Thursday, October 18, 2012

What happens to the money, LGE?

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng is at it again - toying around with the Bumiputras.

While giving so much emphasis in the state's development, he may have forgotten that Penang is not all about Chinese. There are many Malays and Indians too.

So, don't blame those who accused you of being a racist!

What actually had you done to the RM33.36 million allocation under the state's Bumiputera Housing Trust Account? If the money is still there, why didn't you spend it for good purposes, especially in building more low-cost houses for them?

Penang Bumiputras are your subject too, some of them had even voted for you in the last general election. But why are you sidelining them?

If the money is gone, you better come up with a good explanation as to how and where it was spent. They deserve an answer... and please don't get you deputy Mansor Osman to read your prepared media text again.

The Malays and Bumiputras on the island have been complaining about how you discriminated them of their rights for better houses and other facilities, and how the Bumi petty traders were chased away from locations provided to them under BN rule.

No need to mention Kg Manggis here but you could have at least considered their woes after taking office from Koh Tsu Koon four years ago. Maybe you don't feel how time flies!

I personally don't like the 'racism' tag given to you because Malaysians should be free from such a labeling.

So, you better prepare an answer... fast!


lim gone eng said...

so sorry lor.

i finished the money for my girlfriend.

is it wrong aaaaaa???

pro-Pakatan said...

rm33 million is not suffice to build low and medium cost houses on the island. maybe in seberang prai is ok.

how many units can you build with such a small allocation?

blame it on umno and bn for being too stingy!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

lepas satu, satu yang dibangkitkan oleh rakyat pulau pinang mengenai pentadbiran lim guan eng.

apa sebenarnya yang menyekat dia membelanjakan wang berkenaan bagi membina rumah untuk bumiputera, tidaklah kita ketahui.

tetapi sikap berdiam dirinya mengenai isu perumahan bumiputera pulau pinang harus dipersoalkan.

kenapa dia tidak membelanjakan wang berkenaan? adakah untuk menambahnya... atau untuk menggunakannya ke jalan lain?

masih ramai melayu p pinang yang hidup daif tanpa rumah sempurna dan sebagainya.

pelik jugak kerana anwar ibrahim yang berasal dari p pinang pun tak mahu ambil tahu masalah rakyat negeri itu!

tauke lim said...

guan eng could not be bothered to build the houses for penang malays because his mentor anwar ibrahim - a penangite - is also running away from the issue.

so, lge cannot do anything without anwar's words

that also u dont know aaar!!!

biol said...

padan muka hangpa!

siapa suruh undi dap pada pru lalu!


Anonymous said...

lim must also explain why he didnt fulfill his promise to provide the malays with that education fund. it was part of their manifesto in 2008.

samagagah said...

he is not a racist la, jai. just that he is too busy with his social life, booze here and there.

many malays are his good friends, esp those who become his macai!

the money was not spent, actually. its for him and gang should pakatan gets the boot in the next pru.

he is a smart man, dont u know?

mat lincoln said...

actually he was looking for the most suitable contractor to develop the housing scheme for bumis.

but one company, kongkek piling pte ltd tried to win his heart but was rejected because they can only build houses with no rooms, just partitions.

believe me or not?

keh keh keh!

Anonymous said...

Tokong lge is an unthinking CM, merely foolows the blueprint from red dot the kiasu island.

Penang will be developers paradise much like red dot

Poor peole can live in pigeon holes of 99 years lease.

Tokong is too busy being entertained by professional curtsy bimbos.

Anonymous said...


33 juta kalau masuk fixed deposit, 4% interest dah boleh dapat lebih sejuta.

Sebab tu dia simpan duit. Tu belum simpan dalam tempat yg boleh dapat interest lagi tinggi.


tebing tinggi said...

Hai...ya ! apa mau bising-bising ,you vote me into the office right,Wa the chief minister ,apa wa mau buat lengan itu wang itu wa punya kualsalah.
I am the chief minister right ?.

Tokong Lim.

Tipu Punya Olang said...

Haiyaa Bujai,

Melayu Penang sudah lama susah la Jai.
Sekarang baru mau sebuk ka orang Melayu tak de rumah.
Masa Gerakan-BN perintah pun orang Melayu susah juga.
Bukan kat Penang aje la Jai.
Ramai lagi orang Melayu susah dalam Tanah Melayu ni.

Anonymous said...

Dia takkan jwb punya.

Tgk je la

bujang senang said...

Dufarring the last state election Mr.Lim blasted sarawak chief minister of insensitive to the problems of non malay bumiputras.Now he(LIM) is proven of being a great RACIALIST of trying to slowly chase away the malays to the mainland,so that innot too far distant Penang island will become 3rd chinese island after Hong kong and singapore.this is lim's ultimate goal