Monday, September 24, 2012

No election this year...

"No election this year...", "Looks like next year la, YB!" and "Not November, maybe December..." are among some passing remarks I heard at the Parliament today.

However, the third one gained my fullest attention.

As Umno General Assembly will be held on Dec 1, means nothing will happen in November.

PM Najib will table the 2013 Budget on Friday Sept 28 and it will take between two to three weeks for it to go through debates, both at Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara. By then, it will be close to end of October.

If PM dissolves Parliament by end of Oct, we have 60 days to the poll but still, the Election Commission needs time to make preparation.

And since Umno GA has been slotted for Nov 27-Dec 1, there is no room to call for general election at that particular time.

So, there goes all the prediction and speculation that the national poll would be in November. Many even agree that since '11' is Najib's favorite number (is it?), November is best for election (read this interesting piece...)

A few days ago, DAP strongman Karpal Singh said the government can complete the term and mandate given by the rakyat before calling for another general election. The mandate ends in April 2013.

So, when is general election?

Do you care as to when?


jambalaya said...

look likes all prophecy fizzles out.

only najib and god know when is election...


penangan said...

salam tn,

tak perlulah mana2 pihak buat spekulasi bila pru ni. letih dibuatnya.

apa salahnya kerajaan habiskan mandat yang ada, seperti kata karpal.

lepas tu, sama2 berentap!

jangan pening2

kuchai said...

better take care of our erection first, bro!


tauke lim said...

the YBs are worried, hoping for PM to prolong election because they want to collect their allowance before facing the possibility of losing out their seat to others or being defeated.

they are actually worried.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

pro-Pakatan said...

mana la tau kot2 tarikh perhimpunan umno tu cuma trick najib je!

tup2 dia bubar parlimen lepas budget ni, saja nak jejaskan peluang pembangkang!

bukan boleh percaya!

Anonymous said...

When is GE13? Who cares? Better the devil rather than the bigger devil in the private jet!

Anonymous said...

Heh Heh...

Najib Fooling around with the Rakyat make them hold their breath then piss on them and Laugh.!!!Hah

tiu-na-seng said...

finish the term lor, then call for general election. who knows its going to be the last for BN!!!!

elyas tanjong said...

nampaknya begitulah, bukan tahun ini tapi itu bukan persoalannya.

yang penting, pm tau masa yang sesuai dan siapkan segala kerja yang belum beres, terutama di peringkat agensi kerajaan.

masih ada lima enam bulan lagi untuk kerajaan yang ada menilai semula kerja yang sudah siap dan sedang dilaksanakan.