Saturday, September 15, 2012

No chance for Pakatan

There are fair comments, and there are bias about Pakatan's chance of taking over Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

However, a sincere analysis and thought is hard to come by these days, especially from foreigners... I mean real foreigners.

Read this comment by someone in Hong Kong, published in The Star Online:
"A Hong Kong university professor has predicted that Pakatan Rakyat will not form the government in the next general election - even with increased support from Malay and Chinese voters. City University's Asian and International Studies Department acting head Prof William Case said he believed that the increase in support from Chinese and urban Malay voters would not translate into Pakatan taking over Putrajaya. Even if Pakatan were to win over all Chinese votes, the demographic of about 26% is hardly enough to determine any election in Malaysia - except in Penang. True, more urban middle-class Malays will support Pakatan given their resentment over recent corruption cases. But while Pakatan may increase its vote share - even to that above what it won in 2008 - this will not be enough for it to win a majority of parliamentary seats,” he said in an e-mail interview here yesterday."
 Are there any other such comments you get from overseas of late, except the ones supporting PR and believing there will be change of regime in Malaysia?

Some of those who made such a prediction had never been to Malaysia either!

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Anonymous said...

Since when so much prominence given to a HK professor?

Ask Mugabe better lah.

Anonymous said...

Brick Head

Padan La Kalau nak Guna Armchair Commentator yang berada di luar Negara mesti lah support Kerajaan BN...Apalagi apabila dapat Geran Research dari Najib!!

right and wrong said...

Honest opinion is not easy to get, esp from foreign experts.

They will normally side the opposition or come up with wrong picture of the situation.

saudagar said...

A positive comment and good for the ruling party but fell short of analysing the strength of both parties. The malay votes is equally divided now and no party can claim of winning the majority of the malays. In kelantan, trengganu and most probably kedah and selangor, the malays see pakatan as their saviour, notably in the deep rural areas. Even the urban malays are inclining more toward the opposition because of their poor living quality in big cities and townships

pro-pakatan said...

Mamat tu temberang je sebab nak sedapkan hati bn. Agaknya berapa kerajaan dah bayar dia utk berkata dusta ni!

tauke lim said...

U know why he give such a comforting words?

Because he is trickking bn into believing that the party will win big in the next poll.

He is actually anwar's man!

That also u dont know aaar!

Anonymous said...

Dunno why the star picked this guy to comment.

Very cheap and wrong choice!

Anonymous said...

The prof knows nothing about malaysian politics!

IT.SHeiss said...

The Star wrote:

"He predicted that while Barisan Nasional would win the general election, it might be with a reduced majority as compared to 2008.

He said East Malaysia would remain safe for Umno although the party might “slip slightly” in Johor.

MCA's performance will remain the same while MIC will improve a bit.

He even predicted that Pakatan may be able to form the government only in the 14th general election if Umno failed to reform itself and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim continued to lead the Opposition."

I kind of think it's a fair conclusion which I have also heard from others, whether pro-BN or pro-Pakatan.

However, speculation is just that - speculation and we'll only know after the elections are held.

Anonymous said...

Some comforting words for BN when the PM is saying this coming PRU 13 is "do or die for Melayu and BN".

Why not go ask Soros?