Friday, October 26, 2012

'Lakum dinukum waliyaddin...'

I was brought up in a moderate family, in a moderate mixed community and under a moderate education system that attributed Merdeka and national progress to the strive and spirit of brotherhood among race and religion.

Glad that at the height of communal tension in 1969, we remained intact and united. We clad ourselves together and conducted prayers according to our different faith, all for peace and harmony.

When Muslim deviators came during late 70s chanting their slogan 'Islam ditegakkan dengan mata pedang', we told our non-Muslim friends that Islam was not as such.

In Malaysia and around the world, I believe Muslims should understand the true meaning of the 'ayyat', "lakum dinukum waliyaddin".

Its all about mutual respect and recognition between different religions and faith, and the spirit of co-existence along the divide. It calls for sacrifice by individuals to create a better today and tomorrow.

As what Allahyarham Ustaz Hussein and the late Uncle Ramu and Master Goh used to tell us, the children of Moncino - in human relations, there is no talk about race, religion and color.



masih di BH said...

Jai, generasi 60an dan 70an lebih bersatu dan saling menghormati kerana politik tidaklah sebegitu ekstrim seperti sekarang.

Aku pun pernah lalui detik gemilang perpaduan kaum pada zaman itu.

Alangkah indah dan permainya malaysia jika ianya masih dikekalkan

Anonymous said...


Enakau dgn agama engkau, aku dengan agama aku.

Ia membawa maksud kita perlu saling barsatu dan hidup rukun walaupun berlainan agama...

tauke lim said...

Politics today really suck, irrespective of the ruling or the opposition parties. They are the ones who tore us apart!

That also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

Selamat aidiladha bro, may god bless u all d way

karipuley said...

Yes, those were the days.

In present days, chauvinism gets thicker and thicker, all because of our politicians!

Anonymous said...

I don't think much is about our politician (although yes, part of it). We have seen DAP chanting the chauvinistic cause for many years. Same goes with PAS.

What I see the real fault is the younger generation and the influence of western ideology. The idea of liberation, human rights, freedom of speech that knows no limit is causing dischord in our society which is build on different foundation as the western society. The politician simply using this weakness to incite hate for political gain. Probably the one politician who is the master of inciting hater should get the blame. He is no other than Anwar Ibrahim.

borhan said...

Sipa kata generasi 60an bersatu ! puuihh.. apakah ada yang masih tidak tahu peristiwa 13 Mei berlaku dihujng tahun 60an. Kemuncak dari perpaduan itu!