Monday, October 15, 2012

Clean Sweep on Bersih: We are too slow!

I must 'congratulate' the Opposition for successfully hammering the government, notably the Home Ministry, by publishing the book 'Clean Sweep' on Bersih.

The 428-page pictorial coffee table book is impressive, with photos of Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga, Marina, A Samad Said, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and other supporters of Bersih demonstrators taking to the streets of major cities - from New York to London, Paris to The Prague, Singapore to Tokyo and Sydney to Jakarta.

Not much of the 'police brutality' was shown, except for a few showing policemen dragging away a few protesters and the smoke from tear gas canisters.

It was compiled at random but with neat and perfection. The message was clear - Bersih rules! I believe the RM60 per copy will become a bestseller in a short time.


Sad that my text message to a Yang Berhormat (sorry, can't disclose its content) went unanswered, unlike the previous. Is he not aware of the book?

However, I am glad that people from the Prime Minister's Office are supporting my idea (will reveal it soon).

Of course we cannot ban the book. Nothing's wrong with it but at least we can come up with a similar one to explain what Bersih is all about.

Unless we agree that Bersih is merely 'for a clean election' and not for reasons that each and every one of us already know!

Sometimes we are just tooooooooooooo slow!


kuchai said...

of course they are very, very slow.

umno trained!


sekapur sireh seulas pinang said...

bro, takkanlah datuk hisham tak sedar dengan penerbitan buku ni?

memalukan kdn dan negara je.

memanglah kita tak boleh haramkan buku ni sebab BAGUS isinya tapi macam yg kau cakap, takkan nak berdiam diri je dan biar orang lain kutuk kita?

apa nak jadi dengan orang kita ni?

karipuley said...

waddafuck are you people at home ministry doing? just warming up your chairs? you people should have expected that this book would come out. so, what is the govt doing about it?

Anonymous said...

hisham does not know many things, bro.

he does not have any hands on in so many things.

what he knows is only to gather good news from people, discarding the bad ones.

so, this is what happens. i think his officers are also not aware of the book.

what a shame!

masih di BH said...


elok kau je yang tulis buku mengenai kisah sebenar bersih ditubuhkan, iaitu untuk menaikkan anwar sebagai perdana menteri.

biarlah rakyat tahu hal sebenar. biarlah satu dunia tahu rahsia sebenar di sebalik bersih.

aku boleh dapatkan penaja untuk buku ni. aku yakin ia boleh laku.

hamba allah said...

who is the YB u mentioned? PM? DPM? ooppsss.. both are YAB, sorry.

then, who? rais? hisham? because they are in-charge of the govt propaganda machinery and domestic affairs.

if they dont entertain you, go to pm. i believe he will second your idea.

we cant depend on people like hisham and rais anymore...

hannah said...

bro. maybe that yb doesnt know what to do and how to answer u.

or he could be totally lost...

but what actually did u write? pls tell loorrrr!!!

tauke lim said...

the home ministry couldnt care less about new books of what.

they are more concern in ensuring its boss retains his seat in the next general election.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

buku ni tak perlu ada permit penerbitan ke?

pelik gak!

Anonymous said...

Laporan yg dibuat selalunya akan ditapis sebelum sampai kepada yg buat keputusan.

Kesianlah laporan yg masuk bakul sampah dulu sebelum sempat sampai kepada pihak yg sepatutnya.

Hairan juga bila laporan MESTI dibuat sedangkan staff DBKL/PDRM
setiap pagi lalu ditempat yg terang-terangan undang-undang negara dicabul oleh pihak yg mengaku pelarian.

Bilalah pihak Gomen nak berubah kepada mentality maju kedepan ?

Anonymous said...

bn doesnt have enough brain to fend off such critic. they are too busy attending to personal matter, esp politic.

i dont know what is happening to the system but it looks like bn is losing steam when faced with things like this.

slow action is one thing, slow brain is another.

home ministry is full of pig brains!

level 7 said...

no surprise.

even the pm media team is not functioning that well, so how could we expect hisham's to be better?

the media people around hisham are just wanting to please him with good news even though they have to lie and hide the truth.

but thats what hisham wants - only the good news!

goyang said...

bila pembangkang dah buat, baru kita terpikir nak buat jugak.

nak buat hapa?

r0 said...

This man should be next Menteri Pertanian. Ask him to jaga Pokok Durian.

Tipu Punya Olang said...

Bujai patut buat buku `Sweep Under The Carpet - Bra Triumph Of KOTOR 3.0'.
Print banyak-banyak pas tu distribute free to public.
Sure success one!

Anonymous said...

Come up with a book that shows ambiga blatantly asking foreigners to interfere in sovereign Malaysia.

US soros funds and Australian observation speaks loudly of ambiga's domestic influence - ZERO

Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin sleeping on job again!

Najib must replace the 'mandom' guy with somebody else that got guts to deal with the pakatan haramjadah nonsense.

The Eugenist said...

I've said in numerous occasions that the present war is not about who will command or win the support from masses but rather a war on perception and from the looks of it, people from the other side are slowly winning it.

Ayooyoo.. Takkan bila dah hilang confident baru nak terhegeh2 counter balik kot.

Hesmel Faznee Faisal