Friday, November 16, 2012

Hindraf: Putting words in PM's mouth!

I usually don't like commenting on Nazri Aziz, the minister at PM's Dept, partly because he is 'so close' to the Prime Minister and that he 'speaks for him'.

However, his recent statement about Datuk Seri Najib's willingness to have a dialogue with the banned Indian group Hindraf was very intriguing.

Does PM really want to have people like P Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy in his office when the two had clearly shown their dissent for the government, creating chaos and inciting hatred among Malaysians?

Hindraf is not a political party, neither it plays a NGO role. Its more of a pressure group that avows dissatisfaction in a wrong and radical manner, tarnishing the country's image abroad and condemning the whole system as if they are above any law.

A check with the PM's Office unveils that Najib has no intention whatsoever to meet with them. Neither had he mention in any meeting to 'invite' Hindraf leaders to his office for a chat or discussion.

"What's the point of meeting them? The PM didn't give any hint (for the meeting). Furthermore, Hindraf is declared an unlawful group and is not recognised by the government," one of his senior aides told me on Monday, declining to say anything about Nazri's statement.

A Najib-Hindraf meeting will put the PM so low and will imply how desperate he and his government is in wooing support for the upcoming general election. Unless he wants to use 'reverse psychology' on Hindraf the same way when he met that 'four-letter-word' Namewee.

Nazri's statement is drawing flak all around. The Opposition media like Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronicle and others are giving the impression that Najib is so 'hard-up' to meet with Hindraf leadership.

It also implies how bad the situation in BN is that it warrants Najib to do anything to get the Indian votes!

And I don't think MIC likes the idea of a Najib-Hindraf meeting.

Although its president G Palanivel has shunned the idea that such talk was a sign of the premier’s deteriorating confidence on MIC, the BN component is still faced with an uphill task to convince the Indian community that it is still relevant and far better off than Hindraf and any other Indian-based political parties.

But what prompted Nazri to put words in Najib's mouth, and why is the PM seems to be 'very permitting' in anything that the minister says on his behalf?

I personally don't find this amusing as it depicts Najib as a 'half past six' PM, sorry to say. He himself should be firm when it comes to matters like these and must not allow others to speak for him, especially when it concerns dignity and principle.

As leaders, we should not allow our wife to walk a step ahead of us. Even Islam does not allow that as it is 'kurang ajar'!


Anonymous said...

nazri is the de facto prime minister ever since najib became pm. rosmah is PM 2.

simple math laaa bro!

kaniney said...

this nazri always come up with statements that he himself cannot ascertain!

what is he trying to do?

to kill najib politically or to run down barisan nasional?

this guy should be out in the next general election.

he spoils too many soup already!

penangan said...

salam jumaat tuan,

dah berapa kali agaknya nazri bercakap benda karut kepada media, saya sendiri pun tak ingat.

dalam hal namewee dulu pun dia yang 'terpaksa' aturkan untuk pm sebab dia dah buka mulut awal2.

ni hal hindraf pulak!

memang tak ada gunanya pm jumpa hindraf kerana mereka sudah diharamkan. banyak cara lain lagi untuk pikat undi masyarakat india di negara ni, dan BUKANNYA melalui hindraf yang melampau ni!

konektikat said...


what is cocking up into nazri's head of late?

this bugger loves publicity so much that he will say anything to attract media attention.

maybe he should be replaced lar!

waddaya think bro?

budak pejabat LGE said...

kepada datuk seri PM, tak payahlah peningkan kepala jumpa hindraf ni.

dan juga, tak payahlah ambil pot apa yg nazri ni cakap. dia ni banyak tong kosong je!

Anonymous said...


najib tak kisah kalau si nazri ni buat apa pun.

bukan ke mereka ni bersaudara, macam najib dan hisham kdn yang bersepupu!

Anonymous said...

who is pm?

najib or nazri?

if pm is najib, he shouldnt keep this guy!

TV hitam putih said...

buat apa pm nak jumpa hindraf yang sudah pun diharamkan?

buat apa ludah ke langit lepas tu biarkan ia jatuh di muka sendiri?

kerajaan dah haramkan, jadi kekal la dia haram.

nazri ni tau lojik ke tak?

Anonymous said...

yg nazri sebut sebagai pm tu bukannya najib tapi dia sendiri... kalau dia jadi pm la suatu hari nanti.

sebab itu dalam kabinet, dia la paling banyak bercakap...

pro-Pakatan said...

ini menunjukkan tak wujud kesepakatan dalam kabinet najib.

sebab itulah korang kena undi pakatan rakyat pada pru akan datang.


OMEGA said...

pity this guy, talking from his nose instead of his mouth.

but ironically, najib is not saying anything about nazri although the later has created lots of controversies.

what is happening, nobody knows!

Anonymous said...

This Nazri is a bouncer of sorts. Prevents people entering the club if loud mouthed not to his liking. Hits back at people making statements that he thinks are not in line with Najib's undeclared intentions. Sometimes not clear whether Najib wants it or not.

Last time he even tried to hit at Tun Dr Mahathir. And Pok Berahim of Perkasa, too. Was it on NEP issues.

And last I read him having his foot in the mouth was when he said something about Chinese schools, I think. When TS Muhyiddin spoke to him and later said things conciliatory, not to make him lose face, now nearing GE.

People have long called him as having his foot in the mouth. May have served DS Najib's purpose at times. Najib won't make any changes until PRU13 anyway. So we'll see the foot from time to time. Never mind the mouth.