Friday, September 7, 2012

PRU in June 2013

Earlier predictions were made for June, then July and August. Nothing happened.The opposition, especially, enjoys simulating the general election as they resolute on strong campaigns and political propaganda since last year.

The ruling party, on the other hand, relies on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's 'inspiration' in deciding the perfect timing.

While he had announced Sept 28 as Budget Day, indications now point to November. Taking into account the Budget needs about four weeks to pass through Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara, he can only dissolve the the Parliament (after getting consent from His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong) sometimes by end October or early November.

But it also depends on sentiments and the Parliament. There were times when the Budget took six weeks to pass through both chambers, forcing the session to be extended.

Let's say the Parliament is dissolved by end of October. Going by the Constitution, elections must be called within 60 days.

It will not be that 'proper' to have it in November. The Election Commission needs about a month to make preparations. The Opposition is against it, especially PAS over its worries for the hajj season which will see at least 200,000 voters out of the scene.

November will also see the schools being used for SPM, SPVM and STPM examinations. As schools are the usual spots for polling, December is seen suitable - those performing the hajj have returned, school holidays have just started and the EC is fully-prepared.

But still, it will be monsoon. How are we going to prepare for a monsoon elections when some low areas are under water? Flood brings chaos and the government will have to attend to those affected first.

So, looks very unlikely.

Monsoon will go on until end January. Schools will be re-open and there will be no space to call for national poll.

Perhaps we can consider another factor here.

Just let the government completes its mandate until April. Its the mandate given by the voters, so there's nothing wrong with it.

When is the first session of the Parliament? March of April? As general elections are usually called after the dissolution of the first session of the Parliament, say by end of April, we can also go to the poll sometimes in early June.

Why not?

So, rilex!


lambretta said...

why not?

june next year will be just fine, enough time for the ruling and opposition parties to prepare against each other.

there will also be a one week school holiday.s

ngah sudin said...

bingo jai!

no way for polls in november. some people dont realise that the monsoon will dampen polling. pm wont like it because umno voters are lazy to go to polling stations in the rain, unlike pas... hahaha!

penangan said...

slam tn,

memang ada kemungkinan cerah bahawa pilihanraya umum akan diadakan tahun depan.

saya juga setuju ia boleh diadakan selewat-lewatnya bulan jun selepas sesi pertama penggal pertama parlimen.

sebelum ni pun, kebanyakan pru diadakan selepas penggal pertama parlimen.

jika parlimen dibubarkan april, ada dua bulan untuk adakan pilihanraya.

jadi, saya setuju dengan pendapat tuan dalam hal ni.

tak perlulah tergesa-gesa!

Anonymous said...

better not to have elections after all.

let the present govt rules until the end of time.

what say you? hehe!

pembaca banyak blog said...

the more najib holds election date, the more it will frustrate the opposition which had embarked on massive campaign over the last 18 months, bro.

but i think its not najib's intention. he is considering all factors, probably what u mentioned in your posting.

mat gombau said...


edan ni tak suko ramal bilo pru ni. bilo datang, den mengundi yo.

apo nak poning2kan kepalo.

kerajaan bertukar pun, kito macam ni la jugak

ekau dah kiro ok, edan ni masih motong gotah walaupun ado ijazah!

small balls said...

just call for the poll as soon as possible. let both sides proof what they have.

no point anticipating and formulating when election is gonna to be held, its a waste of time.

najib has to call it now. to lose of win is not important as the electorates are alerady getting tired of our politics!

Anonymous said...

next june is ok.

pakatan is already soaking in their pants for losing all the tools in their propaganda.

but for bn, its not going to be easy also... to much problem persists!

Anonymous said...

bro...ur last lione relex is my line la....rileks la....ha ha ha....anyway...i go along with ur specualtion...its june because that will give more time for the oppositions to break up their unregistered alliance and then break up from within their parties and by the june, well....the pople just know which party to vote...ha ha rileks la bro....

pro-Pakatan said...

kira cantik la kalau pru diadakan jun tahun depan sebab banyak lagi projek BN yang belum siap.

jadi, eloklah siapkan sebelum pakatan rakyat ambil alih!


Anonymous said...


if election is held next year, najib will provide more rooms for the opposition to taruk him.

altantuya case is resurfacing again, and so are the lynas issue which is not settled.

many more lor

Anonymous said...

is BN ready?

i dont think so.

ex-diplomat said...

better call it this year as there is a sign the economy will balloon next year. europe is into recession and the impact will fast spread to other parts of the world, and asia will not be spared.

while all indexes are standing high, its wise for prime minister to call it now.

what say u, bro jai?

rukun hidup said...

biarlah habiskan kerja dulu, baru adakan pilihanraya.

masih banyak projek masih dalam pembinaan, terutamanya sekolah dan perumahan kos rendah untuk rakyat.

janganlah kalau dah menang nanti, ia terbengkalai atau lambat siap.

kaniney said...

no worries lor.

election or no election, bn and pakatan will always be at odds.

what does this mean?

anything the govt does will be opposed. looks like all about the govt is good and anything about the opp is bad!

Anonymous said...

elok bubar parlimen sekarang ketika bn masih ada banyak peluang untuk menang.

jangan tunggu saat akhir bila pakatan pulak yang ada kekuatan!

tebing tinggi said...

Apa nak sebok-sebok ,bila dia mai kita sama-sama pei mengundi no !.Kita kechek-kechek dulu, tak gitu.

Anonymous said...

PR just hoping the PM call for earlier elections this year, otherwise they may be forced to have simulaneous State and Parlimen elections by Jun 2013 next year.

PR with less resources at their disposal would definiely love to have separate State and Federal elections so as to match the BN election machinery.

See, how smart the play by Sarawak CM? He just need to watch from the sidelines and whoever wins, he just jump over only. Then come his state election in 4 years time, he can easily win again cos his resources for election is concentrated for his hold on the state.

You think , PR are so stupid to follow the PM and call for simultaneous elections? Stop dreaming, man.

Even a 2-3 weeks difference in State and Federal elections can be advantageous to PR which has less resources to pool together.

And if BN is real stupid and call for simultanous elections among the Federal and their own BN controlled states, then considered it a gift to PR advantage.

Everyone seems to know about this, but no one seems to be talking aloud about it. Ever wonder why?

Anonymous said...

hehehehe.... memandai je kau jai walaupun ia memang ada asasnya. aku boleh gak sokong teori kau tu sebab lebih elok abiskan mandat yang ada untuk selesaikan tugas yang belum setel.

Anonymous said...

It will be at the end of term. Coz that's what Khalid Ibrahim said - they will not dissolve selangor DUN since their promises still not delivered after four years. ( and none since that statement!)

But i think it is not about pakatan promises. It's for them to sapu whatever they can while time is on their side. They are not confident of winning again ( they were not even prepared for winning in 2008). So these fes months are their only chance to make as much money as possible.

Najib is determine to capture Selangor and will wait to corner khalid till end of term. No big mystery on when the election will be.

Anonymous said...

najib is prolonging his stay because knowing this is the last time barisan nasional will be in power.

mark my word!

pokok getah tua said...

saya ni orang kampung. dah 6 kali PRU tapi taraf hidup tak berubah.

ada wakil rakyat pun, tak ambil kisah, asyik nak penuhkan tempolok dia je, baik di pihak BN mahupun PR.

jadi, ada PRU atau tak, saya tak kisah!

sentil said...

better now, bro when all is ok on the bn side.

otherwise... u know laaaa...

Anonymous said...

I tell you, he is waiting for 21st December 2012. That, according to Mayan Prophecy, is the end of the world. If the world does end, then all is good. He doesn't have to face the wrath of the electorate. No Anwar becoming PM, no Pakatan lording it over Umno/BN, no nothing. So, let's hope the world goes on as usual. I think it will and we will have our day. I have no words to describe what will happen when BN is ousted at the polls. I just know it will be pure joy. Bloody pure joy.