Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RM75m for NERS? You must be mad!

If this news is confirmed, I will object!

The Home Ministry, in its Budget 2013 proposal to the Treasury, is asking a special allocation amounting to RM75 million for NERS, the company that caused chaos and lot of problems during the just concluded 6P program.

Not only did the application provided by NERS was not able to help the government meet the objective of 6P - solving the issue of foreign workers in the country, notably its security aspect - it also contained lot of flaws!

The flops are mostly in data input and output, its efficiency and reliability. So many complaints were made to the ministry and Prime Minister's Office about the the company's services, particularly on data lost.

Few hundred thousands of foreigners who participated in the program were denied visa and working permits just because their keyed-in data went missing at NERS, thus complicating some of major procedures at the Immigration Dept.

Former KDN's sec-gen Mahmood Adam is aware of it, and so is minister Hishammuddin. Deputy PM and chairman of Cabinet Committee for Foreign Workers Muhyiddin Yassin too had, in a meeting, admitted the failure of the system.

And so, why are we giving more money to NERS when about RM1 billion was allocated and paid to them to provide the government with what was supposed to be a 'state-of-the-art technology' in registering foreign workers?

NERS is not a service provider, bear that in mind. Its only a contractor appointed by the government to deliver the equipment, which some say costs only about RM1,000 per complete set as compared with RM16,000 quoted by NERS.

Note how big the different is?

I was told that KDN is proposing for NERS to be given RM75 million every subsequent year for the service! What a waste of money!

The government should look into new ideas as how the immigrant problems can be further solved in a more cost-saving manner. Instead of RM75 million, the government can hire one or two companies that can come up with better idea as to how the issue can be attended to, at a much cheaper fee!

Rather than giving it to a failure, better create 75 jobs for Kontraktor Kelas D. At least, many people would get the benefit.

Unless there is a personal undertaking in providing that money to NERS. However, we know the politicians involved with NERS.

Yes, of course I support the government but I am not the 'kaki angguk' type. Sorry bro!


caplamangga said...

good what!

we are a rich govt. we can afford to give million of ringgit to political-connected companies rather than providing the peoples with a better standard of living.

no wonder more people are turning to pakatan rakyat!

Anonymous said...


i heard similar complaints. some even said the equipment is available from petaling street also at only a few hundred ringgit.

why is the govt so committed in keeping the system provided by NERS when everybody knows how ineffective it was?


is najib aware of it of just closing an eye and both ears to such complaints!!!!

nasi dan kicap said...

bagi je lar.

rakyat didahulukan!

apa nak jadi dengan orang kita ni?

Anonymous said...

waddafuk is home ministry doing?

who's money is that?

its taxpayers' money, you fool!

so, better spend it wisely or we will vote you out in the next general election!

pro-Pakatan said...


sekarang baru korang tau kenapa perlu pilih pakatan rakyat pada pru akan datang...

bijak! bijak!

Anonymous said...

NERS is bullshit. flawed and probe to inside manipulation.

why in the first place appoint a contractor to this job when our NRD and Immigration are able and have the manpower to do it on their own?

muo mari

jellyfish said...

nanti bila dah bagi NERDS 75 juta, nak bagi lagi 70 juta buat ubausuai seri perdana, 90 juta repair bangunan parlimen, 500 juta repair jalan2 kat putrajaya yang memang dah elok... dan macam2 lagi la peruntukan tak wajar seperti ni!

tauke lim said...

hishammuddin is losing ground.

he himself didnt have any hands on on the 6p program, except for making statements prepared by his staff about the progres of the program.

he thinks people dont know what is going on at the ministry.

this is not the 1980s era!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

si pitak said...

what can we do, bujai?

the govt can do anything no matter how much protest it gets from the ground.

just like the malay proverb 'anjing menyalak bukit'.

we can make a lot of noise but it will fall on deaf ears!

angry cock said...

NERS is a rotten system.

i spent almost 200k for the equipment but lost almost all the money due to KDN corrupt policy and practice!


Anonymous said...

tak salah bagi 75 juta tu.

sama gak macam kita bagi duit lebih kepada GLC.

yang dapat labanya kerajaan. rakyat cuma tengok dan dengar je.

sardin cap itik said...

who is the minister linked to NERS? u now laaaar!

i think our govt has the habit of awarding project and contract to the highest bidder!

no wonder laaaa!!!

gigit jari said...

ramai kontraktor merana masa ni, terutamanya kelas F.

kerajaan kata kontraktor kelas F boleh senang dapat job, sekurang2nya sekali setahun.

tapi takda orang ambil berat bila ribuan kontraktor kelas F dah dua hingga 3 tahun tak dapat job.

apa nak jadi dengan sistem kita ni serta slogan rakyat didahulukan?

betul sdr kata, daripada bagi 75j kepada NERS, lebih baik wujudkan kontrak RM1 setiap satu kepada 75 kontraktor kelas D!

Anonymous said...

let them give lar. no point arguing when they dont listen to our woes!

kaniney said...

75 million?

what the fuck is happening?

NERS is a total failure, and so was 6P which saw about 300 agents bungkus!

this company also we want to give?


Anonymous said...

as usual, when we give such amount of money to unqualified company, there will be kickback!

so, well understood!

Anonymous said...

this is too much already.

if we keep on authorising the flops to manage the money, the country will go bankrupt soon!

3-corner said...

kepada datuk seri najib, janganlah ikut je semua permintaan, termasuklah daripada sedara sendiri.

kepentingan negara mesti diutamakan.

kalau setakat NERS yg dah ternyata tak berkesan ni, tak payahlah bagi apa2. elok belasah je dalam paper!

pembaca banyak blog said...


kau kan ke rapat dengan hisham.

cuba tanya. kalau betul, elok cancel je.

ners dah banyak menyusahkan orang ramai, khasnya rakyat asing. buat buruk nama malaysia je!

Anonymous said...


Sepatutnya najip dan hissam kenalah pantau tentang ners ne kerana melibatkan duit negara yang dipakai untuk membeli system tu dan pihak ners pulak kena lah bekerjasama, bukan main lepas tangan je,untung dah banyak masuk poket dah.xkan nak bagi duit lagi.sepatutnya ners kena tanggungjawab kerana 6p gagal salah satu sabab kesalahan pun dari pihak ners juga tiada pemantauan tentang mesin dia tu.banyak sangat mesin dijual dipasaran gelap.pihak ners pun kenalah buat pemantauan bersama pihak yang berwajib, kerana mesin dia yang supply pada kdn dan Imegresen.