Friday, November 23, 2012

Our rubber is only for condoms?

We are just behind Thailand as the world's largest producer of rubber. Vietnam is third but could overtake us as we are now banking too much on oil palm.

No! Rank is now the issue. Its about the product itself, latex and rubber.

A report by Bloomberg yesterday said our rubber lifeline was boosted by higher demand in the production of rubber condoms and gloves.

Ouch! Is that so?

Aren't we also producing other rubber-based products like tyres, plastic, foam, etc?
On a Friday-to-Friday basis, the Malaysian Rubber Board sellers' official physical price for tyre-grade SMR 20 rose 13 sen to 848 sen per kg, while latex-in-bulk added 5.5 sen to 560.5 sen per kg.
The unofficial sellers' closing price for tyre-grade SMR 20 increased 9.5 sen to 849.5 sen per kg and latex-in-bulk gained 5.5 sen to 563.5 sen per kg.
Natural rubber prices had received some support over the past couple of months as Thailand introduced a government-backed deal to purchase 300,000 tonnes of Thai rubber at above-market rates in an effort to support farmers' incomes.

Prices in Thailand and Malaysia also received support after it was announced that the top three natural rubber producing countries (Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia) had made plans to cut production and natural rubber exports in an attempt to reverse recent price falls.

These countries are aiming to cut exports by 300,000 tonnes year-on-year in the six months to March 2013. In addition, they plan to reduce production by accelerating the felling of around 100,000 hectares of aging rubber trees over this period. If realised, this may lower exports by a further 150,000 tonnes

Rubber is a major part of many industries. Although synthetic rubber (oil derivatives) gets popular, natural rubber is still very much in demand, especially in tyre manufacturing.

I am not so sure if  condom industry is providing a new lifeline to our production or as to whether we are the world's largest producer of such a product.

Whatever it is, we have been surviving on rubber exports long before Merdeka and until the present day. We should continue listing it as one of our priorities.


belumberg said...

bloomberg is another bloombug, bro. they are part of the western agenda to belittle our rubber product, just like our palm oil.

they will write anything to doom us, whatever our product is.

sirikit said...

i think we are the world's largest condom manufacturer and exporter.

that explains why bloomberg come up with such a report.

we should be proud of it...errr... i mean of condom industry.

however, how many of us use condom in our sex life?

Anonymous said...

yeah man!

condoms and dildos....

we all like it, aren't we?


penangan said...

salam tn,

tanaman dan hasil getah perlu dijadikan antara eksport komoditi utama negara.

walaupun sawit lebih tinggi harganya, pasaran getah tetap menarik dan sudah menjadi sebahagian daripada nadi penggerak ekonomi negara sejak puluhan tahun lagi.

jadi, adalah tidak adil mengaitkan getah dengan perusahaan sarung tangan dan kondom saja kerana banyak lagi barangan diperbuat daripada getah.

Anonymous said...

alaaaaa.... we need more condoms if pakatan rakyat rules the country.

when they form the govt, they will allow LGBT and others to bugger each other and encourage free sex.

isnt this what they also fight for? human rights!


mat gombau said...


apo la bangang bona bloomberg ni. tak sekolah ko apo dioghang tu.

banyak bondo lain perlukan komponen gotah, misalnya dalam industri automobil dan pembuatan plastik.

keto perlukan taya dan bahan gotah sebagai penampan. bumper kito tu dibuek daripada fibreglass tapi masih gunokan gotah.

kalau setakat nak buek kondom yo, baik takyah!


Anonymous said...

mad report by bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

Yeah nothing like REAL GENUINE raw material as the whole world WILL be going NATURAL

Allah bless Malaysia ...

jauh di pedalaman said...

bos, nak komen sikit hal getah, felda dan pekebun kecil ni.

sejak kerajaan beri tumpuan khusus kepada felda dan sawit ni, kira2 1.6 juta pekebun kecil getah yang tanahnya seluas di antara 1 dan 6 ekar seperti disisihkan.

tidakkah mereka juga punya sumbangan besar kepada pengeluaran getah negara dan eksportnya?

bukankah mereka lebih ramai daripada peneroka felda yang diagung-agungkan oleh kerajaan?

tidak ada siapa pun benar2 mengambil berat nasib mereka ini. nak mohon tanam semula getah pun terpaksa melalui pelbagai karenah dan ada yang perlu tunggu hingga setahun untuk dapatkan benih dan sebagainya.

mereka setia menyokong kerajaan selama ini tetapi mungkin datuk najib tidak melihat jumlah undi yang ada di tangan pekebun kecil ini ketika pilihanraya umum nanti...

bayangkan kalau mereka berubah selera dan mengundi pakatan rakyat!

on the dot said...

hehehehe... means that our rubber is of good quality, bro.

not easy to produce good and high quality condoms. the low quality one, u pull and it breaks.


kaniney said...

sooner or later, malaysia will forget about rubber as we give strong emphasis on palm oil.

then we will start importing rubber from thailand, vietnam or india.

and our condoms will be very, very expensive...

manolito said...

thats how foreign news agency rate our product like rubber, palm oil and others.

they forgot the fact that the developed nations like the us buy a lot of rubber from asean only for one reason - they will keep it in big volume and then sell it cheaply on the international market to push the price down.

its all for the interest of their synthetic rubber products!

gondola said...


kondom buatan malaysia kecik2 je, tak layak dijual di afrika dan beberapa negara lain.

kena buat lebih besar dan panjang lagi...

warrrghhh kah kah!

Anonymous said...

i thought the govt is phasing out rubber plantation for palm oil?

good lor.

we will have to start importing.

stupid decision!

Anonymous said...

it's because condoms are only be made by neutral rubber, if synthetic rubber can be used, neutral would long be abandon

damanhuri, raub said...

we cant live without 'raba'... hahahaa... just a silly joke.

but the fact is, which country does not need rubber for their industry?

we in malaysia is phasing out rubber, just like padi which in the end makes us among the largest importer of rice.

whose brain is it?

Anonymous said...

yes, we are among the largest manufacturer of condoms, which makes us all proud. but how many malaysian use one?

Plantation kill small holders said...

First of all we malays must remember that the plantation industry is a slave industry.

The cotton plantation, the rubber plantation, oil palm plantation of the mat sallehs were dependent on slave labour!

Now UMNO should focus on small holders like Feldas where the Malays cut the forests with their own hands.

Now UMNO have allowed the Chinese pendatangs to own rainforests in Sabah and Sarawak near Malau Basin where they have destroyed the rainforests of the world.

Now these Chinese would not be able to destroy Sabah beautiful rainforests if UMNO had not allowed them to import slave labour from Bangla or Indon by paying 600 per month.

The control of slave labour is very important to stop the Chinese from destroying our natural resources.

Oil Palm plantation or rubber plantation market destroy the markets by oversupplying rubber or oilpalm.

Now we can see the effect of these Chinese uncontrolled destruction by the .low price of oil palm. These chinese wont suffer as they stay in gated housing from the slaves, but the Felda workers and other small horlders will suffer.

Therefore a law must be passed to limit land owned by individual to 10 acres like Felda settlers!

Now UMNO members go kick the PResident assss...

Anonymous said...

Aiyyya 4:12 PM,

If "these Chinese ... destroy Sabah beautiful rainforests" and steal the state land, why blame "UMNO ... allowed them to import slave labour from Bangla or Indon by paying 600 per month."?

Kamon la, you don't even know what "slave" labour is. Being paid a salary is not slaving, you know.

Yes, I agree with you about FELDA schemes to benefit the rakyat there. And agree you asking UMNO members to kick the Pakatan Rakyat fellas.

But whack the irresponsible Chinese pendatangs and the DAP la. They are the ones always spoiling things. Whack verbally, I mean. As often and as much as possible la. So that others like me can also join you in whacking them. So that they become responsible, otherwise go to other countries where they can do so without being whacked.