Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scorpenes a clean buy

So, its confirmed that Scorpene was a clean buy, no scandals and no hidden hands involved.

Defence Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the Auditor-General has already explained that the purchase of Scorpene submarines was made according to legal procedures and his official report must be accepted by all quarters.
In response to the opposition’s plan to bring in a French lawyer, William Bourdon, to brief the Malaysian lawmakers on court proceedings in France on the purchase of the submarines, Ahmad Zahid hopes no quarters would twist the existing facts on the matter. 
He was also of the opinion that the lawyer was invited to Malaysia by the opposition merely with political motive and not so much for legal business. 
The purchase of the submarines should be seen from the aspects of an offset programme, training, and performance assurance for certain period of time, he said, adding that it was really an old issue brought up to create public anger and confusion.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim went to Paris last week to meet the lawyers acting for both SUARAM and DCNS in the Scorpenes corruption trial, with the intention of inviting them to come to Malaysia and brief Parliament on the latest status of the case.

Pakatan Rakyat, through its media like Malayskini, Malaysian Insider and others had accused PM Najib's Cabinet of using RM7.3 billion public money to purchase both submarines.

Even NGO like SUARAM plays a leading role in 'exposing' what the opposition alleged as 'the biggest scandal' the BN government ever committed, and that Najib, his wife Rosmah and former aide Razak Baginda were the culprits, linking them to the murder or Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, a person they believed was part of the 'scandal'.

And now that the Auditor-General has confirmed the purchase was legal and according to procedure, I believe the opposition will lambast it as a cover-up cahoot.

Let's hear to what Anwar & Gang have to say about this...

For sure they will call the Auditor-General 'a big liar'!


old jaguar said...

as usual, they will accuse najib and auditor-general planned all these in order to save the government.

they will find another issue and new links to implicate the government.

and they will never stop!

damanhuri, raub said...

so, what else will anwar do to justify his accusation? take the matter to court? he must create more lies to attract attention. just mark my words!

Anonymous said...


IT.Sheiss said...

I'd rather wait till the French court completes its investigations.

SUARAM claims that a supeona has been served on one of the witnesses but declined to say who and when it was served.

In June SUARAM had said that its French lawyers were in the process of serving a subpoena on Jasbir Singh Chahl, allegedly a point-man in the purchase of the Scorpene submarine but Jasbir denied receiving any subpoena.

SUARAM hasn't posted anything new on "Ops Scopene" since 21 June.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we still have to hear what opposition would say about this. After all, beating around the bush is their specialty.


Anonymous said...

so, waddafuck the opposition tries to do?

to badmouth najib so that they win next election?

dirty and filthy!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

kalau tak silap, pihak imigresen perancis sendiri sudah mengesahkan bahawa mendiang altantuya tidak pernah ke negara itu seperti yang didakwa oleh suaram dan pembangkang.

hairan bagaimana pembangkang memutarbelitkan fakta itu dan mengatakan mendiang dan razak baginda pernah bertemu di sana untuk merundingkan pembelian scorpene?

dari sini pun kita sudah nampak betapa 'rajinnya' pembangkang untuk mencari apa saja jalan yang ada bagi memfitnah datuk najib, datin seri rosmah dan kerajaan.

niat mereka cuma satu- menjatuhkan kerajaan!

Anonymous said...


can we depend on his statement and calculation?

i doubt it!

pro-Pakatan said...

its a cover-up!

its a cover-up!

its a cover-up!

to cover najib, rosmah, razak, zahid and those involved.

pakatan will expose more after this!

watch out!

50-50 said...

its something soothing for barisan nasional and najib.

however, i believe pakatan rakyat will not buy the auditor-general's report as a testimony to clear the govt from such a deal.

they said they have more evidence, so let's hear them.

mat gombau said...

salam waghih,

den tak tau yang mano boto. yg den tau kapal solam tu untuk anggota tentera yo, untuk meningkatkan tahap kawalan negaro.

hargonyo pun den tak tau.

tapi yg ponting, den nak tgk namo baik kerajaan dijago kalau dio tak bersalah...

inilah tugas kau... hehehehehe!!!!

this and that said...

why must we depend on the auditor-general's report to clear the govt?

just give anwar the chance to produce the french lawyers in parliament and listen to their statement and affidavit.

what's wrong with that anyway!

selipar jepun said...

macam2 la helah pembangkang ni.

kalau dah pasti kerajaan ikut cara yang betul, mengaku kalah je lah.

kang aku tempeleng sekor2 kang!

Anonymous said...

If what you say is true then there should be no fear from the government on the French Investigations!

In Fact Najib and Zahid as well as other government figures should eagerly volunteer to testify in the French Courts as to the "Clenliness" of the Scopene Deal!!

The government should also make sure that Razak Baginda Testifies as well!!

Suaram should be allowed to cooperate with the French government and no stone should be left unturned.

A Statement from the AG isn't going to make the issue go away as he is seen as simply the government's spokesman.

Justice For All

Anonymous said...

Indication that rakyat not supporting PR is very very strong.....see how silent majority university students support the pro government student leaders
This move shows that they have nothing better to do than to politise.

PR politicians are dirty politicians - sampah are all over my areas since PR took over. I have not seen my areas this dirty under BN. I believe we are going back to 19th century since need foreigner to help them

Anonymous said...

Where's the 3rd submarine?


Anonymous said...

apa kekuatan kenyataan AG untuk layak dipercayai?

ada penjelasan?

starsky said...

it clears everything to the extent that pr doesnt have anything to counter.

BUT their bad mouth will still stink!

Anonymous said...

Really? The ag says and it's okay? Just how stupid do you think people are? Do you even believe the rubbish you spew for your masters?

Anonymous said...

auditor-general is a liar!



Anonymous said...

BN has been on the defensive so hard on this scorpene issue it's suspicious If on the other hand the BN leaders in charge have nothing to hide they should cooperate with the pinvestigation Why then did they not allow the french lawyer entry to M sia?
Umno guys getting commision it's biasa lah everybody says But why was that poor woman killed? That is what people talk about Everbody loves a murder mystery Why do you think cop shows like CSI are so popular

headcount said...

anwar lies about scorpene. suaram also lied, so are the rest of the opposition members and tools!

Anonymous said...

This is not about bn or pr but this is about our country's image. It involves international and diplomatic relation with other country such as Mongolia as well. Let the investigation start.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why people accused Altantuya involved in this case. She was a Russian language translator and never been to France before.

Just guess what she was doing..

Anonymous said...

Full and impartial accountability for public figures is not a prominent feature of Malaysian justice, but French Journalist Arnaud Dubus added to the pressure with a March 5/09 report in France’s Liberation, “Un cadavre très dérangeant: L’étrange affaire du meurtre d’une interprète mongole qui gène le pouvoir en Malaisie” (Page 30-31). It named very prominent names, offered details, and revealed the contents of documents that Malaysian courts had refused to admit. A subsequent bribery investigation by French authorities has led to the emergence of even more documents, and the scandal is becoming a significant presence in Malaysian politics.

Najib, pls clean your name by suing France Liberation!