Friday, September 14, 2012

PKR inside job?

At the Israel-Palestine demarcation line, Israeli soldiers will shoot any of its low-ranking soldier (not to kill him) and then pay for his medical expenditure, special allowance and treatment. When fully recovered, he will be promoted to a mid-senior position.

They usually do it on purpose and for one good reason - an excuse to blame the injury on the Palestinians, thus granting them permission to launch a large scale counter-attack on its neighbor. Such attacks normally will claim many Palestinian lives.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the US soldiers had done better. They killed any of their 'lousy' marine to gain the passport to kill scores of civilian.

In Rim, Melaka on September 8, Anwar Ibrahim's PKR bus was attacked and splashed with red paint, its windscreen cracked.

The local folks said they didnt even know who did it, let alone identifying the cars and other vehicles used by the 'attackers'. Some told me, the cars didn't bear Melaka registration number but carries the initial 'W' and 'B' - Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Selangor respectively.

"They are not locals, they are outsiders. We know almost each and every people here. Rim is not a big place," they said.

So, could similar tactic used by Israel and US been applied here? That those who 'sabotaged' the bus were together with Anwar's convoy. They traveled in cars and motorbikes, ahead or behind the bus. On approaching Rim, they followed the script already prepared before departure.

The agenda was to find a good reason to blame it on the local folks and the ruling government. Its all about politics, dirty politics.

It could incite peoples' hatred towards the government, towards Barisan Nasional. They will accuse BN of engaging gangsters and thugs to disrupt Anwar's road tour in the state and other places. It works, sometimes.

We are not sure but there is such a possibility...


karipuley said...

could be la bro.

when u are so determine to achieve what u dream of, u will do anything to shoot down at your opponent.

yes, there is a possibility that PKR had prepared the script before the tour began.

mr loo said...

i dont know. could be, could be not but i dont like our politics of late. so dirty and filthy, be it on the ruling or the opposition party!

penangan said...

salam tn,

polis masih menjalankan siasatan dalam kes ini.

apa pun, jika pkr sendiri yang merancangnya, ia mencerminkan betapa kotornya cara ini.

jika bn yang berbuat demikian, maka bn juga mengotorkan tangan sendiri.

tetapi saya turut tidak menolak kemungkinan yang tuan sebut.


pro-Pakatan said...

takkanlah orang pkr sendiri nak rosakkan bas tu. windsreen tu pun dah dekat 10ribu harganya.

jangan mengarutlah!

home locks said...

hello mr sherlock holmes - your theory sucks but contains some logic at the same time.

fist, this is malaysia and it doesnt apply here.

but on the contrary, the possibility is very, very slim...

Anonymous said...

dah anwar suka sangat kat israel dan amerika. tu la pasal!

Anonymous said...

what's your motive here, mr?

stop playing detective and concentrate on your umno!

ramu said...


if the cars bear non-melaka plate numbers, means they were planted and well-organised.

they must had planned it much earlier before the trip, strategising what to do and when to carry out the assault.

all this is to blame najib and the government.

what a bad 'new regime!'

Anonymous said...

what a spin, hahahahaha!!!

but its possible, bro!

Anonymous said...

It worked before, anwar's sympathy cards, when he was jailed for sodomy1, zizah sepat kering and izzah papa hebat went on tours to garner sympathy for a family bereft of its sole bread winner with a string of young children

many Malaysians fell for it - the "mahafiraun" must jail his deputy to hold on to power

leaving his helpless wife and many many young kids fatherless

Anonymous said...

photoshopped photos have been around since anwar got sacked

demos after demos all for one aging PM wannabe

scandals of Najib and Rosmah

Ummi with her credible personal accounts

RPK also revealed juicy stories

Nalla with his videotapes

Noordin with his sworn statement

Chandra Muzaffar bolted out with premonitions if anwar becomes PM

highly possible - all these mind games perfected by the zionists

Anonymous said...

you've insinuated that israelis and american injure and kill their own. I really hope catches you by your tiny balls in your mouth. 3rd class, or rather classless umno asshole.

Anonymous said...

Ask Zulkifli Noordin, the X-PKR lawyer. He confessed he was asked to do dirty tricks during his time in PKR. He will telll you who the mastermind behind all these dirty tricks to blame UMNO.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish conspiracies is this?

It reflects not intelligence but your manipulative mindset towards shifting bllame away from goons and thugs.

Grow up man. Your readers are smarter than what you think.

Anonymous said...

when one is desperate, he can do anything, including cutting his own tongue!

so, there are a lot of possibilities!

Anonymous said...

anons @ September 14, 2012 8:01 PM and September 14, 2012 11:37 PM

it's no longer fairytales but documented evidence that such betrayals did occur for retention of power

Anonymous said...

"An American Betrayal," by Daniel Blake Smith
By DALE L. WALKER Special Contributor
Published: 25 November 2011 09:53 PM

The opening pages of this powerful, haunting book tell of the assassinations of three Cherokee statesmen in Tahlequah, Indian Territory, on June 22, 1839. The victims had been denounced as traitors for defending the treaty by which the Cherokee Nation gave up its ancestral lands and submitted to “removal” to a place later called Oklahoma.

The title and subtitle of the book are laden with bitter irony as is the entire saga of the Trail of Tears. The murdered Cherokee leaders considered themselves patriots, as did the Cherokee assassins.

But in truth the real treachery did not occur among the Cherokees. The Trail of Tears was a true American betrayal, the exclusive property of the federal government and its politicians.

The forced emigration of the Cherokees and other tribes of the southeastern states had its source in the simple land greed propelled by George Washington’s declaration in 1789 that Indian lands were fundamentally up for grabs.

The president wanted his “red citizens” to be “civilized,” to raise crops and livestock and to abandon their hunting grounds. Beneath this lofty-sounding ambition lay an ugly truth: that Indian lands were COVETED by monied white men, both in government and out.

So bumis beware! Blessed Tanah Melayu is up for grabs especially in Penang.

Anonymous said...

(1) They have come to fear Jewish power so much that they nearly always do exactly as the Jews tell them to do – which means, "what's good for the Jews" as opposed to "what's good for America" (the two very seldom coincide).

Anonymous said...

(1) Failure to legislate a solution to our massive mestizo illegal alien problem, which involves all kinds of lawbreaking and huge costs to local, State, and Federal governments (not to mention their virtual take-over – their "reconquista," – of many parts of our country).

(2) Failure to investigate the "9/11" attacks and the official 9/11 Commission Report which clearly was a farce; a cover-up. Credible evidence of Israeli/Mossad/Jewish involvement abounds – perhaps the most telling being the controlled demolition of Building #7, which as I understand it wasn't even mentioned in the Commission report.

(3) Going along with President Bush's illegal and unconstitutional wars of aggression in the Middle East, initiated and conducted based on outright lies and deceptions, and to large extent for and at the behest of the Jews (particularly noteworthy in this regard being the predominately Jewish "neocon" role leading up to the start of hostilities) (the question now being – will Congress let the same thing happen all over again, in Iran?).

(4) Congress' confirmation of Obama's socialistic and radical-feminist-inclined if not anti-White-American appointments to the Supreme Court (Sotomayor and Kagan).

(5) Failure to put a stop to the Justice Department's (AG Eric Holder's, President Obama's) openly and blatantly anti-White discrimination. Examples include such things as the Philadelphia "New Black Panther" intimidation of White voters in 2008; other refusals to prosecute Negro civil-rights crimes committed against Whites; suing States (Arizona and Florida for example) for trying to control illegal immigration; initiating legal action against Maricopa County Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio for doing his job (illegal and unconstitutional intimidation of the good sheriff?); and more.

(6) Refusing to investigate President Obama's apparent criminality (treason?) ("birther" issues including whether or not he is, and knows he is, legally ineligible to serve as president; apparently illicit social security registration; falsified selective service registration; a smorgasbord of deliberately hidden records of his past). Again, credible evidence of wrongdoing abounds – his fake birth certificate released early in 2011 in an attempt to squelch growing analysis and discussion; his refusal to release his true birth certificate and other records; his expenditure of exhaustive efforts and large amounts of money to hide evidence (records) of his past; findings to date of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio's "cold case posse" investigations; and more.

(7) Not recognizing and taking action in connection with the obvious need for the U.S. government to do something to prevent the genocide (contrived extinction) of American White people, who are clearly becoming an endangered subspecies in their own country.

Anonymous said...

better let the police investigate.

dont interfere lar...

Anonymous said...

again and again i wonder...why didnt they splashed the paint on his face at the side of the bus? inside job no doubt.

Anonymous said...

sian den tengok kau ni.banyak boto lombu dalam amno ni. dulu cakap Nuar tumbok mato sendiri sampai lobam. ni lah bodo tak buleh nak diajar, cordik tak buleh nak di ikut. lamo2 jadi macam lombu cucuk hidung.

Anonymous said...

The opposition are opportunist, they are willing to do anything to achieve their agenda. Take the perak tin distribution center incidence, PR approved the center but still PROTEST and condemn the BN state for approving the center. It was until the MB show the approval letter signed by the PR ex MB, did PR then SHUT UP.