in public until the end of the Muslim holy month's sunrise-to-sunset fast - or face expulsion.

The Interior Ministry of the oil-rich kingdom called on expatriates to "show consideration for feelings of Muslims" and "preserve the sacred Islamic rituals." Otherwise, a ministry statement said, Saudi authorities will cancel violators' work contracts and expel them.

 Here in Malaysia, you may still see Muslims eating 'freely and openly' at hotels and restaurants while some 'doing it in hideouts'.

Comparing with the Saudis, our religious enforcement officers don't really go to hotels and exclusive restaurants to nab these people. I remember during the 1980s, there were cases when those eating in public during Ramadan were ushered onto 'kereta jenazah' and driven around town before being penalised.

Saudi Arabia's population of 27 million includes some 8 million expatriates, including Asians, Arabs, and Westerners, according to government figures.

The ultraconservative Sunni kingdom is the home of Islam's holiest sites. The warning - which is issued at the beginning of Ramadan every year - serve as a reminder that the Western-allied monarchy must answer to a strict religious establishment that holds de facto veto power over many of its policies.

With challenges to the established order growing bolder from a population nearly half of which is under 30, Saudi Arabia has recently made some moves to show moderation. It is sending female athletes to the Olympics for the first time this year. King Abdullah has promised to allow women to run and vote in municipal elections in 2015. He also has tried to rein in the country's feared morality police.

But some people believe that while such moves give impression that the grip of hardliners has eased, "when you look around, nothing has changed and suppression has not changed."

Warnings or no warnings, they say "expatriates are always at risk of expulsion for the least offense in the kingdom."

The prince newly appointed to handle most aspects of law enforcement is known as a strict adherent to religious rules. Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz was governor of the holy city of Mecca before becoming Interior Minister.

Saudi Arabia is wary of the wave of Arab Spring uprisings that has toppled long-time authoritarian leaders in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and neighbouring Yemen.

It followed a carrot-and-stick strategy to contain unrest by pledging around $120 billion for the kingdom's lower income groups. It has heavily cracked down on protests, especially in eastern regions dominated by Shiites demanding greater rights, and is steering a middle course between conservatives and reformers among the Sunni majority.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Its time to leave Syria...

Its time for our students to leave Syria, temporarily. Just like what happened in Egypt and Libya, we must bring them home.

That's the decision taken by Foreign Minister Anifah Aman today. Only some of our diplomats will remain there. Those (including students, workers and businessmen) who decline, will have to be on their own.

The Arab nation is descending into chaos. Civil war is escalating and many foreigners have left capital Damsyik and other cities. News about President Bashar al-Assad is willing to 'surrender' his power to the revolution army also brings about more uncertainties to the country.

Syrian rebels were fighting to wrest control of the country's border crossings as clashes spread to the city of Aleppo, the latest sign of an escalating conflict that is driving thousands to escape to neighbouring countries.

Lebanon and Iraq struggled to cope with the surge of refugees fleeing the violence. After a failed attempt at the United Nations to sanction President Bashar al-Assad’s government, the Security Council voted to remove within 30 days unarmed monitors who have been confined for weeks to their Damascus hotel rooms because of the danger.

Hopes for a peaceful outcome to the crisis have evaporated.What was possible nine months ago, became difficult six months ago and intractable three months ago. And now Syria is heading straight toward chaos.

Assad’s opposition has been battling to control three border crossings with Turkey and one with Iraq. After five days of clashes in the capital, the fighting has spread to Aleppo, Syria’s other major city. The government, according to the rebels, is resorting to more brutal tactics, with state television reporting 'purging' in rebel hideouts.

More than 30,000 Syrians fled to Lebanon via the Masnaa border within 48 hours, with cars backed up for a kilometre and Lebanese security officials waiving the usual paperwork requirements, according to Beirut-based Daily Star.

About 125,000 Syrians have left the country since the 18-month conflict began, and as many as 500,000 people still in Syria have been displaced from their homes, the US State Department said on July 19.

In London, The Daily Telegraph reported that the Royal navy was drawing up a plan for an eventual mass evacuation of Britons from Syria and neighbouring countries as violence in the Middle Eastern nation escalates, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The flotilla, which will include the helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious and the amphibious ship HMS Bulwark, would probably be stationed off the coast of Cyprus but was not currently being considered for a "combat role", the newspaper said, citing an unidentified navy commander.

Even with UN-led peace efforts in tatters, Western nations said Assad's days were numbered. Those numbers are getting smaller and smaller, Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the UN, said on Saturday.

The Assad government held state funerals in Damascus for top security officials killed in a bomb attack this week as it seeks to reassert itself in a city that until recently had been spared the worst of the violence.

Among the four victims of the July 18 blast, Assad's brother-in-law, Assef Shawkat, Defense Minister Dawoud Rajhah and the vice-president’s military adviser, Hasan Turkmani, were the most senior officials to die since the uprising began.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group, said in an e-mail that 190 civilians were killed in the country on Friday, including 63 in Damascus and 19 in Deraa. At least 43 Syrian soldiers were killed, it said.

Troops shelled Aleppo, where dozens of missiles fell in the city, and many houses were destroyed and flattened, said the Local Coordination Committees, another opposition group. Five explosions were heard in Aleppo early today, the LCC said.

The civil war is splitting the country along increasingly sectarian lines, with a Sunni Muslim-led opposition confronting a government whose top officials are drawn from the Alawite sect, affiliated to Shiite Islam.

What's next is hard to predict...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Please wake up, Ranjit!

Come on la, Ranjit! Your duty as the new SC chairman is not confined to 'warming up' the chair but more on actions, solid actions.

It has been brought to your attention that Talam deal with the Selangor State Government had emitted too much stinks. And now that we all know about it, don't you feel obliged to investigate and clamp those involved?

Please Datuk, wake up!

Don't worry. We will back you up. You may be new there but you got the right experience and a perfect team to dig up the matter, expose and clean it up.

As how Stopthelies puts it:

"The Securities Commission should have started investigating the improprieties of the RM1 billion deal involving Talam Corporation Bhd and the Selangor government by now.

Why is it still keeping silent and still snoring away when one of the biggest land scandal has exploded?

Talam Corporation – now renamed Trinity Corporation – has clearly misled and cheated its shareholders by providing false information, claiming its valuation of the deal was scrutinized and approved by the SC and Bursa.

The SC and Bursa have, in the past, hauled in companies and even the press for smaller violations.  Businessmen have been jailed for providing false information and yet the SC is sitting tight..."

Don't be afraid. Get cracking, will you?

Also read Rocky's Bru on similar issue...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Between public freedom and public order...

Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said today that the preliminary findings of the independent panel on Bersih 3.0 prove that there is a need to find a balance between public freedom and maintaining public order.

While maintaining that none — including the police — would be spared if found to have broken the law, he said the violence only supported the Government’s position on the need to have mass gatherings in a controlled environment.

“We could see that emotions went out of control, and this applies both to the authorities and those assembled. That is why we suggested for it to be in a stadium."

Hisham was commenting on news reports quoting panel chairman former IGP Tun Hanif Omar who said that low-ranking policemen had acted unprofessionally in handling the Bersih 3.0 crowd.

Hanif said Kuala Lumpur police chief Deputy Comm Mohmad Salleh testified that he had seen via monitors at the Bukit Aman control centre that some officers had acted unprofessionally.

The panel also saw police giving 'uncalled-for slaps' to protesters when viewing footage of the controversial rally last April 28.

Hanif was reported to have said the police had no standard operating procedure (SOP) in handling the media at the rally, where nearly a dozen pressmen on duty were assaulted and detained.

Hishammuddin urged the public to take an impartial view of the situation.

“I believe even the IGP won’t condone such acts (by police officers). I only ask that everyone be fair and to not prejudice the findings of the panel,” he said.

Hisham was very downright about it. I personally support any move by the authority and the government and even the Opposition to make public order as their top priority, especially at the time when Malaysia is faced with exploding issues like racism and religious cults.

I, however, do not agree with what Hanif said about the police. Anywhere in the world, including the US and Britain, the police will have to 'reciprocate' with the unruly protesters. Police or not, they are human with emotion and sentiment.

Yes, there are good and bad cops but how do we categorize the protesters who attacked the policemen?

The Opposition will make a big noise over the injury sustained by some protesters but said nothing if a policemen dies in the hands of the protesters.

Hisham gave a good point there...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dry taps in Selangor: What's Khalid doing?

I am not sure if Khalid Ibrahim had a shower this morning or yesterday. However, as a Mentri Besar, I believe his residence has a large storage tank for water.

Maybe for that reason, he is not worried over the water shortage that will affect about 4 million people in the Klang Valley.

Water supply to various parts in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur has been under strict rationing since yesterday afternoon. Worst still, the fasting month Ramadan is just a few days away.

Why must Khalid lied to the rakyat by saying water supply is ample and sufficient? Does he know that Syabas has already conducting rationing in Ulu Langat, Klang, Kuala Selangor and Kajang?

The Selangor State Government could have at least cooperate with the Federal Government to overcome the problem and give approval to the planned Langat 2 water treatment plant.

However, Khalid is such a proud man. He thinks Pakatan Rakyat can find an amicable solution to the water crisis which is expected to worsen in the next few weeks. He thought PR can solve each and every problem faced by the rakyat.

Now, what is he doing?

He cannot continue lying and 'cheating' the rakyat about the crisis. Once Syabas is on its rationing action, sooner or later he will have to answer them. But what kind of an answer? That the authority is doing its best to address it? Or advising the rakyat to bath in the rain?

Or what?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bersih inquiry in doubts

I am startled and confused. Since Suhakam's inquiry into Bersih 3.0 started on July 5, everything was pointing to police brutality.

Not just that. The DBKL enforcement officers too were accused of bashing up protesters while BN and its 'comrades' in Perkasa have been allegedly involved in engaging thugs to 'neutralise' those who took part in the rally.

I am not sure who are the witnesses brought in to give their first account testimony to the commission. I am also alarmed at the standard of inquiry which poses Suhakam to look more inclining towards Bersih and its organiser, lawyer Ambiga and Anwar-led Opposition.

As at now, all witnesses gave adverse pictures and statements that condemns the police and other authorities as the cause for the brawl, hurts and injuries to the rally participants.

None had so far backed the police who were deployed there to control the crowd from going unruly or to avoid any untoward incidents. Worst still, the Bersih 3.0 police video which was supposed to be made public earlier last month was nowhere to be seen. The Home Ministry only gave excuse that a special panel was still viewing it.

I was there during Bersih 3.0 but stayed at a distant to avoid any commotion with anybody. I only heard about how 'ugly' it was when friends and security sources called or sent text messages a few hours after that.

And now that everything thus far are pointing to the police as being the cause for the 'peaceful rally' to become ugly, I am beginning to question the integrity of Suhakam and the witnesses.

Who are the witnesses? Were they really there at the scene or they were planted by some parties who simply tried to undermine the police and the government? From where did Suhakam pick them and who brought them to the inquiry?

What is Suhakam anyway? A bias or a neutral commission? Are the witnesses members of any political party or NGO because so far, nothing was done to really check on their background. Or are they having any link to Ambiga and the Opposition?

I would like to see justice is served to everybody. However, at the rate of the inquiry, I think there is a need to substantiate the credibility of the witnesses.

Why? Witnesses can be bought and alibi can be created.

Friday, July 13, 2012

'War' over South China Sea

More than a decade ago, China was treated as one of the most friendly nations of the East. With the opening up of its economy and its forward trend in world diplomatic engagement, the country was never seen as posing any threat to the region.

However, things have changed. Its economic boom which is based on an open market system, has steered the nation as one of the most powerful forces to be reckoned with. In fact to some extents, its far ahead of the US and Japan.

And this has added new desire to Beijing in 'expanding' its territory, particularly in the strategic South China Sea, to the awe of other nations in the region, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brunei.

Many are sensing some security threats beginning to come from China. And in upholding its case, Beijing refused to compromise.

Disputes on the South China Sea proved so contentious in Phnom Penh on Thursday that an annual regional gathering ended without even a basic diplomatic communiqué, which appeared to have been blocked by China.

The host for the conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Cambodia, a close ally of China, refused to play the customary role of seeking agreement among the 10 participating countries, thus undermining the possibility of an accord, according to a senior diplomat from the association.

“China bought the chair, simple as that,” said a diplomat, who declined to be identified publicly according to usual protocol. The diplomat pointed to an article on Thursday by China’s state news agency, Xinhua, in which the country’s foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, was quoted as thanking Cambodia’s prime minister for supporting China’s 'core interests'.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned of more confrontations in the South China Sea without a regionwide solution as China rebuffed calls to expedite talks on rules for operating in disputed waters.

"Issues such as freedom of navigation and lawful exploitation of maritime resources often involve a wide region," Clinton said Thursday in remarks to Asia-Pacific foreign ministers meeting.

"Approaching them strictly bilaterally could be a recipe for confusion and even confrontation."

Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying said Wednesday that China would start talks on a legally binding code of conduct in the South China Sea 'when conditions are ripe', according to Xinhua News Agency. It warned nations this week to avoid mentioning the territorial spats with Vietnam and the Philippines.

Diplomatic squabbling between the United States and China escalated after Clinton's remarks in Mongolia this week in which she criticized governments that lock up dissidents and hinder freedom of speech.

Malaysia's claim over a part of the Spratly Islands (map above) is also at risk since China and other countries also put up their respective claims on it.

However, Malaysia, according to Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, believes in diplomatic engagement to settle the dispute.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ambiga the future Home Minister

Ambiga said she didn't feel safe anymore. So, she employed two bodyguards to escort her wherever she goes, including to the washroom. They could be on guard outside her bedroom too.

She was giving the impression that Malaysia is not anymore a safe place to be. She feels threatened, intimidated and provoked. Someone would also possibly want to abuse and rape her, rob or kidnap her.

That's how she perceives Malaysia, and that's how she is passing on the message to the whole world - that Malaysia is full of lunatics, that Malaysia is turning into another Syria (picture), Yemen, Libya or Egypt. Worst still, she wants the international community to look down at Malaysia for not providing enough protection to her and the rest of her friends.

What's the motive?

Simple. She wants to drive the investors away. She wants to put a halt to the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) by painting a stinking picture about the low-level of security and stability in Malaysia. In that manner, foreigners will stop investing and we will see the start of capital flight very soon.

In months, the economy will take a tumble and the people will revolt against the government. And that would be the best opportunity for her and Pakatan Rakyat to play their game of 'importing' foreign agents to help rebuilding the nation, and claim credit for it.

But the foreign agents will stay. Iraq, Libya and Egypt are now ruled by US-and West-backed regime that nods to all instruction given. They become puppets on the string.

Isn't that what Ambiga and Anwar and others want?

Bersih has proven not a 'clean' approach after all. Whether those who took part or the police involved in the brawl, is not the issue but Bersih really opened up the door to the devil advocates.

I think Ambiga must employ more bodyguards, say.... 10 or 20. Who knows she would be our next home minister should Pakatan wins the next general election. Then she will be in-charge of the police, immigration, Rela and other key departments.

As a home minister, she could easily propose for all stringent laws on domestic security, the Penal Code, immigration law and others be repealed. A new law to recognise LGBT and same sex marriage could also be introduced.

I hope she doesn't restrict the public from seeing her at the office. Visitors should not be ruled to get permission and passes to go up the 12th floor of Blok D1, Parcel D, Putrajaya. Absolute freedom must be accorded to the rakyat, as promised by Pakatan.

Anybody who applies for gun permit must be able to get it so that each and every residence and home can keep their own pistol or shot gun for security reason. They should be allowed to shoot at anyone on suspicion.

And now that PM Najib has repealed the Sedition Act, Ambiga (as the future home minister) can also introduce another new set of law that allows Malaysians to verbally abuse each other, calling each other names and use profanity words in the media.

O-oh. Another thing. The new government should also allow people to take to the streets in protest of anything. Please do not let the police interfere because you didn't like it when you organised Bersih rallies.

And don't forget to close down all pro-BN newspapers and TV stations too!

But will Malaysia become safer under all this conditions?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No point for WCW meeting LGE!

Personally, I don't think there is a need for the Star group editor-in-chief Wong Chun Wai (pic) to accept Lim Guan Eng's 'special invitation' to Penang and listen to his explanation on what the newspaper has been campaigning for 30 years - 'the crying hills'.

First, Wong is not a politician to discuss the issue with the chief minister. The matter should be deliberated at the State Assembly and other channels, including with the contractors and developers.

And secondly, I believe Wong has his own standpoint - sharing it with the rest of the media members in Penang, especially pro-government newspapers Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times which Lim bans.

Why can't Lim invite the editors from all newspapers and TV stations, instead of picking Wong alone?

Lim could at least try to woo back the media by lifting the ban, and I don't think a senior journalist like Wong likes the idea of the Penang State Government imposing such a restriction on pro-Barisan Nasional publications.

What's on Lim's mind?

Just because the Star is so loud on its reports on hill slope development in Penang - and Wong for a fact is also a Penangite - Lim feels he could seek some justifications in Wong by telling him what actually took place in the State!

Or does Lim think he can change the Star - the leading English daily - aptitude by giving him and Pakatan Rakyat some good and positive coverage?

Lim has yet to justify why he banned the two newspapers from coming close to his office and function. While shouting about the Press freedom, the chief minister doesn't walk the talk and is now seen as a monster to the media.

If a politician cannot take criticism, better don't criticise and ridicule others.

As for the 'crying hills', I think Lim should issue a press statement to the media rather than calling up Wong or the reporters 'he likes' for a press conference. No point dodging around and telling people that you are doing the right thing...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bersih: Singapore explains

Singapore has made it clear that none of its diplomatic staff in Malaysia was engaged in the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28, and that all newspaper and blog reports about their participation was unfounded and baseless.

Speaking to the Republic's parliamentarians yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said that both Singapore and Malaysia have no interest in undermining the good relations between both sides (read the full transcript).

"The allegations are false... the officers were at the rally as impartial observers, just like diplomats from more than 10 other countries," he said, adding that it is regrettable that some elements in the Malaysian media and blogs have chosen to focus only on Singapore and have deliberately tried to misrepresent the issue.

The minister pointed out the Singapore officers did not wear yellow, the colour of support for Bersih and avoided Merdeka Square, which had been declared out of bounds by Malaysian authorities.

"The Singaporean diplomats in KL are present at a wide range of social, economic and political activities in Malaysia.

"This is part of their professional diplomatic duties, like any other embassy or high commission, and their actions were in accordance with the Vienna Convention."

Shanmugam said Singapore is "comfortable and confident that our diplomats acted well within the bounds of the law".

He said he had conveyed these points twice to his Malaysian counterpart Anifah Aman, over two separate phone calls.

Singapore and Malaysia, he stressed, have every intention of preserving the positive bilateral relationship that both sides have worked hard to build.

NOTE: How did he know that diplomats from 10 other countries were also there?

Monday, July 9, 2012

What a 'st&6g#d' question!

"If all discussions of the state excos and Federal Cabinet are taped and the government declassifies these tapes...the people will understand better the role of MCA in a multiracial country..."

MCA President Chua Soi Lek said this when answering a question from a panellist on whether MCA was afraid of Umno until it could not point out any corruption in the BN coalition, at the second debate between him and DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, here, yesterday.

What a 'st&6g#d' question. It was equivalent to asking whether the Chinese were afraid of the Malays.

Tun Dr Mahathir was once asked the same question and he didn't answer it except looking at the reporter (from an English daily) and said: "Why should you ask me such a question... what's your motive?"

Yes, what's the motive? Was the question planted by the Opposition in order to create uneasiness among the Chinese and stir Umno-MCA relation?

I do criticise the government's policies and BN leaders but I will never go to the extent of jeopardising inter-race relation. Whether the Chinese are with MCA or DAP, such a question was irrelevant, especially during a period when racism is beginning to show its ugly face in Malaysia.

It was just like asking whether DAP was scared of PKR that it must support Anwar Ibrahim to become a prime minister, or if DAP was afraid of PAS' 'hudud' law.

Umno and MCA have enjoyed a close relationship which helped the government chart various development programs for the rakyat, irrespective of their political ideology. The Chinese in MCA are moderates, and so are some of them in DAP and other parties.

Its a fact that there are extreme minds among them, including some Malays in Umno but I would rather put a high value on inter-racial cooperation and understanding rather than allowing any form of prejudice to jitter it.

The person who asked Soi Lek the question is a good senior journalist whom I knew long time ago. A hard-working and dedicated one, so to say. I believe he got his reason for asking that question but as a friend, I beg to differ.

My stand point is clear - whether I am with the ruling party or not, I would not let the country crumble over unnecessary inter-racial doubt. The Opposition too, I believe, will not allow such things to befall the country. Its not easy to manage a broken big family...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anwar is nobody to Indonesians, Filipinos

It was last Tuesday that I had dinner with two Indonesian and three Filipino diplomats in Ampang. Our conversation centered on bilateral relations, people-to-people engagement and of course... Anwar Ibrahim.

Yes. Anwar remains the compulsory subject to the diplomatic corp, especially after he sought refuge in an embassy in 2010 over 'that thing' issue.

But beyond the Malaysian shore, the Opposition Leader is nobody. Although he likes the publicity and attention given by the foreign media, he always forget the general truth about the Press - that they look at Anwar and other opposition figures as their main selling point, nothing more.

Bapak 'S' of the Indonesian Embassy confirmed the fact that in his Republic, not many people talk about Anwar. Among the leaders, Anwar is of no significant. In other words, he means nothing to the country, except for his close relationship with some quarters who believe he is doing the right things for Malaysia.

"However, the Indonesians will not go to the extent of rallying behind him, helping him here in Malaysia or to raise fund for his politics. This is not Suharto's era when Anwar was popular as a Malaysian Cabinet member.

"We have a more moderate and forward-looking leaders who will not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries. Indonesians, by and large are still too obsessed over bread and butter issue. So, there is no question of giving support to the Malaysian opposition. To them, Anwar is just another Malaysian who got friends in the Republic."

The Indonesian media, he added, seldom gives space to Anwar and Malaysian politics unless it has some 'links' to the Republic, i.e cultural and manpower issues.

"Our media too are busy giving wake-up calls to Indonesians to compete healthily with Malaysia, economically and socially. So, if Anwar claims of getting any support from the Indonesian media, he is wrong."

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who just wrapped up his six-day working visit to Indonesia, confirmed this yesterday (read here).

Muhyiddin said he believes Indonesian government and political party leaders would not be easily influenced by Anwar's propaganda, whose influence in the republic was not as great as it had been made out to be.

"Indonesian leaders were better informed of the Malaysian political climate and acknowledged the long-standing good bilateral relations with Malaysia. To me, the situation is not as that portrayed by him (Anwar), that he is highly influential in Indonesia. I do not see it that way. He does not get much space in the local media to show that what he is doing is something great."

In the Philippines, Anwar, whom many used to equate him to Jose Rizal, is not very popular at all.

"If you talk to about 100 people in Manila, maybe one or two would say they've heard about Anwar. Our newspapers and TV stations rarely gave him space, not like when he was Malaysian deputy prime minister and finance minister.

"Yes, he is close to some top politicians but people like Estrada (former President) is losing grip and is facing graft charges," said Mr 'Bat' of the Philippines Embassy.

"Filipinos usually do not care who lead the government and who are the opposition leader of other countries. They prefer to read news about (giggling) the US and Spain..."

To a question as to whether the Muslims of Mindanao know Anwar, he said: "Nope. They are busy with their own mission. Newspapers in Cotabato, for instance, never published anything about Anwar. The only news is about Malaysian peace mission for that region.

"Do you know that they don't even know who the (Philippines) President is?"

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dr M says Anwar should retire immediately

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim should not waste any more time if he intends to retire from politics.

"He should retire right now. It is futile... his desire to become the prime minister," he told reporters after paying a courtesy call on visiting President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus in Kuala Lumpur.

Anwar had indicated in an interview published recently by the Financial Times that he might consider quitting politics if the opposition fails to wrest federal power in the next general election, due by April next year.
Dr Mahathir said Anwar's statement was mere rhetoric because, even if the opposition pact were to lose in the next general election, he would continue to dream to become the prime minister.

The former prime minister said in jest that probably an honorary post of prime minister could be established for Anwar to occupy for five days to enable him fulfill his dream prior to retirement.

continue reading...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Selangor to sell off Brisdale Hotel?

Brisdale Hotel in Jalan Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur is perhaps among the best budget hotels in town. Its location and facility are its main fatal attraction. Occupancy rate is always high, between 70-80 per cent on weekdays and 100 per cent during weekends and festive holidays.

That makes it a 'making money' entity, and of course whoever owns and runs it should be proud of such an achievement.

The rightful owner is none other the Selangor State Government through  Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad (KPS).

It took over Brisdale International Hotel Sdn Bhd (BIH) under an acquisition deal in 2008 for the entire issued and paid-up share capital of the hotel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Berhad (KHSB) by Cash Band (M) Berhad (SBB), a 99 per cent-owned subsidiary of KPS for a cash consideration of RM10,000,000 (proposed acquisition).

It also in involved a proposed assumption and settlement of the debt owing by BIH to KHSB of RM43,000,000 by CBB in conjunction with the proposed acquisition (proposed debt settlement).

The Purchase Consideration for the Sales Shares was arrived at based on a discount to the net assets of BIH as at 31 December 2007 after adjusting for the revaluation surplus of approximately RM24.7 million arising from the market value of Brisdale Hotel.

That was ascribed by Messrs Raine & Horne International Zaki and Partners Sdn Bhd of RM55.0 million as at March 4, 2008 using the profit, comparison and cost method of valuation.

Its all a big 'family' business.

As how Penangites describe it 'pi mai, pi mai dok tang tu jugak'. Just take a big circle and it will bring you right to where you got started - everything is about Selangor.

However, that was done during the Barisan Nasional era, under Mentri Besar Khir Toyo.

After Khalid Ibrahim took over, Pakatan Rakyat is said to be taking full advantage of the Selangor 'ownership' by organising numerous functions - some they fully paid, some not - and that has brought about some domestic problems to the hotel management.

The hotel has been making money ever since and there is no way that it would go burst when all operational factors are taken into consideration.

But rumors are rife that Khalid's government was considering to sell it off to an interested party for RM120 million. Worst still, to a foreigner.

The Pakatan state government must have a bona fide reason for such a plan, if its true but I still think it will not be a wise move, considering how lucrative hotel business is nowadays, plus the key fact that the hotel is most sought by tourists.

Unless Khalid has the best reason to do so...something like investing the proceed into a better project for the rakyat.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

MCA slams Pakatan for double standards

The MCA Youth today slammed the opposition pact for practising double standards over a question raised by Duyong State Assemblyman Gan Tian Loo during the Melaka state legislative assembly sitting on Monday.

Its secretary-general, Datuk Chai Kim Sen, said opposition pact members obviously held the belief that only they were allowed to raise issues.

But, whenever there were unfavourable rumours circulating against them, they would throw all kinds of 'conspiracy theories' in an attempt to evade answering questions pertaining to them, he noted.

"Betty Chew is the state assemblyman for Kota Laksamana, and not just the wife of the Penang chief minister. She may choose to refute or clarify, or choose to answer and not answer the question," he said in a statement in Kuala Lumpur today.

Chai said DAP assemblymen's action in accusing MCA of a conspiracy outside the state assembly and staging a walkout had made the issue complicated.

He added, both the government and the opposition were responsible for raising questions on various issues in the state legislative assembly or in Parliament.

Chai said, from time to time, representatives of the opposition pact DAP-PKR-PAS in both state assembly and Parliament would ask Barisan Nasional representatives to clarify certain rumours being circulated by the online media, saying it was all part of democracy and transparency.

The Melaka State Assembly suspended five DAP assemblymen -- Chew (Kota Laksamana), Goh Leong San (Kesidang), Khoo Poay Tiong (Ayer Keroh), Tey Kok Kiew (Banda Hilir) and Lim Jak Wong (Bachang) -- for six months for defiance and causing a commotion at its sitting yesterday.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Khalid's RM1 Billion Deal Fiasco...

Incredible and shocking!

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim – you are truly brilliant. Talam Corporation Bhd belonging to Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye owes the Selangor state RM392 million but through your sheer brilliance, you now owe your Super Crony Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye!

What is your special relationship with this well-known Super Hypocrite with a record of fleecing ordinary house buyers?  This self-professed Born Again Christian has stolen the life savings of thousands of low income Selangor people.

But you, of course, chose to work with this Super Crony.

How else can you explain that the RM392millon he “hutang” the state has now become RM1 billion – the only difference is that the state now “hutang” him and not the other way around!

This reverse has happened in a cleverly orchestrated move in what can only be described as the corporate cheat of the century.

The three GLSs are Universiti Selangor and Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd a total of RM277 million, and SAP Holdings Bhd (RM115mil), a subsidiary of Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor, but they have not got a single sen from Chan Ah Chye.


Read more at Stopthelies...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ambiga and PR blame game

Ambiga yesterday lodged a police report about a text message threatening to 'kill' her. She was worried and said that from now on, she must be on high alert wherever she goes. More bodyguards will be engaged to look after her safety.

However, she was fast to point fingers at Barisan Nasional, especially Umno. She believes PM Najib is responsible for hiring some thugs to kill her. And her allies in Pakatan Rakyat too are accusing the government of wanting to get rid of her.

What a load of craps!

Actually Ambiga is thrilled with all this. She really likes it. The attention she gets after Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 and the support from some foreign agents are expanding her head.

I believe this is what she was looking for. Some elements of fear that the government will subscribe to a la Mafia way of wiping out Bersih and the Opposition. She enjoys the 'trauma' as another victory clause to put all the blames on the government.

I don't know what was the content of her police report but one thing is clear. She wants the government to take full responsibility for that threatening text message on her mobile phone. She is all convinced that it came from the government agent.

The police has yet to investigate the matter but this seasoned lawyer was already accusing the government. She forgot the fact that majority of Malaysians did not support Bersih and that text message could have been sent by someone who really hates her.

The government has no reason to hire any thugs to assassinate her. No point at all. No Malaysians will go to that extreme unless they are really lunatic. Only sick minds will do that.

Why didn't Ambiga consider that someone close to her was involved in sending out the text message? Someone who have been with her for a long time but got nothing out of his or her support for Bersih?

What if someone from the Opposition did that, just like George Bush who demolished the New York World Trade Center and blamed it on al-Qaeda and Iraq in order to get the 'permit' to attack Iraq and killed its people and leader Saddam Hussein?

Many car bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan were the job of the American soldiers. They killed one or two of their comrades just to get a good excuse to killed thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians. Its a blame game to destroy Iraq.

I believe Ambiga was looking forward to such a threat when she is fully aware that she can walk safely anywhere in Malaysia. She also knows that the government will not harm her and will not advocate to such a tactic to destroy her.

She feels like a hero now, something like Aung San Suu Kyi. However, after some many threats to her life over the past 25 years, Suu Kyi remains intact. Even the junta didn't harm her and Suu Kyi didn't even feel threatened.

But Ambiga is all excited about it. A death threat means how significant she is in the eyes of the world and to the eyes of those who despise her. However, the government does not hate her. Its the rakyat, the people much affected by Bersih.

Why didn't she think of that? The threat had nothing to do with the government. And I personally don't think it came from any political party or organisation. It must be the job of someone who hates her for what she did.

So, please stop pointing fingers at the government. The government will not hire anybody to harm you, let alone stop you from doing what you want!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

'Bo toa bo soi'!

Lim Guan had on Friday slammed PM Najib's statement that there is nothing wrong to call for the polls during hajj season.

He argued that since so many voters would be out of the country, the government would deny them their rights to vote and choose the next government.

Alamak! Since when did Guan Eng show such a great concern over the matter? Those going for hajj are Malays who are Muslims. They are not only from PAS but also Umno and PKR members.

Since PAS' Hadi Awang suggested for a general election out of the hajj season, DAP has played up the issue as if those going to Mecca are only PAS (and probably DAP) members.

Why so scared?

I believe there will be more Umno members than PAS' going to hajj. PAS standpoint on 'election out of hajj season' was absurd and telling its members do defer their pilgrimage proofs how they are so afraid of losing some votes there.

And now, DAP is in. Guan Eng wants to become a hero for PAS, a Pakatan component that avows to implement the 'hudud law' if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next national poll. What a farce! The undemocratic 'self-proclaimed' DAP now talks about hajj!

I think Guan Eng and DAP better stay out of this hajj issue. Non of your business.

So, when is the right time to call for the general election? December? Or January when many Chinese (are all of them DAP members?) go abroad for vacation and during the festive Chinese New Year?

Where is your brain, bro?