Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Soros wanted to see Najib"

To the opposition media, read this carefully.

It was Soros who wanted to see PM Najib in New York two years ago, and not the other way round as you people had spun!

The Umno president said he had met Soros in New York on the request of the currency trader.
He added that there was nothing wrong with the meeting, pointing out that Dr Mahathir had also previously done the same thing.
“Yes, I met with Soros. It was only to fulfil his request,” Najib told reporters tonight after chairing a Barisan Nasional (BN) supreme council meeting.
The Umno president declined, however, to reveal details of the meeting.
“It is not a problem meeting with Soros. As long as it is not done with the intention of bringing down the government and it was not about getting any financial aid, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that,” he said.
Yes, nothing's wrong with that. So many people had met that currency manipulator, including former premier Tun Dr Mahathir. In fact, when Soros wanted to have a meeting with Najib, it implied how much he recognised Malaysia and the way its being managed.

Najib didn't ask for any financial aid from Soros, unlike the Malaysian opposition and some of its NGOs and media like Suaram and Mkini.

Just look at how Mkini spun the meeting, turning it into a 'political crime' when putting the country's interest under their feet seems alright to them!

Mkini and the opposition should be ashamed of themselves for politicising the issue... or could it be to cover their fundings from George Soros? Writer Steven Gan got no bullet in his gun for the kill but made himself and Mkini a bunch of fool, losing credibility for trying to spin it out of context.

Dr Mahathir wrote in Sunday Times:
“So why is Soros financing Malaysiakini, a Malaysian NGO?
“Obviously, it is in order to achieve regime change, to put his nominees as prime minister and ministers in the Malaysian government.”
“My view is of Soros is that he is still a rouge currency trader and he compounds this evil by using the money to put his kind of people to rule the countries targeted by him.
“And Malaysia is obviously one of his targets...
The opposition is good at shooting at others as a mean to cover their own mistakes. What Mkini, Malaysia Chronicle and others did was to avert attention on their Soros fund, thus finding Najib-Soros meeting as a shield to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, it ended up with them shooting at their own feet!


richard the lion said...

soros is a currency trader, mkini is a lie trader.

so, they are even!

karipuley said...


shame on you steven son of the gun for spinning lies, saying that najib was the one who wanted to see soros but it turned out to be otherwise.

in the first place, i believe you and mkini would like to tell the world that it was soros who made an offer to finance your lies, and not you people who beg from him!

what a fucking liar you people are!

Anonymous said...

padan muka malaysiakini dan yang lain2.

diorang ni nampak je cerdik tapi sebenarnya bangang nak mampus!


Anonymous said...

only a moron would believe in what mkini says!

Anonymous said...


Just wait what Soros said about his meeting with TDM and PM.

Meantime continue the tirade against Soros cos time is running out before game over with this agenda.

Malaysians are born with small brains?


common sense said...

they are good at finding fault on others because when they found one, it will ease them of their own guilt.

mkini is very good at spewing lies and spinning truth into lies.

so, soros love them so much...

watanabe said...

mkini is too excited when they get to know about najib and soros meeting.

they even gave free read of it.

and now that truth is unveiled, they need to find another ammo to defend their lies.

what else can they do? maybe they will say it was rosmah who asked soros to meet najib!

Anonymous said...

si steven gan ni nampak macam komunis je!

memang perangai dah subversif, tuduh dan hasut orang sesuka hati.

langsung tak check siapa nak jumpa siapa.

memang dia nak tutup keburukan mkini terima dana soros.

ni dah datuk najib jawab, padan la dengan muka. elok basuh muka dengan taik babi je!

budak pejabat LGE said...


najib came with a BOOM!

to mkini writer steven gan, another spin perhaps to cover your stupidity?

Anonymous said...

Siapa Lu mau kelentong...soros wanted to meet jibby? Sigh at least try harder

Anonymous said...

Typical of pakatan rabak mrons!

They will spin everything and continue to spill lies to the people!

These disgusting scumbag pakatan politicians must be kick out in the next GE!

Shows these dimwits that Malaysians are not fools that can be 'kencing sampai hancing' every seconds!

SD said...

On Soro's request?
Since when does the PM of Malaysia has to come running when Soros issues a command?

Tipu Punya Olang said...

En. Bujai,

Siapa yang boleh dipercayai?
Utusan Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

busuk punya kaki.

itu pasal dia tembak sendiri punya kaki!

manyak cilaka!

ibnu sauna said...

malaysia is becoming the center of people like soros and others because of its flamboyant economy and the unity among its people.

they will try to bring down our economy for one reason - no muslim countries should possess such an economic strength.

look at what the west and the jews had done to iraq and some of the arab nations.

now they are after syria and iran.

dont you notice that?

and we have their agents right here, in malaysia!

brahim king said...

soros wanted to meet najib, that was fine. so najib went to see him.

but anwar and mkini and suaram and others went to see soros and begged money from him.

its a big different!

SD said...

brahim king@12.34am
Big difference but should Najib obey Soros and go to US to meet him just because Soros wants to see him? Who is Soros? Him being a Jew and the man who almost crippled Malaysia at one time? Big difference if Soros comes to Malaysia to meet Najib!

Anonymous said...

quote: Anonymous richard the lion said...
soros is a currency trader, mkini is a lie trader.
so, they are even!

Well said Richard!!!!