Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The price of street demonstrations

Spain has received a 100 billion euro bailout package from euro zone countries to prop up its hobbled banking system, but, unlike Greece, it has not been required to reduce its deficit as a condition of the loan.

The government has had to submit control of its financial sector to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank and the European Commission.

However, about 5 billion euro was lost due to the cost of massive demonstrations since May 2011 over the government's austerity drive, forcing the government to do whatever is necessary to put both problems - street demo and the economy - under control.

The spending cuts appear to be in anticipation of a possible second bailout package to keep the government from defaulting on its debt, and so rather than be forced to relinquish any sovereignty over its spending policies, Madrid is saving face by imposing austerity on itself.

The Indignados have been protesting since May 2011, when the current political opposition, the Spanish Socialist Party, was in power. As a loosely organised popular political movement, the Indignados share a frustration with Spain’s two-party political system, a strong opposition to government austerity and rejection of the current economic system, which they view as subverting democratic freedoms and breeding political corruption.

Now, perhaps Malaysia could learn something from the 'happenings' in Spain, especially with regard to street demonstrations and a stiff opposition that rejects everything the government does for the benefit of the country and its people.

What separates the opposition in Spain with us is that, the Spaniards would usually close rank on every constructive measures introduced by the government, and this include the opposition as well. However, ours is totally an 'opposition' that opposes anything the government does.

I have not seen a situation like this, not in any of the 87 countries I have visited.

But we can understand why Pakatan Rakyat is throwing stones at Barisan Nasional government every now and then - for the sake of power!

And ever since Anwar announced his quest to become a prime minister, the opposition movement has gone radical, subscribing to fascism method in avowing their greed to take over Putrajaya in the next general election.

What happens if their 'victory' is met with similar protest like what they have been doing? Would they be able to sustain present stability in the years to come?


IT.Sheiss said...

The Spanish protestors are fighting for their economic survival against neo-liberal capitalist policies being forced upon them by the government, whether "socialist" or conservative and I fully support them.

As you rightly said, in Malaysia, the BN and Pakatan parties are fighting over who will get to power.

jambalaya said...

although bersih demo was minor as compared to the one in spain, it also affected a lot of things and the loss of property.

however, its a lesson to learn, esp from spain.

if bersih goes on a bigger scale, the whole country - its economy and development - would collapse, and what will be left for pakatan rakyat to manage if they rule?

anwar, ambiga, marina and others should think about it!

penangan said...

salam tn,

bantahan ganas seperti di sepanyol bukan saja boleh meruntuhkan negara malah memberi banyak kesulitan kepada rakyat.

dengar khabar, ramai rakyatnya terpaksa berbaris panjang setiap hati untuk mendapatkan bantuan makanan.

adakah ini yang kita inginkan di malaysia?

zon hitam said...

pakatan rakyat takkan dan tak mahu belajar apa2 daripada sesiapa pun. nafsu serakah mereka untuk membentuk kerajaan sudah menguasai pemikiran dan hati mereka. tak peduli kalau negara musnah, rakyat bercempera dan ekonominya runtuh asalkan cita2 mereka tercapai. mereka memang berbeza dengan pembangkang negara lain. mereka bukan pembangkang. mereka adalah setan!

OMEGA said...

no point telling them to learn from spain episode.

they are so obsessed to capture putrajaya.

by hook or by crook, they will do anything to attain it!

mat gombau said...


gaso2 eh dah telambek utk pakatan rakyat belajar apo2 daripada sepanyol, kecuali bola sepak eh.

dioghang gaso apo yg dio buek tu boto, menyobabkan otak dah tak buleh diadjust lagi.

never listen to liars! said...


what the govt should do is introduce a new set of law barring such demo. anyone organises it should be kept 'inside' for a few years and go for brainwashing. we must be strict in putting the house to order. one or two persons cannot speak for 28 million people!

tauke lim said...

why so difficult

shoot them the next time they take to the streets!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

jubah hijau said...

memang diorang tgh belajar daripada sepanyol la ni. sebelum ni belajar daripada apa yang berlaku di mesir, algeria, syria dan negara lain, kononnya tahrir square akan merebak ke malaysia.

kalau berani sangat nak anjurkan tunjuk perasaan ganas seperti itu, mereka akan terpaksa berdepan sendiri dengan rakyat, dan bukannya dengan pihak berkuasa yang terlalu lembut tu!

Anonymous said...

i think the malaysian police should also take cue from spanish police in combating terrorism and street demo.

Anonymous said...


better learn from their soccer team and not the demo.

pakatan rakyat should realise that malaysians a peace-loving lot and they wont allow such to happen here!

Anonymous said...

diorang tak heran dengan sepanyol.

pada anwar, apa yang berlaku di dataran tahrir lebih elok ditiru pula di malaysia ni.

jambu said...

siapa nak spanish fly?


pembangkang suka kot benda ni! boleh main belakang!