Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The question is, WHY NOW?

The question is, why now?

Why didn't those who 'uphold' Sang Saka Malaya produce the flag at previous Merdeka celebrations. Why chose our 55th anniversary?

What's the political motive and agenda?

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said it was nothing wrong, and that it was meant to remind Malaysians of the old flag proposed before Independence. But still, why now?

And did Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat friends know that Sang Saka Malaya was adopted from the Indonesian flag by some pro-Jakarta leaders who had the intention to annexe Tanah Melayu as part of the Republic's territory after Merdeka?

It was also part of the reasons why Indonesia launched 'Konfrontasi' with us after Sarawak and Sabah decided to join Malaysia in 1963-1966). At that time, Sukarno had ambitions of including North Borneo territories to form a bigger Indonesia or a Borneo State sympathetic to or aligned with Indonesia.

Indonesia also regarded the Federation as having a neocolonial status contrary to that of revolutionary Indonesia, especially in light of the fact that Britain would continue to have military bases in Malaya and Singapore.

That's why the flag is also known as Sang Saka Nusantara to reflect Indonesian's dominance in the Malay Archipelago.

It was also for that reason that Sang Saka Malaya was rejected as our national flag. As an independence state, Malaya wanted to be free from any foreign interference.

The timing for the 'resurfing' of the flag is also in doubt. Why can't Anwar himself read what was written on the banner, 'This flag (Jalur Gemilang) must go!'. What does that imply? And he still supports it!

They really have intention to change Jalur Gemilang should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election. Although Nik Aziz, Kit Siang, Karpal and others had denied any PR role in the flag issue, it was a dangerous game to play.

Those involved actually took advantage of the government's decision to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA), the overwhelming support for Bersih and other radical developments that added fuel to the 'anti-Malaysia' sentiments.

Again, why only now?


jungle people said...

yeah man!

anwar must answer. the timing is a big issue now.

we had celebrated merdeka more than 50 times already and this is the first time that stupid flag was brought to attention.

pls answer la, datuk seri!

karipuley said...

the guy who initiated the move is anwar's right hand man also. so, it explains everything about pkr or pakatan rakyat propaganda and agenda to change everything from flag, constitution, national anthem and others. they cant deny this!

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang aneh. selepas banyak tahun sambut hari kebangsaan, baru pertama kali sang saka buaya ni dipamerkan dan dibawa ke dataran merdeka oleh konco2 anwar. anwar sendiri, dalam menyokong tindakan mereka, ada muslihat sendiri.

takkanlah dia tak nampak perkataan 'tolak bendera ini' yang ditujukan kepada jalur gemilang.

maknanya, memang ada usaha untuk menukar bendera rasmi kita kepada yang baru jika pakatan rakyat memerintah.

apa lagi alasan yang boleh anwar berikan?

Anonymous said...

i just want the police to nab those buggers and keep them for brainwashing.

doesnt matter if the action will be deemed as 'brutal'.

whats important is our national stability and peace!


sangkakala said...

biarlah semua rakyat malaysia jadi waras sikit.

biarlah kita berlainan ideologi politik tetapi janganlah menghina bendera sendiri dan negara sendiri.

tak bolehkah kita sepakat dalam menilai erti kemerdekaan ni daripada bertegang urat bagi menegakkan benang basah masing2?

ini negara kira. sama ada kita pro-kerajaan atau tidak, banyak tugas yang boleh dibahui bersama demi kesejahteraan negara dan rakyat.

cubalah renungi...

semoga Allah selamatkan kita semua daripada segala bencana... amin!

Anonymous said...


some people got big brain but dont use it for good purpose.

some got small brain but utilise it for positive thinking.

watanabe said...

anwar has his own agenda. pakatan rakyat, in denying any involvement, is also having something up its sleeve.

we cannot discount the possibility of sang saka malaya will replace jalur gemilang if pr takes over putrajaya in the next national poll.

there are also rumors about turning malaysia into a republic.

tauke lim said...

lemme answer your question.


because there is no more ISA, bersih is gaining popularity, pakatan is going around telling the people to change the govt, and KDN is doing nothing to contain such subversive elements from getting to the rakyat.

thats why lor.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

suruh anwar tiru bendera israel je kalau susah2!

PLKN boy said...

sickening, very sickening.

sooner or later, the whole country will collapse over bad politics and unnecessary bickering.

why cant u people just call it quit and concentrate on nation building?

tok ketua said...

kalau bendera baru, mestilah sistem pemerintahan pun baru.

kalau republik malaysia, abis la taraf raja2 melayu kita semua.

raja2 kena jadi rakyat biasa la nampaknya.

ishkk issshkk isshhkk!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question too. Kenapa semenjak 2011, baru nak jadikan Sept 16 sebagai cuti umum???...kenapa tidak lebih awal....sejak 1963???

Sabah dan Sarawak menyertai Malaysia atau membentuk Malaysia????

kamal a latiff said...

now we know how patriotic the pakatan lots are.

i think after 55 years, when our fathers that worked out the merdeka formula had decided on many things, this flag included, do we want to embroil in another symbol issue?

whats the ruse? its just plain waste of time and it does incite some anger for many reasons.

i think the pakatan leaders have no idea how to move this country forward, and it reflects upon their followers who are monkeying their stomping pictures act.


kamasutra said...

its a gangsterism way of asking a better election system, so to say.

the opposition is using the NGOs and its gangster agents for the job.

thats why it happened!

OMEGA said...

it happens now because these idiots see the vast opportunity within the loosened domestic law.

without the ISA, more and more groups have emerged to challenge the authority.

while the govt itself finds it more difficult to regulate new set of law without succumbing to the opposition pressure, enforcing the present regulation is also another issue.

the govt has to think more than just twice to reprimand people like this, afraid it would affect its popularity votes.


9 abdul said...

patut balun je semua yang terbabit, tak kira bangsa, agama dan keturunan.

kalau kita tak bertindak, nampak sangat la kita takut kalah pilihanraya.

mana budak hisham ni, asyik buat round kat supermarket je sejak akhir2 ni!

Anonymous said...

Why are we voicing the issues of security, loyalty, political ideology and all the gy gy gy, why man! Why now! We may disagree with the political ideologies but we must not be idiots to curse our country or the present day government. In the US, they disagree but they respect the flag and national anthem, the government of the day and its President. If you disagree you change during the elections. That is political maturity. If we curse and shit on the pictures or step on it what does that tells us , belum mature ma. If the political masters irrespective of government of the day or opposition supports the action then he or she is not yet mature to manage this country. Do you want Malaysia to be like Syria, Egypt or the other ME countries. If you elect such actions then this country is dome, so we need the ISA to protect this beautiful country. I love ISA

Anonymous said...

As usual Anwar and friends like to manipulate youngster to their advantage. Yang buat tu semua IQ boleh suspect. From the look pun I can conclude its stupidity and mere foolishness, memang muka tak pass exam. Azmin and so call strategic thinkers Rafizi..where are you??. Shame on you both. No balls or kena GAM by Anwar??

Anonymous said...

kalau aku dapat sekor2, aku lempang je! biar senget mulut tu!