Friday, October 5, 2012

Corruption - from head to toe!

I concur with Prime Minister's statement that corruption extends beyond the abuse of power by politicians and public servants and into the core values prevalent in society.
“If we view corruption as truly unethical and immoral behaviour, we cannot stop at just looking at the public officials and politicians who abuse their powers – we must go much further than that. For example, we rightly demand greater scrupulousness from those in public office; yet we live in a world where the public culture endorses the bursitis of greed and unmitigated success, at least until someone is found breaking the law,” he told some 1,500 representatives of international anti-corruption governmental agencies and commissions attending a conference in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.
So, how corrupt is the Malaysian society, and how efficient and effective is the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in dealing with it?

Most importantly how do we define corruption? Does a reward, commission, lobby money, kickback and political fund comes under such a definition?

I wish I had the chance to speak at the MACC Academy in Jalan Duta, specifically on this subject. Why, I have been part of the 'corrupt society' from the day I recognised what money can buy and do. And I believe many more - millions of them - are like me.

As a kid, I was always given an extra 5 sen or 10 sen by my parents, grandparents and others to buy what they needed from the market or shop, on the condition that I do it straight away and deliver it fast. Frankly, that was also part of my 'earnings' for pocket money.

What do you call that? Bribery?

Years ago, when calling at the Income-tax office in Jalan Duta, the 'pencari fail' said my file would be ready in three working days. However, after showing him a RM50 note, he said "give me 3 minutes, abang!"

At the particular moment, I realised that such a practice was not only corrupt but also deprive those without money, especially the poor, from getting a fast and efficient service.

And today, just walk into any office and department offering counter services - immigration, banks, national registration office, government clinic, etc - jumping the 'Q' is a common practice for those who are able to buy the time and speed.

Yes, it is unethical and immoral but there are more serious cases that are 'covered up' by the authorities, notably involving the top brass.

Kickbacks that goes into ministers' political fund for projects awarded by the ministries, special project allocation for the special officers around their waist, commission from public contracts, reward for senior officers over land approval, etc.

There were cases where members of the judiciary, including lawyers were 'bought' to acquit murderers, robbers, drug peddlers, loan sharks, rapists and others by destroying evidence and creating alibis to stand for the accused.

The MACC is too keen in hauling up 'small fish', including a policeman who took RM10 from a motorcyclist without a valid driving license rather than going deep into the force and nab some senior officers for massing up tonnes of 'protection' money every month from illegal gambling dens, owners of brothel and massage parlor, pirated CD 'tauke' and other outlawed businesses.

Take note of these examples:

- a 35-year old police inspector drives a 5-serie to work.
- a temporary staff at the Immigration Dept buys an E-250 after working for six months.
- a land office officer can afford to pay a monthly RM2,200 for a RM500,000 bungalow he bought with his RM3,00 salary, despite having a wife and 4 kids.
- a MP with a monthly RM10,000 allowance can afford to hire 3 bodyguards @ RM2,000 each per month, a new 5-serie, service his housing loan and 2 wifes and 6 kids.
- a senior government officer under JUSA C can afford to have a bungalow, another 2 houses, 4 Continental cars, 3 maids and 2 gardeners.

There are many more.

Personally, I don't trust the MACC much. Some of its members are also corrupt. I got a strong case against a Dato', with all proofs pointing to his corrupt practice. However, the officer in charge of the case was transferred out from Putrajaya, to Sabah.

I heard a lot of things about the irregularities at MACC but sorry to say, they always think they are never at fault, and free from any malpractice.

The worst corrupt practice, to me is money politics but who would like to become a politician without enough money to spend?

So, political money is not categorised as graft?

And what about the money reward by MACC to any whistleblower who could feed the right info about any corrupt practice around him/her? Without the offer, do you think many people would cooperate?


Anonymous said...

Bak kata IGP hari tu "kami akan ambil tindakan bila ade laporan" !!!

Ramainya peniaga asing di Chow Kit sebabnya penguatkuasa DBKL tutup mata dan telinga (baca tak buat kerja).

Ramadhan lalu, Jalan TAR sesak dek sebab kenderaan parking kiri-kanan jalan sedangkan penguatkuasa DBKL dgn lori besar mereka berada depan Sogo je !!!

Bila org awam buat laporan dan siasatan dibuat esoknya keadaan dah berubah sebab.

Jika nak kedepan, SPRM (baca - semua penguatkuasa) mesti buka besar-besar mata dan telinga mereka (baca - buat kerja betul-betul). Bertindak pronto dan tak menunggu laporan.

kamasutra said...

bro, cant trust the macc much. u are damn right.

the prob is, macc is not independent as it comes under the govt.

those appointed to the senior position are paid by the govt.

so, any big corruption involving ministers and senior govt officers will be put under KIV or discarded.

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju dengan apa yg tuan tulis.

budaya upah, sogok, hadiah dan macam2 bentuk rasuah ni dah ada dalam budaya kita sejak dahulu.

tapi tuan memang hebat bila menyebut bahawa 'amalan ini menafikan hak mereka yang tidak ada wang untuk mendapatkan khidmat yang lebih baik dan cepat'!

memang benar. banyak contoh dapat dilihat.

tapi saya juga berpendapat rasuah bagi kes2 besar, misalnya menyelamatkan seseorang pembunuh dari tali gantung dengan cara menyuap pendakwaraya, hakim dan peguam, adalah paling keji biarpun kita tau memang dia sudah membunuh.

jadi, saya rasa menahan seorang anggota polis yang ambil rm5 daripada penunggang motosikal, tak harus diperbesarkan sehingga masuk akhbar dan tv. atas kesalahan kecil, ia sepatutnya dimaafkan.

apa pendapat tuan?

rambo hashim said...


do u know that your headline 'corruption: from head to toe' applies well to the immigration dept and custom.

but the MACC only go after the small fish and letting the big ones get away with millions ringgit worth of collection.

i think its time to get them!

Anonymous said...

what about gift to ministers every time they officiate an event or a function?

we call it a symbol of appreciation?


malaysia indah said...

najib should admit that the public sector is worst when it comes to corruption. everything needs money in order to move the person in charge to expedite a faster service.

do you know how many claims are not settled, some took few months to get reimbursement; letters lost in its way to the top, many tasks not settled and so on?

just give them some token or promise them something in return, they will find the speed you want!


saman ekor said...

tau tak kenapa ada anggota polis dan penguatkuasa lain, misalnya sanggup ambil rm10 untuk lepaskan pesalah trafik?

sebab kalau nak disaman semuanya, takkan ada tempat di mahkamah untuk membicarakan diorang ni dan ia sekaligus akan meningkatkan kes tertunggak di mahkamah kepada ratusan ribu.

penguatkuasa berkenaan pun kalau boleh tak mau susah payah naik-turun mahkamah untuk beri keterangan.

kesalahan kecil seperti ini sepatutnya guna budi bicara. ambil duit tu memang rasuah tapi agaknya berapa kos yang perlu dibayar bagi setiap kes mahkamah?

eilen chia said...

why and how do some ministers got rich barely a year in office?

how much is their salary actually?

does a minister who just served a term can afford to buy a RM20 million mansion?

where is your good math?

Anonymous said...

too many small cases the macc attended to, leaving the major ones untouched. only one or two but that sparked a lot of political row. so, the best thing is to make macc an independent body and give them full power. but some of its officers too are corrupt!

bujang susah said...


teringat masa zaman budak2 tu cerita yang abg sebut.

memang betul.

sekarang ni nak suruh anak ke kedai, mesti ada upah.

upah yang seperti ini pun banyak diamalkan dalam perkhidmatan kerajaan.

adakah ini rasuah jugak?

pro-Pakatan said...

pilih je pakatan rakyat pada pru akan datang.

kami akan perangi rasuah habis-habisan!

jangan percaya dah dengan barisan nasional ni... dah banyak lemak!

tiu-na-seng said...

yes, how do they define corruption because everything needs some kind of lubricant to move....

what a way of life!

DBKL memang tak guna! said...

aku dah pernah intai sekumpulan anggota penguatkuasa PBT rayau cheras bagi pastikan takda peniaga gerai letak kerusi meja atas jalan.

smpai je, mereka bincang dengan seorang peniaga bukan melayu yang buat benda tu.

nampaknya masyuk! jadi, takda tindakan diambil.

selang dua tiang letrik, ada melayu berniaga dengan cara yang sama... tapi terus kena saman dan 20 minit kemudian, gerai dan kerusi-meja diangkut dengan lori.

hebat diorang ni!

haram jadah!

tauke lim said...

bro,without money, no politics. if no politics, no leaders.

so, the laymen like us will have to permit our politicians make as much money as they could to sustain their politics and retain power.

that also u dont know aaar!!

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

tak payahlah susah2 sebut hal rasuah ni. dah jadi darah daging perkhidmatan awam.

nak dapat kontrak, kita kautim dulu berapa boleh tolak balik, bawak pegawai pergi lunch atau dinner, karaoke, bagi awek dan sebagainya walhal belum gerenti projek tu boleh dapat.

ini dah tak dapat dielakkan.

nak ajak menteri turun padang pun ke suap dulu pegawai2 kanannya!

apa ke jadah semua ni?

masih di BH said...

jai, betul ke polis paling banyak rasuah?

aku tak percaya la.

kalau ikutkan keadaan semasa, imigresen dan kastam la paling kuat mentekedaghah!

careless whisper said...

what datuk najib said contains lot of truth.

its all over us now.

as corruption comes in many faces, its hard to determine one.

its up to the society to encourage of discourage such a practice!

si miskin said...

aku lagi lak suk suap orang tapi tak pernah pun kena tangkap dengan sprm walaupun diorang tau!

aku suap makanan pada mak aku yang dah uzur dan anak aku yang masih kecil.

tak salah ke?


Anonymous said...

go check top politicians first before going down to those who took rm5 or rm10.

the macc is not actually efficient! i dont trust them at all!

pusing keliling said...

kalau sprm sendiri rasuah, siapa nak siasat mereka?


tlg jawap!

Anonymous said...

Business in Malaysia can't go without corruption even if there is a change in Goverment. Despite what people say about corruption, Malaysian regardless of race but mainly the Chinese prosper under the present Goverment. Only if there is a political power change,bye bye to those who enjoy special rights under the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

macc cannot be trusted, merely because it is also providing some kind of 'amunity' to top leaders...

u dont believe it?

tsyhll said...

You're right, head to toe is the area of corruption cancer in our country.

At the head we have the politicians,
At the hands and legs (kaki tangan kerajaan)