Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Soi Lek is only against 'hudud a la PAS'

I noticed that Chua Soi Lek's statement on hudud was taken out of context, not only by the opposition but also some pro-government figures and bloggers.Quite a number of pro-Umno bloggers (who are not pro BN) had spun the issue negatively, lashing out at the MCA president and condemning him as 'anti-Islam' and 'anti-hudud'. To them, CSL is beginning to spoil the spirit of Barisan Nasional, thus he deserves to carry such labellings.

I hope I didnt misinterpret what CSL was trying to explain, not only to the Malaysian Chinese but Malaysians as a whole.

Chua has been very, very consistent in avowing his displeasure at PAS 'hudud'. MCA too had in the past issued statements about how 'hudud a la PAS' is only a political gimmick and not hudud in the real context.

In other word, PAS only rides on hudud to garner political support, no doubt about it. Its alliance with DAP and PKR in Pakatan Rakyat is also in jitters over hudud. While DAP leaders are split over the issue, PKR has strongly rejected the idea of introducing Islamic Law to the country.

Only Karpal Singh of DAP dares to oppose hudud openly, ignoring the fact that his sentiment could dampen inter-Pakatan relations. But at least he is being honest and very downright about it.

So, when CSL spoke about hudud, he only meant 'hudud a la PAS' and not the one outlined by Islam. Even Umno never rejected hudud but could not accept the idea put forward by PAS.

PAS is an Islamist party, not Islamic. Hope everybody understands the different. The party uses Islam, the country's official religion, as its platform, notwithstanding the fact that MCA, Umno, MIC and other BN component parties have long agreed on politics of moderate and the non-use of religion for politics.

CSL has also been very, very careful in speaking it out, referring to only 'PAS brand of hudud' and not actual Islamic Law.

Its easy to impose Islamic Law in the country but implementing it is not. Countries like Sudan and Saudi Arabia didn't find it easy to punish those suspected of breaking the Syariah Law. For instance, to severe the hands of a thief, at least three witnesses must come forward to testify.

However, Islam puts a strict provision on such a witness. Among others, the sentence can be carried out if the witness is someone pious, never tell lies and fully respected by the community. In today's world, how many of such people live around us?

PAS actually realises this, that hudud will not come easy, especially in a complex multi-society like Malaysia. But the party continues to ride on hudud, hoping to gain extra mileage from Muslims who are on the fringe of fanaticism.

And all this while, PAS had never unveiled the mechanism and characteristic of its hudud, except for saying Malaysia should be made an Islamic state. Aren't we an Islamic state just yet for instituting a strong emphasis on syarie law and other Islamic law characters?

Majority of the Malaysian Chinese, Indians and other non-Muslims do not understand what 'hudud a la PAS' is all about. Some of those who took the courage to learn about Islam do understand hudud in the real perspective.

But still, the fear remains to haunt them. What is 'hudud a la PAS'?

Yes, PAS had given its assurances that its hudud will not affect the non-Muslims. However, the just can be put to question. For example, if a couple of Muslim and non-Muslim is caught for close proximity, only the Muslim will be punished, right?

Then, what about the non-Muslim? He or she will scot free! So, where is justice in a law that will encourage more such doings?

I am not against hudud but not for 'hudud a la PAS'. Just like CSL and many other Muslims who question 'hudud a la PAS', I don't see the logic for a political 'hudud' here. To implement the actual hudud, we have to go to the Parliament, and I personally believe it will be rejected by a slim majority.

Hudud is merely a PAS political game. Knowing how much is disgusts Karpal and friends and PKR, PAS motive is so loud and clear - to hitch hike on Pakatan should the pact succeeds in taking over Putrajaya in the next general election.

PAS seems to have lost faith in its own strength, and that tells how it accepted Anwar Ibrahim's offer to join PR about 10 years ago.

Its not about hudud or Islamic Law. Its all about power crazy!


Anonymous said...

aramak!! bro...klu PAS buat hudud sendiri maka 'sesat barat' la diorang tu bro. sanggup ke ko nak tuduh diorng tu semua sesat bro?? dah tinggi sgt ke ilmu ugama ko bro? I believe you better than this la bro....

Mat Bon said...

Bro, hudud yang tak macam PAS macam mana? Put up lah supaya rakyat boleh compare.

Anonymous said...

Cino tu sobut lak negara islam yg amalkan hudud dlm dunia ni semua terkebelakang dan mundur. Negara2 islam tu pakai hudud a la pas ke?

Anonymous said...

Cari makan punya Blogger, Hudud is Hudud, no hudud UMNO or Hudud PAS

Anonymous said...


As a citizen of this country and a muslim, I'm quite confuse as there is two version of hudud. Can you please explain what is the different between hudud PAS and standard hudud? Is CSL acceptable to the standard hudud you think?

Anonymous said...

Religion has always been a state's preoggative and never Federal.

So whichever state wants Hudud Law, what's the problem?

Each state can hold their referendum.

Anonymous said...


Waddaya know about this porno politician?

MCA days are numbered under him. I dont know why they picked as the party president!

kesuma said...

Memang sukar laksana hudud yg sebenar di negara ni, apatah lagi banyak pihak menentangnya. Apa yg dicanang oleh pas hanya semata-mata drama utk tarik sokongan je

Anonymous said...

Protecting soi lek again?

How much are they paying you?

Anonymous said...

Hudud buatan manusia konon atas nama Allah. Suka sangat dgn undang2 padang pasir Pak Arab sadomachist ni semua.Memang lah tak akan maju mana.

Anonymous said...

hudud been said a few times in the comments above, there is no such thing as hudud ala pas.

if anybody can bring forward a canon of hudud which is different from what had been brought forward by pas and would be accepted by the majority of muslims, please do so.

if the hudud suggested by pas is only applicable to muslims, why should the non-muslims bother? muslims we believe what is perscribed by Allah SWT through the Prophet Muhammad SAW is the best for us, for here and the hereafter.

anyway, the laws which are thought and created by man had been proven to be imperfect and sometime quite unjust.

we, muslims, believe that we will ultimately be answerable to Allah Almighty, so let us be...with our do not comment where you have no place and belief to comment.

Paradigmshift said...

Hudud is hudud. There is no such thing as Hudud ala PAS, ala UMNO ,ala Taliban or ala Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. For example under hudud law (criminal law) a thief if found guilty, after all angles have been explored, will have one of his hands chopped off.PAS says they want to implement this kind of punishment (to Muslims only). UMNO says they also want to implement but qualifies it by saying that country is not ready to implement it yet, most probably because there may be people who steal because they are forced to by poverty, for instance. So the difference is only on when to implement the law , not the principles of the law. The other issue is how can CSL says that most of those countries which implement hudud are backwards. Where are the facts and data to support this kind of generalised statement?.Sudan for example, is poor because they lack resources and they have a civil war for so long.

Anonymous said...

so, is there a version of 'Islam a la PAS' or 'Islam a la UMNO'

Anonymous said...

Aisey kawan, tak payahlah nak tegakkan benang basah. CSL tuduh pemimpin umno Johor hilang akal bila dia setuju dgn pelaksanaan hudud. Takkan umno Johor buat hudud ala PAS kut tentulah hudud ala umno...yang itu pun kena kutuk dek CSL.Tapi apa pun no such thing as hudud ala PAS.
Lagi MCA kata akan keluar BN jika umno laksana hudud,adakah yg dimaksudkan hudud ala PAS juga?

Sebelum siarkan artikel ni lebih baik buat kajian dulu, dpd tegakkan benang basah, apa kata tegakkan "anu" CSL tu?