Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Actually... no hudud, no Islamic state

Its all a political drama, a gimmick to attract attention and to cover whatever skunks they might have. Malaysians, especially the non-Muslim are worried about it - the possibility of Pakatan Rakyat imposing hudud and Islamic state should they manage to unseat BN in the next general election.

It has sucked mostly everybody into this game. Even MCA was dodged, let alone Umno and others.

On PR side, Karpal was so vocal to contest hudud and Islamic state, and so was some PKR leaders. But Lim Kit Siang and son Guan Eng were so silent because they know that hudud and Islamic state will not happen at all!

At least Kit Siang & Son takes the right stand, and I believe many others share similar view. They find it silly and stupid to take part in it.

The fact is, there won't be any hudud and Islamic state. Its PAS gimmick and Pakatan is just too happy to play it for politics.

Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, Anwar, Karpal, Kit Siang, Guan Eng and many others in Pakatan are abiding to the 'agreement' signin between PAS, DAP and PKR sometimes in 2009 for the Islamic party to drop its demand for implementing Islamic Law and turning Malaysia into an Islamic state.

These leaders were there to sign or witness it.

So, what's the fuss about hudud and Islamic state when its all a 'wayang'? And PAS, claiming itself as being so Islamic, is more than willing to sign a pact with the devil's advocates in order to meet its political ambition - being part of a ruling party!

And what is so Islamic about PAS when its leaders even cannot find a good grip on its own manifesto? Everything about PAS is politics of back-stabbing, corporate and legalistic entity and dominance of the deadwood.

PAS will never accept new roots with fresh and better idea as to how the party should be led and stay relevant and respected.

Just look and listen to their 'fatwas' which contain non other political messages which deviated from the true teaching of Islam.

PAS leaders should go back to basic and repent for issuing 'fatwas' like 'all PAS members will go to heaven' and 'Umno will go to hell'!

They have forgotten how their politics had cause a big split among the Malays and Muslims when they said 'Umno's imam cannot assure a passage to heaven' about 20 years ago, and that nobody should follow any imam who is not a PAS member.

I used to have high respect for Nik Aziz and his 'ulama' for their position, even though I am an Umno member. However, all those 'fatwas' are making me sick! Today, I look at them as a pool of clowns who are only fit to work at Genting Theme Park!


Anonymous said...

I dont understand,as a muslim why you question about hudud.even if they cannot implement,and PAS know they cant,suffice to keep the intention alive.
Fear Allah.

pro-Pakatan said...

looks like bn and its cybertroopers like you were easily tricked by pas and pakatan rakyat.

for sure pas, pkr and dap are buddies, bro, so they wont split because they must stay intact to wash out bn in the next election.

you see, pas is too smart!

penangan said...

salam tn,

sebenarnya perjanjian itu memang ada tetapi pas mungkin merasakan wujud tekanan daripada ahlinya agar dua matlamat itu dikekal dan diperjuangkan demi mencerminkannya sebagai sebuah parti islam.

biar apa pun yang berlaku bersabit hal hudud dan negara islam ini, kita di pihak bn sepatut jangan menghiraukan permainan ini.

ini memangnya sandiwara nik aziz, anwar dan karpal!

Anonymous said...

you are among few who realised that pas and its allies are dodging bn. the rest easily fell into its trap!


to najib, soi lek and others... better concentrate on next election!

sirap limau said...

you are not the only one getting sick of all those stupid fatwas bro.

yes, i also had respect for nik aziz few years ago before he jumped onto pakatan wagon.

what kind of an ulama who likes to see the muslims split?

if we have more ulamak like him, i think our muslims in malaysia will enter a war with each other!

that's exactly what nik aziz want, i suppose!

Anonymous said...

apa nak herankan dengan fatwa pas ni! semuanya karut, semata-mata untuk politik. macam mana dia nak tegakkan hudud kalau ada kalangan pemimpin dan ahlinya yang kaki arak, kaki judi dan kaki zina?

Anonymous said...


Who said "tricked by pas and pakatan rakyat"? You don't even know that PAS also fighting among hemselves - the Ulama faction (Hadi, Nik Aziz etc) and the so-called Erdogan faction (Khalid Samad and his pro-Anwar gang).

What you talk PAS, PKR and DAP are buddies, when DAP hantam PAS Hukum Hudud endlessly and Karpal Singh can't even get Anwar to resovle the issue, two top-level PR meetings until late at night, ended up only "agreeing to disagree."

you see, pas is so stupid, pulled by the nose, into the same bed as DAP yet scolded by Karpal Singh every time Nik Aziz mentioned Hudud.

But haven't heard from Karpal yet after the PAS Muktamar last weekend.

Anonymous said...

10:55 PM,

Bukan nak herankan fatwa PAS tu. Ha nya nak karutkan saja.

Anonymous said...

10:54 PM,

Actually they are not fatwas. Fatwas are only made by those in authority over the Islamic religion. In this country, it's the National Fatwa Council.

People made fun of Nik Aziz's sayings. They mockingly referred to them as fatwas. Actually they are his "karutan". Saying those who support BN don't go to Heaven and the like is simply mengarut.

Anonymous said...

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