Saturday, October 6, 2012

No public fund for Ali's son wedding

What's the fuss about Ali Rustam's son wedding which attracted about 130,000 crowd? As a good leader, the Melaka chief minister is a darling to majority of the rakyat whom he frequently visit and rub shoulder with over the past 20 years.

Ali is not like other VVIPs, Ketua Mentri or Mentri Besar. He is so simple, easy to talk to and someone who really belongs to the rakyat.

Tell me. How often have you seen him using the service of police outrider on his official duty? How many bodyguards circle him at all time? Even his official residence does not have security guards!

Try compare him with Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim who enjoy the privilege of security escort and outriders. Lim especially, is not easy to meet without having to get through his four or five bodyguards.

Compare Ali's residence to that of Lim and Khalid. No guards, and this enable the rakyat to walk in at any time, day and night. Ali will find time attending to weddings, the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Portuguese and others, whenever he got the invitation and time (read Husin Lempoyang blog).

The people of Melaka will usually send him invitations for various events, knowing he will never fail them. Even a minute visit will bring cheer to them. In many occasions, he will just drop by, with or without invitation.

Irrespective of race and political ideology, Ali will pay respect to the deceased, visiting the sick at hospitals, giving away aids to those in need and spend longer hour discussing rakyat matters with his officers and government officials.

So, what is that RM600,000 spent for his son's wedding. He used his own savings. Had there been sponsors, not a single sen involved state government agencies as alleged by the opposition. The rakyat is more than happy to 'chip in' wherever necessary to lighten his burden. To them, what is a little sacrifice for a good leader like him!

I don't know how did the opposition arrived at the figure between RM1.3 million and RM13 million spent for the wedding. Even by simple calculation, it leads to rubbish!

Ali has explained that several corporations such as local snack company Mamee Sdn Bhd and beverage firm Orang Kampung Drinks Sdn Bhd had advertised their products in the young couple’s wedding souvenir book, and I believe its normal for one to pay for the promo.

“As advertisers, they have to pay the advertisement cost by giving away products, such as 50,000 cans of Kacip Fatimah drinks,” Ali said, which to me is nothing wrong.

There were suggestions for the MACC to investigate the source of the wedding fund. Go ahead, Ali got nothing to hide.

Hey! What didn't the opposition justify the RM1.2 million PKR bus and the private jet hired by their leader Anwar Ibrahim? Whose money was it? Anwar's or the rakyat? Where did Unisel's RM40 million go over the last three years as it only incurred loses after PR took over Selangor in 2008.

A leader like Ali is hard to come by these days. He deserves the special treatment given by the rakyat of Melaka.

But what is RM600,000 for a Malay wedding if some people in PR spent a few million, both for wedding and funeral?

Let's see how much DAP would spend on Guan Eng or Lim Kit Siang's funeral...

Ooppsss... how much did the opposition spend for Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0?

You people (the opposition) should look at what you have done before point fingers at Ali and others. Since you don't really go down to the rakyat, like what Ali does, you don't really know what a good leader means to the people.

Please watch your tongue before you lose it!


Anonymous said...

Next time for your kid's wedding, can you use Government depts to plan and sponsor it too?

You who are brave to expose Noh Omar's gangsterism can defend Ali Rustam abuse of government resources for private affairs...


Anonymous said...

If it were an opposition MB who used sponsors to fund a private function, would you still have a 'tak apa' attitude or be screaming corruption?

Anonymous said...

Ali Baba Ang 40 thieves?


Anonymous said...

kahhh kahhh .... I never read a more stupid post than this, its really from someone who has no sense of justice nor truth - I wonder what sort of children will be born from this person, thieves, looters, porno writers, pimps, drug lord, gangster even worse killers

Ali must really be paying a lot for pieces like this,

don juan said...

agree that ali rustam is a good leader, much better than the rest in managing the state and looking after the welfare of the people.

the reception drew big crowd for such an approach, and of course the people would do anything for him, including giving anything the could to the reception.

so, no big fuss about it. the opp should stop politicising it.

melaka jati said...

melaka terkenal dengan adat berkampung, tidak kira agama dan bangsa. gotong royong sudah jadi amalan murni sejak dahulu.

jadi, tak hairanlah jika rakyat sendiri sanggup mengeluarkan belanja bagi menampung majlis anak ali kerana keperibadiannya menjadi tarikan mereka.

rakyat tidak berfikir panjang untuk membantu apa yang patut dan hadir pada majlis itu.

inilah semangat ukhwah yang ada di melaka.

sebagai pemimpin yang benar2 berjiwa rakyat (tidak seperti orang lain yang hanya tau melaungkan slogan ini), ali benar2 berada di hati rakyat, malah rakyat melaka sendiri jarang bersungut mengenai apa yang dibuatnya untuk negeri.

seperti yang sdr tulis, ali akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk hadir apa saja majlis rakyat - sakit, mati, kahwin, khatan dsb - secara selamba dan tidak ada karenah langsung, misalnya disediakan kerusi khas dan makanan istimewa.

mana nak cari ali rustam lain?

penangan said...

salam tn,

pemimpin yang baik memang akan berjaya menghimpunkan banyak sokongan, seperti DAR.

pembangkang cuba mempolitikkan majlis perkahwinan anak beliau kerana menyedari melaka sukar ditawan selagi beliau masih menjadi ketua menteri.

senang je untuk kita baca...

Anonymous said...

the chinese spend more in funeral than wedding.

the malays, on the other hand spend less for funeral and will look for low budget for wedding.

but ali is a different case. he used his own money and got things sponsored, which is nothing wrong.

thats why DAP made a lot of noise because they dont understand the malay culture in 'coming together' during functions such as wedding and funeral.

johar, muar said...

ali rustam is the best'est' jai.

mahathir-trained, i dont think melaka will get another one like him in many years to come.

he deserve all the help for his son's wedding. its normal for rakyat melaka and for an outstanding leader like him

Anonymous said...

let the MACC investigate, let the opposition see the result.

but i dont think it will find ali guilty...

pro-Pakatan said...


dulu masa pemilihan umno, ali guna wang untuk beli undi, sampai dibatalkan pertandingannya.

ingat lagi tak?

jadi, tak heranlah kalau orang lain bagi duit pulak pada dia untuk buat majlis besar seperti tu!

adik, UM said...

saya baca husin lempoyang bang dan setuju bahawa ali sememangnya layak mendapat kerjasama rakyat untuk majlis kawin tu. takda salahnya kerana kita akan buat apa saja untuk seorang pemimpin yang baik dan mulia.

Anonymous said...


ali must have used some state fund.

will wait for macc to probe the case.

budak sekolah said...

apsal cina dap ni heboh?

diorang buat majlis besar berjuta ringgit pun, takda siapa heboh dan siasat.

apa punya bangang la dap ni!

Naj said...

To be completely honest, 130,000 is a huge crowd, and I believe people came up with the RM1.3M by simple calculation of RM10 per head, KL price for the most basic buffet maybe.

Then again, I wasn't at the wedding. Maybe it was done kampung-style, with gotong-royong and stuff. Still I think Ali could come up with a better explanation than his RM600,000 for (roughly) 180,000 guests (refer MSM). I mean, even kampung weddings give at least duit rokok to the chefs and assistants (those who prepares the raw materials; cleans, cuts etc), maybe free cloth for the usherers to make their own baju kurung, simple goodie bags for the guests (even a simple bunga telur would have cost what, RM 1.50? + 30 sen for the egg). I mean, don't tell me a Ketua Menteri doesn't give any goodies for the guests to bring back on his son's wedding?

I understand that gotong-royong is all about voluntarism and what more for a beloved Ketua Menteri. But still, even if your best friends come to help you on your wedding, wouldn't you give a little token of appreciation (duit rokok/new baju/etc)? Ali's explanation of RM600,000 is a bit...inadequate. It makes it hard to believe. Just my 2 sen..

Anonymous said...

Pembangkang hanjing ni mmg la asek duk cr kesalahan govt aku senang je...ali merupakan cm yg paling terer bangunkn melaka comparekn ngn cm laen yg kaki mabuk pompuan sume smpi melaka pn x jd benda...dpt kt ali bkn main maju lg melaka hawau!!!

Anonymous said...

When you sre deceived by your own deception then no one can help you.

Anonymous said...

ye lah tu....

Anonymous said...

harap2 ali kekal sebagai ketua menteri lagi selepas ni walaupun dia berhajat ke federal...

Anonymous said...

how much money you received from CM to write this article?? you are just a puppet! If you don't know anything, don't write!!