Friday, November 2, 2012

This is a better one...

At least MCA avows it aloud that the party, leaders and members respect the Federal Constitution, recognising Islam as the official religion, the rights of Raja-Raja Melayu... and the rights of each and every citizen of Malaysia!

Comparatively, Pakatan Rakyat had on few occasions mention about amending the Constitution, turning Malaysia into a secular country and questioning the rights of the Palace.

When it comes to hudud, DAP and PKR strongly oppose it. On Barisan Nasional side, MCA too joined them but in a totally different tone.

MCA is right, that in this multiracial society, any new law on religion must be clearly explained to avoid it be perceived as intimidation to other faith. And PAS hudud, while still unclear of its content and enforcement mechanism, is rolling on politics.

Many agree that if PR wins the next general election, there wouldn't be any hudud at all because PAS only wants to share the Federal power with its two allies.

However, after that stinging statement by MCA president Chua Soi Lek on 'hudud a la PAS' the other day, many were driven by their Islamic sentiment to condemn him and the party as being anti-Islam and anti-hudud.

MCA has been there much longer than PAS, PKR and DAP, way back before the country achieved Independence and is perhaps the only party next to Umno which understands what Islam for the country is.

And here is a simple statement by MCA about what it's all out against that 'hudud a la PAS'...
KUANTAN: MCA respects the position of Islam in the country but does not want political parties to claim authority over religious matters, said central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker.
He said there were already institutions that had been authorised to regulate Islamic matters and political parties should allow them to perform their duties.
"The public should not confuse political parties with institutions like the National Fatwa Council. No political party should encroach into the jurisdiction and authority of these institutions," said Ti at a press conference here Friday.
He said MCA respected the law and the Federal Constitution but would not tolerate political parties that sidelined the Islamic institutions by implementing their own version of the law.
"The law that is to be implemented by PAS is inconsistent and not in line with real Islamic law. For example, the PAS spiritual leader has said it will be enforced on non-Muslims as well. Also, a MP has questioned their law which allows husbands to sodomise their wives.
"From time to time, PAS also amends its law to fit its political agenda. So it cannot be said that PAS law is the same with hudud law," he said.
Ti, who is also Kuantan MCA chairman, said the division would continue supporting party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek in voicing the people's concerns on PAS' version of hudud.
"It is a flaw to say we cannot comment when a political party wants to legislate laws in whatever form in the name of Islam. It is not right to intimidate or threaten non-Muslims who have questions and want explanations," he said.
The Malays, the Muslims deserve every right to uphold and defend the religion. They usually will react strongly when someone 'non-Muslim' talks about Islam and the Islamic law, forgetting that there are many non-Muslims out there who study and understand Islam better than majority of the Muslims themselves!

On the contrary, there are Malays who like condemning other religions without taking into consideration its sensitivity.

And I wonder how many 'average' Muslims today can read Jawi eloquently like former MCA strongman Lee Kim Said and ex Shin Min Daily editor Cheng Seong Huat.

Remember how the Jawi newspaper 'Utusan Melayu' had to close shop? Partly because the Malays themselves are not interested to read Jawi!


Anonymous said...

why are u blaming the malays?

this is our land, remember?

thats why we have the rights to speak about others!

stupid blogger!

gondola said...


i remember u posted 'perangai buruk orang melayu' few years back.

i think u should reproduce that, sedarkan semua melayu ni akan sifat buruk mereka.

Anonymous said...


still defending CSL!

how much is he paying u?

bodoh la lu!

Anonymous said...

Utusan Melayu in Jawi is still avaialble every Monday as an Utusan Malaysia pullout. But the spelling system is inconsistent - a mixture of the old and new spelling system.

a malaysian chinese said...

you malays only know about your sensitivity but never bother about others.

u call this 1malaysia spirit?

who says non-muslim are against hudud? hudud is your right but since malaysia is not only for malays, we need to know what is hudud and its implication on others?

is that too difficult?

atas pagar said...

pundek la!

apa yg heboh sangat hal hudud ni? sama ada kita ni islam atau bukan, biarlah mereka yang pakar di bidang ni yang bercakap dan menjelaskannya.

tak perlulah mca melatah tak tentu pasal, apatah lagi dia tau ia hanya permainan politik pas semata-mata.

kalau ada pun hudud nanti, takkanlah bukan islam pun termaktub di bawahnya kerana ia akan melanggar hak asasi mereka.

so, tak la sebodoh orang yang nak laksanakan hudud ni untuk ambil kira kepntingan penganut agama lain!

helen said...

morning sir,

i think what chua said was thrown out of context and proportion. we all know that mca is part of bn and no way that they will go against the principle of its cooperation.

what chua said was the what the sentiment is all about hudud. nothing's wrong with that.

being non-muslims, i also feel the insecurity should such a law is implemented by pakatan rakyat

mat gombau said...


appo la nak memokak hak hudud ni.

hudud ni memang undang2 islam. sebagai orang islam, kito patut sokong.

tapi dalam konteks malaysia ni, tak la semudah itu buleh dilaksanokan, kono bincang dulu dengan kaum bukan islam sobab kito ni negaro majmuk.

islam memang agamo sederhano, bukan memakso dan tak buleh menyusahkan penganut agamo lain.

tak tau la kalau pas ado caro hudud dio sendighi!

borhan said...

Orang Cina boleh support sedozen surat khabar cina. Orang India pun boleh support akhbar tamil -sampai kini tak ada surat khabar tamil yang tutup. Tapi orang Melayu nak support satu akhbar Melayu tulisan jawi nak hidup pun tak boleh. Bila cakap tentang jati diri, budaya dll bukan main hebat lagi. Tapi tanpa subsidi habis semua mampus.

Anonymous said...

hey bro, i know you guys are no longer in nst, but why dont you get umno to hire some sub-editors to clean up your copies?

Anonymous said...

tahukah anda semua tulisan jawi diharamkan diajar disekolah oleh mentri Umno Khir Johari.Pasal tu ramai melayu tak tahu baca Jawi, Utusan Melayu pun bungkus.

Usahkan Jawi, Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Kebangsaan pun gagal dimertabatkan oleh umno, dimana kedudukan BM sekarang, habiskan boreh jo tiap2 tahun buat bulan Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

Cuba tengok Dong Zong bermati matian perjuangkan Bahasa Cina, Sek.Cina. Umno buat apa, haramkan jawi, gadai tanah rezab melayu.Nak sokong umno lagi.

Dah terang lagi bersuluh MCA tu hina islam, kalau tak nampak lagi,memang hati dah hitam lah tu.Bukan setakat MCA, pemimpin umno pun hina islam lebih teruk dari MCA.

Macam mana umno nak sokong hudud, tengoklah berapa ramai tokoh umno pegang jawatan tinggi dalam Syarikat arak,syarikat judi, Toto, Magnum, Genting.Umno pejuang agama konon.

Anonymous said...

No problem hudud if implemented since it is a State's preoggative and never a Federal one.

Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah, Perlis, Pahang, Johor, N9, Melaka can have Hudud and the rest can have civil laws.

Those who don't like Hudud law can migrate to those which have civil law esp to Sabah and Sarawak.

Somehow there is an underlying feeling that it is the Malays themselves who are more afraid of Hudud law being enacted esp those from BN.

Takut kut?

Tipu Punya Olang said...

Ustaz Bujai,

Lu dengan Ustaz CSL boleh duduk satu meja buat la Hudud versi MCA pulak..Baru la 1Malaysia.

Lu keluar Universiti mana Ustaz Bujai? Al-Azhar?