Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moro: Anwar supports, Estrada opposes!

They are good friends, Anwar and former Philippines president Joseph Estrada. While our Opposition Leader supports the peace agreement between Manila and Moro, Estrada is against Malaysia's role in it, accusing Kuala Lumpur of intervening in his country's domestic affair.

Anwar's support, however, fell short of giving credit to the BN government. The statement which he issued did not mention anything about PM Najib witnessing the agreement on Monday.

The manner in which the 'statement of support' was written looks more like HIS OWN GOVERNMENT was the mediator (read Rocky's Bru). He wants the credit!

But what's more interesting is when Estrada told media in Manila that he opposed Malaysia' role in arranging the truce... and for the first time he and Anwar didn't share the same tune!
Although hoping that the framework agreement signed on Monday will pave the way for the creation of a Bangsamoro political entity, former President Joseph Estrada questioned yesterday Malaysia’s role in the peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Estrada told The STAR the Philippine government must not allow foreign governments to intervene in the country’s “internal problems.”
“We should prove to them that the Philippines is a sovereign and independent country. We are way ahead of Malaysia in terms of independence,” he said.
The government and MILF peace panels conducted 32 formal exploratory talks in Kuala Lumpur, with Malaysia as the chief facilitator.
“I am against the Malaysian government intervening in Philippine affairs. You don’t have to ask foreign countries to intervene and encroach on our sovereignty,” Estrada said.
Estrada also expressed concern that the framework agreement will give rise to another breakaway group. He cited the emergence of the MILF when the administration of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos signed the Tripoli agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) led by Nur Misuari in Libya in 1976.
I think Anwar and Estrada had forgotten to call each other before making that contradictory statements.

Looks like Anwar has to explain to his friend as to why he supports the agreement, or he could lose his 'Jose Rizal' status in the Philippines, especially in the eyes of Estrada.

But that's the problem with 'booted politicians'. When they are in power, they will get very supportive of anything the government does but when they are out of the picture, they became sour grapes and turned their back on the regime they used to reign.

A-ah! Estrada had actually failed in dealing with the Mindanao Muslims. He was the one who sent in the army to murder hundreds of them. Has he forgotten about it?


white carrot said...

they are friends but with different arseholes!

thats why they didnt speak the same language!

Anonymous said...

estrada is already very, very angry with anwar, bro. he is coming to malaysia soon to bugger anwar!

the reason why they issued different statements is that, they dont subscribe to similar politics.

while estrada is more of a republican, anwar is a 'pubic'an!

dont u get it?

cakap tak serupa bikin said...

siapa yg awak sebut sebagai jose rizal ni?

anwar ibrahim?

mak datok. selisih malaikat 44, siot!

takda tokoh langsung anwar nak jadi macam rizal sebab rizal ni pejuang islam sejati, yang berjuang membela seluruh rakyat filipina, tak kira bangsa dan keturunan.

anwar bela apa?

hanya bela puak dan suku-sakat dia dalam pakatan rakyat je, tamak haloba, penipu besar dan suka berdalih!

rizal apa ni?

rizal marican pun tak macam ni!

a pinoy in KL said...

yes, estrada was the one who sent the troops to massacre the muslims in mindanao when he was president. if he has forgotten, someone should remind him. the record is there!

tauke lim said...

they are intimate couple, bro. they will speak different language but share many other common things.

although he didnt credit the malaysian govt, anwar still has to support bangsamoro because he needs to be close to them, for political support.

there are many bangsamoro people in malaysia, esp in KL.

try to figure out why he is so possessed in capturing sabah in the next general election!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

both are the same, crazy for power.

when estrada was kicked out of malacanang, he vowed to fight back but he ended up in court!

lousy leader for lousy ideas!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

masalah teknikal kecil je dalam pernyataan mereka berdua.

walaupun berbeza, mereka sebenarnya ingin menarik perhatian.

sudah tentulah anwar menyokong perjanjian tu kerana masyarakat islam moro sudah pun diterapkan dengan kefahaman bahawa anwar seorang jose rizal.

estrada pula ingin kembali berkuasa. bila hilang jawatan, dia jadi pembangkang dan menghentam parti yang pernah diketuainya.

sama je dua orang ni!

samagagah said...

malaysia sudah lama menjadi orang tengah dalam konflik di selatan filipina, malah manila sendiri mahukan malaysia lebih pro-aktif dalam mengusahakan perdamaian di wilayah itu.

malangnya, anwar sendiri gagal walaupun dia dianggap sebagai jose rizal oleh ramai rakyat filipina.

jadi, bila datuk najib sendiri menyaksikan pemeteraian perjanjian itu, dia rasa dialah yang sepatutnya berdiri di situ, bukan pm!

Anonymous said...

Anuar is one fucking power crazy man. Please ignore him as crazy people should be ignored otherwise you are term as one too

ex-diplomat said...

did manila really seek our assistance in the first place, or we were the ones who offered it?

its a diplomatic offense to interfere in other country's private affair but in this case, malaysia did the right thing.

there are many cases where other countries played mediatory role in bringing about peace in a conflict area, for instance in former yugoslavia. nothing is wrong with that.

for estrada to accuse malaysia of intervening in his country is not fair as the philippines, under his govt used to pushed their claim on sabah, remember?

TV hitam putih said...

siapa joseph estrada ni?

gua cuma kenal eric estrada je yang berlakon dalam CHIPs dulu..

warghh kah kah!

sial punya joseph estrada!

MASTANA said...

bujai, orang moro ni ko yang buek gokok marlboro tu?

edan ni buto ilmu alam dan sejarah.

apo pun, yang kito buek untuk dioghang tu memang elok. amerika pun puji.

jadi, apsal lak estrada pukimak ni bantai kito lak? nak kono balun ko buntut eh ni?

joseph sodomon said...

dont pay any attention to this estrada guy. he is now a moron after being kicked out of his own government. he found solace in anwar, so that explains everything!

arlington said...

a reminder for estrada.

who actually interfered in other country's affair?

his govt tried to make a claim on sabah, remember... and anwar had opposed it.


Anonymous said...

si bodoh dengan si bangang.

bila bercakap, ikut sedap mulut dan bontot.

anwar ingat kejyaaan ni kejayaan pakatan rakyat, buat kenyataan seolah-olah dia yang usahakan perdamaian tu.

cermin la muka lu!

Anonymous said...

Dude...there is something in common between Anwar and Estrada...hypocrites and sex maniac...

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahm woud fuck hs mom if it would make him looks like a matyr..

And his mom will be villified by all and sundries

Anonymous said...

Estrada also likes to bugger people, dont u know?

Anonymous said...

Both were actors , films & porno. Say no more.

Anonymous said...

two real bullshitters..