Monday, October 1, 2012

PR's 'Negara Kebajikan' can plunge the nation into bankruptcy

PM Najib Tun Razak today told BN leaders to be bold in fighting for the welfare and the well being of the people, go to the ground and not afraid of being intimidated by the opposition.

A positive reminder, indeed although it is a well-known fact that Barisan Nasional walks the talk in dealing with the welfare of the rakyat. This is evident from the package under Budget 2013 he announced on Sept 28.

Pakatan Rakyat has yet to proof anything although its counter-Budget proposal contains some attractive measures it will undertake should the electorates choose them in the next general election. But still, the possibility is slim as the people is so used with the comfort within BN's spirit of cooperation.

Again, the issue of welfare under Pakatan Rakyat can be put to question. Its 'Negara Kebajikan' or 'Welfare State' is only a political slogan to woo support and votes.

What is a 'Negara Kebajikan' when you dodged the rakyat of Selangor about the water, housing and land issues?

What would become of our present and future generation if we provide them with free tertiary education, without PTPTN loan scheme?

No country accords free education for its people. Scholarship is only given to outstanding students as a stimulant and encouragement for others to strive in their study and excel in their respective discipline.

Even a developed nations like the US, UK, Germany and France do not provide free tertiary education as the swelling cost might eat up the government's purse, hence interrupting development for other sectors. In other words, it may lead to a nation going bankrupt!

How much money is needed for free tertiary education. Taking into account the number of students enrolling at all public and private universities and colleges, we may need about RM200 billion every year to support them.

Going by math logic, even Japan could not do that, let alone Singapore and Brunei Darussalam!

I dont know how Pakatan arrived at such a formula but free education will lead to a lazy, complacent generation.

And what else should be free under Pakatan's 'Negara Berkebajikan'?

Welfare only means 'everything provided for'. Just like the Rumah Kebajikan, Home for the Aged and others. We provide them with eveything - a house to stay, free clothes, school uniform, food and beverages. We even pay for their utility bills.

Can Pakatan do that under their welfare scheme?

Give us everything for free or at a significant discount. Why not 50 per cent off for houses, half price for Proton cars, free water and electricity, free-fare on public transport, etc. That's what welfare really means!

Impossible, right?

So, don't talk about welfare if you don't know what it means. Learn from BN's welfare approach!


karipuley said...

they should also include free food and beverages, bro.

pakatan people should send every month things like rice, flour, milk, sugar, ajinomoto... for free.

if they want to make it a welfare country, everything must be free.

if they rule, they can take over proton. every car will be given free to the poor on listing basis.


penangan said...

salam tn,

kebajikan bermakna menjaga semua aspek kehidupan rakyat secara percuma.

maknanya kerajaan pakatan rakyat bukan saja boleh beri pendidikan percuma, malah serba-serbi percuma, termasuklah rumah dan sebagainya.

idea siapa sebenarnya negara kebajikan ni?

Anonymous said...

pakatan likes free... all free.

under them, it will be a free for all nation. everybody can kill, rob and rape whoever they want.

free sex, lgbt and free sodomy too.

interesting, very interesting!

jellyfish said...


funny how pr wants to scrap ptptn when their kids also got the study loan.

pondan tua said...

kepada anwar,

boleh tak bagi modenas free sebuah kat aku buat masuk hutan cari kayu api untuk dijual dan beli beras.

boleh ke?

boleh ke bang?

Anonymous said...

thats exactly what they want malaysia to be. a bankrupt nation.

but no worries.

they have funds from george soros and others to support them!

Anonymous said...

ni lah masalahnya kalau selalu dapat bontot free!

kaarrhhghhhhhh karrghhh kah!

gogoon said...

what nonsense are you talking?

pakatan's budget covered all aspect, from the rakyat's needs to economy and security.

didnt u read it?

Anonymous said...

haha sebab tu lah anwar bagi bontot dia free free... gila semua free ..suruh anwar bagi kita lepak rumah dia kat segambut free free ah lol