Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who approves Scorpene purchase?

Scorpenes again.

After so many twists and turns, it goes back to where the issue had first surfaced - with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

After so many backbiting by Pakatan Rakyat and its propaganda machinery like Suaram and MalaysiaKini against the government and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, now they faced with a big dilemma.

Who actually approve the purchase of the submarines.

An NGO called the Young Journalists Club last week made a claim that it was approved when Anwar was finance minister in 1995. Really?

So, what the heck Anwar and friends pointed fingers at Najib and the government for?

I am a bit lazy to write a long posting today (too much of rendang, ketupat and lemang) but I have yet to hear anything from Anwar about the allegation.

Whose 'sandiwara' is this?


adik, UM said...

peribahasa melayu, "siapa berketak, dialah yang bertelur!"

maknanya siapa yang buat bising akan sesuatu hal, sebenarnya dia sendiri yang melakukannya.

betul tak bang?

sitamparam said...

why only now that this young journalists try to korek about who was behind the purchase?

why not much earlier?

i dont trust these young studs, they might have gotten the wrong info about the submarines deal.

weird lor, the way the conduct investigation.

no class!

Anonymous said...

You are barking at the wrong tree. Who approved is not at issue. How the deal was conducted is.

Pasquale said...

Memang lah betul BABI yang approved kan kapal selam ni pada mula mula, tapi they (pembangkang) based all their stories on one assumption,that the Malays are stupid...never mind all Malaysians, but the Malays the most easy target for any lie and fitnah!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saja nak berjenaka sikit.

agaknya pada 1995 anwar dah tau dia akan ditendang dari kabinet. sebab tu lah dia luluskan pembelian kapal selam tu... jika benarlah beliau yang luluskan.

sekarang ni pun pakatan rakyat dah ada bas eksklusif untuk beliau dan beliau sendiri dah ada jet peribadi.

mungkin kapal selam ni pun dicadangkan untuk kempen pkr. bila mindef dah guna, pkr dan anwar mula marah dan cari alasan salahkan kerajaan.

heheheheh...jangan marah!

Anonymous said...

yeah man!

only finance minister can approve such a big purchase.

and who was FM during the mid 90s?

wah lan ney!

sitora said...

the more anwar and gang speak about scorpenes and accusing najib and others with the conspiracy, the more it turns back on them.

now, why is anwar keeping quiet about the latest accusation?

he must explain!

pro-Pakatan said...

that young journalists were trying to protect najib.

come on la... there will be new evidence soon!

anak wayang said...

meludah ke langit, jatuh ke muka sendiri.

padan dengan muka anwar, suaram, mkini dan lain2.

diorang cuma tau bantai BN tapi lupa akan hakikat bahawa mereka sendiri yang meluluskannnya.

tak ke sial namanya tu!

tauke lim said...

actually pakatan rakyat, esp pkr wants the submarines for their campaign vehicles.

now that they already got a bus and a private jet, they want that subs.

that also u dont know aaar!!!!

biskut makmur said...


to anwar, nowhere to hide. u were the finance minister during that purchase plan. who approved it? dont tell us u knew nothing about it!

Anonymous said...

sometimes we tend to forget what we had done... and we start to blame others for our mistakes!

wak-wak said...

kalau betul anwar tau dan dia sendiri yg luluskan, kenapa dia buat tak tau je?

kenapa suaram tak nak terima hakikat ni dan siarkan beritanya? sama juga dengan mkini dan media pakatan yang lain?

takut hadapi kebenaran?

Anonymous said...

umno hancur kerana anwar
pas akan hancur disebabkan anwar
dan malaysia akan hancur kerana anwar

anwar is a jinx!

Anonymous said...

The person who link Anwar to the purchase of this submarine when he was the Finance Minister must have his brain in between his anus. What next can that person, a member of the Young Journalist group think of could be Anwar ordered the killing of Atantuya and Anwar is a buddy of Baginda Razak. Truly a Malaysia Boleh stuff

Anonymous said...

no big deal..

if anwar was the finance minister and approved it, he was with BN still... right?

so, its still BN!

Anonymous said...

dah terkena dah muka dia sendiri.

padan muka.

Anonymous said...

Anwar may have approved the submarine purchase nothing wrong with that It's just another procurement which is the order of the day as finance minister it's razak Baganda and gang that sapu the commission To kill the lady who wanted her cut boy I wonder what secrets she carried that they wanted her silenced No matter how you spin it everybody asks that question One day the secret will,come out

Anonymous said...

Idiots trying to deflect the attention away from someone
Altantuya is connected to DSAI also izzitAnswer that you morons
Monkey see , monkey listen . monkey follow

Tipu Punya Olang said...


Anwar dan kabinet luluskan,
komisen RM500mil dapat kat Najib dan Razak Baginda,
Altantuya kena C4!
Suaram, Mkini, PR kena ejek!

Aper cerita baru lagi Jai?

Lu dan lu punya kelab wartawan ntah aper tuh memang kelakar lah.