Friday, November 2, 2012

When ministers ignore blogs...

The problem with some ministers is that, they don't have 'hands on' in many things, taking granted that the portfolio will remain theirs in the next general election. Their major concern is to make this and that announcement, calling for press conference and safeguarding their politics.

A few even failed to keep abreast with developments around them, particularly the ones that got a lot to do with their respective ministries and agencies.

And for that reason, maybe, they don't care what is happening outside their office and on the ground.

Worse still, there are ministers who hate blogs and news portal, just because they think they are always right in making whatever decision, that a minister position is like an angel.

So, when we take blogs so lightly, we think we already know everything from A to Z about developments which are related to our area of respobsibility.

However, I am not blaming them all for being ignorance of the importance of blogs and news portal. Why? They engaged lousy media and special officers who only 'makan gaji buta' and keep giving wrong advice and input to the bosses.

And when the opposition and even members of the BN backbenchers made noise about issues affecting our portfolio, we either keep quiet for not having the right set of answers or blow out top for no reason.

How come we are not aware of the al-Qaeda-linked blog '' that operates in Malaysia and giving online training to our youths who are easily-led by 'jihad' and religious sentiments?

Why must those outside the respective ministry, especially the public, had to inform us of such a dangerous activity taking place in our backyard? And what are the people we hired doing to detect and identify the culprits behind it?

Well, may we are too busy as ministers and politics that we leave everything to our impotent new media officers, who at every meeting only feed us with the good news!

That's just an example of how we play negligence to our surrounding. We always thought that 'the situation is under control' until it burst on our face.... and any action would come too late. The damage has been so perfect. has been there for quite sometimes until it got 'erased' after The Star reported it.

It has been sending messages to potential 'members' worldwide, interacting on how to launch a 'jihad' by means of aggression and subversion, and we still call it 'not alarming' and 'no proof that Malaysia has fast becoming a training ground for such extremists!'

Yes, some blogs are lousy and nasty but even a 'stupid one' can be very helpful in formulating our policy and charting the direction of the nation.

I hate to mention it all over again but perhaps some of our YBs would like to know that blogs are more popular than newspapers these days as the content comes without strict editing.

So, to few of our minister friends, stop sleeping on the job!


Anonymous said...

lets see if they can retain their respective seat in the next general election!

asshole ministers!

masih di BH said...


i know and those who read this posting will notice how frustrated u are with hisham the home minister.

he doesnt like blogs, he does not read blogs and he hates reading anything academic and informative.

his media officers are full of shit, only giving him the 'positive lies' to cheer him up and bodek him.

these few officers get among the highest pay as compared with others but they only produce shit. but what to do because hisham loves them and believes in everything they do!

karipuley said...

hishammuddin will never learn!

all these while he thought his media team is the best but they are actually a bunch of 'ball carriers', with the main objective is to please him 24-hour a day with their nonsense report.

pity u la hisham!

Anonymous said...


apasal lu takut nak sebut nama datuk hisham kat sini?

sebut je la. dia bukan bagi kau apa2 pun selama kau pertahankan dia ni!

dia memang benci blog dan bloger. yang dia suka cuma dua tiga orang bloger mencarut dan kaki ampu!

penangan said...

salam tn,

banyak lagi blog jenis merbahaya kepada negara ni, cuma kita tau beberapa saja, yg lain perlukan siasatan.

KDN nampaknya tak ambil pusing dengan kewujudan blog seperti ini, mungkin kerana tidak ada yang menjerit minta siasatan.

datuk hisham jugak yang pening kepala!

Anonymous said...

whats so great of being a minister if we cant perform and only depending on our political strength to stay on!

pro-Pakatan said...

saya dah cakap, buang je kerajaan bn ni jauh2 pada pru akan datang. kita gantikan semua menteri yang tak buat kerja ni!


Anonymous said...


anwar look so young and hensem back then, in this palestinian blog, pls pls pls ask che det, why did he chose him before? and brought him into umno? and put him high up in the pedestal up to DPM level as well as Financial Minister!! why?

pls answer and write a book if he must, i will buy for sure. need to understand, it might be the missing puzzle in all these turmoil of today...

kareem said...

the qaeda blog has been there for quite a while but only a few people noticed it until the star publicised it.

it has put malaysia on the world map of terrorism axis. no doubt about it.

but the no action from govt, in particular the home ministry imply how careless and tactless we are on matters pertaining to natiional security.

i believe the is a mechanism for the govt, thru the mcmc to monitor the mushrooming of blogs and detect the dangerous ones.

but the home ministry is always late in making decision and in containing it.

what have here is a bunch of politicians who simply do not bother... not at all!

gani sembrong said...

datuk hisham suka orang bagi cerita yang baik je kat dia. dia pun orang angkat, puji dan bodek dia. ini menyebabkan orang bawahan takut tak bagi cerita sebenar mengenai kelemahan dan kepincangan sesuatu dasar kementerian. ini termasuklah masalah yang berlaku di bahagiannya sembrong. disebabkan takut inilah, maka segala masalah diketepikan. inilah cara politik yang betul, bukan begitu?

Anonymous said...

Sibuk monitor pembangkang BN Dan blogger yang anti-BN.

Mana Ada masa nak monitor terroris?


Those vateran oldies politician still cannot catch up and digest the substance in posting. Due this they just simply hate blog and they are shipped out because they cannot shape up.