Saturday, November 24, 2012

Understanding Gaza...

"WHO STARTED IT" is not the point, genocide is. I don't blame few readers who condemned the Palestinians for firing rockets into the Israeli territory, giving Tel Aviv a valid reason to level Gaza Strip. They (the readers) don't know history.

So, let me tell them - Malaysians and others - something they should know.

Since 2007, Israel has laid siege to Gaza, controlling its air space, its coast line, its long border with Israel, and via compliant governments in Egypt its tiny border with that country. The fact that these Israeli attacks preceded the firing of primitive rockets from the Gaza Ghetto is both undeniable and irrelevant.

During this time, not a single plane has arrived or departed from Gaza’s bombed out airport. The few ships destined for Gaza’s seaport have been violently seized by Israel’s navy, their crew members arrested if not murdered.

Gazans who stray to close to the fence that Israel built to imprison Gaza’s population are shot dead, including a young boy playing soccer earlier this month, whose death predictably provoked the futile rocket fire that Israel uses as a pretext for its genocidal policies.

At the start of the siege an advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister named Dov Weisglass declared that 'the idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger'. An Israeli human rights group, Gisha, forced the government to disclose that the defense ministry calculated the minimum number of truckloads of food needed by Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants to avoid malnutrition - and then allowed only half that number to enter Gaza!

Remember, during most of these six years Hamas has been observing cease fires.

Nothing could better illustrate that Israel’s siege has nothing to do with the rockets, and everything to do with deliberately inflicting on Gazans conditions of life calculated to bring about their physical destruction.

This, by the way, fits the definition of genocide set out in Article 2, Section C of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Israel’s siege does not just limit the total quantity of food that Gaza can import but also many specific staples as well as many non-food necessities.

According to a partial list published by Gisha, fresh meat, jam, dried fruit, many spices, and even chocolate are banned. Items used for producing food, such as livestock like goats, cattle, and chicks are prohibited, as are seeds and nuts, fishing rods, fishing nets, fishing ropes, nylon nets for green houses, hatcheries, spare parts for tractors, planters for saplings, etc.

Materials necessary for rebuilding Gaza’s bombed out housing stock, such as wood, cement, and iron are prohibited. Education materials like notebooks, writing implements, and standard sized writing paper are banned. Musical instruments are banned.

Even children’s toys are not allowed in, according to Gisha. Some of the restrictions may have been relaxed amidst the negative publicity surrounding Israel’s murder of Freedom Flotilla activists, but the basic strangulation nature of the siege remains.

Most Gazans are refugees or are descended from refugees who fled what is now Israel in 1948 during the Nakba, when rampaging Jewish armies forced them to flee from their homes. Those homes were given to Jewish families, and their Palestinian owners were never allowed to return. The return of these people to their homes was once a key Palestinian demand, one rooted in the Geneva Conventions.

However, over the decades, Palestinian leaders have gradually given up on ever returning to their homes. Even Hamas has offered a truce if Israel returns to its pre-1967 borders, leaving the final resolution of the problem to future generations.

Yet, despite all claims that they simply want to live in peace, Israeli leaders have always pushed for more. Not just more Palestinian land, but recognition of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in borders that it has yet to spell out.

Putting aside the fact that the right of a state to exist does not itself exist in international law (ask Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union), what this amounts to is asking the Palestinians not just to accept the reality that they will never get their homes back, but insisting that they say that Israel has “a right” to those homes.

It is one thing for people to accept the loss of a stolen item, but it is quite another to expect them to acknowledge that the thief actually had a right to that item. But that is precisely what Israel and its puppets in the White House and State Department have long demanded.

We often hear that the United States and Israel are tied by shared values. Nothing could be further from the truth. The core values of the American state and the Jewish state are diametrically opposed. The United States Declaration of Independence is based on the premise that 'Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed'.

The American State, at least in terms of its values, is a state of the people it governs. Israel has never been a state for the people it governs. Its declaration of independence is explicit about it being a state for all the Jewish people, whatever governments they live under. It is not a state for Israeli passport holders of Arab descent, and it certainly is not a state for the millions of Arabs in the lands occupied since 1967.

But it is explicitly a state for Jewish people around the world, who are free to come live in Israel simply based on their racial background, while Arabs are excluded from returning to the homes they were driven out of based on their racial background.

We have now heard some government leaders around the world, Obama and others, reiterate that Israel has a right to self-defense (our Anwar Ibrahim is one of them).

No American official has ever spoken of the right of the people of Gaza to self-defense, and it is safe to assume they feel that Gazans have no such right. And judging by some nations' collaboration with and support for Israel’s genocidal policies, they actually don't feel that the Gazans  have a right to food or shelter either.

And while the Americans still have food to eat and a roof over their head, they have lost the right to a government that represents their interest rather than those of a genocidal foreign power. Welcome to Zionist-run America!

So, to those who keep blaming it on the 'attacks over frustration' by the Palestinians, you should at least imagine stepping into their shoe!


dark angel said...

thank you, sir. i was a bit blur about the actual situation. our media seldom writes long explanation about the conflict, except the ones defending whatever the palestinians do.

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya ada terbaca komen dalam posting tuan sebelum ini yang menyalahkan orang palestin kerana menyerang wilayah israel.

mereka sebenarnya tak tau langsung mengenai sejarah palestin dan mengapa mereka memerangi israel hingga ke hari ini.

kalau kita sendiri yang ditindas, kita pun akan melakukan perkara yang sama ke atas puak yang menindas kita.

palestin memang puak yang paling teruk tertindas di muka bumi ini!

cakap tak serupa bikin said...

siapa yang salahkan orang gaza tu memang lahanat, kawan setan dan kawan yahudi israel!

pergi mampus la lu!

harakiri said...

diplomatic effort never really succeeded in bringing about peace in the middle east, and between palestine and israel.

the US is just playing chummy to the muslim world by showing its seriousness in dealing with the issue but the actual fact is, they coulndt be bothered if palestine disappear from the world map!

anak jantan said...

suruh je anwar brahim gi tel aviv, runding dengan setanyahu agar hentikan penindasan ke atas palestin. bukan ke dia selama ni sokongan keselamatan dan hak israel. takkanlah tu pun tak boleh buat! betul tak bro?

a Palestinian said...

now its ceasefire. i guess many israelis are frustrated with it, don't u think so mr bujai?

i am a palestinian who lives in kl since 2001 and i have some american friends too but all of them are against their own administration support for tel aviv.

i wonder if it is a drama but there are many americans who are against such atrocities.

thank you to malaysia for its firm stand against israel.

eric estrada said...

i read the comment in your previous posting which suggested for israel to kill all the palestinians.

the person must be losing his mind and sense about what actually took place in the region.

he is an idiot... and another israel sympathiser!

Anonymous said...

dark angel,

Go to the following posts and comments to know more:

mat gombau said...


memang gamai rakyat kita dan di negaro lain yang salahkan palestin tanpo tau sejarah sebona kisah dioghang ni.

dioghang ni bukan yo buto sejarah tapi buto hati!

elok hanta dioghang ni ke gaza atau israel, tengok sendighi!


Anonymous said...

its all because of the balfour declaration which gave the jews a homeland among the arabs and palestinians.

senget sebelah said...

pukimak betul siapa yang suruh bunuh orang palestin ni.

haram jadah. siapa agaknya dia ni?

kalau aku dapat, memang aku gigit telinga dia.

a blogger too said...

manusia yang buta sejarah adalah manusia yang hilang pertimbangan dan tidak tahu apa yang dicakapkannya.

jadi, memang ada badigol macam ni di kalangan pembaca kita bro.

biarkan je...

Anonymous said...


Tidak betul siapa yang menyalahkan orang palestin kerana menyerang wilayah israel.

1. Orang Yahudi telah mmasuk ke Palestin beramai ramai bila di benarkan British yang mentadbir wilayah itu selepas Perang Dunia II. Mereka telah mengistiharkan penubuhan Israel dengan sendirinya - unilateral declaration of the creation of the state of Israel.

2. Orang orang Palestin di buli dek Zionis Israel bila mereka jadi kuat di bantu Amerika Syarikat dengan pemberian wang beribu juta dollar setiap tahun, senjata biasa yang moden, dan dibekalkan dengan sebuah nuclear reactor terpakai di hantar ke Israel. Mereka mempunyai bomb nuklear. Maka mereka takut Pakistan ada bomb nuklear dan cuba heret Amerika mengebom kemudahan nuklear Iran, seperti mana mereka telah berjaya menghasut Amerika mengebom Iraq dahulu.

3. Di perang terakhir minggu lalu, Israel yang memulakannya, membunuh ketua parajurit Hamas di Gaza melalui roket bepandu. Di balas dek Hamas dengan roket biasa.

4. Amat jahat Netanyahu PM Israel itu. Di CNN malam semalam pemimpin Hamas Khalid Mishall mendedahkan rahsia kali pertamanya bahawa Netanyahu sebagi PM kali dahulu - 16 tahun yang lalu - telah mengarahkan Mossad, badan perisik mereka, menembak Khalid dengan racun di masa dia di Jordan. King Hussein di masa itu telah mengugut Netanyahu menghantar dengan serta merta antidote atau pelawan racun itu, jika tidak dia akan putuskan hubungan Jordan dengan Israel.

Berterabur Netanyahu berbuat demikian dan Khalid hidup sampai sekarang, membidas menghentam Israel, katanya sehingga sekurang kurangnya dapat sempadan Palestin seperti di masa perang 1967.

Anonymous said...


I think there has been some change in recent times. Mitt Romney, whose Presidential election campaign was funded by tons of Jewish money and so many Jewish or so-called Neocon supporters, lost.

Imagine, one Jewish billionaire was reported in the American media to have promised Mitt Romney when he visited Israel before the heavy campaigning began that he would donate RM500 million in the first instance, and later during the actual election campaign another RM500 million. Literally tons of money (if the smaller currency denominations are used) given to Romney.

If Romney had won and become President, US would agree, if not participate, to bombing Iranian nuclear facilities, and a nuclear holocaust might ensue.

But Obama had not done so and not likely to ever do so. Not because he had a Muslim father, but because he is the sane thinking Democrat who sees the huge dangers in a military adventure against Iran. Both Russia and China have interests in Iranian oil.

China has to feed their 1.2 billion population's hunger for petrol to fill their many million cars etc daily. And has been "mengurat" Iran on several fronts.

Anonymous said...

anak jantan,

Anwar takkan berani punya. Di kentutkan Israel di muka dia kalau nak cuba suruh Israel buat apa apa.

Bila dia ampu Israel, nak pertahankan keselamatan Israel konon, tentu lah Israel suka. Kalu tak, jangan harap lah. Itu pasal Yahudi tu di panggil Yahudi. Zionis (politik penjahanam) apatah lagi.

Anonymous said...

eric estrada,

6 million of the Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during World War II. Iranian President Ahmadenajad say that was a lie, propaganda meant to get world sympathy for Israel bullying the Palestinians. But the fact remains that most history accounts say many millions of Jews were sent to the gas chambers in Germany, Poland, etc.

History also says the Jews were hated since time immemorial for their extreme and utter selfishness. They were engaged in the spurned occupation of usury - giving loans at exorbitant interest rates, like the loan sharks of the West and the Ah Longs of Malaysia do. Using thugs and gangsters to squeeze every ounce of blood to ensure loan defaulters pay up. The term "Jewish mafia" exists everywhere that thugs and gangsters exist.

Their obnoxious and hated activities became known all over the world such that in England even many hundred years ago the playwright William Shakespeare wrote the play "The Merchant of Venice", about a Jewish merchant insisting in court for a pound of flesh of the fellow who could not repay his loan. But crafty devils that they were, they managed to succeed in a few places. In England a Jew even managed to become Prime Minister - Benjamin Disraeli, in the 19th Century.

I would not call for others to kill all the Jews in retaliation. But I do want the Zionist Israelis to cease bullying the Palestinians and other Arabs. Only the Americans can ensure that. Or nuclear bombs from Pakistan and maybe Iran in future. But that might lead to a nuclear holocaust.

Anonymous said...

And who behave like the Israelis in Malaysia?

Bigots who asked others to emigrate, threaten May 13, wave the keris and bathe in blood?

bujai said...

To an Anon who answered and explained to some of the comments above, pls accept my sincere gratitude. I believe he/she is an expert in the issue. I personally would like to meet you in person so as to change views and opinion. Hope you will e-mail me.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear bujai,

Thanks for the nice word. But I'm not an expert. I read books on history and Islam, online news reports and opinion pieces, and watch TV news and documentaries quite a bit. Have in the past lived abroad, mixed with foreigners and a fair amount of exchange of views.

I'm almost an IT illiterate and didn't find an email address in your blogger profile. I don't know if my email address appears when I submit comments under Anonymous to your blog - if so, you may email me. If not, you may state your email in your blogger profile and I'll contact you next time I visit here - which I'd like to do because your blog contents and readers' participation are good.


Anonymous said...

12:01 PM,

To your question "who behave like the Israelis in Malaysia" -

Many if not most of the Israelis are Zionist Jews i.e those who are very politically conscious, highly selfish, wanting more and more for themselves yet not caring for others, demanding all sorts for the so-called "survival of the Jews" though they are the ones who occupied land belonging to the Palestinian people.

The Jews always want to win and never lose, always want not "to be left out" - the definition of "ultra kiasu". Heard that term before? Visit Ridhuan Tee's blog (owned by Associate Professor Dr Ridhuan Tee of Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia), read a few posts there and you'll know. After that, do come and tell us here who you think "behave like the Israelis in Malaysia".

I suspect you are an ultra kiasu yourself, but do state your views for a discussion in here. And please give your arguments and explanations, not just the usual Opposition people's wild and unsubstantiated allegations.

Anonymous said...

12:01 PM,

On your allegation about "Bigots who asked others to emigrate ..", please note that even History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said "berhijrah lah" (migrate) to those fellows who defaced the photographs of national leaders and showed disrespect of the national flag of this country during Marina Chin's so-called Himpunan Merdeka at Dataran Merdeka last Merdeka day eve.

I support what the Professor said fully. Especially those who don't respect and live by the Constitution of this country fully, I even dare to say "berambus lah" - that word has the same meaning as the Professor's.

On your words "threaten May 13", you must realize that people don't threaten, only "remind". It's the guilty conscious, who were involved or somehow related to, or connected with, those making inflammatory speeches during the 1969 election campaign and participating in the rowdy victory celebrations on 13 May, shouting rude words and making obscene and highly provocative gestures, are the ones who interpret as "threat" even the reminders by such personalities as the Deputy Prime Minister.

And of course the same such people would interpret words and deeds done at a closed gathering of UMNO Youth, designed to get votes, as threatening "wave the keris and bathe in blood."

Do get the perspective correct, man. Read the White Paper, "13 May 1969: A Tragedy", produced by the National Operations Council in October 1969, to get the correct perspective on the race riots. Read about what the DAP people did, some details of Police Reports made at the time are included in that paper. Google those words and you'll get there.

bujai said...

to 'this' anon, pls email me at

many thanks