Friday, October 12, 2012

Apology and apologetic

News portal Malaysia Chronicle posted an apology for featuring an article "Lynas, Cancer and You" recently, purportedly written by someone 'outside' the organisation.

The article, done without any research and observation, condemned Lynas plant in Pahang as disastrous and hazardous to those living within its vicinity.
"Malaysia Chronicle accepts that there has been sound scientific basis for the regulatory reviews that have been conducted of the Lynas project by among others, the AELB and the IAEA. We would point that the article “Lynas, Cancer and You” was not written by us but a pick-up story which may not have been based on scientific claims. We apologize to Lynas for any misunderstanding and inconvenience caused."
I guess they are sincere. However, a good news portal (and newspapers and other media alike) should be more selective in establishing the logic of such writings before sending it to print.

In fact, some mainstream newspapers and TV stations had made silly errors in the past...and quite recently!

In another development, a Singaporean executive also apologised for a 'racist' FB posting about the minority Malays in the republic.

However, she is not anti-Malay. Just that she was perturbed at the long-and-time consuming Malay traditional wedding ceremony.
"A labor executive in Singapore who worked for a government-linked organization was fired after posting a racially charged and expletive-filled diatribe on her Facebook account.
Amy Cheong, an assistant director for the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), lost her job Sunday after posting a message on her Facebook account lambasting the Malay minority in Singapore.
Cheong, an ethnic Chinese citizen, criticized the community’s divorce rate and the length of Malay wedding celebrations in her rant. Her Facebook account has since been deleted.
“How many f***ing days do malay weddings at void decks [meeting halls in apartment complexes] go on for??,” she reportedly wrote according to a screenshot posted on Twitter. “Pay for a real wedding u a***ole, maybe then the divorce rate wont be so high!”
Sorry that she lost he job but sometimes you got to pay a high price for what you did.

In Malaysia, religion, race and color are time-bomb factors. Sensitive postings on FB and Twitter are getting out of control but there's nothing much the authority could do as not to be labelled as anti-freedom.

If we want to sack those involved, the figure could be thousands. Whether its Malaysia Chronicle or Amy, we should watch our tongue... and look before you take that leap!


karipuley said...

so easy...

make mistake, then apologise... then make another mistake, apologise.

when we make similar mistakes and keep on apologising, it means nothing!

ayi jurong said...

that spore woman was showing great concern over the high divorce rate among the singaporean malays. i dont think she meant any harm, and i am sure she is not anti-malay. plse read her FB posting a few times and you will realise she is just a concerned citizen... and not a racist!

Anonymous said...

at least malaysia chronicle got the gut to apologise.

what about umno and bn leaders who committed mistakes? have they ever apologised?

penangan said...

salam tuan,

saya rasa minta maaf memang memadai tetapi apabila kesannya sudah terlalu mendalam, ia tidak membawa sebarang makna.

misalnya wanita singapure ini yang sudah menyakiti hati semua orang melayu di republik itu, dan mungkin juga melayu di malaysia.

adakalanya memohon maaf memang tidak memadai sama sekali!

Anonymous said...

to malaysia chronicle, i accept your apology...

but pls do it again... and again.. and again!


kelas malam said...

pepatah melayu ada menyebut, 'cakap siang, pandang pandang; cakap malam dengar dengar'.

ini tak... main ikut sedap mulut je.

walaupun melayu singapura yang dimaksudkan oleh amy, melayu yang mengamalkan adat budaya yang sama di singapura lebih ramai di malaysia.

adakah dia sengaja ingin mencetuskan provokasi dengan melayu malaysia atau setakat melayu singapura saja?

saya rasa dia memang seorang yang racist!

Anonymous said...

some people are just insensitive about other people's feeling. they keep on playing sentiment.

i hope malaysians are more mature nowadays and not to fall into such act.

if not, the whole country will be in jeopardy.

lim gone eng said...

its a noble thing to apologise on our mistake....

...but not one too many... in the sense that we keep on making similar mistakes again and again

Anonymous said...

malaysia chronicle must apologise to the entire people of pekan for injecting fear and anti-govt sentiment among them.

now that lynas is certified safe and clean, the portal must also publish series of correction about it.

tongkeng said...

chronicle dah takda duit.

agaknya dia minta maaf bila ada pihak tawar duit untuk bayar gaji staf dia.

yg tulis rencana tu pun orang dia sendiri tapi dia tak mengaku.


Anonymous said...

Amy was Malaysian-born migrated to Australia and worked in Singapore.

Now that tells you several things:

1) She resents the special status of bumis

2) She grudges Malays

3) She can't get a good job in Australia

4) Singapore has a soft spot for Malaysian Chinese and ex-Malaysian Chinese

5) Malaysia prioritise her own citizens much MORE than singapore where highly qualified professional citizens who are born and bred were not given priority over foreigners

6) harry lee also criticise and look down on Malays but he was never admonished

7) singapore practises double standards and protect the elite when lee kuan yew's condemnations was declared as stating "hard truths"

Anonymous said...

berapa banyak maap daaaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

they usually will take the leap first, then only look where they took it.

stupid people!

Anonymous said...

pure racist statement. many DAPster are anti-malay who have built-in grudges from years of hatred.

this comment is self-filtered already. :) peace bro!

p/s: nice content. keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I read with interest what Anonymous @ October 12, 2012 5:53 PM said. How on earth does being "Malaysian-born migrated" tell you that

1) she resents the special status of bumis? 2) she grudges Malays?

People migrate due to economic reasons. Why on earth would they want to spend their time hating others. As it stands, there more racial bigots IN this country right now.