Monday, September 3, 2012

We are over tolerant

I think we have been over tolerant, too soft and too 'giving' in letting them step on our head. While the opposition, the NGOs and political pressure groups get more breather and space from the government's compromising attitude, the nation is open to more unnecessary radical and subversive onslaughts.

Many of us are wondering as to whether the government had and is making the right move to bring the people together, ensuring them peace and stability and at the same time preparing them with a better future.

(While writing this post, former IGP Tun Haniff Omar is chairing a meeting on Bersih, tasked to look into the overwhelming support Ambiga gets, and its demand. We cannot just deny that Bersih is getting popular).

Yes, some of the government's decisions did produce good result. However, some are fast backfiring and provide the opposition and radical groups with a better platform to score their undesirably results on the people, and the nation as a whole.

We managed to wage a war against religious extremist such as the Al-Maunnah and Ibrahim Libya. The Sauk and Memali episodes detailed out how we should act fast and with full authority in containing such elements that could harm the nation.

Political extremism was also dealt with accordingly, especially those who tried to incite religious and racial hatred among Malaysians.

But we had the Internal Security Act (ISA) back then, the set of law condemned by the opposition, human rights groups and the developed West as draconian. However, it was this draconian that helped put the country to order, the same law which Singapore refused to repeal.

I believe (I guess majority Malaysians would agree) we need a new set of law to safeguard everybody's interest. It has to be fully-enforced without bias and prejudice if we want to see political stability and public order are attained. Whether it takes some heads to roll - opposition or not - we must come down hard on them.

What happened at Dataran Merdeka on the eve of Merdeka celebrations should act as an eye-opener to the government and the opposition.

We are yet to ascertain whose idea was it to produce a new flag for Malaysia and who incited Malaysian-hatred among the youths who took part but their action can be well-described as subversive as it was against the Constitution.

The Home Ministry which is blamed for some 'blunders' of failing to take stern action on elements like these, cannot anymore be seen as compromising with those involved. If no action is taken, things would get worse.

The propagators of  'democracy, human rights and freedom' should be well aware of the consequences the nation would face if total or absolute freedom is awarded. Unless they want to see the country's vision of emerging as a fully-developed nation goes down the drain, they may contest the points.

Foisting democracy onto countries ill-prepared for its associated freedoms could also be detrimental to the country's stability

Sudden change even if it is for the good is disruptive. Democracy for people who are not used to it can undermine stability resulting in war, and in this case, Malaysia is still unable to accept the absolute freedom that Western democracies believe in.

Maybe one of these days, perhaps we would be comfortable with their values but for the moment, we are not.

Freedom should not be taken out of context. We are different from others. Better to take precautionary moves before its too late.

The opposition and outsiders may not like it but we have shown them how strong measures really augured well in keeping the house clean from extremism and subversive materials. If bloodshed and civil war start to tear the country apart, any action would be too late!


ex-army, penanti said...

it gets more rampant after the govt repealed the ISA.

so, who's to blame?

hishamudin KDN is another coward, afraid to take severe action on major cases!

Anonymous said...

yea lor,

we are giving too much space to the communist and other subversive movements.

once and for all, the govt should act to neutralise them. whether the opposition and foreigners like it or not, this is our won country and we deserve every rights put it to order.

before its too late, the govt should reprimand those involved in defying the law and keep them until their mind is corrected!

cicak kubin said...

thats why the opp supported najib when he repealed isa.

now u know why!

nusantara said...

insolent is best to describe them!

janji bersih must be fully-investigated and those involved must be charged and sent to jail if found guilty.

we dont need this generation in our lovely malaysia!

penangan said...

salam tn,

kerajaan, melalui kementerian dalam negeri, polis dan pejabat peguam negara mesti bertindak sebelum apa yang dijaja oleh bersih meruntuhkan negara dan memesongkan rakyat.

biarlah tindakan tegas ini dikecam oleh sesiapa saja asalkan ia membawa kebaikan kepada negara dan rakyat.

jangan berpeluk tubuh lagi, golongan pengkhianat dan subversif ini mesti diajar secukupnya!

anak2 muda 1malaysia said...

hebat anak melayu sekarang ni, tidak dapat membezakan di antara semangat kenegaraan dan berpolitik.

ini semua angkara pembangkang dan badan2 seperti bersih, suaram dan pertubuhan hak asasi yang menggunakan slogan kebebasan sebagai perjuangan.

walaupun ambiga, anwar dan nik aziz mengutuk mereka dan menafikan pembabitan pihak masing2, sudah jelas ia lebih menjurus kepada apa yang mereka laungkan selama ini.

sebagai rakyat malaysia yang cintakan negara, marilah kita sama tentang mereka ini, biar pun darah akan menitis ke bumi!

petualang negara adalah musuh utama, tidak kira bangsa atau agama!

Anonymous said...

thats what we got from an ineffective home minister!

had we act strongly against such people, it wont had led to such a humiliating merdeka episode!

pro-Pakatan said...

dah terlambat dah nak bertindak.

arus perubahan sudah melanda negara.

pakatan rakyat akan merobah segalanya!

Anonymous said...

You create your own news?

Don't you read other news about the demonstrators?

Stop hibenating.

dark angel said...


sad to note how our present generation can be easily led by people like ambiga, marina and anwar. they have forgotten their roots and history...

bujang susah said...

depa tu semua anak haram, tadak mak bapak. kalau ada mak bapak pun jenis bingai!

kalau setakat pijak gambaq pemimpin, takpa lagi. ni dok jaja bendera baru.

pukimak punya manusia!

Anonymous said...

yeah man!

what is home minister doing about it? just let them on the loose?

umbut said...

dah melampau nampaknya pembangkang ni.

walaupun dinafikan, mereka sebenarnya terbabit. kalau tak kerana mereka, budak2 setan tu takkan berani hina negara!

vinnan said...

'If bloodshed and civil war start to tear the country apart, any action would be too late!'

You are right it would be too late for you UMNO 'ketuanan' shithead and your guaranteed profits robbery such as PLUS. When the foreigners and Chinese manufacturers bail out the Mats and Minahs would be the first to loose their job and you UMNO shit WHO ARE IN CONTROL OF THE COUNTRY would be the first to be blamed for the economic disaster. Remember how the Iraqis hanged Saddam and sodomized Ghaddafi with a knife? This is the fate which will befall you 'Ketuanan' heroes if you think your divide and conquer rule of Malaysia is not without dire consequences for you UMNO racist heroes

Anonymous said...

The unintended message these bozo buffons exposed is that pakatan MUST never be voted into power.

The federal constitution is trampled upon and patriotism is ABSENT amongst the pakatan fellas like that manomoron and the punk namewee.

So the pakatan goons have all along schemed to eradicate Jalur Gemilang, NegaraKu, Raja dan Sultan and anything Malay. And install a republic.

Just unfortunate that Samad, Hadi, Nik Aziz etc blindly supported such moves to the detriment of Bangsa Agama dan Negara.

Anonymous said...

WE are not over tolerant. Only the sleeping Home Affairs Minister is over tolerant. Sackfuls of police reports are of no effect. He is a useless minister.

Anonymous said...

The flag is an old flag called Sang Saka Malaya. The students just wanted to highlight the role played by the Malay left wing in the fight for independence. For some strange reason the Govenment is over reacting. Will further alienate Gen Y voters. Anwar is playing his cards well by supporting the students. Youth energy is a very potent force and has toppled several regimes this year alone

Anonymous said...

takpe...nanti kita bg amaran pada mereka yg terlibat tu

Anonymous said...

its time to go back to basic!

too much tolerance will encourage more subversive activities in the country and in the end, the whole system will go down.

to hisham KDN, dont just warm up your chair!

SiamangBukit said...

Anon 953.
Sang saka Tanah Melayu is an oleh flag no doubt. But why go to the xtend of distributing the leflets that states to change the correct flag. Shouldnt the organisers stop to that act the minute the find em?
Itis adopted flag from Indonesia and Those who struggled for it wanted Tanah Melayu to be part of the colonies of Java.

Anonymous said...

vinnan should tear his MyKad and go live in india

where there is no Ketuanan Melayu but deeply immersed in untouchable pariah way of life

where he can work in outsourced offices, cheaper employment agencies surrounded totally by his ancestral race practising the caste system.