Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza under attack again

Gaza is under attack again. Israel couldn't be bothered with the Maal Hijrah celebrated by Muslims worldwide. When they feel like killing the Palestinians, they will enjoy most doing it on the days when the Palestinians think Tel Aviv would refrain from doing so.

After all, Benjamin Netanyahu had never launched any war on the Palestinians, let alone on Gaza strip.

The Israeli Prime Minister has boasted never having declared a war in the total of seven years he has led the country, despite he himself being a belligerent talker.

About a month ago, in a Knesset speech, Netanyahu accused his predecessor Ehud Olmert of entering 'two unnecessary wars', the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

And in Washington, President Barack Obama remains adamant when it comes to Israeli atrocity in Gaza. The most he will say is 'Israel deserves every rights to defend itself from the Palestinian provocation', knowing well that Tel Aviv is ready to massacare a few thousand Palestinians over the death of its one soldier.

The United Nations?

Forget it! The UN is in the US bloody hands. No way they will condemn the air attacks whicn began on Tuesday night. If there is any, the US and its allies in Security Council will veto it.

In Doha, Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani warned that Israel's deadly raids on the Islamist-controlled must not go unpunished, state news agency QNA reported on Thursday.

"This vicious attack must not pass unpunished," QNA quoted the premier as saying at a Wednesday meeting in Saudi Arabia of the six Gulf Arab states. "The UN Security Council must take up its responsibility to secure peace and security in the world."

Malaysia also urged the United Nations, particularly the Security Council, to take immediate resolute action over what it called irresponsible military action by Israel against innocent civilians in Gaza.

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said Malaysia condemned in the strongest terms the continuing Israeli military assaults and air strikes on Gaza, which have led to the deaths of a Palestinian leader and seven others, including two children.

"Malaysia urges all parties involved to stop any provocative action, remain calm and exercise restraint to avoid greater damage and loss of life, especially among the civilian population in the Gaza Strip," he said in a statement today.

And where is Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader? Will he issue a similar statement... or will he choose not to say anything about it?


tauke lim said...

do not expect anwar to issue a statement condemning the israeli attacks on gaza.

remember what he said about protecting the security of israel?

that also u dont know aaar!!!

starsky said...

its a way for israel to celebrate obama's recent victory.

its to proof how strong obama-netanyahu connection is.

israel will never stop its atrocity on the palestinians.

mark my word for it!

Anonymous said...

fuck the israelis!

fuck the americans!

fuck the british!


penangan said...

salam tuan,

israel, di bawah pimpinan siapa pun, akan cuba menghapuskan palestin dari muka bumi ini.

apatah lagi dengan bantuan dan sokongan amerika dan sekutunya, israel tidak gentar melanggar apa jua piagam antarabangsa yang mengutuk perbuatan kejamnya itu.

makin lemah umat islam, maka makin kuatlah zionis menunjukkan taringnya.

lihatlah apa yang sudah dan sedang berlaku di asia barat, semuanya gara2 perancangan amat teliti amerika dan konco2nya.

bilakah kita semua akan sedar?

bambino said...

now, anwar gota find the right words for his 'support' for israel security. whether he will condemn the brutality or not is not important. what's important is for the rakyat to re-evaluate his politics!

lambretta said...

dah umat islam sendiri pun berpecah belah, macam mana nak atasi kekejaman zionis tu?

contohnya di malaysia ni. umno, pkr dan pas. orang melayu yang semuanya islam amat malang dapat pemimpin yang sebegini, yang bercakaran demi kuasa dan meminggirkan kepentingan ummah!

Anonymous said...

do any of u know israel supply electricity, water, goods, etc to gaza and continue to supply these necessities even with the thousands rockets fired from gaza into israel when they could just easily stop them???

aqilah said...

oh, okay! i think the israel should stop supplying electricity, water, goods, etc to Gaza! And stop supplying rockets and bombs too..

Said said...

do you know that Israel is under attack as well?
it all started because for many days the Palestine launched rockets on civilians in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Come on stop being crappy and it's time to get real! How many people had Israel killed last time ? more than thousands! Think. If the Israel are doing this to your country wouldn't you be mad? Wouldn't you attack back Israel? Ah. You're just being ridiculous. And how many were killed in israel? Compared to palestine?