This e-mail from Beruang Biru is worth read. I don't know who the writer is but he/she has been sending me series of 'sensational' comments of late. After a minimal editing, this is the refreshed version:

"If we are to count the number of summons made by Anwar to certain individuals within these years, it is simply mind blowing. What I meant mind blowing is the number of summons and the amount (of money) Anwar demanded.

"This alone shows that Anwar seems like a man who obeys the law and would only refer to the court if he feels that someone made defamation statements against him.

The keyword here is obeying the law. But in matters of attending to court as a witness for a civil suit between a businessman Low Thiam Hoe and Hong Leong Bank, Anwar was seen to be holding his laugh. Bernama reported that the lawyer for plaintiff D Paramalingam followed Anwar for two days at the Parliament but he still failed to hand over the summon to Anwar.

The first day was because he could not find Anwar. He did find Anwar on the second day but Anwar refused to accept the summon.

Another person mentioned in the case, Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan received the subpoena but will apply to reject it. Why can't Anwar do the same thing, makes it look weird. With legendary lawyers around him, why is it so hard for him to simply take the subpoena and apply to reject it?

This matter reminded writer to the subpoena that was made by Anwar's lawyer to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife during the case where Anwar was accused of sodomising Saiful Bukhari. The Prime Minister received the subpoena but then rejected it.

What did Anwar and his 'gang' said back then? Najib was a wuss, right? Now Anwar would not even take the subpoena, what should we call him? Chicken?

The same thing happened with the RM100 million summon he filed against Datuk Nallakarupan and Utusan Malaysia. Up to now, there is still no sign of the writ of summon that was supposed to be handed to the two defendants that he stated.

How can they proceed with the trial if the writs are still not there? Why is he scared?

It is believed that all this proofs that Anwar is not really interested to obey the law. He just want to be seen as a person that really 'obeys the law' when the fact is, he is more interest in abusing the process of law so that he could reach his ambition - to become the next Prime Minister.

The issue of KBBGate is not a small matter. A total of RM445 million was paid for a transaction that never took place. Anwar must respond to this.

The RM445 million is part of rakyat's money as the government paid the bank that amount as an effort to restore our economy during the economic crisis from year 1998 to 2000. It was also meant to strengthen the banking sector as they did not have the capacity to provide loans during that time.

By comparison, that value of money is not the same in 1998 and the present time. Umno must also investigate the matter. Before Anwar puts the blame on the party, we need to be very careful here. Anwar was Umno deputy president when the 'transaction' took place'..."