Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali

To Ramu, Jayan, Sekhar, Guna, Loga, Ramesh and families in Kuala Sungai Baru Estate, my heart goes out to you.

I still treasure our childhood memories - we were together most of the time at the school, in the bushes, the river, the padi field and up the trees. It was from you that I knew MGR and Ramesh, Hema Malini and Lata Mageshkar.

We were really one, as Malaysians then. We 'owned' each other.

To all of you and to all Hindus, Happy Deepavali.

May the light shine on you endlessly.


dr loga, melaka said...

happy divali to you, bujai bro.
yes, those were our happy days when no politics divided us. today, our generations are broken apart by extreme politics, whether its the malays, chinese or indians.

thank you

sitamparam said...

deepavali is more of a national celebration.

so, lets celebrate it together... and keeping our faith to ourselves.


MASTANA said...

jai, kito ni sepatut eh hidup macam zaman 60an dan 70an dulu.

walaupun 13 mei berlaku, kito copek besatu selopeh tu.

samo2lah kito rayokan cuti deepavali ni.

copacabana said...

dont drink and drive.

happy deepavali!

sekhar said...

bro jai.

what a beautiful wish.

for your info, our good friend jeya passed away in lucknow, india last week, heart attack.

we lost one of our dearest friends.

btw, happy deepavali.

if you are back in melaka, do drop by at my house.

Anonymous said...

selamat menyambut hari deepavali kepada semua penganut agama hindu. semoga perpaduan di kalangan rakyat akan bertambah erat.