Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pro-Umno but not pro-BN!

I have written about it, that some pro-Umno bloggers are just pro-Umno and not pro-Barisan Nasional.

They are more keen to write about Umno, portraying the prospect that Umno can form the government 'alone' and winning the upcoming general election without any assistance from its allies MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others in the political pact.

Some comments did whack me for criticising the bloggers but my standpoint remains clear - supporting Umno alone and at the same time undermining its partners in BN spells trouble. There are some elements of racism in their jottings by putting the Malay party's interest above the importance of helping BN wins the national poll.

They are actually saboteurs to ruling government. Uplifting Umno alone and condemning others would eventually weaken BN further, thus its chance to remain in power after the 13th general election hinges only on chance and luck!

I am not certain if my message about this 'danger' really got to the head of at least three ministers, two deputy ministers, three secretary-generals, four director-generals and some high ranking officials who deal directly with news and media, notably the new media.

They organised series of seminar and brainstorming session for their respective group of bloggers but nothing change! Most of their bloggers are still very much pro-Umno and not pro-BN. If they are pro-BN, they will also help MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other BN component parties in their campaign and struggle.

However, they took it for granted. They hit out hard at Chui Soi Lek, Palanivel and Gerakan leaders which made them look more like the opposition and as equal as Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz and Lim Kit Siang.

In the latest case, MCA president Chua Soi Lek was taken aback by some pro-Umno bloggers who dont bother about BN, To them, BN is okay to lose but not Umno as the Malay party should stand on its own.

Moreover, these bloggers like to personalise and dramatise bickerings within MCA, MIC and Gerakan. To some extent, their writings failed to recognise BN as they only see Umno as Barisan Nasional.

So, what is their motive and objective, plus their perception on BN itself?

Chua has reasons to avow his displeasure at some pro-Umno blogers who do not care for BN. To them,, Umno is BN and BN is Umno, and as such other parties in BN should stay put and don;t disturb Umno.
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 – MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today condemned the behaviour of pro-Umno bloggers who he claimed were only interested in “scoops and spinning” rather than helping out his party.

Dr Chua had blamed the pro-Umno blogger who published his remarks against former president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat for starting the public tiff between the two, claiming that the chat had been behind closed doors

“They obviously do not honour what was discussed ... It was a closed door interaction to talk about MCA’s preparation for general election,” Dr Chua (picture) explained in a press conference here.
“It was just a chit-chat, some of (my remarks) were in a joking form ... So obviously they have no reporting ethics.”

“I would like to condemn their behaviour, and the fact that they broke that promise,” Dr Chua added, referring to the bloggers’ pledge to not publish any of his remarks that was made in a friendly manner.


Anonymous said...

Ok, one thing first, what is MCA and MIC doing?
The Star is supposed to be MCA's paper, why do we have Helen Ang pointing out it serves DAP more than MCA or BN?

Anonymous said...

Saudara Bujai,

Saya setuju dengan pandangan anda bahawa menyokong UMNO sahaja tidak akan menjamin kemenangan cemerlang BN.
Walaupun keadaan MCA,GERAKAN dan MIC dalam keadaan lemah parti parti ini perlu diberi sokongan demi kejayaan cemerlang BN dalam PRU 13.
Saya juga setuju sepatutnya apa yang diperkatakan oleh CSL tidak perlulah digembar gemburkan!
Cuma yang saya kesal kenapa CSL begitu 'melenting' dengan hal ini sedangkan apa yang ditulis oleh akhbar The Star milik MCA yang selalu memihak kepada DAP dan orang orangnya, CSL 'diam' sahaja?

alatiffh said...

How about the Star. Own by MCA but pro DAP. This is worst case of baxk stabbing.

on the fence said...

i guess if bn goes down in the next pru, you guys can put the blame on ahmad maslan, rais yatim, rais info dg brahim and their media.

i have read nasty remarks by umno bloggers about mca and mic without realising the opposition gets some good credit out of it.

look at those bloggers who write unpleasant reports about mca. u think the mca members like it uh?

penangan said...

salam tuan,

kita sokong penulis laman blog umno ini kerana merekalah pejuang siber yang kental dan berani.

akan tetapi sesetengah daripada mereka yang mengetepikan pentingnya memelihara nama baik parti komponen lain dalam barisan nasional, adalah tidak berapa cerdik.

mereka terlalu emosi dalam penulisan hinggakan lupa bahawa umno dan mca serta parti lain saling memerlukan, apatah lagi pada pru akan datang.

mereka perlu belajar jadi profesional dalam erti kata sebenar...

janice said...

i dont care if pro-umno bloggers are not favoring mca but they must be reminded that umno cannot form the govt alone.

u want to bet your arse for it?

Anonymous said...


some bloggers are fair and really good. also bloggers like you who know how to balance your thought.

those who are perceived as not pro-bn and only pro-umno are the ones on the umno payroll, wanting to please their paymaster and be seen as taking side in many issues evolving barisan nasional.

where do we go from here if mca leaders and members turn their back on bn?

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

jai, aku sendiri pernah sebut benda ni kepada haji ibrahim, ketua pengarah penerangan tapi beberapa orang bloger di bawah dia masih macam tu jugak, hentam mca dan parti lain.

agaknya mereka nak tengok barisan nasional ni berpecah belah kot?

bagus juga kalau bagi peluang kepada pakatan rakyat memerintah. baru padan muka diorang ni!

tauke lim said...

pro umno but not pro bn.

good lor!

in the near term, barisan nasional will go haywire.

this is what the bloggers want.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

If it was "behind closed doors" and presumably not many attended, surely he can identify the likely culprit, talk to the fellow, why huha in the media?

CSL has to remember MCA has to deliver the seats at PRU13 that were lost by them at PRU12. Just be passengers but help drive the bus.

And note that Al Juburi is using a RM1 million specially built bus - with a toilet meant for two!

Anonymous said...

alamak you people, 1-2 hentam mca or reveal behind-closed-door talk, jangan hentam yang lain lah.

nanti jadi fuckatan blokes, the sun rises in the east pun nak blame umno.

tebing tinggi said...

CSL is not happy with pro UMNO bloggers which he said are not pro BN,he should asked himself making comments to 'The Star' does it's shows he really work for the winning of BN or giving indirect signal to the Chinese that UMNO had sideline that Chinese base party so that they could go free as they please.
Who are indirectly sabotage the BN hear but blame it to the UMNO bloggers as if the stand is from UMNO it self,this is typical LG eng style and the senior Lim.
I used to say if UMNO dident make this time UMNO will be alone in the opposition bench ,DAP will majority by putting an open arm to MCA,Gerakan and not to forget MIC and PPPas well.
Who will lead then ?, folk's this is democratic system ,I already smells the rat's .

sad said...

i dont know whats the motive of some pro-umno bloggers badmouthing mca and other bn parties. what do they want actually? to see umno as the only party in bn?

come on guys.... general election is coming. if you hate us, lets secure bn's win first before telling us to leave bn!

we in mca are honest with this partnership with umno

Anonymous said...

bodoh punya orang.

star ni milik mca, mca ialah dalam barisan nasional.

kalau benda2 kecik macam ni pun jadi isu besar kepada umno, tak nampak cara lain dah kecuali mca keluar je dari bn, biar umno je try lawan pembangkang.

Anonymous said...

Haaaa Sekarang Baru Keluar yang terbenar!

Kalau tak faham lagi UMNO Blogger amat Bodoh

MCA Supporter

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek should realize bloggers are independent writers. They are not controlled by any authority, except some who are appointed by certain political parties to publicize the party. That's it.

Internet is 'public forum'. But he should more concern about The Star. I agree with some of the commentators above who hilite the inappropriate conduct by The Star. Seems they are more aligned towards DAP nowadays. And this is only happening after Soi Lek's victory over Ong Tee Keat. So CSL should watch his own mouth and leadership instead of finding 'scapegoat' by blaming the free bloggers.

x-umno said...

"Pro-Umno but not pro-BN!"

Because..... why would you want to have a partner that cannot contribute to your partnership anymore?

MCA and MIC have become a very demanding sleeping partner for too long.

And then you wonder why BN is losing? Hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Chua just try to divert the issue that he and his MCAss are not doing their jobs..That's why they're busy finger pointing at others for their laziness..Why don't Chua put the blame on The Star which is owned by MCAss, but working for the DAPig hah?! How pathetic is MCAss due to the fact that they couldn't even tell their own newspaper to be their voice?!

Anonymous said...


without the support of Malays that are Pro-UMNO, you dimwits will be surely wiped out by the DAPig in the last GE!

Shows some gratitude lah you ungrateful dimwits!

Anonymous said...

UMNO bawah Mamak dah jadi bongkak Dan sombong

Anonymous said...

what have MCA and GErakan done for BN...nothing concrete.

Semua left to UMNO machinery to do the things..

Even to win also have to rely on Malay majority seat.

What have Star done for UMNO and BN and for MCA and Gerakan themselves ther than promoting Evangelical Christian Agendas?

MCA and CSL specially need to be hit badly on his head..for doing nothing agaisnt the STAR...

Mahu undi tapi malas..

Mahu undi tapi suratkhabr sendiri pun tak mampu nak control..

Instead of OTK leaving BN if the parliment happened to be hung, i think CSL and BN will make the firts move to join PR leaviung UMNO alone...


Anonymous said...

Hahhh Kalau Berani Pergi Lah Bertanding Sorang UMNO Sombong!!

Ingat boleh menang ke kalau tak ada MCA dan MIC!

Kau Ingat Kalau tidak dengan MCA dan MIC UMNO boleh memerintah sebegitu lama ke?

Buta Sejarah!

Anonymous said...

I'm pro-PM but anti-UMNO, anti-BN, anti-DAP, anti-PAS and anti-Anwar.

Hopefully Bebas candidates will win majority of the parliament and go to hell with partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

dr muzi,

Not likely for CSL to join PR in a hung Parliament. What post would PR give him in that case? Maybe Office Boy post or a glorified clerk.

In BN he - and/or a few other MCA fellas can get Minister and Deputy Minister posts what.

Only thing is tell CSL and the MCA flers to work their shit out to get back the seats they lost at PRU12 lorr.

Maybe that's what the fler was intending by leaking out the so-called "friendly" but possibly not-beneficial-to-BN remarks.

Why bickering so close to PRU13?