Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who do you think you are, Kit Siang?

Lim Kit Siang had recently asked United Nations secretary-general Ban Kim Moon to make a clear stand on efforts undertaken by Malaysia to combat corruption.

The sec-gen's official Dmitri Vlassis, head of the UN;s Corruption and Economic Crime Branch of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) had commended Malaysia for taking serious efforts at tackling corruption.

He also dismissed the annual Corruption Perception Index prepared by Transparency International as outdated and counter-productive.

Saying a United Nations official's recent praise of the Malaysian government's anti-graft efforts has "horrified" local anti-corruption campaigners, DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang called on UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon to state whether it reflected the world body's official stand.
Lim was referring to remarks by Dmitri Vlassis, head of the UN’s Corruption and Economic Crime Branch of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), who commended the Malaysian government for its “serious efforts” at tackling corruption while at the same time dismissed the annual Corruption Perception Index prepared by Transparency International as “outdated” and “counter-productive”.
Vlassis's remarks were made during the recently concluded annual conference of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities in Kuala Lumpur.
"Anti-corruption activists and campaigners in Malaysia want to know why Vlassis is condoning or seeking to 'cover up' the failures of the government’s anti-corruption campaign in Malaysia, in particular in the past 42 months of Najib premiership despite the fanfare about the Government Transformation Programme and NKRA on fighting corruption," said Lim in a statement.
Lim was not pleased with such a commendable remark by Vlassis. To Lim, Malaysia should be condemned as the most corrupt nation in the world.

Who does he think he is? Making such calls to the UN sec-gen didn't make him a sensible man. He didn't see and recognise the government's effort in fighting graft although he himself is aware that corruption is not easy to contain.

Corruption is like prostitution, Lim! Why didn't you make any call to Selangor, Penang and Kelantan, and the Federal to combat vise activities as well, instead of showing so much interest in corruption when the government, via the MACC is going all out to control it?

Or maybe you want the UN official to spare Pakatan Rakyat that complimentary remarks when you guys take over Putrajaya in the next general election?


Anonymous said...

LKS, you should start with Penang.... the land grabbing, robbing the poor of an opportunity to own affordable housing and many many more..... you dare?????

gajah berang said...

he thinks he is UN sec-gen or president of transparency international. looks like he was also not happy with the whole world and whoever says good thing about malaysia. he wants the world to condemn malaysia from a to z. u think he can make a good minister if pakatan wins? can he fight corruption in a short time?

tauke lim said...

the UN guy was in malaysia to attend the convention of graft.

so, like it or not, he must say a little words of commend about malaysia.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

sang buana said...

kit siang berangan-angan nak jadi jagoan antarabangsa yang tau serba-serbi mengenai setiap negara, termasuk antartika.

dia nak jadi hero yang dianggap tau segala urusan memerangi rasuah, dadah dan segalanya.

agaknya dia ada cita-cita menjadi setiausaha agung PBB suatu hari nanti, agar dia boleh selar malaysia tanah airnya sendiri dan menghinanya di PBB!

Anonymous said...

apek ni dah tak betul dah sampai tak nampak apa yg kerajaan buat untuk memerangi rasuah.

dia ingat SPRM tu apa?

Anonymous said...

that news appeared in harakahdaily.

why must he only spoke to that pas newspaper and not roket?


Anonymous said...

This man belongs with the dodo birds and the dinosaurs. He should just relocate to jurassic park along with Nik Aziz.

His broken Bahasa Malaysia speaks volumes of his intellectual capacity.

Bangladeshis are more fluent even after a year's stay in Malaysia.

And they are far MORE handsome than this ugly apek.

Anonymous said...

what he thinks he is?

a superman!

Anonymous said...

he is so blind to see all the govt's effort in combating graft.

perhaps LKS should learn to appreciate it a bit or go help his son in penang to free the state from corruption.

penangan said...

salam tn,

mungkin dia sama sekali tak menyangka ada pegawai PBB sanggup memuji usaha malaysia memerangi rasuah.

mungkin pada LKS, malaysia patut diletakkan di senarai atas negara dunia yang paling kuat dilanda rasuah.

atau LKS mungkin tidak suka jika rasuah dihapuskan sama sekali di malaysia!

tak bernas langsung akal dia ni!

budak sekolah said...

bangang punya apek!

dah takda keje lain la tu, asyik nak kutuk negara sendiri je!

Anonymous said...

NFC? Ok ke?

Anonymous said...

he wants to become a king... when pakatan rules, they will do away with the monarchy... and hail the new king... kong!


jantan miang said...

dia memang tau ambil pot dengan apa yg kerajaan bn buat.

dia nak biarlah kalau ada rezeki pr jadi kerajaan, dunia akan puji diorang banteras rasuah.

agaknya apa akan jadi dengan sprm bila puak2 ni jadi kerajaan?

Anonymous said...

agree with anon 2.58.

they should start with penang, how the took away rakyat land, chasing away the malays from the island...

Anonymous said...

Senility slowly creeping into LKS maa....don't you guys know that he is king of the world ( all of his own!!!!) already want to start dynasty and empire in Penang.... son lah, daughter lah,daughter in law lah...

And he is only reminding us that the world is not perfect...To LKs perfection is him, his family, his son, his daughter-in-law, his daughter and most possibly the little boy who got transferred to another school...anyway, what's so great about LKS... let him and leave him alone...he misses DR. Mahathir in Parliament

Anonymous said...

Tell me Dear LKS, why are you constantly looking at the fed gov and pick on them at every single opportunity? How about looking at what a sh1t job your own son is doing in Penang? Where is all those CAT crap that your son had pledged to setup in the 08 manifesto? Please go teach your own son how to be a clean person instead of picking on others, old senile man.

Anonymous said...

He's quite rightlah, there's Talamgate, Ronnie Liu still going around, what are we doing about corruption?Certainly not enough yet.

Anonymous said...

It's that kind of caustic remark that makes him the villain when one remembers the race riots of 1969.

Anonymous said...

Better lks look at penang govt first before talk about m'sia. Dsn did well so far.