Saturday, September 22, 2012

When they hoist Malaysian flag in southern Thai...

The car bomb that killed at least six and injured dozens of people in southern Thailand on Thursday signifies how the war is actually escalating. With thousands of people killed over the past 12 years, the conflict has turned into a personal vendetta - between the Muslims against security forces and among religious sects.

Malaysia, as usual, views the development within the scope of our border security with Thailand. However, diplomatic engagement with Bangkok does not permit us to come into the picture, notably in providing humanitarian assistance to the Muslims there.

On September 8, PM Najib met with his Thai counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting held in Vladivostok, Russia. Najib assured Yingluck that Malaysia would cooperate fully in solving problems related to the insurgency and said that he was satisfied with Thailand's policies towards the restive region.

Despite these diplomatic niceties, the two countries have a conflicted history over Thailand's predominantly Malay Muslim southernmost provinces. In the 1960s and 1970s, for instance, Malaysia was complicit in providing assistance to separatist groups fighting against Thai rule.

While we deny any involvement with the separatist groups, it goes by tradition that the borders between Thailand and Perlis, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan share a lot of common when it comes to people-to-people relations.

It is a sensitive issue.

When the separatist insurgency began to resurface in 2001, Thai authorities hoped for cooperation with their Malaysian counterparts to track down separatist figures based in Malaysia, end the use of dual nationality to tighten border security, and clamp down on smuggled goods, particularly oil and narcotics.

A bilateral border agreement signed in 2000 that focused on combating criminality and promoting cooperation in areas of socioeconomic development initially signaled a new era of bilateral cooperation, but Malaysian assistance dwindled as the insurgency intensified.

Thaksin aggravated relations further when he repeatedly criticized Malaysia's position, including its treatment of Malay Muslims who crossed the border into Malaysia from Thai conflict areas as refugees.

On the day Malaysia celebrated Merdeka on Aug 31, the Muslims in southern Thailand hoisted Malaysian flags everywhere in the region - Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala and Songkhla.

It was perceived as a stark reminder that Malaysia will need to play a significant complementary role if the unprecedented levels of violence that have engulfed the historically restive ethnic minority region since early 2004 are to be subdued.

While it marked the anniversary of Malaysia's independence, it also symbolised the founding of Bersatu, a separatist umbrella group established in 1989.

Thai officials said soon after the incidents that insurgents were trying to spark a conflict between Thailand and Malaysia. Other sources with access to the movement, however, suggested that the incidents underscored a longstanding desire among many in the shadowy separatist movement for Malaysia to play an intermediary role in a negotiated peace process with the Thai government.

However, the issue is far too delicate. Malaysia, in avoiding Thai allegation of interfering in its internal matters and distant itself from the conflict, has somehow given the Thai Muslims a 'soft permitting' to enter and stay in the country.

The Immigration Department did not 'disturb' the Thais - close to one million of them - who work, study and doing their 'tomyam' business in Malaysia. Under the 6P program, they were 'excused'.

However, both countries should continue engagement on the issue before the conflict crosses the border. While showing great concern and sympathy towards the Muslims in southern Thailand, we could at least work within the diplomatic conduct to secure a more stable and war-free zone in the region.

Developing the region within the scope of Malaysia-Thai Border Authority is still the best option to bring about progress and peace at the border. The immigration from both sides must also work on a formula to control the passing in and out by people from both sides. If we can do that with Singapore, we can also have it with Thailand.

After all, we are two separate nations!


din chen said...

we can find Bersatu members in Kelantan and Perlis. their ultimate aim is to stage a war against bangkok until a separate state is established in southern thailand.

i dont think this is wise as the region is still lagging in many aspects.

they will not survive as a free region.

hong kong is different!

talam dua muka said...

we cannot interfere much bro.

as two separate nations, we respect each other.

the only thing we could to is help develop the border, as u mentioned. this will augur well for both countries and the people living in the region.

vinnan said...

Why are you so worried about adding a few million Malays to Malaysia if the Thai separatist were to have they way? Aren't UMNO bloggers like you fighting for your great Bangsa Melayu?I am sure many Malays in Kelantan, Kedah, Perak and Perlis would love to join Songkla,, Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala to form a greater Malaysia. Just absorb these Malays into Malaysia by offering these Thai Malaysian citizenship like what you UMNO as'holes give the Indons and Filipinos. What's the problem? Your great Puk'mamakthir Malay hero wanted 70 million Malays in Malysia. Here is your chance to make his vision come true. The problem is Kelantan right? What if the Kelantan Malays decide to join the four Thai provinces to form their own Muslim country? You UMNO assholes are so racially stupid to see that the best bulwark against the Muslim separatist overwhelming our security forces at our northern borders resides with treating the non-Malays equally. Treat us equally and we will die for Malaysia in the same way many non-Malays died fighting the communist and Indons. The ball in your court UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Good if the border is developed by both govts as the benefit will serve well for the people.

phom thai said...

Ikut sejarah, memanglah wilayah tu milik malaysia tapi buat apa nk susahkan diri bantu diorang tu. Dh thai dh ambil, thai patut bertanggungjawab.

ketayap said...


kira bagus la diorang naikkan bendera malaysia, tandanya hormat dengan kita.

mana la tau lama2 sok makin ramai masuk malaysia ni!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju bahawa kemakmuran boleh mengamankan selatan thailand.

dengan adanya kerjasama malaysia dan thai, kita dapat membangunkan kawasan sempadan dan menikmati fdaedahnya bersama.

kedaifan orang islam selatan thai adalah punca yang dipercayai mereka inginkan autonomi, bukan sebab lain.

punca ekonomi boleh menyebabkan rakyat memberontak.

Anonymous said...

who is this vinnan?

he is really an arsehole!

jambalaya said...

the problem will remain as long as the thai govt fails to recognise the muslims as part of its citizens, and denying them their rights to use islam name and identification.

manila has long ago allowed its muslims in the south to use muslim names and built religious schools for them.

compared with the thais, the pinoys are more considerate!

u-turn said...


dah selesai ke masalah rakyat thai yang ada dwi-kerakyatan?

apsal kdn, khasnya jpn belum bersungguh-sungguh mahu selesaikan masalah ni?

Anonymous said...

Vinnan, is a paria barua keling from ulu chengkau estate. Barua thamby.

Anonymous said...

Vinnan is a racist Chinese.

You can sniff this chinaman hatred by the way he writes. He chose an Indian name, since the Indians are also descendant from immigrants like his kins. He thinks he is doing the Indians a favour, but pitting them against Malays, instead.

He's everywhere over comment section of Pro or BN align blogs regurgitating lies and hatred towards the gomen, especially the Malays, read UMNO. This is the type of people, aplenty amongst DAP and it's supporters.


vinnan said...

Hei Anon September 23, 2012 12:29 AM

Just using the logic of your great Puk'msmakthir and that Moohidden asshole. Remember your UMNO Malay first, Malaysia second racist ideology. Why so afraid of the Thai Malays joining Malaysia. I welcome them. Diversity makes a nation great. Your real fear is seeing the ranks of the opposition in Kelantan and PAS being swelled by their Melayu Baru Siam relatives right? I love watching you UMNO asshole squirm when the heat of your 'Ketuanan' shit flies back at you. The best evidence of your fear is to not see the PERKOSA Ibrahim Ali motherfu,ker and his Puk'mamakthir boss fighting for your Muslim brethren in South Thailand. Their silence on the issue is deafening.

Anonymous said...

when they hoisted our flag, they were telling bangkok that they wanted to become malaysians, am i not right?

no way!

attendant said...

they need our attention

they need our solution

they need our assistance...

Anonymous said...

Anon September 23, 2012 9:38 AM

Vinnan is not an Indian.
Please don't call Indian by that name.

What if 'Vinnan' is not an Indian fella. Buta-buta, the Indian kena maki by you.

Vinnan, whoever you are. Since everything in Malaysia is racial, please don't fan animosity amongst us.

I am from the northern states. There are many Bhuddist of Malaysian Siamese (Bumiputra too) living in my Kampong. They too pity the Thailand's Muslim Malays who are being neglected & mistreated by the govt. I have no objection if they want to come here & become Malaysian citizen as long as they support BN.