Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama is 'gay'

I am not sure if Barack Obama is gay or whether he keeps 'pretty men' at home but for one reason, he believes in free sex because the Americans want it. And he wants it too, for his political upkeep.

When he approves same sex marriage which breaks the norms of all religions (is he a Christian?) and supports LGBT - being the first US President to do so - he becomes the hero for a despicable civilisation which splits the Americans into two.

To many, still, a marriage is a marriage and its between a man and a woman. I wonder who changed the content of their Holy Books! Everything is for human rights.

Well... that's his problem. We should be wary of our human rights groups that are inspired by Obama. With an entirely different set of culture, we cannot adopt similar 'new social value' for Malaysians. While Islam deplores same sex marriage, I don't think other faiths permit it.

But it has nothing to do with religions. Its for some pop-up politicians to ride on it, on the pretext of human rights and absolute freedom.

At least PM Najib got the gut to express his 'disappointment' at Obama's decision. But not PAS because of its alliance with PKR and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat.

PR, as we all know, supports everything that Ambiga, Marina and the Bar Council do in the name of human rights dan freedom. Nothing's peculiar about that but for the so-self-proclaimed 'Islamic party', PAS said nothing thus far.

The Opposition Leader too made no comment. However, its easy to comprehend...hahaha... gulp!

Please, leave the Americans alone. Malaysia will not become a LGBT country.

No wonder the Opposition is getting some kind of support from the US and its allies. Could be part of a plan to legalise LGBT and same sex marriages if Pakatan rules...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aussie High Court rules against 'M'sia Solution'

"I must say it was one of the most questionable and curious High Court decisions in memory. Without the Malaysia arrangement what we have is an improvised, cobbled-together Indonesia arrangement that the Indonesians don't want."

These are immediate response by Senator Carr and others after the Court rejected the 'Malaysian arrangement' for the influx of refugees who are taking advantage of Australia's friendly-and-open-door foreign policy.

There were tears in the House of Senate. Most of the members felt dejected while some tried to seek another outlet to solve the refugees never-ending story.

The comments were part of an emotionally charged debate in the Senate today, where politicians will vote on the asylum seeker Bill that looks set to fail. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young broke down and cried as she spoke about the plight of detainees, while senior Gillard Government frontbencher Chris Evans revealed the legislation challenged some of his 'philosophical' positions.

The Bill revives the Gillard Government's scuttled Malaysia people-swap deal and would allow for offshore processing on Nauru - the opposition's preferred option.

Senator Evans said he was the person who, after Labor was elected in 2007, closed the detention centre on Nauru, and who ended the controversial temporary protection visas.

Senator Hanson-Young cried as she told the story of a 15-year-old Afghan orphan called Hussein, whose sister sacrificed everything she owned so he could have a better life in Australia.

Hussein was one of 500 people locked up on Christmas Island waiting to find out if he was going to be sent back to Malaysia before the High Court quashed the arrangement last year. "Now he is living with a family in Australia, learning English at school and will make "a fine Australian".

Senator Carr says the controversial deal is the best way to achieve both safer borders and the humane treatment of asylum seekers.

"The Malaysian arrangement simply makes sense," he told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

"It's indispensable."

The Labor government needs coalition support to pass a bill that would restore offshore processing and the controversial Malaysia deal.

But the coalition is firmly opposed to the Malaysia deal, arguing any country selected for offshore processing must be a signatory to the UN refugee convention, which would allow its preferred option of Nauru.

The government has offered fresh talks aimed at finding a bipartisan compromise but Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is refusing to negotiate.

Read UNHCR statement on the Malaysia-Australia deal

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To MacKinnon, Canadian democracy is a sham!

I have some words for Canadian columnist Mark MacKinnon whom, in his article titled 'A Roster of The Modern Autocrats' (The Globe and Mail's newspaper), lumped PM Najib in the same league as  Egyptian Hosni Mubarak, Russian Vladimir Putin and Palestines' Mahmoud Abbas - you better look at your own set of democracy.

Let me tell you that the Canadian democracy is well-broken. Admit it. Being a typical Western, its easy to find fault in others rather than admitting yours.

Honestly, tell me, is there anything about Canadian democracy that isn’t broken? Elections about nothing, parties that have been reduced to leadership cults, a permanently deadlocked Parliament, record-low voter turnout, and overlaying everything an atmosphere of coarseness, cynicism and mindless partisanship.

And that’s the good news! The impotence of ordinary MPs, the irrelevance of Parliament, the near dictatorial powers of the Prime Minister: if you were writing about a Third World country with a system like yours, you would be careful to refer to the 'largely ceremonial' Parliament and 'sham' elections.

Oh, and did I mention your appointed upper house? I assume you feel much the same as most Canadians do. So my question to you off the top is: which is the worst of Canadian democracy’s many flaws? Would you tell me and the rest of the Malaysians, and not forgetting the Canadians?

Hey! I've been to your country six times since 1988. Have you been to Malaysia and studied how our democracy worked?

Some may argue that minority governments (like yours) are good for compromise and deliberation. That sounded sensible in the Canadian context five years ago but I don’t see a lot of compromise and deliberation going on at your Parliament, or at least none that’s about the goal of better governance.

But here’s the hard question: is that because of the personalities involved, or is there actually anything to be done about your leaders?

Is that a matter of personalities? Partly. Mostly it’s about incentives, and culture. Incentives, in the context of a minority Parliament, certainly but a minority Parliament in a system that was built to deliver majorities. Whatever stability it may once have promised breaks down in the kind of regionalised Parliament you now have.

The perpetual brinksmanship that has given this minority Parliament a bad name is likewise a peculiarity of the present electoral system, with its highly disproportionate relationship between votes and representation: every party thinks it can parlay a swing of a few percentage points in the polls into a bushel of seats. Change to a system without such winner-take-all payoffs, and people might stop gambling and get down to business.

So, you like that, don't you?

Yes, you had electoral reform by the short route. For the longest time many Canadians had rejected the whole notion. First, because they are always skeptical of system changes, which always seem to replace one set of problems with another set.

Second, because reform advocates’ attempts to prove their preferred system isn’t incomprehensible are, reliably, grim comedy.

Nope! You know nothing about Malaysia, about how Najib is transforming the country. In just three years, he has repealed our colonial-era Internal Security Act, ended the 60-year state of emergency, introduced measures to increase media freedom, reformed the Universities and University Colleges Act, created the Peaceful Assembly Act, announced a review of the Sedition Act, repealed the Banishment Act and the Restricted Residences Act and implemented a raft electoral reforms — an impressive track record by anyone’s standards - which you took more than two decades to redress.

A-ah! Lim Kit Siang and The Malaysian Insider are so happy to ride on your story. Why? Because just like you, they only track other people's mistake!

Another question - why is your country languishing behind Angola, Colombia and Niger on the list of freedom-of-information rankings, at 51st?

After some number-crunching to standardise findings, it turns out Canada is even lower on the list — 11 spots to be exact — than when it was first published last September as part of a groundbreaking project by Halifax-based Centre for Law and Democracy and Access Info Europe of Madrid.

The report says: "As a country that was once among the world's leaders in government openness, it is unfortunate that Canada has dropped so far down the list. Partly, this is the result of global progress, with which Canada has failed to keep pace."

This means, your government lacks openness. What about transparency? So, how do you answer to that?

And if you are considering a trip to Malaysia, e-mail me, we can have a long session about 'your and my democracy'!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sykt Jalur Lebar Nasional crumbles?

The company was incorporated under OMNI (One Malaysia National Initiative) about 5 years ago. On the day of its launching, publicity was all over. The media attributed it to the government's effort to wire the whole nation by means of unifi and broadband network.

Syarikat Jalur Lebar Nasional or JALENAS was a big name then. The Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture through its agency MCMC were fast to score high credit for being part of the initiators.
Big names sit on its board, including Dato Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin (Pahang Exco member), Datuk Seri Elies Anor Abdul (a member of the government's think-tank), Heikal Mohammed Ali and Mas Habi Baullah Khan Ali. Not forgetting the founding member of Bumiraya Resources Sdn Bhd Ismail Basir and former PM Dept officer Saffian M Ali.

Going by the names, everything should be in order as these people are well-experienced and are politically-attached. In other words, should anything goes wrong, the government is always there to look into the problem and solve it.

In 2010, JALENAS engaged two foreign experts to help boost its business. They are James Angelone as its CEO and Nichlas Sonesson as the chief technical officer.

Prior to joining JALENAS, Angelone - an American with 30 years of international telecom and data communications industry experience, in which he has successfully fulfilled senior executive leadership business management roles with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, PacketFront and Broadsoft - was Global Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Samsung SDS.

Taking care of the company's financial is Raja Rahiman Raja Mushahar as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since beginning of 2011. He is a CPA holder who started his career with Wespac Australia. He then joined Pernas International Holding Berhad (PIHB) as an accountant in 1994.

JALENAS, a Special Purpose Vehicle Company (SPV) for High Speed Broadband Technology Sdn Bhd (HSBT), is tasked to design, build, own and operate an independent fixed line high speed broadband and network infrastructure for Malaysia.

The project Phase 1 has commenced in Kuantan in the first quarter of 2011. The plan is to deploy up to 30,000 homes passed in less than 2 years, and subsequently rolled-out to other cities nationwide starting with Johor Bahru and Melaka.

The infrastructure of Jalenas uses 100 per cent fibre optic cables that operates at high speed compared to the current copper lines and carries a bandwidth capacity of 30Mbps to 100Mbps. The service providers of the network are able to offer a wide range of services (Triple play, Voice over internet protocol (VOIP), IPTV, video on demand, PC gaming, website advertisement, e-learning, etc) to its subscribers or end-users with no interruption compared to the use of satellite or wireless network.

This is a very lucrative and niche business. The government is with them. The MCMC is behind them too.

However, no news about the company got to the media since the last 2 years. The 2 'mat saleh' namely Angelone and Sonesson are said to have left early this year for claims such as being 'underpaid' or 'not fully-paid'.

I was also made to understand that some of JALENAS staff have left. Those who are still with the company only get half-month salary or two or three months without pay.

I called the company a few times asking whom should I talk to for some clarifications. But nobody seemed to help. My few questions which I e-mailed to JALENAS website also went unattended. My effort to fix an appointment with Sharkar and Elies did not get any response.

So, I sent out a text message to Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim last month alerting him of the situation. I believe he was not aware of it unless he received feedback or reports from MCMC and JALENAS itself. He, however, had instructed MCMC to look into it. That was a good move.

However, a check with JALENAS yesterday revealed nobody from MCMC went to JALENAS. Neither a call was made from MCMC.

To me, JALENAS is a national pride, a Bumiputera company capable of equating the might of the multinationals. However, nobody knew what actually happened or what went wrong. I believe the MCMC has been giving its fullest cooperation in ensuring that JALENAS runs smoothly.

Will someone please give some explanations?

Monday, June 25, 2012

The undemocractic Lim Guan Eng

I do not wish to call him a dictator but dictators usually hate criticism. A dictator will not admit his mistakes either and will not tolerate adverse reporting by the media, notably the newspapers.

But Lim Guan Eng subscribes to this rule. He banned Utusan Malaysia. He deplores all BN media and barred some of their journalists from his office and his functions.

Whether its Utusan or not, he forgot one fact - that journalists, irrespective of their organisations, are one. They speak in unison when their professionalism is affected of challenged. They are very protective of each other and will not let anything to come between their relationship and duty.

(Read Stopthelies on the Chinese media attacks on LGE)

Now that LGE is under attacks, including from the Chinese media, he should realise that such a practice is deplorable and regrettable. No one can stop journalists from covering any event as stipulated in its international charter.

And for all the 'free media' bandwagon LGE and his friends in Pakatan Rakyat have been shouting around, this does not reflect their intention at all.

Under PM Najib, no media had been imposed under strict restriction except for warnings by the Home Ministry for their anti-racial and anti-religious propaganda. The BN government takes criticism openly and leaves it to the pro-govt media to play its part in countering such attacks.

Pakatan Rakyat has got Roket, Harakah, Aliran, the Bar Council website and other anti-govt media on its side. They are more mean than that of the BN but the govt will not bar their so called-reporters to cover the government's events, let along shooing them off.

How democratic is DAP, anyway and when was the last time it called for a party election?

What is LGE afraid of? He has a strong and formidable media machinery in Penang and in his party and they are well-paid, am I not right? Somebody told me Pakatan Rakyat allocates about RM100,000 per month for its anti-BN bloggers and news portal in Penang alone!

Is Pakatan Rakyat a dictatorial regime? Not only in Penang, similar things happen elsewhere. Nik Aziz has been doing it in Kelantan while Khalid really grips on Selangor media. I think if Pakatan forms a government after the next general election, they will clamp all pro-BN media.

I wonder what will happen to Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, The Star and the TV stations under Media Prima Group if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya!

LGE is a sourgrape. For all his promise for a free media in Penang and Malaysia, he is actually more evil than he looks. His only concern is for the people to have a good impression about him, that everything he says is all truth.

He never want to admit his mistakes since administering Penang since the last election and this actually what the media is trying to correct.

But LGE is another leader of a democratic party!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pakatan's 3 bad values

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says the people cannot expect the opposition to determine their future as it practises three bad values; promises are meant to be broken, good deeds must go unappreciated and loans are not repayable.

He said the opposition resented the many assistance to the people given by Barisan Nasional (BN) and asked them not to repay loans which must (compulsory) be paid according to Islamic teachings.

"Barisan Nasional can ensure a bright future for Malaysians especially those in Selangor. I believe that BN can capture Kuala Langat parliamentary seat," he said when launching the national 'Ku Sihat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti' (PDK) programme in Kg Sungai Bumbun, Kuala Langat yesterday.

NOTE: That was very sharp, Mr Prime Minister. You should have included how the Pakatan leaders are also not practicing their much enchanted 'free Press' in Penang, preying on taxpayers in Selangor and playing God for the Muslims.

I wonder how our students, especially the Malays, can pursue higher education without PTPTN study loan. When the Opposition asked for free education, we may wonder why did their leaders send their kids to study abroad... is it for free?

And of course, promises are meant to be broken. They made many empty ones, notably to the rakyat of Kelantan for better living standard and more jobs.

As the Opposition, they will shoot down everything BN does, including in helping the poor and disabled. To them, Pakatan is perfect, so perfect that they are now at odds over seats allocation for the next general election.

While the Opposition parties in other countries play a constructive role, ours are very, very destructive!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Complete the term? Why not?

Yup! Let the government complete its full five year term. Why not? That's the mandate given by the 'rakyat' in every national poll.

So, why the haste? Nobody is applying pressures on PM Najib to dissolve the Parliament to pave the way for an early general election, except the Opposition.

Don't listen to the Opposition. If they are given the opportunity to form a government, I believe they will also want to complete the full term.

However, it has been Barisan Nasional tradition and 'goodwill' to call for a fresh poll after four years. Not only to provide the opportunity for the Opposition to try their strategy but to test its own popularity before the electorates.

Nothing's wrong with that either.

So, when Minister at PMO Nazri Aziz suggested for the present government to continue with its duty till its final mandate day, I guess many would agree. The Opposition would object although they are aware that nothing can stop it.

Nazri said he wanted to push for a fixed five-year mandate for those elected in a general election, saying it was fairer if prime ministers and chief ministers knew they would govern for a fixed period.

Several dates have been mooted over the past two years as potential polls dates for Datuk Seri Najib Razak to gain his own mandate after taking over from Tun Abdullah Badawi in 2009, leading to concerns in the economy over uncertainty in policy-making.

"Personally, I agree that five years means five years, so that when we go to polls, the mentris besar and prime minister know that they will sit in there for five years. I would like to be the catalyst to bring this principle to Malaysia. It is fairer," the de facto law minister told Parliament Thursday.

Some may ask, why five years?

Simple answer - we have the five-year Malaysia Plan for the government to study its policy, implement and monitor its success.

Five-year is also good in the sense that whoever appointed to a position is able to assess his leadership, identify any weakness and to make correction. The 'rakyat' too are able to weigh the impact of certain development program on their everyday life.

Some big projects dan major policies may take years to yield result, thus demanding more time to evaluate it. A new Cabinet could easily abandon or cancel the projects earmarked by the previous regime although some are already moving.

We had experienced that between 2004 and 2008.

So, what Nazri proposed did make sense. The Opposition can wait. In fact, that period could be fully-utilised to intensify their campaign.

No need for Anwar & Gang to apply bad and skunk tactic to takeover Putrajaya. Just try win the voters in a clean and honorable manner!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dtk Majal and Dtk Seri Hon Ramo...

I strongly believe this two buggers - a businessman, the other a politician - should be investigated by Bukit Aman, the MACC and the media.

I have written about in once. There were good response from readers who are aware of the situation. Some were very direct, very precise.

Its about one Datuk Majal and Datuk Seri Hon Ramo, both Malays and Umno 'strongmen'. They contribute well to the party and to their friends and cronies. And they also hold supreme positions in protecting thugs and gangster groups in the Klang Valley.

After some 'diggings' with Bukit Aman officials, traders, illegal gambling den owners, pirated CD sellers and some victims, I think this is a serious matter. However, I should be proud for them too - the only Malays who have full control on such groups!

This is not an accusation. I'm only calling for an investigation. I don't bank much hope on the police since they are not able to reach out for them. Its a delicate yet a dangerous case. They could be on the take too. And my life will be at stake if I spell out their names in full.

However, let me give you an example. A Malay pirated CD seller is busted minutes after opening up his business at a Cheras 'pasar malam', next to a non-Malay who also sells similar items. He was brought and locked-up for 3 days at the police station, produced in court and sent to 3 months jail.

However, the non-Malay who was also busted, got out of lock-up within an hour after being picked up, with all his CDs returned. Someone bailed him out, using the two big names I mentioned above. Whether its name dropping or what, it really works.

Go to Petaling Street, the non-Malay traders would name-drop Datuk Majal's name. Some say the Datuk controls and protects them from any enforcement actions.

I was also informed that two big clans - one named after a city in Russia, the other after an Orang Asli tribe - are close to them, channeling political fund and helps the Datuk to expand his business (a chain of restaurants).

I tried to call Hon Ramo last month but his officers shooed me off on the pretext that he was not in the office and had got no time for me. Fine.

If investigations establish a link among them, I think Prime Minister Najib should put a brake on it. The politician is not fit to hold any position at State or Federal level. The MACC should look into his wealth and make assessment of his income and expenditures.

It looks like I also need to lodge a police report for my protection and my family's safety. Personally, I don't see Umno should keep this kind of people. The rakyat must also reject them should they contest in the next general election.

Just a simple question to local councils, Ministry of Domestic Trade, the police and Home Ministry - if the Malays are not allowed to sell illegal items like pirated CDs, why allow the non-Malays to sell it freely?

Will someone please answer!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ISA torture notes: More lies than truth

Its leaking everywhere.

The 'harrowing torture notes from Kamunting' is making headlines again, especially on the Internet and the Opposition media. Mkini is riding on it.

But the manner in which the notes found its way to Mkini is quite intriguing. Why Mkini and not other channels like Suhakam or the Home Ministry or the PM Office? And of course, the timing of such a leak seemed to be well planned, when general election is just around the corner.

No need to tell you what Mkini is. We know the kind of people managing it.

I don't want to deny that such 'harrowing' events could have taken place in Bukit Aman or Kamunting. It could have happened a long time ago during the early days when ISA was enacted, or even now.

But my only concern is whether the allegations are bona fide. The portal, bearing high pride for being chosen the avenue for such leaks, decline to show the so said 'notes' or reveal the names of detainees who wrote it on the pretext of exclusivity and safety of the people who wrote it.

Now that Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein is faced with another challenging issue, he is left to no choice but to investigate. Our IGP Ismail Omar and team are also tasked into finding the truth about the notes.

Suhakam is already making noise but the Commission must also take into account many possibilities and from many aspects. The notes could have been written during the 60s or 70s or early 80s.

We have forensic experts to carry out such an investigation, to determine whether it is genuine or simply produced by hired professionals as part of the Opposition strategies to wipe out Barisan Nasional in the next national poll.

However, if its true that the police still subscribe to such a method in interrogating detainees, we need some major corrections there. Not that its against the Human Rights Convention, it is also against any norms of modern civilisation.

Whatever its is, the timing of such leaks is still in question. Yes, there are bad and policemen but as a media player - pro or anti-government - Mkini must not hide anything. If they think the people should know, then everything should be in the open.

And for KDN, its also the right time to review the status of management in Kamunting and Simpang Renggam. The team must change every 2 or 3 years. Prison jobs are very depressing and those who haven been deployed there for too long would find it frustrating.

This could also push them off the limit by 'working together' with the detainees or any unwanted parties. Otherwise, we would not find prison officers selling drugs and weapons to inmates and detainees.

Most of our prisons and other detention centers are without sufficient monitoring system, including CCTV. I think its time for the government to allocate the right budget for all lock-ups, prisons and detention centers to be equipped with such devices. This will help improve the image of security and of course, KDN and the government.

Ooh... to Mkini, please do not equate Kamunting to Guantanamo.Sometimes you people are too much overboard!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ron the 'kingmaker'

He wants to be the boss. As to whether others like it or not, he will not compromise. He practices corporate and legalistic entity - anything he says or does rule.

That's Ronnie Liu. He likes to pull his own trigger.

He jumps on Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and even Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, making decisions for DAP and PKR. To him, he must has the big say, just like his big mouth.

He doesn't care what other people or his comrades think about him. Given time and opportunity, he got the potential to jump to the party's top flight very, very soon. His supporters like his style, and of course they are looking forward to the day when he becomes the DAP boss.

To become the big boss, he must start from now. He himself must make decision on what others usually decide on consensus. He must have some strong grips from now on.

And so, as the Selangor executive councillor for local councils, Ron takes it all by himself. He chooses who should come in or goes out.

Latest, some people accused him of amending the finalised list of DAP's local councillors which has been endorsed by the state DAP.

In making the claim, former Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) councillor, K. Yogasigamany urged party secretary-general Guan Eng to step in immediately to resolve the issue and revamp the state DAP leadership.

Yogasigamany alleged that the appointment of DAP's local councillors was tainted with cronyism and nepotism by appointing cronies who were incompetent, uneducated and illiterate. He had served as MBSA councillor between July 2010 and February this year.

"I was unceremoniously dumped although I was endorsed for re-appointment (as Shah Alam councillor) by the Selangor DAP committee. Instead, I was appointed as Selayang Municipal Council councillor, which I rejected," he said.

Yogasigamany said he was informed by DAP Selangor committee member V. Ganapathi Rao, that he was replaced by Prakash Rao, believed to be a relative of Ganapathi, who had helped Ronnie in organising the party's 1,000 table charity dinner in Pandamaran, recently.

But I don't think Ron is giving a damn about such an allegation. This 'big guy' is DAP's kingmaker. Each time he decides on anything, his bosses will have to approve.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stop being melodramatic, Ambiga!

To Ambiga, please stop being melodramatic. No need to beg for sympathy either.

Why? Nobody is sending you to jail. This is Malaysia, a free country with its positive limitations. Do not compare Malaysia with Myanmar or equate yourself to Aung San Suu Kyi.

Wake up! You are not a freedom fighter like Suu Kyi. She (Suu Kyi) fought for a democratic Myanmar, just like what Malaysia and many countries are practicing. There was no democracy in Myanmar as they were under the junta rule.

You are propagating absolute freedom, free sex and a corrupt society. For heaven sake, this is not a cowboy country, a country where everybody can screw each other, insult the religions and mock the races.

What kind of a freedom do you want? Do you and your family practice absolute freedom of speech in the sense that you can use profanity words against your parents, your neighbors and your friends; look down at their skin color and encourage them to have bastards and enjoy same sex intercourse?

My God! Which religion allows that, would you please tell me! What kind of freedom could that be?

You said Bersih is not responsible for the fracas during April 28 rally. Why can't you take full responsibility for that since you were the one who called for support and participation. However, you failed to control those people, your own supporters!

Are you aware of what is taking place in Myanmar now? Would you, personally, wish for Malaysia to plunge into such a situation if absolute freedom is our practice here? Where would you go or hide if such a violent 'revolution' come knocking at your door?

I like freedom too, everybody else would love it too. But I would not allow my daughter and son to come home with their out-of-wedlock babies. I don't know if you like it but as a human, I will deplore it!

So, you want to change the government. Fine, but do it in a democratic way, via election. If you don't trust the electoral system, I better recommend the prime minister to defer the national poll or put the country under 'mageran' like we used to have once. Until you and your friends are satisfied with the conduct of the poll, we better not have an election after all!

You are a Malaysian, born, brought up, studied and earn a living here. I hope you don't regret being a Malaysian because this nation is totally different from others for its multi-religion and multi-racial content. Myanmar is not even close to us, and so are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Syria, India, China or Korea.

We have the Opposition at the Parliament and I believe the government does listen to their suggestion and complaints. Each and every Malaysian is represented and their voice is well-heard by those administering the government.

However, changes do not come with a blink. It takes time and crucial consideration. If you think you can change the government by force, what makes you so sure that the government you support can fend itself from a la Bersih bandwagon?

Since when did we have a constructive Opposition in the Parliament? If the Opposition's role is to object everything, then they have failed the country and their electorates.

And what make you to proclaim that the 20,000 or 30,000 people who joined Bersih were actually representing each and every Malaysian? What kind of people and mentality that you had incited to join the rally?

I wonder if your team successfully forms a government after the next national poll, what kind of action would you take to confront such a rally. I wonder how would you tell the rakyat if your human rights tools lead to moral decay and social values' deterioration. Perhaps you would tell them that its their rights to do anything they wish!

So, forget your dream of becoming another Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela. Stop drawing smpathy from the foreign media and foreign forces. If you get the chance to rule this country and introduce what you have been propagating, I don't think you would be ready to face the masses!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's join PAS, they can defer your death!

I've been thinking of joining PAS. As a member, I will enjoy many privileges, including a free ticket to the moon.

Among the benefits I would enjoy as a PAS member are:

1.   No matter how much I have sinned, I will straight away go to heaven when I die.

2.   My Islam is much better than that of those in Umno and other parts of the world.

3.   I can postpone or defer my haj pilgrimage for the sake of politics.

4.   I can also defer my solat to help my party leaders in their political campaigns.

5.   I can defer visiting the sick or dead as PAS' politics is above everything.

6.   I can defer my Friday prayer to next week or next month in the name of politics.

7.   I can also ask God to defer my death until my party wins the next general election.

8.   I am free to support Bersih as long as Pakatan Rakyat wins the national poll.

9.   I can issue any fatwa to protect my party and to woo more support.

10. I can sit and mix freely with those who want to tear the country apart in the name of 'jihad'.

11. I  am allowed to sell Malay lands in Kelantan to the non-Malays via a convert.

12. I don't mind the country plunges into turmoil and bloodshed as long as PAS rules.

13. In Pakatan, actually PAS is the dominant party, so DAP and PKR must shut up!

14. We will implement 'hudud'. Doesn't matter if DAP rejects it.

15. I don't have to to worry about anything; God will safe us all in the party.

There are more. You readers should think about it.

So, come on buddies! Let's join PAS today!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dataran Merdeka: Another Tiananmen soon?

One and a half month after the ugly Bersih 3.0 rally, a small group is still occupying Dataran Merdeka, a sign that Ambiga & Gang are still represented in their ongoing open 'war' against the King, the government and the people.

Notwithstanding its effect on social harmony and stability, their ultimate objective to stage a coup before the next general election is expected to take a new devastating turn - by turning Merdeka Square into another Tiananmen.

The April 28 rally failed to run down the government but they were very successful in inflicting heavy losses to the country's image as the most safest nation in Asean.

No, they don't want that. Being a safe country does not bring any good if Pakatan Rakyat fails to conquer Putrajaya in the next national poll. By hook or by crook, they must win and in ensuring that, it doesn't matter if the whole country plunges into bloodshed.

Not only that they were inspired by Tahrir Square revolts. Tiananmen Square looks more practical in the sense that whatever happens, the government should take all the blame.

The Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, also known as the June 4th Revolution in Beijing, were a series of popular demonstrations which begun on April 15 of the same year. It started on a small scale before erupted into a 'mini war' between protesters (most of them were students) with the security forces.

In the end, at least 2,500 were killed while 10,000 more injured, making it among the most bloodiest protest the world had ever observed.

Reasons for the protests were high inflation and jobless rates, corruption and the waning of Communism around the world, particularly in eastern Europe They demanded for an open and free market system and a democratic reform for the whole of China.

They also called for continued economic reform, freedom of the Press, accountability from officials and political liberalisation. At the height of the protests, almost a million people converged at the Square, chanting anti-government slogans, disrupting traffic and provoking the security forces.

Across China, similar protest took place in Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian and Changsha which saw some protesters began looting and rioting. That was when the army and the police had to intervene to disperse them. Unfortunately, they had chosen to collide with the security personnel.

Exactly this is the modus operandi of Bersih 3.0. The only thing that differs them with Tiananmen is Ambiga and Gang are demanding for a more 'clean and transparent' electoral system. They are more concern to install someone as a prime minister rather than working closely with the government in keeping inflation at bay and creating more job opportunity for the rakyat.

However, will Pakatan Rakyat participate in the national poll when their objective to change the government was not met? Furthermore, they will continuously criticise the integrity of the electoral system, and this opens a big suggestion - that they will do anything to disrupt the next national poll.

And now that they already have some representatives to occupy Dataran Merdeka, its is believed more will join them when Prime Minister dissolves the Parliament and announces the general elections' date.

It wont be a surprise if Dataran erupts with gunfire during the election campaign. The police too have limitations in carrying out their duty. Worse still, there are words that should such an event takes place, the army might step in.

Its all about winning the general election and power. Let the whole nation loses everything as long as their ambition is attained.

They have not seen the riots and ugly protests in Warsaw, Poland in 1985 when Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa took to the streets. They have not observed how students protest in Pusan, South Korea in 1991 claimed hundreds of life and how Tiananmen opened the floodgate to hell.

But I was there, except for Tiananmen where I arrived a week later.

You cannot buy democracy. It is determined by the people, our rakyat. To takeover the government, one must try win the general election. If you don't trust the election system, skip from contesting until you are satisfied with its conduct.

No. What you lead does not represent the masses and their voice. You are doing all this for the sake of making troubles... and for the politics of one single person!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gerakan supports Bar Council's president

I found this piece on Parti Gerakan Pulau Pinang's website yesterday, wondering if the party has taken the right stand.

It's about the remarks by Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee on June 7 who pointed out to the recent amendment to the Kedah Mufti and Fatwa Enactment (2008). I am only of the opinion that religious matter like this should be left to the Sultan or the Islamic Council for deliberations.

Well, I have my own standpoint - religious matter should be kept out of politics!

The article reads:
"In referring to the remarks by Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee on last Thursday (7 June) that pointed out the recent amendment to the Kedah Mufti and Fatwa Enactment (2008) on 17 April barring all fatwas or edicts from being challenged in courts is unconstitutional, Kedah Gerakan Chairman cum Derga State Assemblyman Dr. Cheah Soon Hai welcomes his critical comment on the issue and is very much agree with the viewpoint of the Malaysian Bar chief.

"Dr. Cheah shares profoundly the same disquiet and concern of the Bar Council on the issue. He strongly feels that the amendment has made the fatwas in Kedah absolute, immune to challenge in any civil or Syariah court, which is essentially unconstitutional.

"The BN ADUNs have vehemently opposed the amendment when it was tabled during the last state assembly in April, but DAP and PKR have kept quiet and let the PAS ADUNs to bulldoze the amendment.

“This issue should be taken seriously by the people especially the Kedahans as it is a serious offense to the human rights that goes against the spirit of the law and an overt violation to the doctrine of separation of powers that is essential for the democratic system in the country with fundamental check and balance on the three branches of government – the legislative, judiciary and executive.

"For this reason, we are certainly cannot afford to underestimate or overlook the issue for being apathetic and impassive,” stressed Dr. Cheah.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anwar's RM3b: A new probe, MACC?

A BANK chief executive officer had declared to the Anti-Corruption  Agency (ACA) in 1999 that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had instructed him to channel millions of ringgit into the accounts of individuals and companies.

According to the New Straits Times, ACA had obtained a confession from the CEO, who was the first suspect questioned by the graft-fighting body investigating alleged corruption and abuse of power by Anwar, who was deputy prime minister and finance minister until Sept 2, 1998.

Quoting reliable sources, NST said the CEO would have been a star witness, having managed the movement of the funds locally, only for investigators to discover that those instructions were largely verbal and without a paper trail.

A statutory declaration (SD) by former Bank Negara assistant governor Abdul Murad Khalid had sparked the probe.

Murad said Anwar had amassed some RM3 billion during his tenure in the administration, adding that the latter’s cronies had set up master accounts from which contributions could be made in Anwar’s interests.

The ACA had, in connection with the case, roped in Bank Negara's investigators and launched investigation papers (IPs), including into one master account related to some RM3 billion, which was opened in the British Virgin Islands.

However, in his blog today, Anwar posted a decision by former ACA director of investigations Abdul Razak Idris who told the KL High Court on Nov 11, 2009 that he had cleared him of allegations of stashing RM3 billion in foreign accounts and having foreign links to Western interests.

He also said ACA had investigated the matter following allegations made in a statutory declaration by Murad.

I personally believe the MACC (formerly ACA) has to reopen investigation. Since so many parties are questioning Anwar and the way his case was handled, some aspects of the investigation have to be looked into. Until all parties involved are called to give statements and evidence, the matter should not be considered 'totally closed'.

Monday, June 11, 2012

No crossover in Sabah

So, nothing happened during Anwar Ibrahim's visit to Sabah yesterday. Rumors about some State politicians, including a few Member of Parliament would jump over to Pakatan Rakyat, turned out to be part of the Opposition's rotten propaganda.

The big names whom PR rumormongers have claimed as 'almost certain' to shift to the Opposition were nowhere near Anwar or at the airport around 1.40pm to greet him.

So, where were Tuaran MP and UPKO (United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation) deputy president Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing and Beaufort MP and Umno supreme council member Lajim Ukin who is said to be growing increasingly disenchanted with his party leadership?

I came to know about the rumors from some tweets on Friday and Saturday. The Malaysian Insider also carried a story that talk of the possible crossovers was rife with former Sabah chief minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee openly naming four individuals who may announce their PKR memberships during Anwar's visit.

“Just name them lah — Osu (the ex-CM), Sen. Maijol (UPKO), Amir Kahar (the son) and Kasitah (ex-minister). Will it happen?” he posted in reply to journalist Philip Golingai (@PhilipGolingai).

Yong, who leads local opposition party Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), was responding to an earlier tweet from Golingai claiming that 'a former Sabah chief minister, a senator, a son of Tun Mustapha, an ex federal minister are on the list of mass political conversion'.

The four individuals named by Yong were former Sabah chief minister Osu Sukam, UPKO vice-president Senator Maijol Mahap, former Banggi assemblyman Amir Kahar Mustapha and former federal minister Kasitah Gaddam.

I am not sure what prompted Golingai to come up with such a 'story' and what actually excite him but I am dead sure that the Opposition has a 'big bad' agenda for Sabahans. After failing to takeover Sarawak in the State election, Sabah is obviously a good target, especially with the number of many political flops there.

We know who these people are. However, it will not be a loss to Barisan Nasional. If the electorates have rejected them for their 'crimes', their crossover is of no significant to the Opposition too. Unless PR is in dire need of such politicians to run Sabah!

However, not to undermine the Opposition, let's wait for the result of Anwar's visit to the State. Crossover or not, Sabah politic is also too delicate to handle!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guan Eng is anti-Press freedom!

I don't remember Koh Tsu Koon, during his tenure as Penang chief minister, had ever imposed any ban or restriction on any newspaper and TV station, including the opposition media that attacked him all over. Never, that I can recall.

However, DAP's chief minister Lim Guan Eng, despite his full backing for 'freedom of the Press', is just another 'cakap tak serupa bikin'.

LGE's move to bar certain media outlets that have been critical of his administration is a retrograde move that threatens the freedom of expression in Penang.

The State Government’s cavalier attitude towards media freedom which seeks to exclude those who are critical of them and only include those who publish favourable reports is most unbecoming of a state government that professes to be competent, accountable and transparent.

This is the counter-article written by Koh's special officer Ivanpal S Grewal in response to a Malaysia Chronicle's Ng Wei Aik who battered Barisan Nasional Chairman of Penang, Teng Chang Yeow over LGE's intolerance for media outlets that criticised him.

"This is yet another mischievous attempt by the State Government and the governing coalition in Penang to deflect criticisms and scrutiny of their actions by demonising Barisan Nasional and its component parties," Ivanpal wrote.

"The Chief Minister and his administration should in fact respond to criticisms with truth and reason, and not resort to undemocratic methods such as banning media outlets from state government events.

"It is ironic because as the Federal Government proceeds with its political transformation programme which includes granting of greater freedom to the media, the State Government of Penang is moving in a diametrically opposite direction by seeking to muzzle the press.

"For a party that claims to be a champion media freedom, the Democratic Action Party has shown itself to be intolerant of any criticism to the extent it has justified the banning of Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times as a purported act of self-defence.

"I find it hard to fathom this justification. The Federal Government and other Barisan Nasional controlled State Governments have never resorted to banning any media outlets from covering them as such measures are ineffective and counter-productive despite many media outlets, especially the electronic media, being exceptionally critical at times.

"Former Chief Minister of Penang, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon in his 18 years as Chief Minister never banned any media outlet from covering his administration despite adverse and critical reports because he has always believed and continues to believe in the importance of a free press."


Friday, June 8, 2012

Unisel PTPTN: Pakatan falls into its own trap!


What's the fuss about this PTPTN for Unisel students, Mr Kit Siang and Co?

Maybe you have forgotten that your big boss Anwar Ibrahim and friends were the ones inciting the students to stage that stupid demo at Dataran Merdeka asking for the study loan to be scrapped and demanding for free education instead.

And now you are asking Muhyiddin and Khaled to apologise. For what? Who should apologise for Malaysian parents and students who all the while depend much on the 'your-proposed-to-scrap' study loan?

About 80 per cent of the loan recipients are students from the middle and low income brackets. You 'takpa la' because you and gang are rich enough to send your kids abroad. Many Malays can't afford that, and that's why they really appreciate the PTPTN.

The so-called PTPTN 'fiasco' over Unisel was, I think, part of the political script to trap you, Anwar and the rest. As the propagators of the anti-PTPTN rally, you are now aware of how important the loan scheme is for many Malaysians.

I am also of the believe that it was a 'small test' to you and Anwar. You people finally fell into your own trap. Remember the saying - he who digs a pit for his brother will himself fall into it? You asked for it, and you got it right away!

So, you want free education. The Opposition slamned the government for building more schools, more 'sekolah agama' and more Chinese schools nationwide. You criticised the government for giving various incentives to boarding schools and public colleges. You even chided the ruling party for showing great emphasis towards education, claiming that it's all politically motivated.

The anti-PTPTN students you support were also asking for scholarship, instead of study loan. Do you have any idea how many million of them are at the public and private colleges and universities? Do you want to sponsor 'half past six' graduates who only enjoy the money and walk off with no scroll?

Come on la. You better tell the students to proof they are fit to receive the scholarship. I am not sure if DAP gives away scholarship to students and if it does, do you have any figure as to how many of them really excel?

If Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election and forms the government, can you promise free education and scholarship to all who enroll at colleges and universities? Don't 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. And how many countries in the world do that? Compared to the number of our population and our economic strength, are we capable of that?

So, what's the fuss about Unisel PTPTN? I thought you would support and commend it as an initial move to abolish PTPTN. Let their students' parents sell their soul to raise the money for them, and Pakatan Rakyat is there to help!

So, satisfied with what you people have been fighting for all this while - to scrap PTPTN? There you are, now blaming it on Muhyiddin and Khaled.

Who set the trap in the first place? Hehehehehe....

'Padan muka!'

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bersih video: It will come... sabar la!

Some quarters are already demanding the Home Ministry to release the police video-account on Bersih 3.0. Some even accused the ministry and the government of trying to 'tamper' with it first before making it public.

A statement by Home Ministry's sec-gen Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi yesterday failed to quash wild remarks by the Opposition and few NGOs that the delay was simply to provide time for Bukit Aman to edit any parts that show 'police brutality'.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein had on May 31 said that video footage of the rally would be made available to the public within two days. On Monday, he said the recordings would be uploaded to the ministry's website by yesterday.

To those who have been making such remarks, hear this - the video is actually ready to be uploaded to the ministry's website.

However, as Rahim mentioned, it would be wiser for the Independent Advisory Panel to see it first before it was released.

Members of the panel will have it first at its meeting next Monday before the public can see the free flow content of it.

The ministry got nothing to hide, and so is Bukit Aman. No tampering, no superimposition and no editing was done. It's the original footage from the April 28 rally. And it has nothing to do with the govt legal suit against Bersih organiser Ambiga.

But why aren't Bersih organising members like Ambiga, Anwar and others remained quiet about the video. The pressure was only coming from some NGOs and pro-govt organisations, and NOT from the Opposition?

Even Anwar and Ambiga did not utter a single word about the promised video. Hmmmm...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'Himpunan Menjunjung Taat Setia' against Nizar

Johor Umno Youth is organising a rally, 'Himpunan Menjunjung Taat Setia' at Istana Pasir Pelangi, Johor Bahru on Sunday June 10 to protest Perak PAS deputy commissioner Mohamad Nizar's tweet over the successful bid for the WWW1 car registration number by Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

Nizar, who will give a statement to Johor police on Wednesday over his tweet, is facing mounting protest and criticism from the Malays, especially in Johor and will be investigated under the Sedition Act.

Johor police chief Mokhtar Shariff told Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein on Monday that two police officers would record Nizar's statement.

So far, Johor police had received 39 reports over the tweet.

Mohamad Nizar had reportedly questioned the sultan’s RM520,000 successful bid for the car registration number, apparently implying that the sultan had used public funds to make the purchase.

On Sunday, more than 500 members of 26 NGOs in Johor marched a distance of three kilometres in Johor Bahru city in protest against Mohamad Nizar’s tweet.

On June 10, Pemuda Umno expects to gather about 10,000 people at the Istana compound.

Monday, June 4, 2012

MalaysiaKini - Pakatan Rakyat's propaganda arm

It’s about time that Malaysiakini stops pretending to be part of the media and admit that it is a propaganda machine for Pakatan Rakyat. Definitely not the free media as it claims to be.

Anyone who has been into the portal the last few years knows that Malaysiakini has actively campaigned for Pakatan. That is okay actually. It’s their right to take sides. Just don’t claim to be free and fair, and condemn the mainstream media as biased, one sided and controlled.

The news there is not only 90% about Pakatan, the slant and the spin is ridiculously anti BN. In fact, its CEP Pramesh Chandra openly tweets against the BN.

Negative news about Pakatan does not see light of day but negative news about Najib and Umno and BN, in that order, are given big play up.

So if you are a reader of Malaysiakini, you will think that 80% of Malaysians support Bersih, Ambiga is a saint sent down to save Malaysia from unfair and unfree elections, Najib and his wife are murderers, everyone in Umno is stupid and corrupt, and Anwar Ibrahim is God’s gift to mankind and Nurul Izzah should be PM. And Malaysiakini is the only unbiased media in the country.

Everyone hates Utusan Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysiakini is Pakatan’s version of Utusan. It is unshamedly pro Pakatan, it has no qualms about twisting stories about the BN and when they are wrong, they quickly pull out the story and behave like it never existed. Can you blame the Umno people if they hate Malaysiakini the way the Chinese hate Utusan?

read more in StopTheLies...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

No compromise in security matters!

That's the way to go, Mr Prime Minister!

No compromise and no discount on national security. This is our country and we are fully responsible in putting the house to order. We may not be popular among the minority but the masses will surely want you and your generals to continue developing the nation and prospering the people.

No foreign powers have any rights to interfere in our security matters and the set of laws introduced. They may as well take care of their domestic problems first before commenting on others. As much as we have been staying away from making remarks about their domestic problem, we also want them to stay clear of ours.

We have been through some bad political and racial episodes. The May 13 1969 have taught us, Malaysians, to be more resilient and more tolerant. As to whether we are Malays, Chinese, Indians or others, Malaysia is and will remain ours to manage. If we choose to be racist, we will in the end have to pay a heavy price for our wrongdoing and bad intention.

Although the threat of communism is no longer part of our worries, radical and extremist politics are equal to it. Those propagating any form of extremism are equal to other forms of subversive, and that calls for a tough and strict counter-measure to put it off.

We also cannot afford another Memali and Sauk incidents where religious fanatics tried to run down the country by deviations and war. We just cannot tolerate another fanatism in our effort to boost the economy and strengthening inter-racial and inter-religious understanding among the people.

We need moderate leaders, those who are able to see and weigh various sentiments in a unique country like ours. We need politics of the moderates and not any form of politics of extremism that can plunge the whole nation into chaos and disorder.

I believe most Malaysians are peace-lovers and will reject such politics.

The Internal Security Act (ISA) has proven very effective in putting the house in order. Although it is no longer in practice, some elements of it need to be retained.

Whether the Opposition or their foreign agents like it or not, we need an effective set of laws to weed out elements of subversive from our compound. Some governments that lambasted our laws are actually the ones imposing the most draconian laws themselves.

I do not wish to write more. As the leader, you know what is best for the country and the people.

And as a rakyat, I have my own obligation to fulfill.

(nak pergi 4 majlis kenduri kawin, YAB!)