Monday, November 19, 2012

Singapore: Israel of Southeast Asia

The new war in Gaza, Israel atrocity and the new Zionist of Asia. Blame it on Singapore?

I remember a Middle East diplomat mentioned about the 'little republic in Southeast Asia is another Israel-in-the-making' during a conference in Casablanca in 2008, not naming the nation but was sharp enough to criticise its leadership as having similarity to that of Tel Aviv.

Zooming in to the 'little republic' will lead us to Singapore, the only Asean country that defies ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Free and Neutral) by hosting the Israel Embassy, engaging the Zionist military experts to boost its armed forces, doing much trading with them and recognising Israel as among its most important business partners.

And when Anwar Ibrahim went against all odds by supporting the rights and security of Israel, linking him and his political allies DAP with Singapore's PAP and Bank of Israel, the askance toward our south neighbor grew thicker.

And here, Jim Sleeper, a lecturer in political science, Yale University, produced a lengthy-logical analysis about Singapore-Israel strong bond, sharing similar capitalist character and a diplomatic approach which can be described as 'arrogant inteloper'.

Lee Kuan Yew has set the pace, and his successors just follow the chartered path.
In 1965, when Singapore declared its independence, its first prime-minister (and, for many years, its virtual dictator) Lee Kuan Yew asked Israel to design, set up, and supervise its military machine. Israel did precisely that. How successfully? Just this month, the Bonn International Center for Conversion published a world-wide survey ranking Israel the world's most militarized nation -- and Singapore the second-most.
But we in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, are aware of it. As long as nothing across the Causeway harms or provokes us, we are fine with it, right?

Malaysia puts diplomacy above all, and so are the Muslim Indonesia. However, as regional and international diplomatic and social landscape take a new turn, we can expect something 'torrid' to our relations in the years to come, particularly if Pakatan Rakyat wins the upcoming general election.
The similarities of these two little engines that could (and did) become models of state capitalism with high per capita incomes and growth rates haven't often been noted. Both have been governed and stamped by the British. Both have populations of 5 or 6 million, including 2 or 3 million second-class citizens and non-citizens, some of them migrants, some of them openly despised.
I guess many would like to read this interesting part:
The Israelis militarized Singaporean society, even with Israeli military songs, to which Lee's soldiers marched in one of Singapore's first real Independence Day parades. Less symbolically, they showed Singapore how to establish military conscription in a hitherto un-militaristic populace that, according to at least one survey, ranked the profession of soldier far below that of thief, while placing artists, teachers and merchants on top.

So determined was Lee to adjust this that when Israel won the Six-Day War in 1967, vindicating his decision to work with it and boosting Singaporeans' confidence in their Jewish military mentors, Singapore's UN delegation surprised other Third World nations by abstaining on a resolution condemning Israel.
Read Jim Sleeper's Blame the Latest Israel-Arab War on...Singapore?


kuchai said...

if pakatan wins, there is a chance for the re-merger of malaysia and singapore as one nation.

hmmmm.... i just wonder lor!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

singapura sebenarnya tidak mempedulikan sentimen orang lain asalkan matlamat pembangunan dan ekonominya tercapai.

inilah dasar sebenar yang diketengahkan oleh lee kuan yew, iaitu pentingkan diri sendiri terlebih dahulu sebelum melihat kepada masalah orang lain.

singapura hari ini lebih berbentuk sebuah republik kapitalis melalui dasar luarnya yang tersendiri. walaupun bercanggah dengan zopfan, ia berkata ini adalah untuk kebaikan negara dan rakyatnya.

malaysia memanglah tidak memandang singapura dengan prejudis, malah kekayaan singapura turut melimpah ke sini tetapi apa sebenarnya yang ada dalam perancangan diplomatik masa depan republik itu, tidaklah diketahui...

bedok man said...

so, whats wrong with spore way of developing the nation and prospering the people?

maybe you people in malaysia are so jealous that we are far much ahead of you!

chua, gelugor said...

after reading sleeper's article, i agree that the chinese in singapore, malaysia and indonesia, and in fact in greater china are not the same people.

the chinese in malaysia and indonesia have much in common but they dont quite the chinese in singapore for their arrogance, just like the honkees.

but singapore couldn't be bothered about what others feel and think of its relation with israel.

whats important is to retain and maintain its position in economy, social and development.

budak sekolah said...


tak guna cakap.

kita ni terlampau mengagung-agungkan singapura....

Anonymous said...

LKY is a smart man, bro.

he had foreseen the circumstances should spore and malaysia are still intact.

so, he opted out to develop a small and easily-controlled state.

he has proven it and i believe there is something we can learn from him...

Anonymous said...

If Singapore is Israel then Johor is Gaza!!!

Johor Kaya becaise of Singapore Lahhh

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Yes, yes.....been there, done that.

And yet

- how many of the OIC countries maintain cordial diplomatic relations with Singapore?

- ditto for the oil-rich GCC economies who see Singapore as a role model for development?

I am reminded of the fact that there are more companies from the Middle East doing business in Singapore than there are in Malaysia, and that there may be more Middle Eastern banks with operations in Singapore.

Clearly, trade and business operate on the principles of realpolitik, and not on moral judgments, sad that as it may be.

There will be more such comments, like those made by the Yale don, in future.

It's not going to make an iota of difference to the people who run the US government, companies and armed forces.

That's realpolitik writ large!

lambretta said...

singapork memangnya musuh dalam selimut, bukan saja kepada malaysia malah kepada negara lain di asean.

hubungan rapatnya dengan israel seolah-olah mencabar negara lain agar cuba mempersoalkannya, dan jika dipersoalkan, mereka akan hanya mentertawakan kita dan berkata: "kita ada amerika dan israel di belakang kita. pergi jahanam sama kamu semua!"

Anonymous said...

who is the writer?

what does he know about singapore and asean?

el-bimbo said...

have we forgotten how many times singapore jet fighters simply swayed into our airspace in a very provocative manner?

what did we do?

nothing, except for saying that the pilots made an error in the air.


Anonymous said...

no doubt about it.

singapore is an enemy within.

if we are not careful, they will get more mean...

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

sebab itulah pakatan rakyat melihat singapura sebagai sahabat akrabnya, sebab israel ada kedutaan di sana dan anwar pula menyokong israel.

Anonymous said...

anwar + israel + singapore

wants to see Malaysia "conquered"

DAP is the PAP twin

so in PRU13 vote pakatan OUT

bloodystone is typical PAP asslicker

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Anon Nov 20 7:01 AM

Ah, yes - par for the course.

Why don't you reply to the questions I raised?

Note how Hillary Clinton was in Singapore just recently. Whom did she meet there? PM Lee Hsien Long, Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam and LKY himself.

It's strange that Hillary didn't think it worthwhile to swing by KL on her way to Singapore.

Or, maybe, her advisors in the US State Department thought that she and her boss would be meeting PM Najib and Anifah Aman at the EAS in Phnom Penh. So why bother with a trip to KL?

That's by the way. Back to topic, I don't see any detriment to Singapore's diplomatic relations because of it's ties with Israel. Please prove to me if it's otherwise.

So, Sleeper's piece, while well written, breaks no new ground. It merely rehashes points that have been raised before. It doesn't make an iota of difference to the situation on the ground where sovereign states look out for their own interests.

And realpolitik says that with the US, Japan, China and India in it's corner, Singapore seems to have covered it's bases reasonably well.

YoonQi said...

So Malaysia must watch Singapore very closely. Do not trust them in any matter. But if the countries were to go to war, Malaysia, just like our football team, will easily defeat Singapore. Kacang putih only.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines is also a signatory of the ZOPFAN, and it also has an Israeli Embassy, meaning Singapore is not the only country that defied the ZOPFAN by your conditions.

Alexandre Jorge said...

All you kiasu singaporeans- israel your big brother will be destroyed soon and so will the little Israel nation be wiped out from this earth. A nation that drinks recycled toilet water will have shit in their brains

Alexandre Jorge said...

All you kiasu singaporeans- israel your big brother will be destroyed soon and so will the little Israel nation be wiped out from this earth. A nation that drinks recycled toilet water will have shit in their brains