Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anwar shows Mansor the exit

It is confirmed!

Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mansor Osman is not wanted anymore - not by PKR and neither by Pakatan Rakyat, especially his immediate boss Lim Guan Eng.

He will face the axe in a most diplomatic way. PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is sending him to contest the Nibong Tebal parliamentary seat, a BN stronghold. Although some say its a 50-50 between BN and PR, the chance for Mansor to lose is bigger.

That's the price he got to pay for giving his back to Lim for calling the CM 'cocky and arrogant'.

He is now one of PKR major political liabilities in Penang. He is not worthy as far as PKR is concerned, and that will for sure make DAP and Lim happy enough.

Anwar made the announcement ahead of all other announcements of candidates. So, this means only one thing – Anwar is trying hard to please DAP particularly LGE – as Mansor has antagonised Lim with such a remark.

Guan Eng, a vindictive man even to his own people, can no longer tolerate Mansor and Anwar knows this, thus the decision to move Mansor out of the state seat to the parliamentary seat is the only way to kill and bury him for good.

Mansor is to be sacrificed in order for Anwar gets DAP full blessing to bcome the next prime minister. Antagonising Lim is a big mistake and a sin for DAP’s politics and politics of Penang. Lim is ‘untouchable’ to the extent that even Karpal Singh has to watch his words when talking about the chief minister.

Like it or not, Mansor has to accept the candidacy, his last probably. Nibong Tebal consists of about 43 per cent Malay voters and 40 per cent Chinese, and given the current scenario where majority of the Malays have ‘returned’ to BN, Mansor is in deep shit.

Truly he is now considered as a liability more than an asset to Anwar’s grand plan in the unregistered PR alliance and in fact, the Malay members of PKR in Penang are just Anwar’s ‘stepping stone’ to achieve his personal ambition, not that of the whole Malays.

Now lets just hope the Malays in PKR in Penang see Anwar’s grand plan and react by rejecting it because if they don’t, Penang will be as good as gone.

Anwar is menacing Penang's politic too by arranging Mansor's exit from the picture, irrespective of how much support he gets from Mansor all these while.

Looks like Mansor has to consider his position in politic. Instead of losing his pride and dignity, he better leave PKR in a dignified manner so that Malaysians at large still respect him as a leader, a man who protects the interests of the Malays despite being made scapegoat.

Mansor should show to Malaysians that he is no push-over in politics, that he is a leader for the Malays in Penang.

(Beruang Biru)


Anonymous said...

This news will surely frustrate Cik Gu Bard who had been earmarked to contest Nibong Tebal.Tak berbaloi selama kerja kuat sampai sampai kena tangkap polis untuk impressed DSAI.A very,very good lesson for him and I think he deserved it for being so stupid to believe blindly of his boss promises.

kilimanjaro said...

why nibong tebal?

everybody is eyeing pekan parliamentary seat. hadi awang and zaid ibrahim for examples.

mansor got nothing to lose if he takes on najib in pekan.

i dont think he will lose his deposit either!

Anonymous said...

tell him to join umno la... or form a new party.

this deputy cm of penang is a man of shit already for messing around with lge's backside!

so, losing or winning is immaterial to him. most important is he had done his 'job' to whack dap and lge

penangan said...

salam tn,

tak pasti sama ada nibong tebal masih kubu kuat bn tapi saya rasa sukar jugak bagi mansor dan pakatan rakyat memang di sana memandangkan sudah nampak aliran yang condong kepada barisan nasional.

anwar nampaknya memang ingin melenyapkan mereka yang tidak mengikut katanya, terutama dalam membri kerjasama dan bersekongkol dengan guan eng.

mansor dijadikan kambing hitam walapun dia bercakap benar mengenai guan eng.

apa nak dihairankan kerana lge sendiri banyak berbohong kepada rakyat pulau pinang mengenai apa yang dibuatnya terhadap melayu negeri itu.

rima said...

why not ask him to swap seat with LGE? lets see who gets more support in the next general election.

pro-Pakatan said...

so, what's wrong if he is standing in nibong tebal?

i am sure he will win as the malays are fed up with umno!

Anonymous said...

bila dah out nanti, suruh dia jual ikan je kat pasar chai leng park. mesti ramai pelanggan punya!

bananarama said...

ini cuma helah anwar je bro. jgan termakan taktik diorang ni.

last2 esok dia cadangkan mansor bertanding tempat lain pulak.

pembangkang ni dah terkenal dengan sifat tak tetap pendirian.

tongkeng said...


i am a kita maker.

maybe u can ask mansor to come and see me.

i will teach him how to fly kites!