Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can we tolerate this?

How many more Palestinian should be massacred before Israel put a stop to its shelling and bombing in Gaza? How many more children and woman must be killed before the US and United Nations come to their sense?

We are just observers. We are the onlookers, helpless bystanders. But can we tolerate it?

Surely, now it's time to face reality: military means and violence will never put an end to this conflict. The notion of occupied and occupier must finish.

The Palestinians and Israelis can succeed when they take courageous steps to move forward towards a healthy and sustainable future in which we all share. And the international community can never, any more, turn away.

The Israelis cannot claim self-defence. It is invasion, using all means from all directions – from air, ground and sea.

Israel's Cabinet authorised the mobilisation of up to 75,000 reservists late last Friday, preparing the ground for a possible Gaza invasion.

Rather than self-defence, it is escaping responsibility. By contrast, is it not the right of the occupied to fight and free themselves from occupation and the continuous invasion and humiliations?


Anonymous said...

Ya allah! Zalimnya kaum yg hina ini!

Turunkanlah bala ke atas mereka!

small heart said...


We only look and do nothing.

The US allow it to happen...and so are we!

Anonymous said...

Inilah bangsa yg anwar pertahankan.

Tgk lah sendiri

Anonymous said...

This was actually started by the rockets from Hamas. It is partly their fault. Then Israel use this to allow their invasion, now they got 'green light'. No wonder, since Hamas is Syiah, culprit in Muslim's world. Damn Israel and Hamas.